The Taylor Family Affair Ch. 01

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The midday sun shown through the kitchen window and bathed the large room in a brilliant light. Aria Taylor was cleaning the stovetop in the middle island as her son sat at the counter, working on his laptop and eating a sandwich. She wore shorts and a plain white tank top underneath one of her husband’s old button up shirts. The sleeves were rolled up half way her arms and it was completely unbuttoned. Her brown hair fell over her shoulders as she moved around the kitchen and her exposed skin suggested she spent time out in the sun.

Aria suddenly stopped wiping the stove while giggling and held up the towel, “You would think that even a week later I would have gotten all of the sprinkles that we spilled while decorating your birthday cake.”

Kyle laughed, “Sorry mom, I didn’t think they went into the stove. Don’t worry, next year for me and Kimmy’s nineteenth birthday I won’t make you use sprinkles.”

“I appreciate that baby,” she said with a smile, looking into his brown eyes and ruffling his short brown hair. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your studies; I just thought it was too funny that after all this time we’re still finding those sprinkles.”

“It’s alright mom, I’m almost done anyways,” Kyle said as he went back to concentrating on the work on his laptop’s screen but would catch himself staring at his mother every now and then. He would longingly stare at her soft curves, her wide hips and bountiful ass cheeks beckoned him every time she bent over. Kyle shook his head, trying to clear the thought out of his mind. This was his mother after all and it wasn’t right for him to think that she was a MILF. He watched her spin around to go to the sink to rinse out her sponge and the deep cleavage of her large breasts sent his head spinning. Kyle felt himself get hard in his own shorts. The blood rushed to his cock and made it grow stiff. He tried to refocus on his laptop, deeming himself a shameful person for the thoughts he had. It was then that he noticed his shorts were quite tight and as he glanced down at his lap, he tried to will his raging cock to soften.

Images of a busty brunette woman sucking the dick of a young man flashed in his mind. It came from a video file that a friend of his had sent him and the fact that it dealt with the taboo subject of incest didn’t faze him, he just knew that what he saw was hot. In the video the young man was being blown by his mother while his sister rubbed her engorged clit against his mouth, rubbing her juices against his face.

Kyle had never thought about having sex with his own mother until he first laid eyes on that video but he had begun to think about it often. He would often think of her curvaceous body, her large natural breasts, and her soft ass. The thought of his sister crossed his mind often as well, and he would masturbate to the thought of fucking her. He loved his sister and was very protective of her and would do anything for her, but he began to notice how her body had changed from a girl to that of a woman’s. He noticed how her breasts had grown, though not quite as large as their mother’s but still big enough to grab the attention of any man passing her. He also noticed how her hips had widened and how she began to dress more provocatively.

Kyle couldn’t take it anymore and shut his laptop suddenly, grabbing it and his sandwich. He saw his mother jump at the sudden movement. “Sorry mom, just getting frustrated with this stupid work. I’m going to watch TV in my room,” he stammered.

“Alright honey,” Aria said, smiling at him.

Kyle ran to his room, wondering what the smile meant. Had she seen how tight his pants had become or was it simply a motherly smile. At this very moment he didn’t care, he just knew he had to take care of hard throbbing cock. He threw his laptop on his bed and closed to door quickly but quietly. He grabbed a few sheets of tissue out of a box from his desk and quickly pulled his shorts and boxers off. He grabbed hold of his large cock with one hand and opened his laptop with the other. He quickly browsed through some folders and found the porn videos he kept in a hidden folder. Kyle double clicked on a file and within a couple of seconds the video that had been playing in his head was now on his screen. He clicked on the playback bar to a specific time index that he had memorized and began to stroke his cock. He loved imagining it was him who was getting the attention from his mother and sister as he pumped his fist up and down his shaft.

He lost himself in the world that he was in, imagining his own mother sucking him off while his sister was rubbing her soaking wet pussy against his mouth. He could feel his cock throb and knew that he would be coming soon but was suddenly snapped back to reality when he heard the latch on his door click. Kyle quickly shut his laptop and grabbed his blankets, throwing them over his lap. He could feel his face turn beet red as he saw his sister standing there, staring at him.

“Hi Kyle, I hope you don’t mind that I was watching,” she pendik escort said licking her lips. Kimberly had always thought her brother was a good looking man and had often fantasized about finding him like this. She stepped forward and closed the door behind her, quietly locking it.

“Uh look Kimmy; this isn’t what you think it is,” he said, eyeing her soft curves. She wore a light tank top over a pair of her tight gym shorts and her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

“It looks like you’re jerking off to a porn movie,” she said walking over to his bed. She reached over and opened his laptop up, smiling as the screen flickered back on. She clicked play and smiled as the image came back to life. The look on her face changed when she heard the “mother” tell her son to lick her sister’s pussy harder. “So you want to lick your dear sister’s pussy huh?”

“I uh, well,” he stammered, clutching the blankets tighter around him. He had gone limp the second he saw his sister standing there, but could feel his cock getting hard once again. He felt his heart pound in his chest and his cock throb even harder, almost begging to be uncovered. “I’m sorry, I swear I never meant for you to see, or find out.”

“Oh please, you and I both know you wanted me to find you like this, and it’s quite alright. I always loved how hard your body was, watching you swim while I worked on my tan. Damn brother you are so hot,” she said, helping him with his shirt off. Kimberly licked her lips before continuing in a more hushed tone, “I’ve often wondered what it would be like to make love to you. I’ve fucked myself silly at night, wondering what your cock would feel like inside my pussy.”

Kyle swallowed hard, looking back at his monitor and seeing the man spew his cum over his “mother and sister’s” tits. He looked back at his sister and noted how her body had the same familiar curves as their mother. He could see her hard nipples poking through her shirt and suddenly realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. He had often thought about bringing up the subject of his lust for her, the idea of making love to her but had never gathered the courage, and here she was, practically begging him. The idea of coming all over his sister’s tits flashed in his brain, and he nearly jumped her, but something was holding him back. “I, uh, I would but I can’t.”

Kimberly stared at him in confusion, “You can’t?”

Kyle looked away from his sister, “No I can’t. It doesn’t matter what our feelings are we can’t have sex. We’re siblings and it’s just wrong.”

“Listen Kyle, it’s not like we’re trying to have kids, in which case I would totally agree with you. I’m talking about being able to have sex and be with someone completely safe.”

Kyle shot a quick look back at Kimberly before looking away again, “I still can’t. Even if you say it’s ok.”

“What else is bothering you Kyle?”

“I’m still a virgin.” He looked away from her, unable to look into her big brown eyes as heexpected a laugh from his her, for her to mock him. He was surprised at the look on her face which was full of caring and compassion.

She sat down on the bed next to him and placed her hand on his. “Dear brother, don’t be ashamed of that. Though I will admit I am surprised, I thought you and Ashley had sex.”

“She and I fooled around but that’s about it. I honestly think we’re going to break up.”

“Oh Kyle, I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” she said, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him.

“I need to confess something to you as well then Kyle. I’m a virgin as well.”

“You are? I thought you and Seth had sex!”

“That’s what he told everyone. We fooled around and he fingered me while I stroked him. I even sucked him off a little but he didn’t want to return the favor and we got into a fight saying a real man doesn’t do that or some such crap. I don’t know why but I never thought about telling people otherwise. Maybe because if they knew what really happened they’d think there was something wrong with me.”

“I knew I should have kicked his ass when he dumped you!” The anger began to well up inside of him and he balled his fists, ready for a confrontation.

“Easy Kyle, please don’t do anything. I beg you. Besides I want you to be happy.” Kimberly leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, loving how he was ready to defend her at all times. She wrapped both arms around him tightly and hugged him, pressing her body against his.

Kyle’s mind was flush with a sudden burst of lust as he felt her nipples press against his chest. As he felt Kimberly pull away he stared into her deep brown eyes. The hand that he had been using to hold his blanket in place was now on her thigh. He was gently stroking her silky smooth skin with his thumb and it was in that moment that he knew he wanted to make love to his sister. He wanted her to take his virginity; he just didn’t know what to do or how to proceed. Thankfully being twins, he knew his sister could read his thoughts.

Kimberly stared back at him, their maltepe escort gaze focused and unblinking. She could sense his nervousness but felt his hand on her thigh. She was glad she had worn her shorts, exposing her flesh to his touch. She felt her own desire build, replacing her own fear and nervousness. She wanted him inside her, but knew she had to be gentle. She leaned in slowly as she didn’t want to startle her brother and lightly kissed him. Kimberly felt their lips press together lightly, barely touching. She felt her pussy tingle when she felt him kiss her back. Her lips opened as her tongue pressed forward, licking his lips first before she felt his own lips open, inviting her in.

His hands lightly gripped Kimberly’s waist as he felt her warm passionate kiss. He readjusted his own body to a more upright sitting position and pulled her on top of his lap, her legs spreading to straddle him. He reached down and gripped her soft ass cheeks, loving how they molded themselves to his hands. Kyle felt his cock jump as he felt his sister press her body against his.

She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him harder, feeling him accept her advances. She pressed her body against his, loving how her soft flesh pressed against his hard toned muscles. Her tongue dueled with his as she began to grind her hips against him. She almost lost herself in the moment before stopping herself. She noticed that he was beginning to tense up from her grinding and instantly knew if she kept it up, he would shoot his cum all over the blankets that covered him up. She didn’t want him to waste it so she stopped. Kimberly wanted all of his hot manhood for herself so she pulled herself off of him. She looked at her brother and noticed how his breathing was heavy and shallow. “Dear brother, please let me make love to you? Will you let me have your virginity and your hot seed?”

Kyle simply nodded. He had never experienced such feelings before. Sure he had made out with his girlfriend but she had never made him feel like this. He knew he was safe with his sister, he knew she would take care of him and that they had an unwavering love for each other already. They had always been close, much closer than most siblings and in his mind, it felt completely natural to want to be with Kimberly. They had a connection that went far deeper than just being siblings and Kyle wanted to experience just how far that connection went. “Make love to me Kimmy, now!”

She loved how demanding he sounded, and slowly pulled back the blanket that covered him. She let out a gasp when she finally exposed his manhood. Her pussy suddenly moistened and she licked her lips involuntarily at the sight of his length. She guessed that he was a good seven and a half inches long and was quite thick. She saw the amount of clear juice that covered the tip of his cock and knew that it wouldn’t take much to make him cum. “Oh Kyle, if I knew you were hiding this monster inside of your swim trunks, I would have fucked you sooner!”

“Wait sis, maybe we shouldn’t do this, I mean mom is still home and she’d kill us if she found out.”

“Don’t worry, she’s still downstairs in the kitchen and I locked your door. Besides, as long as we’re quiet no one will hear us, and even if she did find out she really can’t do anything. We’re both over eighteen. Well over by a couple of weeks but still, which makes us consenting adults. You still want this don’t you my dear sweet brother?”

Kyle swallowed hard, the thoughts of what was happening racing through his head. He couldn’t deny what he wanted any longer and nodded his head softly, “I do.”

She reached out and gently wrapped her fingers around his length, feeling him jump slightly at her touch. With her other hand she pushed her way under her shorts to finger her pussy. With how wet she was she easily pushed two fingers deep inside her and let out a slight moan as she did so. She began to stroke her brother’s cock slowly, loving the look of pure bliss on his face. Kimberly suddenly felt very greedy and wanted to taste his cum, to feel it splash on the back of her throat so she pulled her hand out from he shorts and gently grabbed his scrotum. She bent over and kissed the very tip of her brother’s cock, tasting his clear juice. Her desire took hold of her and she opened her lips and sucked him into her mouth. She could only go down about half way before he hit the back of her throat. She began to bob up and down on him slowly at first, to let him get used to the sensations, and then quickened her pace. She needed to taste him and sucked so hard that her cheeks hollowed. Her hands continued to stroke his shaft and cup his balls.

“Oh fuck sis, I’m going to cum! You feel so fucking good,” Kyle hissed. His whole body began to tense as he could feel his orgasm build up, the sensations intensifying. What he was experiencing was so much more powerful than anything he had felt before. He loved the feeling of jerking off and shooting his cum, but that paled in comparison to the feelings kartal escort that were racking his body and mind at this moment in time. The fact that it was his own beautiful sister sucking him was just too much for him and he instinctively grabbed his sister’s hair, pushing her down onto his cock.

Kimberly moaned as she felt him push himself deeper into her mouth and fought back the gagging instinct as the tip of cock hit the back of her throat. She felt his cock suddenly get harder and twitch as his whole body stiffened and her mouth was flooded by several shots of thick white cum. She did her best to swallow it all but it was too much and some of leaked out around his shaft. She loved the feeling of her brother’s body convulsing underneath her, enjoying the fact that she was responsible for his orgasm. Her mouth released his now softening cock and she lapped up what had escaped her mouth the first time. She loved the salty sweet taste and eagerly swallowed every last drop. Kimberly leaned back and smiled in rapt satisfaction at what she had done. “I have to admit that the first time I’ve ever swallowed cum, and I can definitely say it won’t be my last. You taste so damn good Kyle, though now I need to feel you inside my dripping wet pussy. I need to feel you fill me up!”

Kyle’s sister jumped suddenly as she looked at the clock on his wall. “Shit, I forgot mom said she was taking me shopping this afternoon and I’ve got fifteen minutes to get ready! Sorry Kyle but we’ll both have to take a rain check on that fuck. I promise I’ll have you inside me, and don’t worry, I won’t tell mom that you want to make love to her too.”

Kyle watched as she got up and left, quietly closing the door behind her, leaving him a confusing mix of frustration and satisfaction. He threw himself back on the bed and closed his eyes, replaying what just happened in his mind, wondering if it had really happened or if it had been a dream. After some time he heard the front door open then close as his sister and mother left. He got up and walked out of his room and stopped at the linen closet, grabbing a towel before going into the bathroom that he shared with his sister. He was going to need a long cold shower to calm himself down.


Kyle was sitting on the couch with a football game on when his mother and sister came walking in the front door. He turned around just in time to catch a shopping bag that had been wadded up and thrown at him by his sister. He opened it and smiled broadly when he saw it was a new cap for his favorite football team. “Thanks mom,” he said, beaming as he tried to new hat on.

“Don’t thank me honey, your sister bought it for you,” Aria said, patting his head as she walked by with an arm full of bags.

“Yea, you’re welcome bro,” Kimberly said, winking as she walked passed him.

“Uh, thanks Kimmy!”

“Sure thing, see I told you I loved you!”

Aria came walking back out of the kitchen, “Alright kids, be good and please don’t burn down the house. I’ll be out at the shop for at least four or five hours, though I think I’ll still be home before your father. Don’t forget what I told you about dinner alright Kimmy?”

“Sure thing mom, don’t work too hard tonight,” Kimberly said, hugging her mom.

As Aria let go of her daughter she turned to Kyle, “Come here and give your mother a hug goodbye.”

Kyle got up and wrapped his arms around her, feeling her soft body mold to his. He kissed her on the cheek before saying, “Bye mom, I love you.”

“I love you too sweetheart.” Aria let go of him and turned towards to the door. She grabbed her purse and keys and walked out the door, closing it lightly behind her.

Kyle heard her car start up, the throaty exhaust note fading away as she drove off. He went back to concentrating on the game that was on the television. He startled when his sister jumped on the coach next to him, snuggling up to him. “Hey Kimmy, want to watch the game with me, we’re up by ten points so far and it’s only the second quarter.”

“Of course!” Kimberly said, getting even more comfortable and resting her head on her brother’s shoulder. She pulled her legs up onto the couch and sighed contentedly. She loved the feeling of being close to Kyle, something she would do often, but after what happened earlier in the afternoon, she felt even closer and happier by his side. She noted with a smile that he didn’t pull away from her and even put his arm around her shoulder, his thumb lightly stroking her bare arm. She tilted her head up ever so slightly and asked, “Kyle?”

Kyle looked down at his sister noting the softness and concern in her tone, “What is it Kimmy?”

“I’m really sorry if I pushed you into doing something you didn’t want to do or if I made you feel uncomfortable. You know I love you unconditionally, not just because you’re my brother but because of everything you do for me.”

“I know sis. I’ll admit, I was shocked and confused,” he stated quietly. He swallowed hard before continuing, trying to find the right words, “I must admit, I’ve always thought you were not just hot, but also extremely beautiful and often wondered what it would be like to make love to you. That movie on my laptop made me think about you, and mom. I think you’re both gorgeous.”

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