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You cannot help who you fall for, whatever their skin color may be. As long as you love them, and they love you. That’s what life is, or should be about…University of Chicago, 4:03PM, Modern History Class”Shit, shit, shit!” I exclaimed, running through the corridors of the University’s History and Social Studies floor attempting my best not to be late for my first class of the semester. I was late, and I was going to regret it. I was most likely going to be scolded like a child, by the History teacher. I didn’t know who she was, but on my schedule for the day her name was simply Miss Hayes. I expected, a stubborn old hag who was divorced more than once, and looking to make other people’s lives misery.I was almost tripping over my Timberland Boots, my laces were undone. In my arms, I held a file of my class papers, notepads. I finally found the door of the classroom, 4B. On the door, was a small sign stuck on with a blue tack. It read ‘Ms Hayes, Modern History.'”Son of a bitch,” I muttered to myself, hearing talk inside the room. I knew the class had already started, I was now late for sure.Full of shame, humiliation and fear I knocked on the heavy oak door, there was a hush of silence inside the room before a woman called out, “Come in.” I had the distinct feeling, that this female voice did not belong to an old white crone of a woman.I took a deep breath, pushing down my guilt to the pit of my stomach. I clutched at the door knob, turned and pushed. I closed my eyes shamefully, walking through the doorway into the classroom and opened my eyes.I was shocked, and pretty much stumped. The classroom was mid-sized, quite large but most of its space was filled with study chairs with attached tables for writing. My eyes first began to look at the other students watching me suspiciously, then I turned my eyes on the large oak desk where the teacher sat.Holy mother of god! I could not believe it, there did not sit a white crone of a woman with grey hair and stick thin. There sat a voluptuous, but not fat, ebony woman. She looked to be in her early thirties, or even late thirties.Her black hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she wore black rimmed spectacles. She must have been very voluptuous beneath the desk; because she had a massive bust. I was looking literally down her open pink blouse, they were fucking huge melons. They must have been 38FF in cup size. Below I could just make out a loose, floral long skirt. She had long golden hoop earrings, through her ears that swung and jingled at a slight movement.’Oh hell, that ain’t an old white crone. That’s a fucking beautiful black momma,’ I thought to myself.”Can I help, sir?” She asked me, pushing her spectacles back up the bridge of her nose. She had a thick Chicago accent.”Emmm aye, I mean yes. Ankara escort I am James Anderson, I’m late I’m afraid,” I stuttered in my strong Scottish accent, I forgot to mention I am from Britain, Scotland but chose to study in the States, thanks to strong opinions from my family living in America. I saw a few girls, in the class. Young blonde girls, and a few raven haired ones giggle at my accent and whisper amongst themselves.I felt so stupid, and humiliated. Why couldn’t I tone down my accent, and let it out gradually in class over time. I dropped my head and let it hang.”Well you are late Mr Anderson, but that can’t be helped. Take a seat, James.” Ms Hayes said, in her strong Chicago accent.I began the shameful walk to my desk, that was near to the back in the corner of the room near a window with fencing on its outside. As I walked towards it, I heard Ms Hayes speak, “And your accent is very nice James, I like hearing the Scottish accent.” When I turned to look at her she had her head down reading from a book.I sat down at my desk, and opened my file taking out papers and pens. Still some of the girls in front of me, were looking over their shoulders watching me.I sighed, embarrassed.”Ladies, leave James alone and read page 12. James same for you, we are starting on page 12 on Modern Western History,” Ms Hayes said, still with her head down.I nodded, mainly to myself as I pulled out the reference study book from my bag that I bought before the semester began. I opened it up, and began to read the page she told us to read.The next hour, was Ms Hayes simply talking about what we read and some of us had questions for her; but not me. Yet she had her eyes on me, expecting me to speak. She seemed disappointed when I never spoke.Finally the lesson was over, and Ms Hayes called an end to the lesson. The girls in front of me, seemed to be lurking waiting for me to leave the classroom to speak to me. Waiting to hear my accent, but Ms Hayes saved me and told them to go to lunch. Miserable, they left defeated. I was about to do the same when she coughed, to get my attention. “Mr Anderson, could you stay back for a few minutes.” she asked.I nodded, quite feebly not wanting to speak.”Take a seat,” she said to me, not lifting her gaze from the book.I sat down at her desk, in an empty chair. She didn’t immediately lift her eyes from the book to look at me, until she wrote something down and looked up at me. Her beautiful ebony skin shone in the room, and her eyes were alluring.”Its about today, you were late. That cannot happen again, if it does you will have to stay behind to go over what you missed. That forces me to stay longer than I must, and I end up getting a later train home from here.” She said with a sigh. “James, Ankara escort bayan tomorrow be on time please alright. I want us to get on, as a teacher and student should.” She said.I nodded, and then Ms Hayes did the unexpected; she placed her hand on my own.”James, don’t be afraid to speak. Your accent is amazing, the girls were giddy in here because its new to them, as it is to me. Don’t be afraid to talk, I love to hear your accent,” she smiled.I nodded, and to give her a treat I spoke. “Thank you, Ms Hayes.” I said in my strong accent.I watched her shiver and I thought ‘what the hell was going on?'”Well, I will see you tomorrow James. I better get home, need to get the next train,” she said standing up from her chair, keeping her hand on my own for longer than needed.”Well… thank you for the lesson Ms. Hayes, I’m enjoying the class with you,” I said with a smile.She smiled back, and even bit her lip I swore I saw her.”Well I enjoyed teaching you James, how about tomorrow you talk more in classs” she said with a grin.I smiled, and the lock-in of our eyes lasted a few moments before I pulled away and left the room. I felt something there, between us. It was the stare, it was her hand, it was her beauty. God, I needed a drink. I said making my way out of the University, to a bar to drink a few shots, and a few beers.The Next Day, University of Chicago, 5:01PM, Modern History ClassToday I made the play, and I was wearing my jeans, and a black t-shirt. I sat in my chair at my desk, finishing another few pages of the reference book we were studying from. Today, was no different from yesterday. The young girls in the class giggled, and grinned at me every time I spoke. But it wasn’t the young girls that acted like kids, it was who sat in front of me that caught my interest; it was Ms Hayes once more. She seemed to grin, and even fight off a smile everytime I read a section of the book aloud in class. She was wearing the same loose long flower skirt, but instead of the pink blouse she was wearing a black large vest that gave her bust an even better pose. They were huge regardless, but they looked so good in her vest.The same reading spectacles she wore yesterday, were back on and made her look so sultry. Eventually the hour was gone, and the class was clearing out. The blonde girl from yesterday who was giggling every time I spoke held back, with her friend with black hair. The blonde was named Christy, and the black haired girl was named Rachel. They stayed put in the room, waiting for me. Both were wearing daisy dukes, and tight tube tops. They both smiled seeing me packing up my things.”Hey James, you coming to the University bar later on. You can tell us all about Scotland,” Christy said, giggling with Escort Ankara Rachel.I sighed. “No thanks girls, I need to get home,” I said with my belongings in my bag, I pushed past them towards Ms Hayes desk. They made disgusted groans and sounds, because I wasn’t interested.I then saw Ms Hayes reading a message on her phone, and she sighed.”Goddamn it.” She groaned. I walked up to her desk and leaned against it looking down at her, as I stood at 5’10” in height so I towered over her.”Whats up, something wrong?” I asked her.She sighed and looked up at me wearing her black hair loose today. She looked up at me, her spectacles sliding down her nose slightly but she pushed them back up.”Its nothing, James. Don’t worry yourself.” She smiled, but it appeared forced. The classroom soon cleared out fully, and it was just us left.”Ms Hayes, tell me,” I said gently trying to coax her.She sighed, and dropped her handbag on the desk. Running her hand through her hair, she moved it over her face.”Alright, I’ve been checking all day long on my phone about the local subway. The train I need to take home, isn’t running today. Work being done on the tracks, the reports are saying. That means it is going to take another hour or even two, to get home. I’m just trying to get through to my sister, maybe she can pick me up,” she sighed again, looking at her phone.”But my sister, has come back to me saying she’s not even in the city today. So I’m getting a few buses home,” she said with a deep disappointed sigh, dropping her phone into her handbag.”God this is such a fucking bad day.” She said as she was about to leave the classroom, I could see it in her movements and her hand clutching the handle of her handbag.”Wait, Ms Hayes. I can take you home,” I said simply, hoping she would be interested and ask more.She looked at me, suspiciously. “Wait, James. What do you mean?” she asked me.I looked at her, and then at the desk and then back up to her eyes and said, “I have a car, that’s how I get to the University. I can take you home.” “I’ll drive you. Beats the next two or so hours on the bus right, and all the change overs you will have to do,” I said. Simply, the idea was easy to grasp and I hoped she would grasp it.”I don’t know, you’re a student James,” she said uncertain, as she looked from my eyes to the door.”Ms Hayes, I don’t want you on late buses getting home in the night. I don’t want you walking home, I want you to get home safe,” I said appealing to her logic.”Well, its better than taking the late bus home. I hate walking home through my neighborhood,” she said with a sigh.”Right, well come on then. I’m parked in the student parking lot,” I said. She was slowly moving. She picked up her bag, and everything and we left the classroom making our way to the parking lot. She needed some coaxing, through the University canteen as she said her goodbyes to her colleagues and some students.5:15PM, University of Chicago, Student Car LotWe finally left the building, and we were walking across the teacher and staff parking lot, crossing into the student lot.

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