The Thunderous Night Ch. 02

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I apologize for the next segment taking so long, life happens 🙂 Thank you to all that have wrote and gave me such encouraging feedback. It’s thanks to you that I’ve decided to continue writing. This is the next segment of Adrianne’s and Joseph’s tale. I hope you enjoy and please continue letting me know what you think, either good or bad. ~CK1973


It’s been several weeks since they had their fight and the best sex of their lives. The news from the television in the background, Adrianne sits at the vanity looking at her reflection in the mirror, her green eyes smoldering, as she runs her fingers through her long, wavy golden hair and down her neck to the swell of her breasts; her skin tingles as she remembers his touch on her skin. She lets out a sigh trying to think of a way to recreate the intensity of that night. From the television, she hears the perfect plan, there was a storm coming over town and severe thunder and lightning was expected.

“Will this meeting ever fucking end?” Joseph thinks to himself staring at the clock the whole time, trying hard not to yawn at the old codger in front blabbering about insurance premiums.

He looks out the office window and sees the dark clouds rolling in the sky, causing a grin to appear on his face. “Perfect” he mumbles thinking about the last night it had stormed. His cock twitches in his black dress slacks, remembering the smells and noises Adrianne made when he fucked her.

Adrianne plans everything perfectly. “He’ll never know what hit him” she grins and thinks to herself and feels her thighs moisten with the thoughts of what the night has in store.

As he begins to leave the office, lightning flashes across the sky and the thunder rumbles so loud Joseph can feel the vibrations in the building. The electricity in the air causes his member to strain against his pants and a smile spreads across his face, he practically sprints to his car to get home as quick as he can.

Adrianne Alanya Escort looks at the clock realizing she has thirty minutes to get everything prepared. She sprints upstairs to put on his favorite piece of lingerie. The lights are all shut off and candles take their place, setting just the right mood. She hurries to the kitchen to get some ice and crush it and she sets it on the table by the front door just as she sees the headlights from the car shining into the house.

Joseph pulls into the driveway taking notice the darkness of the house. “hmm, must be another power outage” the memories of the last one causes him to moan; his cock pulsating against his pants threatening to break the material.

She leans sensually against the opened door; the lightning flashing across the sky highlights the curves of her body beneath the flimsy material of her negligee. As Joseph slides out of the car, with the flash of lightning, he sees Adrianne leaning against the doorframe. His eyes drink in the milkiness of her skin, her long legs, and the curves of her delicious body; her golden waves draping across her shoulders and splashing across the swells of her breasts. His throbbing cock aching; making walking difficult, he manages to get to the front door.

A grin crosses over Adrianne’s face and she doesn’t say a word. She leans against him wrapping her arms around his shoulders and draws his face towards hers. She presses her lips against his in a light, delicate way at first and as the lightning flashes across the sky, her kisses become more hungry and demanding.

Joseph stands there in surprise as he feels her body lean against him. The grin and her not saying anything, turns him on even more. He shudders against her body his lips meeting hers with each brush, as her mouth becomes more demanding, so does his. He slides his tongue against her lips asking for entrance in which she willingly obliges; the Alanya Escort Bayan intoxicating taste of her mouth forces a groan from deep within his chest.

She wraps her tongue around his, exploring every inch, every crevice of his mouth. Her mouth wraps around his tongue and she sucks his tongue between her full lips, bobbing her head a little.

Joseph moans, pulling himself from her and looks down at her with eyes full of burning desire and lust. “Fuck baby, do you realize what that does to me?”

Adrianne, still remaining silent, brushes her lips against his cheek working her way down his jaw line to his neck. She teases his skin with nips of her teeth and light flicks of her tongue, her fingers kneading his hard chest through his shirt. Thunder rolls in the sky, the rain starting to come down, she can feel the breeze through the opened door where they are. She slides down his body, the sensation of his clothing through her negligee makes her nipples harden and the wetness pool in her panties. She makes quick work of pulling his pants down, with a flick of her fingers, the button and zipper falls apart his pants slide easily to the floor pooled around his feet.

Watching her with half-lidded eyes, Joseph wisps her hair up on top of her head using urging pressure to push her down his body. His cock stands at full attention twitching and aching for her lips to be wrapped around it. Grinning, Adrianne licks her lips and flicks the tip of her tongue against the spongy head of his cock; her eyes grow full of lustful pleasure seeing how it twitches to her slightest touch. Adrianne tilts her head slightly, teasingly nips and slides her tongue from the tip to his balls. Hungry to taste more, she sucks his left nut into her mouth rolling her tongue around in circles while stroking his length in her hand.

“Ah fuck baby” Joseph groans out between clenched teeth, feeling his balls coil and tighten threatening Escort Alanya to explode from just her simple teases.

He grabs her shoulders pulling her up quickly. He doesn’t give a shit about her lingerie; he rips it off and slams her against the doorframe. Adrianne gasps, his sudden roughness turning her on even more. Joseph crushes her lips with demanding and rough kisses. He bites at her lower lip pulling her left leg up, resting it on his forearm. He grabs his cock in his hand slipping it between her drenched folds and with a thrust of his hips he buries his cock deep within her scorching heat. He has to hold back, her hot sheathe clamping around him makes him almost cum instantly.

Adrianne pants with anticipation; her body feels like it’s on fire. Her pussy quivers and a loud moan escapes her lips as his hardness fills her. She grabs his shoulders as Joseph begins thrusting deep, his relentless movements hard and fast rocking her to her very core; his lust ladened eyes locked to hers. She arching her back against the frame and rocking her hips and him thrusting hard and deep in unison soon has them both panting and gasping for air. Adrianne screams out his name and her nails dig into his shoulders. The intensity of her orgasm makes her toes curl and her pussy contract tightly around his cock, begging for his release.

His thrusts relentless, he pounds into her pussy with a furious speed, banging her against the doorframe. When she digs her nails into his shoulders, it drives him over the edge, her screams and her pussy contracting around his cock forces a shudder. He groans, thrusting deep he releases his thick hot seed into her womb.

Both are panting and gasping for air, they can hear each others pounding heartbeats. Joseph gently places Adrianne’s leg back to the floor and leans against her, kissing her lips and lays against her naked body. “Damn baby, we need storms every night.” He pulls his flaccid cock from her and scoops her into his arms taking them upstairs to their bedroom.

Adrianne laughs knowing that her plan was perfect and softly returns his kiss with soft lips. She wraps her arms around his neck as he carries her upstairs. “I love you my thunderous night lover.”

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