The Tropical Hut

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The sun peaked as midday approached, the heat was starting to dry the salt-water footprints, shrinking them to baby feet. After our swim the ice cold drinks were more than welcome. You sat in the shade of a large straw parasol, your hair wet, your skin tanned and covered in small droplets of water. You held the drink to your lips, sipping the cold juice through the ice; sighing as the icy liquid caressed your throat.

I sat in a large wicker basket chair suspended from the exposed beams of the cabin, looking out over the sea. The waves lapped against the legs of the house as the tide slowly ebbed by. The sound was calming, and a slight breeze was taking the edge from the heat. The chair moved slightly, I turned to see you standing by my side. I smiled as you leant forward and kissed me gently. You looked fantastic; you always looked fantastic, but today was special. With your hair slicked back, your deep tan contrasting with the crisp white of your bikini, you were a vision.

Again you kissed me, your lips cold from your drink. I moved across the chair slightly making room for you. You moved around the front of the chair and climbed on top. You sat astride me, putting a leg to each side. You lean forward with a kiss, your skin now dry and warm presses against me chest. Sitting back you smile a wicked smile, you glanced at your drink and ran a finger sensually down the side of the glass. Moisture from the glass collected on your finger, your hand stopped as you reached the bottom of the glass. A large drop of water from the glass fell and landed on my stomach making me flinch. You smiled again as you repeated your deed.

Taking mobilbahis güvenilir mi an ice cube from the glass and placing it into your teeth, you leant forward and kissed me. You kissed my neck and across my chest, the tip of your tongue touching me gently, the ice starting to melt leaving a thin trail where your kisses had been. Suddenly you stop and look deep into my eyes; you could feel me becoming aroused, moving beneath you, touching you intimately. You slid down from your lofty position to lie by my side. You kissed my stomach, the ice making me move as each kiss landed. Your hand moved gently over my chest, tracing the line left by the ice, down cross my stomach and on to the waistband of my shorts. Your fingers tugged at the drawstring, undoing the cord. You stroked me over my shorts; I was now hard and straining against the material. You eased down the top slowly revealing me to the sun; I lifted and helped to kick off my shorts. You paused taking a sip of your drink before putting your glass onto the floor.

You looked at me again as you slid further down, this time there was no smile. Your mouth, chilled by the drink, touched the head and slid down over the shaft. Your mouth and tongue caressed, and teased. Your fingers gently stroking my thighs and across the base. As you moved I could see your face, I could see me inside you; I could see your face knowing how good you were making me feel. I started to think about you, thinking what you would like from me. You slid up kissing me across the chest and up to my lips. We kissed with passion, hard, and urgent.

I turned and mobilbahis lay you onto the soft cushion. I reached to the glass and removed some ice. Holding the wet cube in my fingers I traced a line up your smooth thigh, bridging the middle and down the other thigh. I slid down kissing your warm skin, down to your bikini, the thin material covering my target. My finger slid over the material, caressing gently onto your clitoris. I moved the material aside, and kissed between your legs. My tongue moved down over your smooth skin, my lips brushing your smooth warm flesh, and down inside you. I slid the ice into my mouth, the cold making you flinch as my tongue and the ice teased inside. I traced circles over you clitoris, the gentle touch of my tongue and the melting ice dancing over you. You made a sound and your stomach tightened, you came, I pressed deeper inside, I used my fingers inside as I kissed outside. I had no idea how long I stayed there, no idea how many times you came.

You tugged at my shoulders, pulling me up. I knelt between your legs, your knees raised slightly. You wanted me inside you; I wanted to be inside you. I moved forward, my tip touching your clitoris, sliding down and pushing inside. I slowly moved back and forth, a gentle rhythm, pulling almost all the way out, before pushing slowly, firmly inside. Long hard strokes, I could feel the head moving inside, touching you softly with each move. The speed and pressure increased, I started to use my fingers to excite you even more. I leant forward and kissed you, I kissed you neck, down to your breasts, teasing your nipples hard, kissing each in mobilbahis giriş turn. My movements inside you made you moan, I looked into your eyes and the feeling grew. You knew you were close. You wanted me harder, pressed deep inside, each stroke deeper than the last. Your fingers started to squeeze my back, your nails pressed into my skin. You couldn’t hold back, you started to come, I pushed deep inside, your body tensing as you savoured the release. I slowed, gently stroking inside, and slowed to a stop.

I ease out and lay by your side, pulling you into a tight embrace. I wanted to hold you. I could feel your nipples, still hard pressing against my chest. Your hand slid down taking hold of me, you fingers starting to stroke the skin up and down. You leant forward taking me into your mouth again, this time with more urgency. This time it wasn’t as gentle. Your fingers slid across me as you caressed. I could feel every move, every touch of your lips, and every touch of your tongue. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I lost control, it wouldn’t be long before I felt the pleasure you had felt. You wanted me to have that feeling you wanted to know when I would come. You increased the pace and I knew it wouldn’t take long I could feel it build inside, to the point where I had to let go. I squeezed your shoulders and said it was happening, I was expecting you to lift your mouth but you just carried on taking me deeper. Your fingers caressed, until it happened, you could feel me harden as I came. Your tongue darted over the tip, a feeling like nothing else on earth. You slowed, gently kissing and stroking. As the feeling passed, my body relaxed back into the soft cushions, aware again of my surroundings. You lay on your front with your arms and head on my chest. As we relaxed we could again hear the sea, again feel the breeze blowing over our now naked bodies. We drifted off to sleep, holding each other.

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