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Subject: A Neglected Boy The Twins LXVIII Please support Nifty to keep stories coming. fty/donate.html Thanks to all Nifty Staff for their help. Please remember this Story is fiction, names fabricated, locations may be accurate. Included links are fun. … There may be some sex; it will be gentle and loving. Just a reminder the story is told by either Jake or Kori in alternating Chapters. A Neglected Boy “The Twins” LXVIII [email protected] At the end of the last Chapter I pulled Antonio to me and kissed him passionately. I felt his hand drop to my erection and I didn’t even try to stop him. I was in his grip and it was pure ecstasy; I know I was about at the point of no return when I dropped………. Chapter LXVIII It took me longer than I expected to finish the documentation I needed to send to Dr. Sue. I’m still excited about the discovery at Pompeii. Finished I quickly walked to the rug-rats room no sound and lights off. As I passed Ethan’s room just a little giggling … no mistake it was Antonio. I wonder if Jake is still in the shower, all shriveled up by now, or pissed at me and went to bed. I opened the bedroom door ………. Jake was standing beside the bed pulling the bottom sheet off. Pillows, top sheet, blankets all in a heap on the floor and mumbling something to himself about he’s too old. He looked really pissed then he looked at me … pissed! I wasn’t sure to ask but one thing for sure whatever the problem I am at fault. I started to help as the bottom sheet was caught at one corner … Jake stopped looked at me and said in a rather commanding voice . . . . “Kori stop, just drop it, leave it alone, and what the hell took you so long?” . . . . Jake’s tone was really sharp even sounding angry. I was becoming upset as I hadn’t done anything and Jake knew I had to finish the documentation. I reached over and turned on the ceiling light …….. he nearly flipped out! He looked at me … his face red … now I was pissed! … I grabbed the damn sheet as hard as I could … it was wet and sticky. I looked at Jake knowing what had happened smiled and asked . . . . “So, you were a little excited and couldn’t wait for me? Jake looked at me not so angrily but I think really embarrassed. What Jake said next was the reason for his shocking demeanor. He was not angry at me but rather very upset with himself………. “Kori, when was the last time you had a wet dream? … I’m embarrassed” . . . . I said . . . . “Jake I don’t remember the last time but so what? I think it just means you were horny waiting for me and looks or should I say feels like you’re healthy.” Jake just smiled as we made the bed with nice fresh, clean, dry sheets. I was tired and we slid into bed and pulled up the covers. I think it was maybe 10 minutes when I felt Jake’s hand rub down my side and, in a whisper, he asked if I was awake. I was. He wanted to talk. As Jake began, he sounded so concerned as if something was very wrong and he needed to get it out to fix it or to be forgiven. I turned and said . . . . “Jake, we’ve been together a lifetime whatever this is I know we can work it out.” . . . . Jake began………………… I was in the shower waiting for you but you were taking so long I just decided to go to bed. Kori this past week has been so long and I was exhausted and I think asleep in less than a minute. I began dreaming about the boys and I don’t know what it was but Antonio kept smiling at me; you know that smile of his?” … I know Jake he’s so damn cute and that smile can get things excited .. you know where, he does it to me too.” … I said Jake continued………. “Kori, the dream was so real in vivid 4K and I swear I could feel him bursa escort when he said … “I want you; I want you to love me, please Jake” … in the dream I don’t’ know what happened … I pulled Antonio to me and kissed him passionately. I felt his hand drop to my erection and I didn’t even try to stop him. I was in his grip and it was pure ecstasy and then it happened I woke knowing I had just ejaculated, it was intense!” Jake continued………. “Kori, I love you, I always have and this dream is upsetting me. I think I’m attracted to Antonio and don’t want to be.” …….. I reached over and pulled Jake close and ran my hand through his salt and pepper hair and said . . . . “I’ve a secret Jake, so don’t go tell anyone, you think you’re attracted to Antonio and I can tell you that I’ve got the hots for Keith.” …… Jake smiled punched my arm, gave me a little kiss turned on his other side and we were off to dreamland. Jake must be feeling much better he didn’t even stir when I got up for a drink at about 3 am. I was in the kitchen pouring a little OJ when I noticed a dim light in the living room. I took a sip and went to shut off the light only to find Keith curled up on the couch; interesting but I wasn’t going to wake him. I reached to pull the blanket up and as I did he grabbed my wrist and said . . . . “Antonio No! As I pulled my arm away he looked at me saying . . . . “Sorry, Kori I thought you were Antonio.” …….. I asked why he was sleeping on the couch and Keith said he needed to get some sleep and Antonio and Ethan needed to play. I just smiled and asked if he wanted a drink of OJ and headed back to the kitchen only to hear . . . . “Kori, can we talk about stuff?” I looked and said . . . . “Stuff?” …… Keith said . . . . “Yeah, stuff, like sex stuff, like what me and Ethan do all the time … well, that’s what you and Jake think, right?” . . . . hmmmm, I thought I had enough sex talk with Jake for the night … but, this was Keith and honestly, I wanted to hear whatever he wanted to tell me. I remember being his age …and `thinking’ Peter and Riku where are you? I’m already all horned up when Keith started with . . . . “Ok, you know Ethan and I like to do stuff .. like we both like blowjobs and we like to jerk each other off … right?” … I nodded yes and slightly adjusted my boxers as Keith continued …… “well, we kind of like the other thing too but only if we’re super horny and have lots of Astroglide or Lube life. I think Ethan likes it more than me and when he does me he has to go slow, like very slow, I don’t like it fast.” I’m being a good listener but really this is more than I need to know, I even tried to break away but Keith just continued……… “Not Antonio if he ever says he doesn’t do it much it’s a lie. … He loves sex n more sex like 4 times in a row and he only needs like 3 or 4 minutes and he’s hard again. Ok Kori, no lie I like it when Antonio does me and so does Ethan. His dick is only about 4 inches and thin and he’s good at it too you know he hits that spot every time. I can even feel him when he squirts. The thing is sometimes I’m not really in the mood n he won’t take the hint like tonight.” Ahh, I think Keith is all talked out when he starts again…….. “Kori, you think it’s normal to have that much sex? One night, Ethan Antonio and I were all taking turns sucking each other off n we all finished. It wasn’t 10 minutes later and he was humping Ethan … ok n he did me too. I’m not saying I didn’t like it … Ethan and I were super horny that night. We were all sweating and Antonio still wanted Ethan to do him on all 4s. Ethan slid in real slow while I jerked Antonio off and he squirted in less bursa escort bayan than a minute … mostly clear but he still squirted.” Keith was taking a breath I tried to adjust my boxers but they really didn’t want to move. Keith looked at the front of my boxers smiled then asked if I wanted a towel, no joke he did ask. He ran to the kitchen and was back in a flash with a roll of paper towels looked directly at me, smiled and said . . . . “We can do it together if you want.” I looked at Keith reached over and messed that super soft blond hair of his and said . . . . “Sleep horny toad.” … and headed back to finish my OJ. I’m not sure what was in our water today but I do know that we’ll throw a sheet and a load of towels in the wash first thing in the morning. I was almost at the bedroom door when I heard … “thanks Kori” I thought to myself … “n Jake thinks he’s got troubles” .. After 3 minutes in the bathroom, I crawled in bed beside a snoring Jake and gave him a push he grumbled something but stopped snoring. Ahhhh, sleep at last. Morning came with the aroma of Jake’s favorite freshly made amaretto coffee and loud, not so nice, voices. Jake and I scrambled into some boxers and quickly made way to the kitchen running directly into a furious Lorenzo. Jake and I don’t speak much Italian but there was no mistaking a few of the words being hurled at Antonio as well as that unmistaken gesture with a certain finger. Jake bellowed … “Whoa! hold on you guys … everyone take a seat now! Zip the mouths … Lorenzo, I said sit!” ………. Wow .. silence. …… Well, if looks could kill Keith would be dead and Lorenzo would be in jail. Everyone was looking at me and Jake. Rug-rats had a very naughty grin, Marco was pretending that he was invisible, Ethan had the look of `I know what’s going on but I’m not saying’ … Antonio looked guilty. Jake, now sipping his amaretto coffee, looked at all the boys and calmly asked . . . . “Ok, so there seems to be a big problem on our happy first day of vacation and our trip to the farm so … who would like to explain? …… I said … who would like to explain?” … hmmm, the brotherhood of silence invoked. I’m rather enjoying this and my tea is perfect, black as coal; tastes about the same too. I’m smiling looking at Jake to see just how he’s going to finish this little episode. Finally, he speaks … all eyes on Jake as he very calmly says . . . . “Fine, brothers in crime … you’ll all pay the consequences.” … Rug-rats and Marco looked a little nervous but didn’t budge. Jake finished by saying . . . . “Ok, let’s finish breakfast, shower and clean clothes for the trip and we’ll get on the road.” What? … Jake is letting this all go unfinished? … nah somethings going on in his mind or he’s gone soft in the head. Everyone finished breakfast with little or no speaking … showers over and clean clothes on for the trip. We packed a few snacks and it was out the door to the SUV and Ethan’s Willys. The SUV doors opened boys not saying much got in. Ethan, Keith and Antonio were about to get in the Willys when Jake walked over excused himself as he looked behind Ethan’s seat …. Whoa! What is he doing? Ethan started to say something only to get a rather sharp look from Jake and I heard Jake say . . . . “No, no, problems need fixing Ethan.” . . . . What the hell is Jake doing? He’s taking a bunch of stuff from the seat behind Ethan and putting it on the ground. …… ahhhh, surprise the deal was that Ethan, Keith, and Antonio would be riding together and so that’s how they packed all the gear in the Willys. Now both seats behind Ethan and Keith are open. … Jake can be so sly! Jake pointed to escort bursa Antonio and said . . . . “Get in and sit behind Keith … no don’t say anything just get in.” …. Antonio’s not happy …. Jake looked over at me then pointed to Lorenzo and motioned for him to get in the Willys behind Ethan and next to Antonio. … I had the biggest smile. If looks could kill Jake was dead and Antonio was going to jail! … Hmmm, Jake looked at Lorenzo and Antonio and said . . . . “Now the two of you have about 2 hours on the road to fix your little problem, or when we get to the farm you can spend the rest of the day in a small room together.” Marco, Kyle, and Justin were in the SUV cracking up. Ethan and Keith didn’t look very happy and Lorenzo was looking out his window as he sat behind Ethan and Antonio was looking out the opposite window as he sat behind Keith. What a happy little crew. We were off. Jake was relaxing and I was behind the wheel listening to Justin, Marco, and Kyle telling all about what adventures they will have at the farm. Wait … Justin just said they will go looking for black bears down in the old orchard … I think there will be a little change in their plans. Ethan got caught at a light but he knows the way just hope he has a pleasant trip. We arrived at the farm just 2 hours later greeted by Lars, Lukas, Peter, and Neil. Wow, the addition on the barn looks great. Peter asked where Ethan, Keith and the boys were and I said . . . . “He got held up by a stoplight but they should be here in a minute or 2.” …… Justin, Kyle, Marco and Neil’s boys ran to the barn and Peter and Neil explained how it was best to have all the horses together rather than build a separate barn next to Peter’s workshop. I know Peter best and I know that it was his idea to add to the barn. Now just think if Jake and I are here with Justin, Kyle, Ethan, and Keith, right next to the barn, I wonder who will be doing most of the chores??? We’ve looked at the barn and all around and still no Ethan and crew. Jake looked at his watch as the Willys drove in almost 50 minutes after we arrived. The seating arrangement was different. Keith was driving … Ethan was in back with Antoni and Lorenzo was in front with Keith and all 4 were laughing. When they got out Lorenzo and Antonio had their arms around each other’s necks like best friends forever. It was back to the barn again to show Ethan’s crew what had been finished and what we all would help Neil and Peter finish this next week. At one point everyone was walking to the paddock and Keith and I were at the back of the pack and Keith looked at me and said . . . . “Remember our conversation last night? … Well, Lorenzo caught me and Antonio in the shower this morning. Problem is Antonio had promised Lorenzo that he would suck him in the shower this morning and that caused the fight.” Hmmmm, I asked Keith . . . . “So why is everything Ok now?” …… Now that was a stupid question, wasn’t it? ………. Keith looked at me with this `duh smile’ and said………….. ………………”Ummmm we were late Kori … you know almost an hour late … There are a few places about 15 miles back where you can pull off and nobody can see … Well, I found out that Antonio must have taught Lorenzo how to suck … n he’s good! Ethan n I got sucked by both of them and it was Lorenzo’s idea. Yeah, we sucked them too. Ethan said Lorenzo and he had done stuff in Italy too, even the other thing ….. Kori … ummmm, now I’m living with you … you think maybe sometime we could shower together? I mean if you want, I’d like to. To be Continued: A Neglected Boy “The Twins LXIX” This Chapter and many to follow are written during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please remember to “NOT” spread the virus but “Do” remember to think of your friends …. Please, take a break and send a little note to say hello …….. bly/a-neglected-boy-the-twins.html

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