The Vacation

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“I’ll see you at the airport,” you say in your sexy voice before you hang up the phone. I think about our cyber session last night and a smile plays across my lips and I feel myself grow wet at the memories. I take one last look around my room making sure I have packed everything I need for the trip. Everything looks in order and I grab my keys and drive to the airport.

I take my seat next to an older guy. I smile at him and take my book out of my carry on before he can start up some conversation. About midway through the flight I get sleepy and curl up in my seat and again think of last night. I must have fallen asleep with thoughts of you because I awoke in my seat shuddering softly a soft moan escaping my lips as I feel wetness seep out of me in the last throws of my orgasm. I must have moaned a bit louder than I thought as I glance at the guy next to me and see his erect cock straining against his pants with a small wet spot beginning to form on his pants.

A few minutes later the plane touches down and I feel myself growing wetter at the thought of finally meeting the man behind the words that have made me come again and again. As the plane pulls into the airport I stand and gather my stuff. I stand and squeeze past the guy next to me. An evil grin on my face, I hear him softly groan as I press my ass against his erect cock as I pass him.

My heart pounds in my chest as I walk from the plane into the airport. I walk out the gates and scan the people around me looking for you. Strong arms encircle me pulling me close, a soft gasp escapes my mouth as I jump slightly.

I feel your breath against my ear as you say hello. I turn in your arms, looking in your eyes. I wrap my arms around you and smile up at you. I lick my lips as I look at yours wondering how they will feel against mine. You look into my eyes and smile as if you can read my thoughts in my eyes. You lean closer to me and our lips meet for the first time. It feels as if small bolts of electricity are running through my body all seeming to travel down to my already wet pussy.

I moan softly Alanya Escort as I feel your tongue enter my mouth gently exploring and caressing my tongue. I run my tongue softly along yours; I feel a soft moan escape you as I gently suck on your tongue. We part slowly and you say, “Let’s get out of here.” as you grab my hand and lead me away.

As we walk up to your motorcycle you strap my small suitcase onto the back and we mount your bike. I wrap my arms around you as you gun your bike to life. As we pull away from the airport I hold on to you tighter and lean my head against your shoulder breathing in the scent of you.

As you pull onto the highway and speed up I nuzzle against your neck, softly kissing you; the vibrations of the bike getting me even hotter. I slowly run my hands up your stomach to your chest and down again slowly as I nibble your neck. I feel a soft moan escape you as my lips brush against your neck. My hands move to your thighs as I begin to nibble on your ear.

I let my hands run across the outside of your thighs as far as I can reach then slowly slide my fingers to the inside. I slowly trace my hands along the inside of your thighs. Another moan escapes your lips as I run my fingertips gently over your hard cock. I slowly trace the outline of your cock as it strains against your pants. A small wet spot forms under my fingers as I run them around the tip of your cock.

I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter, my pussy throbbing from the vibrations of the bike. I press myself closer against you as I softly kiss your neck while my hand still gently fondles you. I can feel your cock straining beneath my fingers trying to free itself from the constriction of your pants. My hand travels up and down along your cock, the wet spot on your pants slowly growing.

After a few more minutes of my hand gliding along your cock you lean your head back and say “If you keep that up your going to get us killed,” and smile at me. I grin back and slide my hand back to your thigh. I resume running one hand along your chest and softly Alanya Escort Bayan kiss your neck. I restrain my other hand to your thigh for the most part.

Every now and again I can’t resist running my fingers along your rock hard cock. Finally we pull up to your house; you grab my luggage and walk me to the door. As you let me in and shut the door behind us you grab me and pull me close.

“You were driving me mad the entire way here,” you say huskily.

I grin and push you against the closed door while dropping to my knees in front of you. I slowly run my hands down your chest as I softly kiss the rock hard bulge under your pants. My hands make their way to your back and I grab your ass and pull you closer as I run my tongue along your cock. You moan softly as my hands make their way to the front of your pants and slowly undo the button and zipper.

I look up at you as I slide your pants down to your ankles. Your cock stands at attention before me a small drop glistening on the tip. I look up into your eyes and lick my lips. My hands travel up the inside of your legs. I cup your balls with one hand and slide my other around the base of your cock. You close your eyes and moan softly leaning back against the door.

I run my hand up to the tip of your cock and gently squeeze out another glistening drop. I slide my hand up and down the shaft of your cock as I lean forward and clean off the tip with my tongue. My tongue flicks across your head; I gently flick my tongue along the ridge of your cock. I run my tongue up and down your cock while gently fondling your balls with my hand.

You gasp softly as I pull your cock into my hot warm mouth. I pull you deeper into my mouth; one hand around the base of your cock the other still teasing your balls. I move my head back and forth suckling you and teasing you with my tongue.

I feel you grow tense; I can feel you are close. As I take you deeper still your hips start to thrust. You grab my head and fuck my mouth eagerly. I grab your ass and pull you deeper still. You groan as you shoot Escort Alanya your hot come into me as you pump my mouth.

As you thrust, some of your come dribbles down my chin. When you are spent you pull out and look down at me. I look up at you and run my finger over my chin gathering the spilled come on my finger. I look in your eyes and lick it off my finger.

You pull me to my feet and lead me to your bedroom. You push me onto the bed and tear off my clothes. You crawl on top of me kissing me hungrily. I run my hands down your back pulling you closer. I feel your cock pressed against my wet pussy. I raise my hips to you, feeling your cock grow hard again as it slides along my slippery nether lips.

You moan against my lips as I grind against you. You move down a bit and begin to kiss my breasts. One hand pinches my nipple as you run the other one down my stomach. My hips rise in anticipation of your touch. I moan as your hand reaches my nether lips. Your fingers gently run along the outside of them and then you part them a little and run one finger across my clit. I move my hips, pressing against you.

Your fingers begin to work my clit as you kiss and nibble my nipples. I begin to tremble underneath you as the first waves of ecstasy begin to fill me. My moans grow louder as my orgasm gets closer. I pull you up to me, lock my lips against yours and grind against your hard cock. You tease me with the head of your cock, slowly inserting just the tip into me then pulling back out.

The walls of my pussy contract against you, trying to pull you in deeper. Finally you fill me slowly and gently. I suck greedily on your tongue as you begin to thrust inside me. My moans growing louder and my pussy slick against you as I feel my passion growing. I grab you and pull you closer as my hips begin to thrust against you.

You moan in my ear as your pleaser mounts as well. The walls of my pussy contracting eagerly around your cock as you thrust inside me. You let out a low moan as I feel you empty yourself inside me. Waves of ecstasy fill me as the feeling of your come inside me drives me over the edge. We come as one, trembling against each other.

As exhaustion overtakes the both of us I think about the other things we had talked about online together and a playful smile crosses my lips as I fall asleep in your arms.

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