The View from Under the Bed

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Skye Fuller lay panting on the bed; her nipples tingling from her boyfriend’s prolonged and vigorous sucking; her clitoris throbbing from the repeated stroking of his middle finger between her slick and now gaping vaginal lips.

“Oh god,” she thought. “I hope he can control it this time.”

Her boyfriend, Tyler, lay beside her, struggling with the foil package of a condom, his excitement and frustration building by the second.

She sat up in bed and gently grasped her his wrist.

“Here, Tyler,” she whispered. “Let me do it.”

“O-okay.” Tyler gasped. “But hurry! I’m so damned horny.”

“Just be patient!” she softly scolded as she took the foil wrapped condom out of his trembling hand.

“B-but….” he stammered, staring down at his rigid penis as it lay on his stomach, jumping in time with his racing heartbeat.

This was only their second time in bed together and Tyler was, as most eighteen year-old boys would be, frantic to mount his girlfriend.

Skye raised up to sit cross-legged on the bed and Tyler’s groaned as his eyes darted from her tiny erect nipples to the pink, hairless slit between her legs. Precum dripped from the head of his penis and pooled on his stomach.

Taking the foil between her teeth, she carefully ripped the package open. Then, she gently grasped his testicles and pulled them, causing his erection to stand vertically.

“O-oh god!” he gasped , his eyes bugging as the skin on his penis drew tight.

“You like it when I pull your balls like that?” she giggled as she carefully placed the rolled condom on the tip of his burgeoning erection, being sure that all of the lube dripping from his penis remained inside the tip of the condom.

“Y-yes! God! But p-please hurry!” he cried out as if in a panic.

“Okay sweetie. Here we go,” she whispered as she began to roll the thin latex sheath over the head of his penis.

She loved caressing an erect penis with her slender fingers and she took her time getting the condom into place. As she rolled the condom over Tyler’s cock, she was amazed at how hard he was and how tight the condom stretched, particularly over the now bright purple head of Tyler’s cock.

“W-o-o-o-o-o! Skye!” Tyler panted. “Your hands feel so good, but p-please hurry!”

“But why sweetheart?” she teased as she snugged the condom around the base of his penis. “We’ve got plenty of time! No classes this afternoon. Remember?”

Y-yeah….” he stammered. “But I f-feel l-like I’m going to….”

“To what, sweetie?” she whispered as she lightly grasped his latex clad cock and stroked it with her warm hand, shivering at the thought that she would soon feel it sliding deep into her body.

But it wasn’t to be….

“O-oh god!” he cried as he lifted his hips off the bed and his hands scrabbled to pull hers away from his cock.

Skye watched in disbelief as Tyler’s penis seemed to become even more rigid, the head swelling and further stretching the condom. Then, as his hips bucked and he gasped in a combination of pleasure and frustration, the end of the condom was filled with the thick, milky evidence of his orgasm.

“Ah…A-a-h…A-a-a-a-h…Oh-ho, m-my g-god that feels good!” he gasped as he repeatedly squirted until his load was spent in the sheath.

Then his eyes focused on Skye’s face and he blushed beet red. His erection began to wilt with remarkable speed.

Skye, still grasping Tyler’s testicles in her hand watched first in fascination, then disappointment.

“Really Tyler? Again?” Skye spat as she scrambled off the bed and grabbed her panties off the floor.

“I’m sorry!” he muttered as he stood and shuffled toward the bathroom, his now flaccid penis looking ridiculous with the cum-filled condom dangling and causing his penis to bob as he walked.

By the time he returned from the bathroom, she had the clasp of her bra fastened and was stepping into her jeans.

“Look,” he said as he tried to embrace her from behind, “We’ll wait şişli escort a little while and then try again.”

Her shoulders slumped and she stood rigid in his embrace.

“Just take me home, okay?”

“B-but Skye!”

“No…I need to go home. This is the second time in a row this has happened. Two times I’ve basically had to beg you to fuck me. We get all hot ‘n bothered and you dump your load before you can even get inside me. I’m sorry…I need to be away from you and I need to think about this.”

“Are you sure?”

A tear of frustration rolled down her cheek and she swiped it away with her wrist.

“I’m not sure about anything Tyler. I just need to go home.”

The ride to Skye’s parents’ house was silent. When he stopped the car, she leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“Don’t call, okay?” she said quietly. “Don’t call, don’t text, and for god’s sake don’t tweet anything Tyler. That will just start people asking a bunch of stupid-shit questions. Oh, and don’t put anything stupid on Facebook either…Okay Tyler?”


“I mean it Tyler. I need time to think. So, just let it alone for a while. Okay?”


He waited as she walked toward the front door of her house, but she didn’t look back and as the door closed, he drove away.

Skye was frustrated beyond belief. She knew she had to get a handle on the “Tyler issue,” but first she had to relieve the intense sexual arousal and frustration she was feeling.

She quickly walked through the empty house and into her bedroom. Dropping her purse on a chair, she kicked off her sandals and stripped off her jeans and panties in one motion.

Lifting the hem of her tee, she glossed her hand down over her lower belly and in one practiced motion, let her middle finger slip between the slick outer lips of her vagina and across the erect nub of her clitoris.

Her knees buckled as a jolt of pleasure shot through her body. But wanting this to be more than a quick “get off,” she forced herself to stop and proceeded to strip off her tee and bra.

Now nude, she moved to her bed and fluffed the two pillows onto the headboard and then leaned back and spread her legs. She started slowly, first lightly caressing and tweaking her nipples, then moving down her belly and between her legs. Her slim fingers grazed the outer lips of her vagina before spreading them to again expose her fully erect clitoris.

After slowly stroking her clit for several seconds, she opened the drawer to her bedside table and rummaged around with one hand, eventually locating a small, bullet-shaped “personal” vibrator a friend had given her as a joke Christmas gift. That little joke had served Skye well in the subsequent months and she had grown addicted to the crashing orgasms the tiny bullet enabled her to have.

Grasping the vibe in once hand, Skye twisted the bottom to activate the unit and smiled as she felt….Nothing.

Disbelief turned to a mild panic as Skye remembered that the last time she used the vibe, she had run the batteries flat. Now, here she was, wet, panting, and throbbing in need of an orgasm and no help in hand.

She tried just using the vibrator to penetrate herself, but without the vibrations, it was no more useful than her fingers.

“Shit!” she muttered to herself as she lay in her bed, frustrated by the multiple sexual malfunctions that had characterized her day.

“I wonder if Mom and Dad have batteries in the kitchen,” she muttered as she scrambled out of the bed and padded, nude, to the other end of the house.

A frantic search of the kitchen and laundry room turned up nothing. About to sob with frustration, she glanced into her parent’s bedroom, the one room in the house where Skye rarely ventured.

From as early as she could remember, her parents had established and reinforced the idea that, while she was not forbidden to enter their bedroom, it was their territory and she was not to just wander escort mecidiyeköy in there any time she wanted. Skye hesitated, considering the possibilities, but her hand wandered over her smooth belly and across here throbbing clit and the rationalizations that comes with being horny set in..

“They’re at work and won’t be home until after 5:00,” she muttered to herself. “I’ll only look in Mom’s bedside table and if there are no batteries, I’ll just have to finger myself.”

Taking a deep breath, she slowly walked across the room. It was eerily quiet and felt almost spooky to be in her parents’ room when they weren’t even in the house.

The room was dominated by a tall four-post queen bed centered on one wall. Bedside tables stood on each side of the bed,. A dresser, overstuffed chair, a full length dressing mirror and a rather large padded bench at the foot of the bed along with lamps and plush rugs at each side of the bed completed the room. As usual with her mom and dad, the bed was made and everything was neat and in place.

Glancing around as she walked across the room, Skye was somewhat startled to see what seemed to be a pair of sheer bikini panties laying on her father’s pillow. Like most eighteen year-olds, she refused to think about her parents’ sexuality, so this little item was an eye-opener. She paused and briefly wondered how her mom’s panties, sexy panties at that, ended up on her dad’s pillow, but she was on a mission to find batteries for her vibe and let the question pass without further consideration.

Hesitantly, she walked to her mother’s side of the bed, and leaned over to carefully open the drawer to the bedside table. As the contents of the drawer came into view, she frowned in puzzlement then gasped in shocked surprise at what she saw.

“Oh Jesus!” Skye blurted as the realization dawned that the drawer contained a fairly broad array of sex toys, including dildos and vibrators of various sizes as well as containers of a variety personal lubricant.

Pausing only to momentarily to stare in dismay, Skye slammed the drawer shut and quickly retreated to her bedroom with both her pulse and mind racing.

“What the hell is Mom doing with all that stuff?” she asked herself aloud as she lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

“And I wonder if Dad knows she has a drawer full of sex toys?” she continued as if talking to another person.

Almost subconsciously, she began to caress her breasts with one hand while she teased her clit with the other. But instead of providing distraction, her self-stimulation only served to agitate her curiosity about the contents of the drawer. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t get the visual image of the toys out of her head.

Another five minutes passed and then, as if in a trance, she got up off her bed and slowly walked back into her parent’s bedroom. She sat down on the bed and stared at the drawer. Taking a deep breath, she slowly opened the drawer again.

On closer examination, the drawer wasn’t “full” of toys…. There were six all told. One she recognized, from seeing “Sex in the City,” as a “rabbit” vibrator, another a larger version of her little bullet, and another one an anatomically correct , very thick, well veined eight-inch rubber penis with large set of testicles attached…The other toys were all variations on the same themes but Skye quickly focused on the eight-inch dildo.

As if in a trance, she reached into the drawer and grasped the fake penis. Amazingly, its surface had the same soft feel of Tyler’s penis when it was erect. She lifted the dildo and was surprised at its heft.

Heart racing and without thinking, she slid to the plush rug beside the bed, turned the dildo, inserted the thick head into her small, but slick, vaginal opening, and pushed.

“Ung!” she grunted as she realized how thick the dildo was.

Slowly, she worked it back and forth in her pussy, trying desperately to get it in deeper, but she soon realized escort gecelik that it was too thick for her to use without lubricant.

Sitting up, she peered into the open drawer. Her eyes came to rest on a small bottle that was half full of lubricant. Removing the dildo from her pussy, she drizzled lube into her hand. She was surprised that it was sticky and slick in the same manner as the precum that dribbled from Tyler’s penis when she stroked it.

“Okay, big boy,” she whispered as she used her fist to spread the lube over the head and shaft of the dildo, “Now fuck me and make me cum!”

Laying back on the rug, she spread her legs wide and firmly pressed the head of the dildo back into her opening. The large head of the rubber cock hung at her opening, then began to slide deep into her pussy.

“Oh god!” she whispered in pleasure as she worked the dildo about halfway in and then withdrew it.

Another firm push got the cock all but in and Skye grunted, then groaned as her young pussy stretched to accommodate the girth of the rubber stem.

“W-w-h-h-o-o-o-o-o!” she cooed as another thrust resulted in the rubber testicles laying on the cheeks of her ass and the base rubbing her clit.

Pausing, she wondered how her pussy looked with the dildo inserted.

Looking around, she saw her mom’s full length dressing mirror standing close by. Holding the dildo in place, she scrambled up off the rug and waddled over to the mirror. She was disappointed however that no matter how she twisted or turned, all she could see was a portion of the dildo, with very little of her pussy visible.

Then, she realized that if she tilted the top of the mirror forward, she could lay on the rug and watch as she fucked herself with the over-sized rubber cock.

Soon she was again on her back, legs widespread watching intently as she worked the dildo into and out of her pussy. The delicious feeling of being filled by the fake cock was enhanced by the image she saw in the mirror.

Raising her head, she could see the lips of her pussy stretched tight around the fake cock and her clitoris standing fully erect, awaiting the pressure of the base on every stroke. But what fascinated her the most was that on each stroke into her pussy, her anus puckered and protruded as if being pushed out by the dildo. Push in and her asshole puckered. Pull out and her pussy lips clung to the fake cock like a baby suckling its mother’s nipple. She felt so perverted that she shivered as if chilled.

After several hard thrusts she began to feel the familiar tightness in her belly as her orgasm began to build.

“Yes! O-o-o-o-h, g-god, yes!” She squealed, rolling her head side to side as she thrust the big rubber cock in and out of her now weeping little pussy.

Hoping to delay her orgasm, she forced her hands to slow, then stop the thrusting. She was panting as if she had run a marathon.

Her nipples were flinty nubs on her breasts, her clit felt as swollen as she could ever remember and the stretching of her pussy lips around the dildo felt impossibly good. She lay on the rug in her parents’ bedroom almost in a trance when…..


She started at the unmistakable sound of two car doors being slammed. She jerked into a sitting position with the dildo still in place. Hearing no additional sound, she momentarily thought she had imagined the sounds.

“Shit,” she thought as she realized for what seemed to be the first time that she was nude, spread-eagle on her parents’ bedroom floor with a huge dildo that apparently belonged to her mother embedded in her pussy

“That was too scary.” she said to herself. “I need to get out of….”

Then she heard the unmistakable sound of a key in the laundry room door lock and the door being pushed open. The next thing she heard almost caused her heart to stop beating.

“Where’s Skye?”

Her dad….!

“I think she’s off with Tyler. When I asked this morning she told me she wouldn’t be home until after 5:00”

And her mom!

Footsteps were moving through laundry room and toward the bedroom where Skye lay. In a total panic, she pushed the drawer to the bedside table shut and, with the dildo still completely embedded in her pussy, rolled under her parents’ bed.

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