The Virtue Auction Pt. 02 Ch. 03

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I felt a strange combination of both fear and excitement as I tried to keep up with Miss Rose as she climbed the stairs to her bedroom. I was afraid that I’d managed to get myself in over my head, but I found myself actually eager to find out what my punishment would be. Miss Rose still had me by the hair, pulling me behind her as she moved with a purpose. We entered the unique air lock style closet where I thought we’d stop so I could take off the sexy lingerie she had told me to wear, but to my surprise she opened the inner door right away and pulled me inside her bedroom.

“I’m going to make an exception to my rules tonight, kitten,” She said tersely, closing the door behind us. “You’re going to wear that outfit until I say otherwise.”

“Yes, Miss Rose,” I acknowledged, finding myself even more excited to continue wearing it because it made me feel extra hot.

Miss Rose led me over to the dark side of her bedroom where she kept her intimidating bondage rigs, and I knew immediately that I was going to get tied up somehow. She pulled on my hair and practically threw me down in front of her. I landed on my hands and knees on the soft carpet near what looked like an arrangement of eyebolts and pulleys with black nylon ropes affixed to the floor.

“Stand up!” Miss Rose commanded.

I obeyed and quickly scrambled to my feet. Miss Rose stepped in front of me and buckled a pair of leather straps around my wrists with a short chain connecting them together. She took two more individual straps with clips attached to them and buckled them around my ankles. She moved my feet apart, so I was standing in a wide straddle, and clipped each strap to an eyebolt in the floor. There was no slack in the restraints, so I couldn’t move my feet very far from where she had bound them.

Miss Rose then took a rope hanging from the ceiling and clipped it to the chain tying my wrists together. She moved around behind me and pulled on the other end of the rope, which had been strung through a pulley on the ceiling. My hands lifted up as she pulled until they were stretched straight up over my head, forcing me to stand up as straight as I could. I heard her rustle around behind me where I couldn’t see her, my mind racing in anticipation of what was about to happen, and a moment later I felt a sharp pain across both of my already raw ass cheeks. The loud smack echoed in the bedroom as something hard and rigid smacked my butt.

“Nnnnnffffff!” I cried out in pain, arching my back.

Miss Rose appeared in front of me holding a long wooden paddle, reminiscent of those used to discipline unruly children decades ago. Even naked as she was, she looked fearsome wielding the paddle.

“Repeat after me, kitten,” she said flatly. “I’ve been a bad girl, I deserve this punishment, and accept it willingly.”

“I’ve been a bad girl, I deserve this punishment, and accept it willingly!” I repeated as I locked eyes with her for a moment.

Miss Rose disappeared behind me again and spanked me with the paddle once more. It hurt significantly more than her hands and I let out another yelp from the pain.

“Miss Rose is my domme, and I am her obedient pet,” she continued.

I repeated her words verbatim and was rewarded with two more hard spanks. The sting lingered longer with each swing of the paddle.

“I give my body to Miss Rose of my own free will and accord to do with as she pleases,” she said.

I kept saying the words back to her as she continued what sounded like some sort of oath. It was as if she was having me recite a verbal contract with her to replace the legal, written one that had expired the day before. I realized that even güvenilir bahis though I was saying the words because she ordered me to, I also wanted to say them, and meant them. This was a real, physical punishment that I didn’t have to take, but was willfully enduring because of my desire for Miss Rose.

Three more spanks landed across my inflamed cheeks this time, and I cried out again as I felt my knees buckled after the last one. The rope holding my wrists up went taut as it caught my weight. I hung by my wrists for a moment before straightening my knees so I could stand again. Was she hitting me harder each time? Or did it just feel harder from the repeated strikes on increasingly raw skin?

“Miss Rose that’s really hurting,” I said, feeling tears begin to well up in my eyes.

“Good, it’s supposed to,” Miss Rose answered plainly. “Remember this next time you feel so inclined to try dominating or disobeying me. There are repercussions for being a bad girl in my presence.”

I managed to keep my legs underneath me as she spanked me again, continuing with the oath.

“I will obey Miss Rose’s every word, do everything she asks of me, and willingly accept further punishment for disobedience,” she recited.

I repeated the words again and received four powerful spanks. These began to hurt bad enough for me to contemplate saying the safe word if it got any worse. I fought to hold back my tears and stay strong, but I felt a single tear run down my cheek. Miss Rose must have seen it because she stepped around I front of me and wiped it away with her thumb.

“I will hold myself to these words until I no longer desire to be Miss Rose’s pet,” she said with a hint of warmth as she cupped my wet cheek.

“I will hold myself to these words until I no longer desire to be Miss Rose’s pet,” I echoed, trying my best to look stoic despite the throbbing pain in my ass.

“You may choose to end this relationship at any time, kitten, and I will respect your wishes without judgement,” Miss Rose added. “But until then, those words you just spoke will act as our contract, and your body belongs to me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss Rose, I understand,” I replied, locking eyes with her.

I thought it would feel weirder to do this without legal protection, but I found myself fully trusting Miss Rose. I felt comfortable, and knew that she wouldn’t do anything to humiliate or degrade me, or put me in any situation that might compromise my dignity. She respected me as a person, and understood that I’m still a human being with feelings. She made it feel like I was her partner, and not her sex slave. And in all honesty, I was excited and curious to delve deeper and experience her world of sex and bondage. It was like 50 Shades of Rose.

Miss Rose then leaned down to kiss me. I’d kind of expected to hear her call me a good girl for taking the punishment, but I guessed she wasn’t quite done. Her kiss lingered, and her tongue sought out mine. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the little intimate moment after receiving the rough spanking and I felt something hard between my legs. She brushed my inner thigh with the paddle, sliding it up until it touched my pussy over the lace panties I still wore. She pressed it hard against my mound and used the edge to rub my pussy as we kissed. I moaned softly, my tongue dancing with hers. But as I began to buck my hips against the paddle, she pulled away, breaking the kiss.

By then, my eyes were starting to dry and I saw Miss Rose disappear behind me again. She rummaged around in her massive collection of toys for something new and a few moments later she was back with a handful of small, silver bullet güvenilir bahis siteleri vibrators.

“Punishment isn’t always solely about pain, kitten,” she said, turning one of the bullets on. “Sometimes it can be about pleasure too, and the combination of both.”

She pulled one cup of my lacy bra away from my breast and slid the vibrator inside so it contacted my nipple. I gasped as I felt my nipple rapidly harden from the direct stimulation, the fabric of the bra holding it in place.

“Sometimes it can be about withholding sexual release as you’re already becoming familiar with,” Miss Rose continued, turning another bullet on and slipping it inside the other cup. “And sometimes it can even be about an excess of intense pleasure and refusing to relent until you can’t take any more.”

She took the last bullet in her hand, turned it on, and slid it inside my panties so it buzzed against my clit. I moaned softly, thinking about that last part. Excessive pleasure? I didn’t even know that was a thing and I wondered what she meant by it. Was it really possible to use orgasms as punishment?

I closed my eyes for just a moment, moaning softly as the combined vibrations from the three bullets flooded my senses. That turned out to be a mistake, because while my eyes were closed Miss Rose grabbed the paddle again and resumed spanking me. Her swings landed lighter this time, but it still stung sharply and my eyes shot open. I felt a warmth rush to my loins as the pain and pleasure complemented each other to heighten my arousal, and it made my yelp morph into a moan.

“This is a punishment, kitten. You’re not supposed to enjoy this,” Miss Rose said as she spanked me again. “The more you moan, the more spanks you receive.”

It was another one of her mind games. She wanted me to block out the pleasure, and resist the urge to cum. She really loved these kinds of games, making me concentrate on fighting my instincts. It was difficult, but I knew I would eventually learn and get better at it. The vibrations from the bullets were relatively weak, and by themselves I wasn’t sure if it would be enough to actually make me cum, which I knew was on purpose because she would use the pain from the paddle to push me over the edge.

I struggled to collect myself, trying to distract my thoughts, but my mind kept wandering back to the wetness that was starting to soak my panties. I focused on my breathing, in through my nose and out through my mouth, and I managed to silently bear the constant buzz of the vibrators for a few minutes, earning me a reprieve from the punishing spanks.

Eventually I succumbed to my own primal urges, closing my eyes again and letting out a moan which I quickly tried to stifle. But Miss Rose heard me and swung the paddle again.

“Oh fuck,” I murmured as the sensations in my loins intensified.

I tried not to moan again, and it ended up sounding more like a growl. She spanked me again and I growled louder, earning me one more. I learned quickly though and sucked in a lungful of air, holding my breath so as not to make a sound.

“Good girls get rewarded, but bad girls get punished,” Miss Rose said. “Say it!”

“Good girls get rewarded, but bad girls get punished!” I repeated, louder than I’d anticipated.

“Again!” She commanded.

“Good girls get rewarded, but bad girls get mmmm-punished!” I said, unable to stop the moan from escaping my lips.


“What are you, kitten?” Miss Rose asked.

“I’m a bad girl, Miss Rose!” I said, hoping that’s what she wanted to hear.

“But what do you want to be?” She continued.

“I want to be a good girl!”

“Who’s iddaa siteleri good girl?”

“Your good girl, Miss Rose!” I said, stifling another moan as my legs began to tremble.

“Then act like one!” Miss Rose nearly shouted, spanking me one more time.

I breathed in sharply through my nose as each spank combined with the buzz of the three bullets drive me closer to orgasm. My nipples were hard enough to cut glass, and I could feel my juices running down the inside of my thigh.

“I’m trying!” I said through gritted teeth and pulling on my restraints over my head.

“Not hard enough, kitten,” Miss Rose said with contempt as she stepped in front of me, slapping the paddle against her palm in a threatening manner. “You’re not going to cum, are you? Because bad girls don’t get to cum.”

I thought about telling her how close I was, that I didn’t know how much longer I could hold it, but I knew that wasn’t what she wanted to hear even if it was true. I dug deep, and tried one more time to block out the growing pleasure within me by trying to think about something completely non-sexual, like the chores I knew my parents would make me do when I got home. It worked for a moment and I could feel the pleasure recede just enough to last a little longer.

“No, I’m not gonna cum… I’m not…” I said defiantly.

Miss Rose smiled wide, “You better not. You have until I reach zero to make good on your words. Ten… Nine…”

She started counting down slowly and took a step towards me. She reached up and cupped one of my breasts, giving it a squeeze. The buzz from the bullet intensified and my mind snapped back to the reality that I was moments away from orgasm.

“Six… Five… Four,” Miss Rose continued as her her hand slide down my bare stomach to my mound.

“Three… Four… Five…” she smirked as she started counting back up, pressing the bullet in my panties hard against my clit.

I whined, remembering what she had said about last night, that she really had control over whether or not I came, and knew that I was doomed to fail again. But in that moment, I had one last push of defiance. I would win this time. I closed my eyes and forced my thoughts away from what her hand and the vibrators we’re doing to me.

“Two… One… Zero…” Miss Rose slipped her hand inside my panties and snatched the bullet out.

I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding in a long sigh of relief as the buzzing sensation against my clit vanished.

“Good girl!” Miss Rose said happily, pulling the other two bullets out of my bra. “I’m thoroughly impressed!”

I panted heavily, trying to catch my breath as I suddenly became acutely aware of the intense throbbing in my pussy. I was so unbelievably close to cumming that it hurt. Like a single flick of my bean could set off my orgasm. But I did it. I beat Miss Rose at her own game. She gently stroked my cheek and gave me a loving kiss.

“I’ll have you know, I had every intention to make you cum even though I told you not to,” She explained warmly. “But I saw the defiance in you, saw how hard you were trying to hold back. You might just be my most favorite pet yet.”

My cheeks flushed and though I was still breathing too heavily to form coherent sentences, I managed to smile wide. The compliment made my chest swell with pride, and it gave me confidence that I could live up to Miss Rose’s expectations of me. I found that despite the throbbing pain that lingered from the spanks, I actually had fun. I was really starting to embrace my new role as Miss Rose’s plaything.

“Since you exceeded my expectations so soon, I will let you choose the next activity,” Miss Rose said, reaching up to unclip the rope from the straps binding my wrists. “You can do anything you want, so long as it doesn’t involve dominating or edging me. So take a moment to think about it while I take these restraints off of you.”

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