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Maybe it wasn’t really a conscious decision. They had been dating for over a year and half, and living together for over a year of that time. Their life together was unique, almost idyllic. They had just bought a house on two acres, a little distance from town. There were gardens, dogs, animals. The place helped to foster a genuine love between them. And Sam loved her more deeply then anything he had ever felt, and she him. It was often beyond words, beyond description. Perhaps that’s the reason why the request didn’t strike Sam as anything beyond innocent.

Kay’s ex-boyfriend Lee was in town for a visit in the Fall. Her first real love. They had split over two years back. She hadn’t seem him since. A potter, recluse, artist-type, Lee was much taller–about 6’5″– and a half-decade younger–late-20s–than Sam. Lee had a thick beard and very short curly chestnut brown hair that was cropped close to his head, and lanky frame. When Kay asked about Lee visiting the house (and maybe “staying for a few days”), Sam didn’t really give it much thought. He most certainly couldn’t say no. Both Sam and Kay worked during the day, and Lee wouldn’t be much of a nuisance. Lee would just be visiting old friends in town, hanging out at the house, and maybe using Kay’s pottery wheel. It would be a short, comfortable stay.

Sure there were the moments in Sam and Kay’s relationship where ex-relations (including Lee) came up. Like the time Sam went with Kay to get a birth control device inserted. Kay, much to the chagrin of Sam, proceeded to explain to the nurse practioner (with her legs spread open on the clinic table) how much bigger Lee’s penis was then Sam’s. Or the time, early in their relationship, when Kay called Sam by the dreaded ex-boyfriend’s name after sex.

However, Lee’s visit was new. There was no baggage for Sam now. Kay and Sam had been together for too long. There was not even the hint of jealousy related to Lee’s visit. At least none that Sam could detect this late in their relationship.

Lee’s arrival at Kay and Sam’s home came and went without notice. Lee drove to the house, was greeted by the dogs, got ‘the tour’ compliments of Kay, was delivered to the guestroom (adjacent to the master bedroom), and returned downstairs for a little wine, dinner and Kay’s scrumptious pie (cooked especially for the occasion). Kay often loved to entertain. She had a knack for being an amateur chef, and definitely embraced the roll of hostess. Lee’s arrival at the house made her sexual qualities even the more conspicuous. Kay wore her best one piece blue dress that clung to her 5’11” frame in a tight wrap. It accentuated her lovely (always bra-less) handful size breasts, and pantyline. Her hair, which was down, was curly, thick, auburn in color and hung just beyond her shoulders.

She was noticeably joyed to have Lee at the house. She would constantly caress his shoulder with her big, and somewhat masculine hands, laugh, and give big smiles. And she was perhaps overly generous with delivering wine to company. Sam, for his part, seemed to either be oblivious or ignore Kay’s flirtations with Lee. It all seemed innocent enough. By wine bottle two, everyone seemed happy, well fed, and perhaps a little intoxicated. The three walked outside to the patio. It was an early fall evening, still warm, but giving hint of oncoming winter.

Almost as soon as they were outside, Sam excused himself and went back inside to use the bath, gather some coats, and yes, more wine. He left Kay and Lee alone for the first time in years. They talked awkwardly, almost not knowing what to say, both maybe wondering what the other one was doing here. Lee rolled a cigarette and started to smoke. Kay hadn’t had a smoke in years, primarily because Sam didn’t smoke and didn’t really approve of Kay “developing a habit.” Even so, she wanted a drag and asked Lee for a hit. Lee obliged and offered his tobacco roll, butt first. The cigarette was moist from Lee’s lips and tasted like his mouth. She inhaled deeply, all the while Lee was watching her intently. She took another inhale, and another until Lee reached his hand over and touched her soft uncovered right thigh, asking for his cigarette back. She resisted, slightly, leaving his large hand on her exposed flesh. She squeezed her legs together catching his hand, and delivered back to Lee the lit butt. “Thanks,” she said. “It’s really good to see you.” “It’s good to see you too,” Lee replied, stumbling over his words.

Unthinkingly, and feeling brave, Lee ran his hands between her now clenched thighs, barely catching her panties and executing a thrusting motion with his long fingers that barely brushed her clitoris. She didn’t say anything, but looked right at him. When Sam appeared, Lee and Kay seemed awkward. Lee’s arm had suddenly moved away from Kay when he approached. Sam did his best to ignore it and offered coats and more wine which were welcomed by all. Soon after the conversation drew weary, and the three were ready to retire to bed. Taksim escort

Sam kissed Kay several times afterwards and noticed the smell of Lee’s tobacco. He knew she had been sharing tobacco with Lee and didn’t say anything. He thought it best to let it lie.

Lee, for his part, retired to his room alone. Yet, he couldn’t stop himself from masturbating about Kay and used both of his hands to stroke his penis. He thought of the old times, putting his fingers inside of her, fondling and sucking her small firm breasts while Kay road on top of him. He had a tremendous orgasm, which sprayed ribbons of cum on his smooth hairless chest. Unfortunately for Lee, there was nothing to clean up his mess and he was forced to use the shirt he was wearing that day. The ejaculation and wine left him drained, and he slept soundly through the night.


Sam was off early. The trek to town wasn’t far, and they had two cars. Besides, Kay had expressed that she wanted to take it slow in the morning, maybe catch just little time with Lee who she hadn’t seen in years. To that end, Kay telephoned work early and left a message that she might be in late.

Kay and Lee saw Sam off at the door. It felt like kind of a relief for all of them. And Lee was not at all shy about making it known that he was pleased with Sam’s early departure. Once Sam was out of sight, and the Kay was still by the door, Lee lightly patted Kay’s ass with his big left hand and suggested that breakfast may be in order. Kay provided a crosswise glance, but complied nonetheless, eager to just spend some alone time with her “ex” again.

Kay was dressed in her usual morning robe. Lee just in the corduroy pants he wore from the night before, and his (now man stained) button down shirt which he left unbuttoned to mid-riff. The smell of breakfast quickly filled the house accompanied by soft morning mountain sun beams. Kay opened the door and let the outside morning scents and sounds mix with Kay and Lee’s coffee and light morning meal.

There was little conversation during breakfast. And post-breakfast turned to the mundane. Work, schedules for the day, pottery. It was quaint if uneventful. Kay, always thinking partially domestic, mentioned that she was going to do a quick load of laundry and asked for clothes. Lee, who had driven two days straight from New York state, expressed that he would appreciate if he could throw some stuff in. Going upstairs, Lee collected his dirties from his bag and shed his morning clothes, including his soiled shirt. Lee wrapped the towel Kay had left for him around his waist and hurried half-naked down the stairs with his dirties to catch Kay who was loading clothes into the wash. “Here you go Kay. Thank you so much,” Lee exclaimed covering the front of his body with his clothes pile. “If you don’t mind, I’m also going to use your shower.”

“No problem,” said Kay. “Our house is yours.”

Kay examined his torso with her eyes, letting them linger on him. Lee was a very handsome without even trying. Although he always had an unkempt look about him, he had a young athletic build. His chest was smooth, with almost abnormally large brown aureoles surrounding his nipples. The clothes he held were cocked off to his left side and barely covered his tall frame. Lee didn’t linger, but departed swiftly dashing half naked to the bath giving Kay glimpse of his white naked buttocks out of the corner of her eye.

Kay sorted the clothes from the pile left by Lee. She fingered Lee’s clothes carefully, sometimes stopping to smell them. Sweat, smoke, and other familiar scents poured off of his small pile. Scents she used to adore. She put her hands in his pockets and went over the clothes to make sure nothing was left unattended, unclaimed. Maybe some secrets Lee had forgotten or, perhaps intentionally left for her to find.

It was then her hands found the still moist cum stain on Lee’s shirt that he had worn the night before. She recognized it instantly for what it was, and dropped the shirt into the laundry machine in part disgust. “Oh Nasty,” she muttered to herself, her right hand fingers partly coated in Lee’s cold cum. She flipped on the machine with her left hand and walked, almost unthinkingly towards the bath where Lee was showering to wash her sticky fingers. Obviously, Kay had seen Lee naked plenty of times before, surely he wouldn’t mind if she walked in. In fact he would probably welcome it.

The steam from the shower was hot and Lee barely heard the door open. He peeked through the side of the curtain as she entered. Kay was now at the sink washing her hand. “Found your little ‘gift’ from last night,” she said glaring at him. “Pretty sticky and gross.” “Oh yeah that,” he said tucking his eyes back in the shower. “Should have warned you I guess.”

“You were masturbating last night in our guest bed! With Sam and I in the next room. Shame on you Lee!” Kay went on. “What were you thinking?! And how come Lee? Something Taksim escort bayan get you excited last night?” she said innocently.

“Well if I told you, you probably wouldn’t care or believe me.” Lee said.

Intrigued, Kay walked to the side of the shower. She could see Lee’s tall outline through the cover of the translucent shower curtain. “Come on, what’s the deal,” she said. There was silence from inside the shower. “Hey, you still in there or what?” she inquired.

Suddenly, the shower curtain parted at the right side of the bath. Lee pushed his pelvis out into view of the bathroom light. His incredibly beautiful penis was erect, thick, and very, very large, just like she remembered. His head and eyes partially followed. “It was a long drive,” he said shyly. “I played with myself for hours thinking about how it would be to see you again.”

“Lee.” Kay said, partly exasperated, partly excited. “I don’t believe you.” Naughty and partially unwanted thoughts filled her head. She was pinned, half bewildered, between desire for Lee and devotion to Sam. Her face red with blush. And yet, almost without thought, she opened her robe and let it drop to the floor. She stood naked in the bathroom allowing Lee to look at her. Her breasts were swollen and full. Her pubic mound, thick with black hair. And although she had always been shy about it, Kay had an incredibly sensuous looking body. “I take it you’ve been thinking about me then.” Kay said.

Kay couldn’t resist the temptation. She climbed into the shower in front of Lee. “I think I need a shower too you know.” Kay said giving herself over to her sexuality. She took his stiff penis in both hands. It was extremely thick to the touch, and handsome to her eyes. “Do you need me to clean you off a bit?” she said touching him. Lee’s smile, and little moan, replied for him.

It took both hands to clean his member which she squeezed gently hand over hand with every stroke. Lee’s penis was enormous, and nothing short of amazing. It was the biggest Kay had ever encountered. Lee’s wholly uncircumcised shaft must have measured nearly 8 ½ inches when it was excited. But it was the thickness that was really intriguing. The tip of Lee’s penis which Kay unsheathed with her two-handed stokes was, and unlike other penises, uniform in its thickness. Years ago Kay had measured it as at almost 1 1/4 inches in width. And Kay, who was not necessarily a small woman herself, enjoyed all of it.

Lee pushed his tongue in her mouth and wrapped one large hand almost fully around her breasts, the other her undulating ass. “You are so beautiful. And your ass” he whispered. Her lips found there way from his mouth to his wet chest and she danced her tongue across his smooth chest to his left nipple, then right. He moaned softly and pulled her closer to him, his left hand now clenching her thick round butt. Steaming hot water from the shower head sprayed between them, which brought both of their bodies to a sweat.

“Lee,” she said, her body quivering with shock like anticipation at being with Lee again so suddenly, “I really want you to fuck me. In fact, I need you to fuck me.” She turned away from him and faced full on the spray of the shower head. She reached back and spread her ass cheeks open for him. “Do you like that Lee,” she said, “do you like what you see? Is it like you remember?” Lee could barely contain himself. His cock was solid and massive. He grabbed her ass and tried to penetrate her vagina threw the spray of water, while taking his sizable thumb and placing it over her now spread anus. He pushed his thumb inside of her. She moaned lightly. “I love your ass, Kay.” he said, moving down to put his tongue inside of her. “I mean it. I really love it. It’s so round and gorgeous.”

“I’ll let you fuck it, if you need to. How long have you been waiting to fuck me in the ass Lee?” she said. “How long have you thought about it and not said anything?” With that Lee stood up and tried to insert his hard wet cock into Kay’s asshole. Kay squirmed underneath his big frame and at the thickness and pressure pushing on her anus. Finally, and after several tries, Lee managed to get the head of his enormous penis in her ass. Kay moaned with that perverse sense of pleasure and pain. But Kay’s anus was incredibly tight and squeezed shut around the tip of Lee’s penis because of its size. That was all Lee could mange however.

From the moment of penetrating Kay’s anus and after only minutes of sexual activity, a wave of hot cum and orgasm sprang from Lee’s body and penis into Kay, into her ass, into her body. “Oh, oh god.” he moaned. “Oh god, I’m cumming Kay.” Kay felt his penis shoot a huge load inside of her.

“I’m so sorry.” he managed under his breath still reeling from his orgasm. “I just couldn’t help it. You got me so excited by offering yourself, your butt. I just couldn’t help it. I tried to make myself stop, but I just couldn’t. I’m sorry again.” The head of Lee’s enormous Escort taksim cock was still in Kay’s anus. “God dammit Lee.” Kay said, rather disappointed. “I can’t believe you came already. And in my ass! Fuck. I can’t believe this.”

Lee was still recovering. “Oh I’m so sorry again Kay. Le Petite Mort.” he said under his breath. “I’d be happy to try to get you off in other ways if you want.” He was struggling to remain standing. His orgasm left him drained. “No, no its OK Lee. Just take that huge cock out please. Take it out of my ass if you can. And please try not to hurt me.” she implored.

Lee struggled to remove his still swollen member, but, because of its thickness, it was lodged tight in Kay’s asshole which had constricted tight after Lee’s orgasm.

Kay swore harshly at him in pain when he tried to tug at it and remove it. There was simply no lubrication and the water made it worse. “I think we’re going to need some oil or something to get you out of me Lee.” she said, rather embarrassed, the huge tip of Lee’s still swollen cock still locked in her asshole. Kay shut off the water for the shower and struggled for a towel pulling Lee, rather unwillingly, with her as she reached. “Just try to relax.” she said, “Maybe relaxing will make it better. And I think we need to try to get out of this tub.” They moved lockstep from the tub together, Lee’s pelvis still wedged to Kay’s behind. Kay grabbed a small vial of lubrication from the shelf over the toilet and handed it to Lee.

However, over the sound of their squeaky bodies which struggled to get out of the tub without doing injury to Kay’s anus, they both heard the bark of the dogs that were now running to the opening front door of the house.

“Lee, Lee. I think someone’s at the door? Do you hear it?!” Kay said. Kay’s heart leapt into her throat. “Oh god.” she said quietly to herself, letting Lee overhear. “I think Sam might be home Lee! Oh god.” Kay whispered again almost panicked.

“Sweetie. Sweetie are you here?” she heard Sam’s voice call. “Kay, Lee? You guys here?” said Sam. Kay quickly reached over and locked the bathroom door, and much to his surprise, involuntarily squeezed Lee’s huge member extremely tight with her anus as she did so. Kay and Lee didn’t make a sound, but stood still as possible, with Kay lurched over the bathroom sink and Lee hulking behind her, for what seemed like an eternity.

Lee quietly dumped as much lubrication on to his member as he could. The oil went everywhere, all over Kay’s ass checks and down between her legs, then to the bathroom floor. Lee worked the lubrication between them. This had an unplanned reverse effect. Instead of shrinking Lee’s cock, the lubrication served to grow it.

Kay, much to her dismay, felt Lee’s cock, which was still in her ass, start to get hard again. With the help of the oil that she had found–and thinking wrongly that Lee would use the oil to get himself out of her ass without injury–Lee slowly pushed himself deeper into her. “What are you doing?” whispered Kay giving him a rather backwards glance. Kay struggled to keep from hollering in pain (and debilitating pleasure) even with the lubrication as Lee’s penis pushed into her anus.

Lee pushed his penis deeper inside of Kay, and placed his large left hand over her mouth to keep her from crying out. He then grabbed her left breast in his right hand where his arm still encircled her waist and pulled her closer to him. To Kay’s shock, Lee began to fuck her again in the ass encouraged by the lubrication that she had provided, and engorged by the thought of being discovered by Kay’s husband Sam. Kay, now much to her dismay, watched her ex-boyfriend Lee fuck her from behind in the bathroom mirror, aghast and horrified of their imminent discovery by Sam. She didn’t know what to do.

They continued to hear Sam inquire as to their whereabouts. “Kay, are you guys here?” said Sam. There was a knock from Sam at the bathroom door. Sam twisted the knob which was locked. “Hello,” said Sam, “Anyone in there?”

Lee tightened his hand over Kay’s mouth and pushed his cock inside of her ass as deep as he could until his entire shaft was inside of her. Tears started to stream from the sides of Kay’s eyes. “I’m in here Sam.” said Lee in response, tightening his hand over Kay’s mouth. “I’m not sure where Kay went. She said something about laundry and maybe running to the neighbors.” Lee continued as casually as he could. “We’ll… I mean, I’ll be finished in a bit.” he finished hoarsely. Lee slowly kept sliding his penis inside of Kay as he spoke with Sam.

“OK.” said Sam walking away from the door, “I’ll wait and hold out for you.” said Sam as he moved away from the bathroom door.

Lee removed his hand from Kay’s mouth and continued to thrust his fully erect cock deep into Kay’s ass. Kay almost passed out from Lee’s humping thrusts and the feel of Lee’s giant penis inside of her. It was almost unbearable. Her legs buckled under her, as she dipped towards the floor of the bath. Lee supported her frame by wrapping his big hands around her large soft breasts and gently guided her to the tile floor. Lee then straddled her, wrapping his large frame around Kay from behind. Kay’s breasts gently pressed against the tile.

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