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The visitYou were nervous, you had been chatting to Mark on-line for months but this was the first meeting in person. you walked up the driveway to the house, your heart beating hard in your chest as you got closer. the train ticket and instructions had arrived 3 days ago and you had nearly called it off several times, but had plucked up the courage to take this trip.”the door will be open” said the letter, and it was. “there will be further instructions in the first room on the right”.you step into the house and shut the door behind you, opening the door to your right you find a small cloakroom, with a shower and some shopping bags. there was also another blue envelope with your name on it. you open it with trembling hands.”feel free to shower and freshen up, then put on the clothes in the bags”, the note said. “but at no time can you play or touch yourself sexually.”You shower quickly and dry off with the large white towel provided and then dive into the bags. there was underwear in one, and a dress in the other. the underwear was white, a basque, panties, hold up stockings and a pair of white knee length boots, the dress was black and long, but slit up both sides to thigh level and very low cut. In the bag with the dress was also a small box, with “open me” written on top of it. you open the box and there lying on the velvet was a black choker, with a small red stone hanging from it and a note in the box telling you to wear dress quickly in the underwear, relishing the feel of the soft material against your skin. looking in the full length mirror which covered one wall of the cloakroom you think you look good. the basque pushed your breasts up and accented your cleavage. the panties where lacy and nearly see through and the stockings made your legs feel long and sexy. you pull the boots on, they did not have a very high heel, but enough to make your legs seem even longer. you slip into the dress and clip the choker around your neck then once more you look at yourself in the mirror.”i look so different,” you whisper to no one.your pussy was already getting wet, and your nipples where hardening. You then read the last part of the note.”once you are dressed and ready walk to the door at the end of the hallway and knock,” it take a deep breath and walk out of the cloakroom, slowly in the unfamiliar boots and down the hall, noticing as kocaeli escort you do the pictures on the wall. Each was a different woman in various levels of nakedness, but all with masks on. there where also mirrors either side, which gave you a perfect view of you as you walk down towards the door.”damn i do not recognise myself,” you murmured reach the door and knock.”come in,” said a voice she though you remembered from the phone calls.She pushed the door open and stepped in to a dimly lit room warmed by a large log fire at one end. In front of her was a large brass bed lit by a single large spot light, the rest of the room was almost pitch black in comparison to the bright light over the bed.”hello,” you stammered.”there will be no talking, unless i ask you a question” you hear Mark say, you where sure that was him.You look around and saw at one end a chair with a figure sitting in it, but shrouded in darkness so you cannot make out more than an outline. a small table next to the figure had a dim lamp and a glass on it, nothing else.”how do you feel,” the voice asked.”nervous,” You stammered.”there is nothing to be nervous about,” said the voice.You want to ask if that was Mark, but knew that it was not allowed. “Go and stand next to the bed,” mark told her, “and then slowly turn round so i can see you properly.”You walk to the bed and stand next to it, slowly turning to give Mark an all round view.”you look delicious,” Mark said. “now i want you to sit down on the bed and put the blindfold on that is there.”You sit down, and taking the blindfold place it over Your eyes. As the darkness falls you could hear more, the ticking of a large clock, the cracking of the fire. All Your other senses seem to expand as you smell the fire and feel the touch of your underwear against your skin.”stand up,” says Mark.You do and then you hear movement, then footsteps getting closer. your breath comes faster as they approach, and you nearly gasp out loud as a hand touches yours. You feel fingers slowly caressing the skin on your arm, running up from your wrist, forearm and then your shoulder. you feel Mark move behind you and you can feel his fingers moving slowly up your arms, each in turn is caressed and then soft lips on the nape of your neck. Then the presence is gone, and footsteps move away. Suddenly slow sensual izmit escort music begins playing.”dance for me,” orders mark.You move slowly to the music, feeling the dress and underwear sliding over your now sensitive skin, goosebumps rising on your arms.”run your hands over your body.”You obey, running your hands over your thighs and arms, pulling the dress up and exposing your stocking clad legs as you do so. your hands wander over your body in time to the music, over your stomach and then your breasts, feeling the hot skin under your fingers.”very nice,” says Mark, “now slowly take off your dress, but carry on dancing”You peel the dress down, exposing your heaving breasts as you do so, pushed up by the basque, then lower until it falls to the floor. You step out of it, your body still moving to the music, your hands running over your stocking glad thighs. You can feel your pussy juices dampening the material of your panties, and you can hear the blood pumping in your ears as you get more excited. You run your hands over your breasts, pushing them up and squeezing them through the soft material of the basque.”oh my god,” you think, ” i am such a slut.””take off the basque,” mark tells you.You slowly un clip the hooks at the back, still moving sensually to the music, until finally it falls away revealing your breasts to the air. your nipples are hard and erect, and as you skim your hands over them you gasp at the sensations. You continue to dance, fingers running over your skin, tingling sensations sending sharp little shocks up to your brain. you move your hands lower, running them between your legs and over the soft skin of your thighs.”damn this is so sexy,” you think to yourself.”climb on to the bed” mark climb on to the bed, and kneel there, still caressing your body. you cannot help yourself now, you let the sensations and music fill you as you kneel there shamelessly showing off your assets. your fingers rub over the thin material covering your moist pussy and a gasp escapes your lips. your pussy is tingling now, and your lips are parted as you breath heavily.”is your pussy wet,” mark asks?”yes,” you gasp, “very””carry on,” says mark.You pull at your nipples, twisting them gently sending sharp shocks through your body. you lift them up and lick each in turn. you have never felt to hot, bodrum escort and so slutty, all you want is pleasure now. you push one hand into your panties and run a finger over your pussy, feeling the juices leaking out of you.”taste yourself,” mark orders, his voice is now husky with push your finger inside yourself and then suck it into your mouth, tasting your own musky juices, something you have never done before. You keep pinching and squeezing your breasts with one hand while sucking on your finger. you feel something rising deep inside you, and you moan quietly. then suddenly a small orgasm makes you gasp out loud, and there is a rush of moistness down your thighs. your panties are now soaked with your pussy’s wetness, and you push your fingers back inside them, running them over your now gaping pussy lips”very nice,” whispers mark, “now take off your strip the now soaking panties off and drop them to the floor.”lay down,” comes the order, “then pleasure yourself.You hear footsteps coming closer as you lay down on the bed, your hands busy on your breasts and nipples. you and moaning louder now, fingers busy on your skin. you can sense Marks presence next to the bed, but that just makes you hotter. you push a finger inside yourself, then two, moving your other hand to start rubbing your clit, feeling the little pleasure bud, beginning to swell under them.”are you going to cum again,” asks mark.”yessss,” you hiss, as your fingers pump in and out of your pussy, your hips bucking up against them. Your other fingers and rubbing hard against your clit, and you can feel the orgasm building inside you again.”faster”you lose all inhibitions, you are now just a little slut pleasing her master. you push a third finger inside, filling your pussy up, you are so wet it slips in easily. the juices are nearly pouring out of you, soaking the sheet under you, but you do not care any more, all there is now is pleasure. you feel the orgasm rising, closer and closer as your pound away at your pussy. your fingers on your clit pull and rub harder now, your body writhing as your nipples get harder as well.Suddenly there is a hand on your breasts, pinching the nipples and this pushes you over the edge. your body arches up as a massive orgasm pulses though you, your pussy clamps onto your fingers and juices flow over them. On and on it goes, the hands on your breasts pushing you to new heights of pleasure as you feel each spasm and twitch over your body.”ooooooooo my GOD” you scream as you collapse down utterly spent, wet, shaking and moaning as your body twitches in the throes of the after orgasm pleasure.”very good,” says mark, “now rest a little.”

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