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THE WEDDINGIt seems to me that at weddings the bride and bridesmaids always seem to be more attractive than normal. Probably a stupid male statement, after all, these women spend months and fortunes preparing for ‘the big day’. Just recently my son got married to a girl called Barbara. Nice girl, attractive with a gorgeous body, but I mustn’t dwell on that subject. Maybe another time. The reason I am writing this is to tell you about the wedding day and the wonderful thing that happened. Pauline and Kym have been friends of Barbara since school I believe. I’ve only known them since the engagement party, they are all about 27, full of life and they wear me out just being in their company. So the wedding day arrived and my first view of the trio was at the church. A striking picture as the bride walked down the aisle with her dad. She was dressed in white, and veiled. the two beauties behind her were dressed in black satin, full length, strapless dresses with a green waistband and a flowing bow at the rear. Their hair was piled up with dangling curls, my favourite hairstyle for women, it reveals their ears and neck and today I was gifted with the extra view of bare shoulders and chest and a tantalising beginning of a soft cleavage. I felt I was going to enjoy the rest of this day! Afterwards, as we assembled for the photos, I told Pauline that she looked so attractive and that if I was forty years younger she wouldn’t be safe from me today. Her face lit up into a lovely smile, her eyes looked into mine and she said, “Mr. xxxx, you don’t need to be forty years younger, I like you just the way you are.””Well thankyou Pauline,” I replied, “but please call me Jon, and even if I’m old enough to be your Daddy, you still might not be safe from me today.” She blinked and smiled, started to say something, but we were all asked to stand together for the group photo. I made sure I was standing behind her and when the photographer asked everyone to get closer together I took the opportunity to put my hands on her waist and as we all shuffled closer I pulled her back into me, and Oh Boy … she wiggled her bum against me …. and I instantly I felt my cock begin to grow …… I couldn’t allow this to get any hotter so I stepped back a little and tried to control myself. Then, joy of joys, we were asked to go in the same taxi to the reception. Needless to say we ended up sitting next to each other (amazing how that happens Isn’t it?) Because of the other passengers we couldn’t chat to each other, so the general chat about the wedding took over. The journey wasn’t too long …. but long enough for the little vixen to press her thigh against me a bit too much for comfort but worse than that, she placed her bouquet of flowers across both our laps, with one hand underneath the flowers gently squeezing the top of my thigh, ……. fucking hell, and there wasn’t even a sign of anything in her face as I looked at her in astonishment.We didn’t get chance to talk again until after the meal, sadly we were sat on different tables but there were plenty of glances and smiles between us. There really wasn’t much to say anyway, we instinctively knew what was in each others mind. This was confirmed without doubt when just after the meal when everyone was in the bar lounge waiting for the dining room to be cleared and prepared for the evening ‘do’. I had just finished talking with someone and was leaving the room to go to the toilet when Pauline was güvenilir bahis coming back into the room with Kym. Kym carried on into the room but Pauline stopped in front of me and we had the chance to kiss, the atmosphere was getting warmed up and it didn’t stand out that we were doing this. She didn’t actually say any thing, it wasn’t a lingering kiss, but I felt her hand go into my jacket pocket and out again straight away. She stood back then and simply smiled at me and carried on into the room. I knew she had placed something in my pocket, a note maybe, so I went into a cubicle in the gents to find out what it was about. My whole body shivered with joy as my hand brought out a pair of black satin panties, and as I looked at them I could see a slightly damp crotch that I immediately pressed to my nose as I registered what she had done. I wanted to go back and just drag her out , take her somewhere and …. well, as I came out of the Gents a member of staff was just coming out of a room on the same corridor. As I reached it I saw that the door nameplate read ‘Storeroom’. I said ‘Hi’ to the man as he closed the door, not locking it, he replied by wishing me a pleasant evening and saying that his shift was finished and he was on his way home. I continued into the reception room where they had started dancing , I located Pauline, and determined to carry out my lusty plan I approached her from behind, with my arm round her waist I said, into her ear, “Follow me, don’t make it too obvious, go to the corridor on the way to the toilets …. I’ll be there.” Just a minute or so later I was stood in the storeroom with the door ajar and looking out for her to come down the corridor. Then, there she was, as she approached I opened the door and she walked in. I closed the door, switched on the light, and she turned to face me, then I held up the panties and said, “Yours I believe, do you mind if I check?”She bent down and lifted her long dress up to her knees, “Not at all Mr. xxxx …. sorry Daddyjon …. please do.” My hand went under and up, and as she parted her legs my hand touched her naked, shaved, hot and wet labia. We kissed passionately and almost immediately my middle finger slid between those lips and into her soft fleshy slit making her groan as our tongues touched and I softly rubbed her silky clitty. As I did this her hands began frantically trying to undo my trousers, she soon had them open and was lustily working her hands on my rapidly growing shaft. I was becoming so hard, she was so wet, we were both breathing so heavily ……… suddenly she stopped and turned her back to me, “Unzip me now, we haven’t got too long before we’re missed back there.” I did as I was told, the zip released her dress and I was surprised that it all fell down to the floor and she stepped out of it. I was just as surprised and even more pleased to see her bare bottom with a black suspender belt and straps holding up her black silk nylons. As she turned to face me I was presented with the picture of this voluptuous woman, with her breasts hanging over her black strapless bra. She moved back to a table, sat on it , legs open , arms outstretched …… “Fuck me Daddy … now …. don’t you dare come out of me …. I want all of your spunk inside me …. “With my trousers round my ankles, with my erection throbbing, I did as I was told. I guided my cock-head to her slit and slowly, slowly, taking in all the sensual erotic feeling that canlı bahis was filling my whole body and mind, I slowly entered the wettest, warmest, softest vagina that seemed to draw me in and surround my cock. As I reached the limit of this penetration our tummies met, we kissed so passionately, we just let ourselves become used to this coupling, enjoying the wonderful sensations. After a few seconds of this I pulsed my cock inside her and Pauline responded by clenching her vaginal muscles around my shaft, as if to say ‘Get on with .. now’. That began a slow pumping action that gradually speeded up to a full fucking shagging of this sexy girl offering herself to me. All too soon we both grunted our way to a frantic, thrutching, balls slapping against bum, climax ….. “Yes, Yes Jon,” she panted “Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Nowww” then her body seemed to stiffen and her muscles held my cock deeply inside as I too began my orgasm of pumping three or four spurts of hot spunk into this woman’s cunt, both of us jerking and twitching, hold each other tightly together, kissing deeply, then panting as we became overtaken with pure sexual electricity surging through our bodies.For a while we kissed, I traced my lips from her ear, down to her neck and shoulder, and down the soft heaving chest, kissing the round fleshy form of her breast and latching on to a wonderfully hard nipple. Pauline shivered and held my head to her breast, gradually we became uncoupled and I spied a hand towel on the shelf behind us which allowed us to clean up our wetness. As we both got dressed again, I zipped her up, and she coyly said, “Do you think I can have my panties back please, I don’t want to drip all that cum on the dancefloor, do I ?””OK,” I said, “but next time I’m going to keep them.””Next time?” she answered, smiling.”Oh Yes, my love, and you know it!” The evening seemed to drag so slowly, we managed to exchange a few words without attracting too much attention, we had a wonderful few minutes on the dancefloor together. Pauline chose the dance needless to say, and of course it was a smoochy number. She pressed herself so close that I could feel her mound against my cock, thank god it was dark and I managed to arrange him to stand upright against my tummy as he grew hard again. The naughty madam was giggling and smiling all the way through, knowing that she was teasing me and making me embarassed. I managed to say to her “You’ll be sorry, young lady, … just wait.”The disco had been booked till 1 o’clock with a short break for a buffet at about 11.00. As everyone milled about in the lounge eating I spied Pauline across the room talking to Barbara and my son. She had her back to me but I fixed my stare onto her, her bare arms and shoulders and the big green bow hanging from her waist was a sight to see and my cock began stirring again. I have a theory that if you stare at someone like that it will make them turn round and look at you ….. and it worked! As she turned our eyes met and I tilted my head towards the the emergency exit door which had been opened to cool the room down. nothing else was needed to be said or done, she nodded her head ever so slightly, but she just couldn’t help smiling as well. I slowly worked my way to the door and chatted to the couple stood there saying how hot it was and some fresh air would be a blessing. I walked out onto the patio area which seemed to stretch round the side of the building. I went to the corner and bahis siteleri spied a sort of courtyard, at the rear of the kitchens I thought. I looked back to the door and saw Pauline step out and stand there making it look like she was breathing in fresh air, for the benefit of anyone watching. When she felt it was safe she edged her way to where I was stood. When our hands met I pulled her round the corner into the courtyard and was pleased to see an arched doorway with a porch stretching in for quite a few feet. A perfect place for us to get together for a short time.We came together and kissed torridly, there would be no foreplay this time, her hands were immediately busy releasing my trousers … she was getting good at that. My hands were gathering her dress up from beind and we broke off kissing when she found my rock hard shaft and I found her satin covered bum. I knew exactly what I wanted to do and I think Pauline did as well, with my hands on her hips I began to turn her round but she was ahead of me and began to pull down those panties as she turned. The dirty slut, with her knickers round her knees, she leant forwards against the wall and stuck her bum out , turned her head to me and said, “Again Daddy, Again …”As I held my cock to her backside I slapped her buttock and made her jump, slapped it again and without any need to guide it my cock entered that tunnel of pleasure until our bodies met with a thump. My cock was so deep inside her, surrounded by her hot and juicy flesh, her soft skinned backside against my tummy. A man’s carnal desires there for the taking and I didn’t waste any time. Holding her hips I began to shag that girl, roughly, deeply, in and out, in again bumping against her backside, my cock sending electric pulses of pleasure to my brain, out again then pushing deep into her, faster and more furious. She must have had trouble stopping me from pushing her against the wall, then she panted out “Fucking Hell, you’ve pushed my tits out of my dress! Oh Daddy …. don’t stop now …. I’m nearly there …” “Me too ‘Pauly’,” I panted breathlessly. Still deep inside her and fucking her with short jerky thrusts I leant forwards and took those swinging domes of soft juicy breasts into my hands, took her nipples between thumb and finger and pressed making her squeal and push back even more against me. Holding those tits and my rock hard penis enveloped deep inside her was too much to take any more. “Oh Baby,” I gasped, “you fucking beauty!” and just three more thrusts brought us locked together like dog and bitch as I clenched my buttocks and emptied more and more spunk into her, shooting from deep inside me making me dizzy with sexual pleasure. Pauline seemed to stiffen and then began shaking, I thought she would collapse so I held her tightly as she jerked backwards, with her muscles pulsing against my cock. We stayed locked together for a while as we regained our breath, my tired old cock began to shrink and slowly eased out of her, wet and limp. We stood up, I held her to me with my cock against her bum, my hands around her waist, kissing her neck and shoulders, taking in her scent. I moved one hand up to those wonderful breasts and my other hand to her belly and down to just cover her pussy.I whispered, “Darling Pauline, you are a star. Thankyou.” She turned her head and we kissed one last time. We dressed, made sure we were both presentable, I said I’d go back first and check if the coast was clear, as I came out of our little porchway I saw someone just going round the corner in front of me heading back to the patio ……… A woman, in a long black dress with a dangling green bow from her waist ……… !

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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