The Week Manager

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The Week Managerlaire was a 39 year old manager with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and she always wore it in a bun with a business skirt and matching top at a successful business. She was smart, strict, and hard working from only receiving an associate’s degree in business. Everyday Claire would come in late and snap her fingers at Brooke a 25 year old recent graduate with a four year degree from the local university, who had light brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. Claire always requesting her coffee asap.A few minutes later Brooke would walk in with the coffee and Claire would sigh at how long it took to get her morning coffee. One day as Brooke entered she saw Claire on a dating site, Claire quickly closed the web page, but Brooke saw all she needed and a devious idea crossed her mind. Brooke left work that day smiling.That night Claire got a request from a handsome man by the name of Ben who was 29. Claire thought to herself he is a little young As many German Girls i meet on this website * * but he is sexy. The man requested he go to the house of Claire the next day and from there they can get dinner. He gave Claire strict instructions to prep for the day. He told her to tease herself before work, and just before an orgasm to stop. She is then to go to work horny and frustrated all day so that he could relieve her that night in a very sensual night of unrestricted sex. Claire would normally have said no, but the thought kind of excited her. So she complied.She arrived at work horny and frustrated from the teasing of herself with no relief. She walked in and looked Brooke in the eye and stated “Please hurry up with my coffee today, and know your place.” Brooke looked back and with a smile said “As you wish Claire, are you okay you seem frustrated today?” Claire scoffed and walked off quickly. Brooke showed up an hour later, which was extremely late. The latest in the past she brought the coffee was 20 minutes. The coffee was half filled, and room temperature. Claire was on the phone, and when she saw the condition of the coffee glared at Brooke. Brooke gently set the coffee down, and began to walk away. Claire snapped her fingers, and Brooke continued to walk out. A few minutes later Claire contacted Brooke via the speaker phone so the entire office could hear and said “Brooke when I snap my fingers you are to drop everything and come to me. Do you understand?” The entire office laughed at Brooke. She stood up and walked to the office of Claire.Brooke walked in the office of Claire and left the door wide open. Brooke said in a loud voice “You come in here sexually frustrated, and still bitter over your husband leaving you three years ago. You take out being a failure of a woman on me, but you will not do that anymore. Do you understand?” Claire stared at disbelief, and told her to apologize immediately. Brooke laughed, walked out, and said she needs to take the rest of the day off. Claire stayed at her desk frustrated, and holding back the tears from the outburst from Brooke.Claire left work on time that day, and was excited to meet Ben. Claire spent two hours getting ready. At eight pm Claire heard her doorbell ring. She was so excited and horny that she answered the door wanting someone to appreciate all the work she had done to get ready. When she answered the door it was Brooke, and before Claire could question anything Brooke burst in her home.Claire was not a skinny woman, she was about 5’7 and 155 pounds. Brooke was a smaller woman at 5’5 and 130 pounds. However, Brooke stared Claire in the face and snapped her fingers. Claire pulled her hand back, and went to slap Brooke. Brooke stopped the slap by grabbing Claire by the wrist, and with her other arm she swung back and slapped Claire hard in the face. This slap stung, and shook Claire. The slap was ortaköy escort so hard it took all the fight out of Claire who held her face, and she looked on with silent frustration.Brooke closed the door behind her, and looked at Claire with malice in her face. Claire still scared and frustrated. Brooke said in a stern voice “Today you will learn your place and when I snap my fingers you will stop everything and come to me. When you come to me, you will kneel, do not make eye contact, you will keep your nose to the ground, and you will remain in that position until I say you may get up. Do you understand?” Claire sexually frustrated and humiliated lunged at Brooke. Brooke side stepped, and tripped Claire with a push. With Claire laying face down Brooke said “Stay on the ground face down, or I will call the cops now and you will be arrested for stealing company money.”Claire stayed on the ground not moving. Claire asked Brooke how she found out. Brooke responded with none of your business. Claire pleaded with frustration in her voice. I can pay you $50,000. Brooke laughed and said I have better plans. You will do what I say, and if you comply your dirty little secret will stay safe with me. Claire nodded while still keeping her eyes to the floor and laying face down.Brooke then said “You may stand up , but you will keep your eyes to the floor as you are not worthy to look at anything, but my shoes. Do you understand bitch?” Claire slowly stood up, keeping her eyes face down, and said Yesss, I mean Yes Mistress. Brooke laughed to herself thinking the Mistress part Claire added on her own.Brooke handed Claire some clothes. Put these on now. Claire looked at the clothes, it was a latex french maids outfit, and pink granny panties. Claire hesitated, but Brooke pointed to a folder, and Claire complied. She headed for the bathroom, and Brooke stopped her saying change here in my presence. You have lost the privilege to be naked unsupervised. Claire slowly got dressed. As Claire was getting dressed, Brooke picked up Claire’s cell phone and asked for the password. Claire reluctantly gave it to her. Brooke then changed the password without Claire knowing. Claire finished getting dressed and asked what she was doing on her phone. Brooke responded and said “Claire privacy is a privilege and I took it away. Now face the wall in silence. I want you to think about your new place while you are wearing pink granny panties, and a latex french maid outfit that is one size too small. I didn’t realize just how big you are.” Brooke laughed to herself and continued to scroll through her phone. Claire complied and patiently faced the wall. Brooke told her to turn around and reminded her to face the floor. Claire turned and was facing down. Claire looked pathetic in her tight latex maid outfit, and pink granny panties. Claire saw a flash of light from the corner of her eye, but was too scared to look up. She asked Brooke what that was. Brooke shushed her. Claire continued to look down more frustrated. Brooke had taken a picture and posted it on Claire’s social media and made it her profile picture. The caption stated. This is the first day when my life changed. People commented shared and laughed. Claire’s phone rang, and Brooke knew it was Claire’s sex buddy. Brooke placed the phone to Claire’s ear and told her to invite him over. Claire talked, and invited her sex buddy. Claire relayed the information to Brooke, and said he would arrive in one hour. Brooke laughed and said “Excellent. Now go wait outside and prepare to greet him when he comes.” Claire looked up and said “But it is 59 degree Fahrenheit I will get cold in this slutty outfit.” Brooke said in a stern voice “Now march, and since you talked back, I want you on your knees waiting for him. eyüp escort I hope he is not too late.” Claire let out a frustrated whine, and complied. Brooke looked from the window and saw Claire actually kneeling. Thirty minutes had passed and Claire was cold. Brooke crept behind her and Claire continued to look down without moving. Brooke lifted up the skirt, pulled back the panties, and dropped two ice cubs down the panties. Claire squirmed a little, huffed, and puffed. Brooke said “Sit there in silence, keep your hands on your fat thighs, and stare at the floor.” Claire shivered and did what she was told. Some time had passed, and a car pulled up. While Claire was outside Brooke had prepared some paperwork.The man got out of his car, and approached the house. Claire was shivering and continued to look down. Brooke opened the door and waved for him to come close. She invited him in, and Claire remained silent outside. Five minutes had passed and the man opened the door and told Claire she could come in, and Brooke has allowed it. Claire stood up shaky from the pain in her knees and entered the warm house slowly. Brooke laughed at her and pointed to the corner of the room. Claire walked in that direction keeping her head low. She put her nose to the wall, and her hands on her thighs and waited patiently. Brooke laughed and said “She knows her place, and she wanted us to have sex. Isn’t that right Claire? Turn around and kiss my foot to show your friend that you want us to have sex.” Claire turned around, knelt at Brookes feet, and kissed her foot. Then continued to kneel with her nose to the floor. ” Brooke laughed and said, see the compliant bitch. Brooke then said “Now Claire lead us to your bedroom, and kneel by the bed facing us.” Claire walked them to her bedroom, tears flowing down her face. Brooke jumped on the bed with the man. Claire knelt by the bed. Brooke and her new man began to kiss each other passionately, and Claire looked on with sadness and frustration. Brooke then ordered Claire to masturbate. Claire began, and just as she was approaching orgasm her eyes closed. Brooke jumped off the bed grabbed her by both wrists and told Claire to face the wall in silence with both hands on your head. Claire did this.As Claire was sexually frustrated Brooke became super horny and had sex with the old friend of Claire. Claire did nothing, but face the wall and whimpered to herself. This woman more than 10 years her younger had broken her. The sex was loud, rough, and for a prolonged time. Claire faced the wall in silence with the occasional whimper. Brooke took Claire’s phone and another flash of light happened. Another picture was posted to social media, this one of Brooke and Claire’s sex buddy with a caption. Brooke is the better woman, and she had sex with my sex buddy while I faced the wall like a little bitch. Whimpering and frustrated in my pink granny panties. And then another flash of light, this time a picture of Claire with her nose to the wall. Brooke laughed. The man was exhausted and looked hungry after the intense sex. Brooke told Claire to escort the man out of the house so he may get food. Claire walked over to the man, and watched him get dressed. She walked him towards the bedroom door. Brooke snapped her fingers, and Claire stumbled to get to Brooke hurriedly. She knelt at Brookes feet while Brooke lay in Claire’s bed. Brooke then said smugly “When he leaves the home, remember to thank him for having sex with a better woman. Remind him that you are no longer privileged to have any sexual pleasure, unless by yourself and supervised by me. Now don’t forget to kiss my feet again, and thank me before you tootle off.” Claire kissed her foot and thanked her. She walked the man to the door and said “Thank you for making maslak escort love to a better woman. The only pleasure i get is supervised masturbation from Brooke.” The man smiled, and left. Claire walked back to her bedroom, and Brooke told her to lay on the floor next to the bed and masturbate. Claire did this and quickly was reaching a climax. Brooke grabbed her wrists and said sign these papers, and tomorrow walk into the bosses office and tell him you want to be the secretary, and me your boss. The reason is you see yourself as unfit to be a manager with your lack of education. Volunteer for a pay cut, and if you do all this. I will forget about the money you stole. You will keep the job for at least one year. Claire looked on humiliated and sexually frustrated. She yelled “Yes, I will do that, may I have permission now to orgasm.” Brooke handed her the pen, and Claire signed. Then Brooke took both cellphones and told her to state it. Claire looked on and said “This paperwork is valid, Brooke deserves all that she gets.” Brooke smiled and saved the videos on both phones. Brooke then started to watch television. Claire took this as her signal to masturbate. She was approaching climax quickly, and Brooke again grabbed her by the wrist and stopped her. Claire was bawling with frustration. Brooke said face the wall and put your hands on your fat ass, and you will remain silent. Claire did this. After 30 minutes Claire took a peak at Brooke. Brooke caught her, and then said. For looking at me. I want you kneeling there for the rest of the night. Hands on your ass. Claire did this, even after Brooke turned off the television and Brooke went to sleep. In the middle of the night Brooke put headphones on Claire with an annoying loop of sound to keep her up all night. Claire remained silent, exhausted, and horny. The next day Brooke told Claire to get food from the fast food joint. Claire did this and it was cold with her latex maid outfit. When she returned Brooke ate all the food and made Claire watch her eat it. Claire then asked for permission to orgasm since she retrieved food. Brooke looked at her and said. Since you asked your orgasm is now delayed. They then went to work, Claire first thing in the morning asked for a demotion, and Brooke a promotion. The entire week Brooke made it hell for Claire to work. She snapped her fingers, talked on the speaker phone, and constantly humiliated her. The entire week no orgasm was given. Then Friday came, and Brooke told Claire to meet her in the bathroom. Brooke pointed to a stall and told her while kneeling to masturbate. As she did this. Brooke closed the stall, and as Claire approached her orgasm that was a week over due. She heard many footsteps enter the women’s bathroom. Just as she achieved orgasm the cops had pushed the stall door open, grabbed her wrists, and thus ruined her week long teased and built up orgasm. Claire shouted at Brooke, and Brooke held up the piece of paper. Claire had signed all her possessions to Brooke. So Brooke stole her sexy buddy, job, dignity, her pleasure, and finally she stole her freedom. Claire looked up at Brooke with frustration as she had lost everything, and the orgasm that was promised was ruined. Brooke had the look of victory.Claire never had c***dren, and by the time she would be out of jail. She would no longer be able to have c***dren. So in a round about way Brooke stole that also. Every year on the anniversary that Claire was sent to jail. She receives pictures of the wonderful life Brooke has. She married the old sex buddy of Claire, and they live in Claire’s old house. Claire reads the photos and letters in silence crying herself to sleep every night. Sometimes Claire writes back, but Brooke instantly destroys them, and Claire knows this. Claire now sits in humiliation and frustration for years, with only the photos and letters of the woman that stole everything to keep her company. Occasionally Claire will masturbate, and the only thing she can think of is the woman who broke her. Claire always ruins her own orgasm as tribute. Then cries to herself while kneeling with her nose to the hard wall.

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