The weekend part 2

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The weekend part 2Again not sure how many parts going to make but will make sure its worth it every part. Took me a bit on how I wanted to start part 2 but think I came up with something good. If you forgot how 1 ended go back and read part 1 so this beginning makes sence here. Steve and Trish are upstairs in their room checking it out and Trish couldn’t hold back anymore, after knowing that Mickie was sucking my cock as Steve drove us to the house. It was in her mind and driving her crazy but she knew her man Steve wasnt for road fun cause he couldn’t concentrate on the road. But once in their room she attempted to shut the door but it didn’t shut fully. She walked up to Steve and kissed him hard “I’m so fucking horny babe I need you now.” Steve could never say no to her as he then took her against the wall and kissed her hard. His hands traveling her body as he then took off her shirt and then took out her bare breasts. He leaned down and kissed on her hard nipples. She moaned some as she lifted his head up and kissed him. He took this as a sign she was wanting him to keep going so he wrapped his arms around her and picked her up and carried her over to the bed and laid her down and then kissed her breasts some more. She placed her hands on his head and played with his hair. He took this as to keep going and moved down more. Trish then opened her legs showing Steve that under her skirt she wasnt wearing any panties. Steve smiled as he pushed his head into her pussy and started to use his tongue. Her moaned started to get louder. At this time I heard her moaning had made my way and then saw Steve working Trish pussy. (So your aware where me catching them comes into their fun.) To my knowledge neither saw me as I made my way to the other girls. Trish had soon cummed in Steve face. As he was working her pussy he was undoing his pants and stroking his cock to make sure it was fully hard for her. When she had cummed for a second time and he was fully ready and finished licking up her juices from her pussy. After he had finished he pulled away and kissed his way back up to her. His cock pressing against her pussy. She was so wet that without even trying his cock slid right into her pussy. Normally he would have put his dick by her face so she could suck but when his cock went in her she wrapped her legs around him and moaned. “Mmm yes fuck me babe. Nice and good. Save the good fucking for later.” Steve nodded his head and started to move his hips in a smooth motion. His cock sliding in and out of her. She tightens her pussy around his cock so both felt the great pleasure. kaçak iddaa He sped a few times as she was moaning more and soon moaned. “Come on babeKeep going. Cum in my pussy. Cum with me.” Hearing her words he kept a good pace that pleased her and got him closer to releasing. She then tighten her legs, he drove in a few times and they both moaned loud as they mixed their juices together and cummed at the same time. He calaplaes beside her, after the long drive and a nice fuck he easily feel asleep like that. Trish got up and got her robe on and head out the door to see what everyone else is up to. (Small break. Added that scene cause felt it be fun to know what all they did instead of doing scene involving just me. Now where was I oh that’s right)Once I had mentioned that we break in the living room Heather smiled and stood up. “Alright. I’m good with that.” She then proceeded to undress till she was fully naked. Mickie walked up to her and kissed her hard. Mickie hands trailed Heather naked body. Then Heather started to undress Mickie till she was naked. I had made my way to the couch and stripped down to just my boxers. My cock bulging up. The girls noticed I wasnt naked and made there way to me as they both got on there knees and pulled off my boxers. Mickie grabbed my cock first and started to stroke it. ‘You can taste first since I had mine in the car.” Mickie said to Heather. Heather then got more on her knees and opened her mouth wide and placed her mouth on my cock and just went to town on my cock. As Heather was lost at sucking my cock Mickie had moved and laid on her back moved around so that she was under Heather. Mickie had wrapped her arms around heather body and pulled her down and worked her tongue on heather pussy. With the angle and position of the couch was smack dap in view of the stairs. I could see that Trish had made her way down and seem to be done with Steve. I motion to Trish. “Steve out?” She nodded her head yes. I the respond “wanna join or watch?” Trish gave it thought and had decided to make her way to join us. I had had heather and Mickie in a a few 3 way, and have a few times that me and Trish but for this to be going on already this early. I wasn’t complaining but same time knowing that Trish had just fucked Steve or at least got her pussy sucked I didn’t know how much she had left in her tank. Was she coming over to actually join in or just sit and watch. Would she do alot or little or again nothing at all. I looked down at Heather sucking my cock and moving her hips on Mickie face. Mickie legs were wipe open for Trish to have the perfect kaçak bahis view. But Trish just walked over and sat down in a chair and motioned to me. “I’ll watch, I’m good right now.” I nodded at her as then heather deep throated my cock as it made me lean my head back and let it a loud moan. “Fuck yea babe love that when you do that.” Mickie pushed her face more into Heather pussy as the ladies moaned. Heather grinded down on Mickie face as she was gagging hard on my cock. Her moans being muffled as then she moaned out loud as she then slide my cock out of her mouth. “Mmmm fuck yea Mickie. So good at licking my pussy.” Mickie Cleaned up Heather pussy as she then came out from under Heather and then saw Trish. “Hey girl. Wanna join in?” Trish just smiled. “Next time girls. Steve gave me a good fuck just now. Where I’m good right now. But I’ll be happy to watch.” Heather hearing the conversation between Mickie and Trish. She slowly pulled off my cock and grabbed it and stroked it slowly and looked back at Trish. “Steve not coming down?” Trish laughs. “He fell asleep. I think the combo of the drive and well me” she smiled big. “Wore him out.” We all had a small laugh at that. Steve was a all around good guy, knew how to make the ladies smile and feel good and always treated them good but when it comes to sex, he didn’t have the drive to last long. He was a 1 round and out kinda guy and needed hours to recharge while myself I could go on for long periods of time, multiple rounds with minutes to recharge. The ladies knew how us guys were and we all excepted how the weekend could and would go. Trish went on. “You 3 just keep going. I like to watch. If I feel the urge to join I will.” Ladies giggles and I replied. “That’s fine but when i get ready to cum to better be down here with these 2.” Trish bit her lip. “Yes sir.” The ladies knew I had the dominant sexual persona. A man that knew what he wanted and no problem telling then when and how to do it. Ladies loved it when I was controlling. I didn’t do anything they didn’t like. I was respectful with my orders not over demanding where it was outside their comfort zone. Heather then turned back to face me and ask. “What do you want us to do now?” I grin and said “Since Mickie pleased her pussy it’s only fair you please hers back in return. So Mickie you take my spot here.” I got up and moved. “Heather you stay there.” Mickie then sat infront of Heather and spread open her legs. I then get behind Heather and get down on my knees. Reaching and pulled at Hearher hips to get to her now be on her knees and her leaning on the couch. illegal bahis Heather leaned her head in and kissed Mickies inner thighs and then moved closer to her pussy. As I grab my cock and moved closer to Heather pussy I aimed and guided just the tip of my cock into her pussy. Heather moaned feeling my dick and then moved her tongue out and all over Mickie pussy as I pushed more of my cock into Heather. I holding her hips pulled and pushed in and moved back out and repeat the process fucking heather pussy as she was licking Mickie pussy. Trish leaned in some and swung her hand smacking my ass. “Fuck her pussy Zack.” Hearing Trish I grabbed heather hips harder and thrusted in her more. Heather then buried her face in Mickie pussy which then caused Mickie to pulled Heather face best she could. They moaned out knowing they had just both cummed. I then backed out and laid down and told Mickie to get on my cock. Mickie couldn’t move fast enough as she almost jumped over Heather. Placing her feet planted beside me. She lowered down on me. Heather had grabbed my cock and aimed it at mickie pussy as mickie then slide down and then started to bounce up and down on my cock facing away from me. Her hands on my legs for balance. Heather infront of Mickie feeling on her tits and kissing her every so often. Trish then took this chance to come over to me and make out with me. Heather playing with Mickie, mickie riding me, and Trish tongue wrestling with me felt so great all us moan, I could feel the urge building and knew I couldn’t hold much longer I backed away from Trish and gave Mickie a few good thrusts as i felt her cum hard on my cock. Which was then my cue to push her up and off and then stood up holding my cock. “All right ladies gather around.” They all 3 turned to face me and squeezed and played with their own tits. Heather then spoke up. “Shoot that load on Mickie tits and my mouth and Trish can clean it up.” I grinned. “Love that babe.” So then mickie got closer as then Heather placed her head over Mickie tits so I got the best of both worlds to unload. I stroked my cock with force and speed that it didn’t take long before I had unloaded my load. “Cumming.” I then sprayed my load in my girl mouth and some on Mickie tits like Heather wanted. Heather moved her head to my cock and started to suck my cock empty as then Mickey turned to Trish. “Lick this cum off my tits.” Trish smiled and cupped Mickie tits and moved her tongue all over licking every drop as heather had finished sucking my cock dry. “Fuck that was amazing.” We all took a deep breathe. “And this was just first hour here. Got alot more weekend to go.” We all got up and dressed. Trish went up to her room and Steve was still out. Soon we all was out side I had fired up the BBQ to start dinner. Part 3 coming soon.

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