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Subject: The Weekend Visitor (some incest among adults) Please donate to Nifty at fty/donate.html. Your donation will allow stories such as this to be published. The Weekend Visitor One Friday evening in early September, Staff Sergeant Vincent Morelli, of The United States Air Force, put a key into the front door of his off-base, rented house. He opened the door, stepped in, and was not surprised to see fellow SSgt Andrew Rico sitting on his couch without a shirt, and with a bottle of beer in his hand. “What took you so fucking long?” Andy asked. “Another minute and I woulda hadda start jacking myself off. We haven’t spent a whole weekend together for quite a while, and I’m horny as hell.” “Tough shit. Get dressed,” Vince ordered. “I just got a call from my kid, Mark. He started college this semester. It’s only fifty miles away, and he’s coming to visit me for the weekend. We haven’t seen each other for a couple of years.” “If he looks like you, I wouldn’t mind a three way,” Andy smirked. “You’re a fucking sick bastard,” Vince said in disgust. “Well, I’m your best friend, and I don’t even know your son. I want to meet him, so I’m your guest for the weekend, whether you like it or not.” “I only have one guest room. You can’t sleep with me while he’s here. You’ll have to go,” Vince said, as he grew more insistent. “I’ll sleep on the couch. We’ll tell him that we had planned on spending the weekend together, so I’m staying over,” Andy said. He was just as insistent that he intended to stay, as Vince was in wanting him to leave. Vince had second thoughts. “Maybe that’s a good idea,” he said. “Since I split with his mother, I find we haven’t got much to say to each other. I mean, we love one another and all that, but we’re always awkward when we’re together. A third party might make things easier.” “What do you mean … awkward?” Andy asked. “Well, I want to hug the breath out of him, but sometimes, he seems afraid to touch me.” “Maybe he thinks it’s not a manly thing to do,” Andy said, trying to excuse Mark Morelli’s behavior. ***** Andy and Vince met on the first day of basic training. They became very good friends, but their friendship was confined to the base. During basic training, they didn’t get any time off. After their training period they were given a two-week furlough, and then they would report to their new duty stations. As the training was nearing an end, they were both assigned to different bases, and that saddened them. “Tell your wife our training ends a day or two later than actual,” Andy begged Vince. “We can spend the time together, and really tie one on before we get separated. I’ll book a hotel room in town.” “Sounds good,” Vince said. “I’m in. I’m not that anxious to go home, anyway. I never intended to marry Carol. I don’t even love her, but I got careless one night, and got her pregnant. She’s due any day now. As far as I’m concerned, I hope I miss the whole bloody mess.” “If you had a pregnant wife, why did you join the service?” Andy asked. “I was already enlisted,” Vince answered. “I had to leave literally seconds after the wedding.” They left the base for the last time on a Wednesday, late in the afternoon. Vince told his wife that training ended on Friday, and he would be on the first plane he could hitch a ride on in the next day or so. He couldn’t give her an exact time of arrival, until he examined all the flight manifests. After checking into the motel where Andy had reserved a room, they changed into civvies, and went to a nearby restaurant to enjoy a civilian style dinner. After dinner, they fell into the first bar they saw, a couple of blocks away. They promised to tie one on, and they determined to keep that promise. They started drinking immediately, and they drank without a letup. Neither one of them was a big drinker, and in no time, they were six sheets to the wind. They were so drunk, they had no idea that they were in a gay bar. Two guys, Paul and Jim, kept flirting with them, but Andy and Vince didn’t have a clue. They just thought that the customers in the bar were very friendly. They were so used to being with men only at the enlisted men’s club on the base, they didn’t even notice that there were no women in the bar. The fact of the matter was that neither was looking for a woman. By midnight Paul said, “You guys are too drunk to leave alone. Jim and I will take you home.” Vince wanted to tell them that they were staying at a hotel, but he couldn’t speak, so he removed his room key from his pocket and showed it to them. The two gay men assumed that they were being invited for sex. Paul laid Vince down on one bed, and Jim deposited Andy on the other. They stripped the two airmen to their birthday suits, and then undressed also. “I’ll take this one,” Paul said, pointing at Andy. “I’ll take the other,” Jim smiled. Paul and Jim went down on the two service men, who had no trouble getting hard in spite of the booze. izmit escort After they came, they dozed off again. Paul and Jim turned them on their stomachs and fucked them without lube and without protection. Then they all fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Jim woke up. He whispered in Vince’s ear, “Please fuck me. I need it badly.” Vince said, “Sure,” and he rolled over and entered Jim doggie-style, also without lube and without protection. Neither man was aware of what they were doing. Vince was still very drunk, and Jim was more asleep than awake. Paul heard the purring and the whimpering, and when he saw the action in the other bed, he asked Andy to fuck him also. Andy was glad to oblige. Vince and Andy slept until 10 AM. When they woke up, their guests were gone. They could care less. They didn’t even know that two men had gone down on them, and that they had fucked and been fucked by them. They couldn’t remember anything that happened the night before. Andy went to the bathroom first. In seconds, he came out, and woke Vince up. “I found this note on the vanity,” Andy winced. He was shivering as if it was cold in the room, and he lost his power of speech. He hoped Vince remembered something about last night. He sure couldn’t. Andy finally got himself together and could speak again. “Vince, do you remember what happened last night?” he asked. “The only thing I remember,” Vince said “is that I had this sexy dream of getting a blow job, and fucking someone in the ass. What does the note say?” “It says, Thanks for a great night,” Andy began. “We would love to keep on fucking, but we have to get home, shower, shave and get ready for work. If you are still around this evening, we’ll be at the bar. Jim and Paul.” Vince turned white. “It was no dream. We did have sex with two guys. No, it can’t be. It’s impossible,” he whined. “Stop beating yourself up,” Andy said. “Nobody will ever know. The only regret I have is that I don’t remember anything about the experience. I’ve always been curious.” “If you’re that curious,” Vince said, “why don’t you meet the guys at the bar tonight.” “No. If I do it again, I want to be sober, and remember it. In fact, I’d like to do it with you.” After Andy admitted that, he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him. “You’re crazy,” Vince concluded, and fell fast asleep again. Two hours later, when Vince woke up, Andy was hunkering up to him and rubbing his cock up and down his crack. “This feels so nice,” Vince said. “It does,” Andy agreed. “Let’s shower and try out our little experiment.” They spent the entire day and night making love. Not once did they give a thought to sexual orientation. They were such close buddies that they didn’t have sex. They acted more like two lovers. Over the next long years, they were separated, but they stayed in constant touch. Finally, when they were both NCOs, they asked for assignment to the same Air Force Base. They were successful, and for almost two years, they had almost non-stop sex. They still identified their sexual orientation as straight, simply because they confined their love-making to themselves. They only went to straight bars. They even maintained separate households. Since their reunion, neither had dated women. They had no idea how much they loved each other ***** For the first ten years of his life, Mark was an air force brat. He was unaware of how much his mother hated their nomadic life. He adored his father, Vince, and wanted to be just like him. His life was shattered when his parents divorced. His mother took him to Ft. Lauderdale to be near her parents, who had recently retired there. Much to his regret, he saw precious little of his father. No matter; he knew his father loved him. He called constantly, sent him gifts, and when he could, he came to visit him. His mother never restricted those visits. In his senior high school year, Mark checked out the colleges nearest to his dad’s base. He applied to a university, a mere fifty miles away. He was accepted, and after classes began, he called Vince at the first opportunity. He told his father that he was coming to visit him for the weekend. He didn’t ask. He told. One thing he didn’t tell his father was that he was gay. Vince was the most macho he-man he knew. How do you tell an alpha male that his son is gay? Be that as it may, Mark was every bit the hunk his dad was. He had grown an inch taller than his dad, to six feet, two inches. His dad had several tattoos, but for the time being Mark was not inked. They were both solid and muscular, and they both bragged five-inch flaccid, uncut cocks. When aroused, Mark reached eight inches, and his dad reached seven and a half. The resemblance ended there. Mark favored his mother. He was fair skinned, and he had ash blond hair. It was platinum when he was a toddler. Vince looked more Mediterranean, like his ancestors. He was swarthy, and had black curly yahya kaptan escort hair. ***** Vince and Andy were sitting together on the sofa watching the early evening news. Neither of them had a shirt on. Their uncut cocks were exposed, and they were fondling each other. Suddenly, the harsh sound of the doorbell jerked them both to attention. They returned their cocks to their dark resting places, and Vince ran to answer the door. Mark bounded in and threw himself on Vince. The two men hugged each other. Vince was shocked. In the past, Mark never seemed to want to touch him. Mark wanted to kiss his father on the lips but he was afraid that his dad would find it unmanly. Imagine his surprise when just before Vince untangled himself from Mark, he kissed his son on the cheek. “Come, Mark,” Vince said, “let me introduce you to my buddy, Andy Rico.” Andy shook Mark’s hand, and Andy began to erect. Mark was even more handsome than his dad, but that’s not what was getting him hard. When Mark looked at Andy, he was certain that Mark’s look was inviting him to bed. He decided that the idea was nonsense. Besides, he would never admit that he was gay, so he shrugged it off. Even though he was trying to deny the whole thing, Andy didn’t realize that he was ogling Mark in the same way. Because of the obvious sexual tension in the room, Andy felt that he had to explain his presence to Mark. “I’m sorry, Mark,” he said. “Your dad and I had planned on spending the weekend together. I’ll try not to spoil the time you have with each other. I’m going to sleep on the couch.” Once again, Andy grew very uncomfortable. He could swear that Mark looked at him as if to say, “You can sleep with me.” The look on Andy’s face said, “I’d love to.” Vince was reading the signs as well as Andy and Mark. He was very, very upset, but he didn’t know if he was upset with Mark or with Andy. “That’s fine,” Mark said. “I’m the intruder here. Hey, listen, if you guys want to tie one on tonight, go right ahead. It’s fine with me. In fact, I can’t drink the hard stuff, so I can be your designated driver. I’d love to go to a bar with you. I’m over eighteen.” “Not tonight, Buddy,” Vince said. “Maybe tomorrow night. I’ve got dinner planned, and then let’s just catch up on things tonight. I want to hear all about what’s going on with your mother. Do you like your new stepfather?” Vince’s idea of having dinner planned was to nuke three frozen meals. Neither he nor Andy were very good in a kitchen. After dinner the three men sat in the living room, and gabbed away all night. Mark told them what was going on with his family back in Ft. Lauderdale, and his dad and Andy told amusing anecdotes about life in the military. Vince and Andy were still shirtless, and Mark was getting hornier by the moment. Finally, he said, “I think I’d like to turn in now. I’ve had a big day.” “Sure, Son. Just let me set Andy up with a sheet and a pillow on the couch, and then I’ll show you to the guest room.” While Vince was getting the sofa ready, Andy stripped to his boxers. As if Mark wasn’t uncomfortable enough, Andy hugged him goodnight. His near naked body seared Mark’s body like a fiery flame. Mark was unable to sleep. His lust for Andy was consuming him. Andy was having the same difficulty. The couch was comfortable enough, but he couldn’t put Mark’s sexy looks out of his mind. Mark’s eyes were definitely saying to Andy, “Let’s do it.” Mark’s lust won out. Totally naked, he went into the living room. He figured that Andy was asleep, and he just wanted to gaze on him. It was very dark, but he could make out enough to see that Andy had removed his boxers. He was lying on his back and holding his very erect cock. He was fondling it, but not stroking it. The frenzied young man knelt down at the side of the couch, pushed Andy’s hand away and consumed his cock. “Yes, yes,” Andy whispered. He put his hand on the back of Mark’s head and pushed his cock further into the boy’s mouth. “I’ll stop you before I cum, and we can go back and forth for as long as we can.” After a few minutes, Andy was writhing and whimpering, but he wasn’t ready yet to stop Mark from sucking his rod. He wasn’t near to cumming, but the boy had to come up for air. When he did, he saw his father sitting on an easy chair staring at him and Andy. He was naked and holding his cock. He was fondling it gently. Vince had assumed Mark was fast asleep and he came to the living room hoping for a quickie with Andy. Strangely, Mark was not upset. He was relieved. Now he didn’t have to come out to his father. He stared into Vince’s eyes and Vince stared at his son’s. Both faces were expressionless. Neither of them showed any emotion. It was impossible to read anything in their countenances. All the while Mark had been sucking his cock, Andy had his eyes closed. He was beginning to wonder what was taking Mark so long to gebze escort resume. He opened his eyes, and saw Mark staring blankly across the room. He followed the stare and saw Vince. He was surprised to see him naked and fondling himself. The two airmen looked at each other with the same blank expressions that Mark and Vince were displaying. Neither seemed happy, but neither seemed upset. They just kept staring at each other. Vince’s eyes went back and forth from Mark to Andy. The truth was that all three men were trying to figure out how to handle this very delicate and unexpected situation. All they were capable of doing at the moment was to stare at each other with blank faces, and absolutely no emotion. At last, Mark resumed sucking Andy’s cock. Because Vince was staring at him, he decided to get Andy off quickly, and not go back and forth. He did just that, and Andy screamed so loud, he scared Mark half to death. Vince, on the other hand, was familiar with Andy’s orgasmic screams. As soon as Andy was recovered, he went down on Mark. All the time, Vince continued to stare at them. Mark’s youth betrayed him. He came very quickly. Both men had swallowed and there was no mess. Finally, it was over, and Vince spoke at last. “I want you both to sit on the sofa close to each other.” They did that, and without thinking, Andy took Mark’s hand. Subconsciously, he wanted to protect the boy from his father’s wrath. Vince stood in front of the two quaking men. Andy’s tough demeanor was nowhere to be seen. He looked more like a scared puppy. Vince walked over and faced them. He started to stroke his cock, and his son and Andy just stared. It seemed like the whole night was going to be a night of staring blankly at one another. Vince’s breaths were becoming shorter and shorter, and he was having trouble breathing. At last he came, screaming louder than Andy had. He sprayed his essence on both their faces. Neither man made any effort to clean up or swallow the cum. They just continued to stare at Vince without any visible emotion. When he was coming down from his high, Vince pushed them over and sat down on the sofa. Mark was in the middle between him and Andy. Vince put his arm around Mark’s shoulder, and pulled him against his naked body. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked. “I was afraid, Dad. You’re so macho.” Then he added, “So are you, Andy.” The truth is,” Vince continued, “that Andy and I have been kidding each other for years. We kept assuring ourselves that we were straight, and what we did together was just fun and games. Neither of us has been with a woman since we were reunited a couple of years ago. Until tonight, Mark, when you seduced Andy, he’d never been with another man either. “Now I have to face reality,” Vince continued, “Andy and I love each other, so I guess we’re gay. I don’t want to hide it any more, at least not from him and me. We both have two years to retirement. I can’t wait. Then we can be together full time, forever. We’re planning on getting jobs as airplane mechanics.” Andy was sniveling. He wanted to say something but he couldn’t. “Stop acting like a pussy,” Vince told him. “You know how much I love you, and if that makes me gay, so be it.” Now the three of them were crying. “What happens now?” Mark asked. “Let’s discuss it in the morning. I need to get some sleep,” Andy said. He was yawning. “You might as well sleep with me now,” Vince said. “You’ve got a king-sized bed, Dad. There’s enough room for me too,” Mark said. “No way, Jose. Get your ass back in the guest room,” Vince commanded. “Why? Don’t you love me?” Mark muttered. “Sure, I do, but it’s illegal for us to” … he hesitated … “to make love to each other.” Show me the statute where it says so, and I’ll leave you alone,” Mark huffed. “I can’t argue with you now,” Vince said in defeat. “Like Andy said, we’ll discuss all this in the morning.” They settled into their separate beds. Andy and Vince crushed their cocks together, secure in the knowledge that from now on this would be a forever, every day thing. They were through pretending that it was just a frivolous pass time. Sometime, before the first hint of dawn, Vince awakened with a smile on his face. Andy was down on him, and he felt like a million bucks. Suddenly, he heard Andy snoring lightly. He realized that Mark was giving him a blow job. He desperately wanted to stop him, but it was too late. He felt his orgasm building to a crescendo. Mark swallowed Vince’s seed; the same seed that had created him. He had made his fantasy come true, but now he was fearful of the consequences. He climbed up the bed and faced his father. There were no more blank stares. The two men were smiling at each other. They held themselves as tightly as possible, and smiled as broadly as they could. They fell asleep again for another two hours. Like Vince, Mark was awakened by the feel of someone giving him a blowjob. It was his father. `Dad,” Mark said quietly. “I love you.” Vince stopped what he was doing just long enough to say, “Hush. You can’t have all the fun.” While Vince was sucking Mark’s dick, Andy was fucking him. It was the start of a perfect day.

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