The Wet Nurse

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The Wet NurseMy wife had a little baby boy a few months ago and wanted to breast feed her baby unfortunately she couldn’t produce any milk. My wife comes from a family with large land holdings in Europe and is used to servants taking care of everything. We advertised for a nanny that had no objections to breast feeding our baby boy. We had a number of applicants for the job most could not provide breast milk. A sexy young woman knocked on our front door. She looked like Charmaine Sinclair her hair in dreadlocks and was holding a baby. “Hello””Hi. Mom said you were looking for a wet nurse / nanny. “I looked down at her large firm brown breasts, my eyes moved to the baby, then to her face.”Yes. Um yes we are. Come in. Down the hall to the kitchen ” I stuttered looking at the very sexy brown body clothed in a small black halter top, red lycra hot pants, and nike running shoes. My cock was aroused. My 45 year old eyes enjoyed the view. My wife Eileen 30 was walking around in her small silk bathrobe open the baby sucking on a nipple. The baby began crying as the dribble of food ran out. She saw the young lady walking down the hallway with her own baby. “Hi” she said over screaming baby. “Hi Ali “”Eileen”The young Maori woman lifted the bottom of her halter top exposing her magnificent breasts. I saw a flash of envy from my wife as she looked at the nipples leaking milk. Handing me her little baby she then gestured my wife should hand over our baby boy Stephan. Stephan’s little eyes lit up as his head rested on a big breast, his little mouth searching for the nipple. Once found clamped on and started sucking. His little grin said it all. “Do you smoke or drink?” my wife enquired.”No. Can’t afford either I am on a benefit””Can you live here? We have a nursery and rooms nearby for you to live in.” Eileen and Ali headed off to the nursery talking about baby stuff. I went out to my office a building well away from the house thinking that another problem was resolved. Later that afternoon I found my wife preparing dinner and Ali sat in a occasional chair holding a baby suckling a breast in each hand. My wife was nude izmir escort except for the short silk bathrobe which was open revealing all. “Why don’t you both strip naked!” I quipped jokingly.My wife removed her robe and put on a little black frilly apron. The boys were sated and falling asleep. Ali rose and walked off to the nursery. Her trim athletic brown body from behind was very kind on the eyes. My cock twitched watching her ass in the hot pants.Eileen and I had a glass of red wine when Ali walked in naked her hairy pubic hair hiding her pussy. “Well ” she said”Well what” I uttered as my jaw dropped open.”Take your clothes off. I wanna see what my employer offers”I removed my adidas golf shorts and polo shirt quickly. Standing in my Calvin Klein undies my semi erect bulge horizontal across to my hip straining to get out.”Mmm my husband has one employee benefit you may like” Eileen said as she stood beside me her hand pulling my undies down to mid thigh, my cock sprung free and pointed to the ceiling. “I prefer …” she started. Her eyes looking at my wife, licked her full lips, staring at her perky pierced nipples. “Eileen sit on the table and spread your legs” I ordered. My wife laughed and turned to walk back to the kitchen. “Do as your husband says” Ali moved towards Eileen grabbed an arm bent it behind her back and bent Eileen over the breakfast bar. Eileen protested weakly as Ali spanked her big brown hand on her white bottom. “Oww” Eileen reacted as Ali spanked her bottom until the cheeks glowed red. My cock throbbed as I took a seat and watched my wife being punished.”Help me” my wife’s weak begging for assistance fell on deaf ears.Ali put her hand between Eileen’s ass cheeks and rubbed her pussy lips then pushed two fingers in her cunt.”Seems somebody enjoys being spanked!” Eileen released a little moan as Ali roughly thrust all her fingers in her pussy. Eileen through head back. “Mmmmmm”Ali squatted behind Eileen and started lapping her pussy lips. My wife moaned.”Oh god yes! Eat my pussy!”I sat stroking my cock and not having had sex for a while I shot my load on to my belly. “Do you like cum?” izmir escort bayanlar Ali asked.”Not particularly” my wife whimpered.”You do now. Lick that cum off your husband’s hairy belly” Ali stood, grabbed a handful of Eileen’s long blonde hair and frog marched her over to me and pushed her face in to the pool of cum on my belly.”Ewww” my wife squeak”Lick it up !” “No” my wife replied meekly.Ali whacked my Eileen’s red butt hard. She flinched. Screamed and began crying. “Lick it up. Now! Your husband would love to watch you eat my asshole and pussy like you did before in the nursery. ” What my wife is carpet muncher. Since when. I began to think of all her so called female friends that had visited while I had been away on business trips. On my return she always seemed to have marks on her wrists ankles and butt she explained it as shoe straps on her high heels, bangles not coming off, and bruises from CrossFit training. Ali looked at me, grinning, a knowing look. “Your wife is a sub, a lesbian femme fatale, a girly girl.” Ali watched as Eileen reluctantly licked the cum pool off my belly. I looked down at my wife her eyes were looking at the floor. “Is that true?””Rick I am bisexual. I like cock but um, I love pussy” her hand stroked my cock. “No that is only for breeding ” Ali yanked Eileen’s head back and pushed her body to the floor. “Stick your butt in the air face to the floor.”Ali reached behind my chair and pulled out a cane walking stick. “Your pussy licking cunt wife likes this” as the first swing landed across both cheeks a red welt appeared. As the next 10 landed on her red butt the welts were like a small group on Eileen’s chubby ass. My flaccid cock became aroused watching my submissive masochist wife being whipped with a cane. “You like” Ali stated “Watching a brown amazon woman whip my white rich fat assed wife in to submission is a huge turn on.” I responded my hard erection once again pointing at the sky. “Yes I like a lot” I gasped.”Her cunt is for breeding. Her asshole is for fucking” Ali informed me.”NOOooooo” my wife pleaded. “Last month you had a butt plug up your ass.””How izmir bayan escort do you know?” My wife sounded confused.”Because I told her” said a mature Maori woman, who looked like Pam Grier , wearing a red corset and stockings with stilettos holding a briefcase.”I brought a selection of toys Eileen. Some you are familiar with others will bring new sensations” she looked at my big white cock. Ignoring my wife protesting her innocence. “Rick I don’t.. ” Ali swung the cane firmly applying it to her chubby thighs. “OWWWWWW FUCK THAT HURT””Enough !” Ali shouted” Get up and walk to the patio Slave” Eileen was crying as she stood up and walked outside the hanging plant pots were removed. I watched fascinated as my wife was strung up in the pergola. Ali’s mother Moana removed a chain and a black gizmo with a hand pump walked out to my now restrained wife, put the chain on her nipples and inserted the pointy bit of the black gizmo in her butt then squeezed the hand pump inflating the black toy stretching her sphincter. The blonde slave opened her mouth to scream in pain but a rag was stuffed in her mouth.Moana had a nice shapely firm figure for a woman in her early 40s her long legs and curvy figure in red lingerie had my cock throbbing in anticipation of what was to come. “Now I need a good shafting white boy. Do you know how to use that?” She grinned as she lay on the shag pile carpet. Legs spread open her pussy spread open a nice hint of pink glistened before me. I moved between her legs guiding the uncircumcised head towards the pink flesh. “Fuck me hard white boy” Moana thrust her hips up and forward to meet my thrust. “Oomph! Fuck your big” she moaned as my balls slapped her ass. My mouth sucked on a big stubby nipple. I rammed my cock in and out as hard and fast as I could. Moana was nice and wet. I looked up to see Ali walking down the hallway. The babies could be heard crying. “Time for there feed ” Ali said. “Oh god that feels good! Come on stud fuck my cunt harder and faster” I rammed her pussy as fast and hard as I could. My breathing became short and raspy my nuts tightened up and I felt my semen flood her cunt. I was still hard and kept going until I could no more. “Are you still hard ?” “Yeah !”Moana pushed me away then rolled on to her front and crawled over to the cool tiled floor . Wiggled her butt. “Butt fuck me!” “Yes Ma’am”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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