The woman next door Part 3

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The woman next door Part 3I had been thinking of how to get my girlfriend, Amber and her daughter, Jenny together like I told Jenny I would. If you do not remember I had just fucked Jenny for the first time and she had told me she watched me fuck her mom and wanted to join in. So I told her I thought I could make it happen. I had talked to Amber once or twice about bringing another woman into our bed after she had told me she had wanted to try it. Now was my chance to make both her and Jennys fantsies come true. I was in bed with Amber holding her after a great sex session and asked her if she still wanted to try another woman in our bed and she said yes of course. So I told her that I had someone in mind and i would set everything up. She smiled and said she was looking forward to it.I planned it out for the next weekend on Saturday, I made arrangments for the other daughter to stay with her grand parents that weekend so she would not be around. I told Amber I had set everything up for Saturday and she asked me, “Who did you get?” I told her she had to wait until Saturday to find out. I told Jenny that she would be able to join her mother and I in bed on Saturday and she smiled. She asked me how I got her mom to agree I told her she didnt know who was going to be there just another woman. I told jenny not to worry I had it all planned out. When Saturday came around I told Jenny to tell her mom she was going to stay over at her friends house and to leave the house and come back in 15 min. Giving me time to get her mom ready. When Jenny left Amber said so you set it up so the girls are gone now all we need is the other woman. I said,” Be patient shes comming.” I then told her to shower and tell me when she was done. She went to the bedroom and took her shower as I got some other things ready for our night. She called me whn she was doen and I had just seen Jenny comming back up to the house then. I let Jenny in and told her to undress and wait for my signal to come into the room. She started to undress as I walked away. I got to the bedroom and Amber was there naked with a big smile on her face. She asked me,” Who were you talking to?” I said our guest and she smiled. I told her that I knew she was a little nervous so I had her lay on the bed and I put a blind fold over her eyes. Then I tied her hands and feet to the corners of the bed. She asked me why I did that and I said just so it added more to the experance and I would untie her once I saw she was ready. She said ok I trust you. I then went to her and kissed her and said,” Baby I want you to enjoy this as much as I will.” She said “I will baby I know it I really want to taste another womans pussy and have her taste mine.” I said ok then I guess we are ready. I went to the door and called Jenny to come in but make no noise. She came to the door and she gasp when she saw her sahabet güvenilirmi mother naked on the bed. I covered her mouth and wispered to he,” dont say a word or she will know its you.” She shook her head and I led her into the room. I told Amber we were there and she said,”I can smell her perfume. Tell me what she looks like?” I said,” She is beautiful young woman who loves sex and older women.” Jenny smiled and so did Amber at that and I said,” She thinks you are very sexy laying ther naked and waiting for her.” Amber said “I am so hot right now I need some relief soon. I told her it was comming now. I went to one side of the bad and had Jenny go to the other side and we both sat next to Ambers naked body. I leaned over and kissed her and said “I love you baby and I hope you enjoy this.” She said.” I love you too baby.” I said now Im going to sit back and let her enjoy you. I moved to a chair near by and sat to watch daughter make love to her mother. Jenny leaned down and kissed her mom softly and Amber kissed her back and moaned. Jenny kissed her for a few mins then kissed her way down Amber body to her big tits. She kissed all over each tit then took the nipple into her mouth and sucked on it. Amber moaned and said hwo good it felt. Jenny licked and sucked on her mothers tits for several mins. I think she was reliving when she was a c***d nursing on her moms big tits. It was very hot to watch and I undressed and started to strok my cock. Jenny then kissed her way down to her mothers legs and moved betwen them spreading them wide so she could see her moms pussy real good. She leaned down and licked from bottom to top and Amber moaned and I saw her body jump when she felt Jenny tounge on her hot pussy. Jenny licked her moms pussy a few times then she got a taste of her moms juices and it was like she was starving for the taste. She started to lick her more and harder. Sticking her tounge deep in Ambers pussy making her moan loud. Amber said that it felt great and this woman knew how to lick pussy. Jenny loved hearing that and sucked Ambers clit into her mouth and flicked it with her tounge. Ambers hips came up off the bed almost throwing Jenny off her and she screamed as she came hard into Jennys moth. Jenny drank all her moms cum up as it came rushing from her pussy. It was several mins before Amber calmed down and Jenny had moved up to kiss her. Amber kissed her back tasting her own cum on Jennys lips. Amber then said,” That was great baby you made me cum so hard but now I want to taste you too.” She asked me if I would take the blindfold off and I said not yet. Jenny then moved up and placed her pussy over her moms face. I told Amber that there was a pussy right above her waithing for her hot tounge. Amber stuck her tounge out searching for that pussy. She found it and licked it from top to bottom. sahabet yeni giriş Jenny moaned and I thought how much alike they both were when it came to sex. I walked over and untied Ambers hands and feet. She reached up and took hold of Jennys hips and pushed her tounge deeper into her pussy. I asked Amber how she liked that pussy? She said,” I love it its so sweet tasting I just wish I could see it too.” I said well I think we can do that and I took the blindfold off her. She looked at me then at the pussy above her and dived back in licking and sucking away on it. Jenny moaned and panted as her mom licked her pussy. I could tell she was getting close and after a couple more mins she came in Ambers mouth. Amber drank it all and kept licking Jenny pussy. I moved down and kissed Amber as Jenny moved off her moms face. Once I knew Jenny was laying beside Amber I broke off the kiss and asked her,” Are you ready to meet your new lover baby?” She looked at me and said “YES” I looked a Jenny and Amber turned toward her and a look of shock came over her face for a few seconds. I thiught she was going to get mad for a sec then she smiled and took Jenny in her arms and kissed her. After they broke the kiss Jenny asked her,” Mom your not mad are you?” Amber said,” NO Im not mad baby I love you and I loved making love to you and to be honest I had an idea it was you.” Jenny said,” How?” Amber said ” because of your perfume baby I smell it on you each day” I got on the bed and said.” I knew you too would love this and watching you too was so hot but when can I get some of the action? They looked at me and Amber asked me,” You want to fuck Jenny?” Before I could answer her Jenny said” He already did it twice so why not now too?” Amber looked at me and I said.” Yes baby I was Jenny first and she is just like you very sexual and loving.” Amber looked at me then Jenny and said,” Im glad Bill was your first baby at least I know you had a great first time. He is a great lover.” Jenny said “Yes he is so why dont we show him how much we both love him.” Amber said “yes I want that too baby you and I will make love to him and each other.”They each moved to either side of me and start to suck my dick. It felt great to have two beautiful women sucking and licking on my cock. I let them do that for several mins then reached down and brought Jenny up to sit on my face so I could lick her sweet pussy. I stuck my tounge deep in her pussy as her mom took my dick deep in her mouth. It didnt take long before Jenny was comming in my mouth. I drank her cum like a thirsty man. She moved off me and I told Amber to lay back I need to fuck her. I climed on top of her and sank my hard dick deep in her pussy. She moaned and told me how great it felt. I start to fuck her hard and fast I was so turned on. She yelled “YES, YES, YES FUCK ME BABY” sahabet giriş I looked over and Jenny was watching with lust in her eyes. I told her to help out by sucking on her moms tits as I fuck her. Jenny moved over to her mom and took one tit into her mouth. Amber moan and said” Yes baby suck mommys tits while Bill fucks me.” Jenny and I kept sucking and fucking her mom until she came hard. She came so hard she squirted and Jenny looked on in shock. Jenny said,” WOW, mom you squirt?” Amber said “Yes I do now but not until Bill started to fuck me before then I never did.” Jenny said” Do you think I can squirt too?” I said you did a little when I fucked you baby. She said,” I did really?” Yes I told her and maybe she would more after more fucking. After all she is just like her mom. I still had not cum and my dick was still hard inside Amber so I pulled it out and laid Jenny down. I said, ” Let’s see if I can get you to squirt too.” Jenny smiled at me and opened her legs for me. I moved between herbeautiful legs and bent down to lick her. She looked at me and asked “Why arent you going to fuck me?” I told her I will baby but I need to get you ready first. I stuck my tounge deep in her young tight pussy and tasted her sweet juice. I moved up and took her clit in my mouth as I pushed a finger into her pussy to her G spot. As I fingered her G spot and sucked on her clit Amber began to suck on her tits. Jenny was moaning and her body was jerking all over the bed and I knew she was getting close. I stopped sucking on her clit and moved up to put my dick in her. I pushed it all the way in her pussy in one move and her eyes popped open. I picked up her hips so my dick was making contact with her G spot each time I pushed it in. Amber was still sucking on her tits as I fucked her. Jenny said,” Fuck me harder Bill!” I started to slam my dick into her pussy as fast and hard as I could making her moan. It didnt take long until she was close and so was I. She said” Im going to cum” and she did squirting all around my dick. I could feel her squirting on my dick so I pulled out and she shot her cum out and all over me as she came screaming. After a few mins she calmed down and I slid my dick back in and fucked her more. She didnt stop cumming I felt her pussy gripping my dick and it was so tight. I could not hold back any more and I came hard too deep in her. She felt me shoot and she came again with me. It took each of us a min to calm down then I laid beside her. Amber said” That was great you came so hard baby” I pulled Amber and Jenny to me and kissed each of them. “I love you both.” I said and kissed them both before we all fell asleep holding each other. I knew it was going to be a great weekend as we fuck the whole time. I love my girls a lot and I married Amber soon after that. I kept her happy and we both fucked Jenny as often as she wanted us to. I still fuck Jenny to this day he comes over when ever shes horny or her husbands away. You will have to let me know how I did with this story. I have others to tell but I want to know you want to read them. So leave a message so I know if I need to write others.

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