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Subject: The World of Gay Sauna This is the story of the first time I visited a gay sauna and my first experience with a guy. It was about 10 years ago. I was 38 and had separated from my wife some months prior. I think I have always known that I was interested in guys, whether that be gay, bi or just curious but had never acted on it. I was completely in the closet and not even sure if I wanted to do anything. The first time I went to the sauna, I didn’t even have the courage to go in. I walked past the front door a couple of times but was almost traumatised by the stress of being seen / recognised and the uncertainty of what I was doing and, in the end, just went home. The second time, I made it through the doorway, but they wanted to copy my ID and at this point I chickened out. Finally, on my third attempt, I made it into the venue. I was given a brief rundown on the layout and facilities and then I went off to the change rooms. As you can imagine, with the previous two failed attempts, I was quite apprehensive about what was to take place. I was impressed with the change rooms. All sleek, stainless steel lockers and trendy timber benches. I was probably in the best physical shape of my life and I like the reflection I saw in the full length mirror as I was stripping down. Once I was naked, I wrapped my towel around my waist and headed out to explore the venue. I realised that I had been fantasising about being with a guy for many years, probably without even realising it. I had my ideal guy in my mind: a little younger than me, toned but not necessarily muscly, friendly smile and attractive face. I dare say it is probably your stereotypical gay porn actor. I figured 6.00pm on a Saturday would be a good time for lots of young guys to be at the sauna but I was completely wrong. It was like the local nursing home had relocated to the gay sauna. Within a minute of being in there I had been hit on by about five guys all in their 70s and a couple were quite obese. It really put me off and I considered just dressing and leaving. There was one guy in the steam room who I liked the look of. We were the only two young, fit guys and all the rest were really old trolls. Finally, one after another, the old trolls left and it was just the two of us. The guy started to rub his leg (which escort ankara was only inches from my own) and eventually brushed his hand up against mine. It was an exciting bit of sexual tension and eventually, we had opened each other’s towels and were jerking on each other’s cocks. Another older guy came in and we covered up – even though it was quite hard to see much because of all of the steam. Another guy came in and sat next to me. He had an awesome build and was very fit. The first guy and I resumed jerking each other’s cock under the towels and eventually the older guy left and it was just the three of us younger guys. Then, my jerking buddy got up and knelt between my legs and started sucking me off. I was in heaven. Finally, my cock was in another guys mouth!! Pretty quickly, I needed him to slow down or stop because I didn’t want to cum too soon. Whilst he was sucking me, I looked over and noticed the fit guy was staring at us with a rather large grin on his face. I reached out my hand and touched his nipple. That was all the invitation he needed. The three of us were soon going at it. The first guy was alternating between sucking me and sucking the fit guy. The fit guy was sucking on my nipples and jerking on my cock. I was running my hands all over both of the guys. Unfortunately, a couple of others came in and we all stopped and resumed our positions with our towels covering us. Both the young guys left and I got up to leave as well as it was getting a little hot. I had hesitated and when I got out, I couldn’t find them. I was a bit disappointed that they had hooked up without me. Anyway, I wandered about for about 10 minutes and went back to the steam room. There was a very effeminate young guy (about 25) with bleached hair and a very delicate body in there who was making gestures to me to hook up with him but I wasn’t interested. Then, who should come in but Mr fit guy. He sat next to the twink and they started a bit of an interaction. Next thing you know, their towels were gone and they were standing up. The twink had his hand on the fit guys arse and before long was rimming him. I was really surprised. I thought the fit guy would be the dominant one, however, shortly after, the young effeminate guy was fucking the fit guy. These two guys were standing up in front sincan escort of me, fucking passionately. I could tell that the fit guy was really turned on because his cock was like a piece of steel. I had been playing with his cock 20 minutes before, and whilst he was hard before, it was nothing like what it was when this twink was fucking him. I was sitting on the bench and they were standing in the middle of the floorspace and it was all right in front of me. It was very erotic and I was especially turned on. Their sounds were intense. Deep gasps and moaning from fit guy and grunting from the twink. The fit guy’s cock was virtually right at my face level and I was aching to suck on it. It looked delicious. it was about the same size as mine and it curved slightly upwards and to the right. I stood up and moved to join them and jerked his cock with one hand and mine with the other. The young twink then really wanted a bit of action with me and was leaning over the fit guy trying to kiss me and his hands were all over me. He was really thrusting into the fit guy and held me tight as well so the three of us were mashed together. Then the twink pulled out, jerked off for a few seconds and shot off all over the floor of the steam room and quickly left. A few older guys came in and everything dispersed and went back to normal. It was over just like that. I wasn’t sure whether to be disappointed that it was over or happy that I had witnessed it. It was a hot encounter and I didn’t see the fit guy again after that. I moved around the venue for a bit. The sauna was my favourite room. It was large and spacious and had timber seats with curved backs that were designed to mould to a half reclined figure. Incredibly relaxing. I could imagine people falling asleep easily in the dim light and comfortable heat. An older guy ( approx 55) who was super fit entered and immediately removed his towel and sat near me. We began to eye each other and I smiled at him. At this, he got up, wrapped his towel and left the sauna. He made his way into the darkened maze section and I followed. It was almost impossible to see anything, but eventually we found each other and he caressed my upper body all over with his hands. I loved the sensation and I allowed myself to be touched. He took demetevler escort off our towels and continued his exploration. He leaned down and sucked my cock and I started rubbing his shoulders and back. He had nice pecs and a very firm stomach. When I finally reached his cock, I almost gasped. It was huge! Not so much long, but really thick. He was cut and the cockhead was big and flared. My eyes were getting accustomed to the darkness and I was trying to get a look at it. I cupped his cock in my hand and rubbed it gently with one hand and felt his balls with the other. I could barely close my hand around his cock. I wanted to suck this guy. He was really turning me on and I was very into him. I knelt down in front of him and directed his cock to my mouth with my hand. I was a little paranoid about clipping him with my teeth so was extra careful. I slipped the head of his cock in my mouth. I almost started to gag. I felt like an idiot. First cock in my mouth and I gag after less that 10 seconds. The problem was that it was just so big. I felt like I had a whole apple in my mouth. I took him out of my mouth and just slurped around, licking and kissing his cock head. He seemed pretty happy with that. I stood back up and we jerked each other’s cocks. After only a short while, I was ready to cum and told him so and he kept jerking me. I angled away from his so that I would cum on the floor but he moved me back to face him and told me that he wanted me to cum on him and I shot off all over his abdomen, cock and legs. He was kissing my neck and rubbing my pecs with his free hand while I came and then scooped it up and rubbed it into his cock as lube. I was panting and he was still gently fondling my cock. Normally, I go soft pretty quickly after cumming but this day, I was standing proud and hard. He didn’t seem too bothered that he hadn’t cum and he suggested we go and shower. It was cool to see him in the open shower with me. His cock stayed completely hard the whole time and he didn’t try to cover it or conceal it in any way and I was standing proud as well. There were quite a few guys watching us. I tried to cover a little and turned away but I think he enjoyed putting on a bit of a show. After the shower, he slapped my arse and told me he hoped we’d meet again. I got dressed and went home. All in all, it was a great encounter and introduction to the world of gay sex. Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide greatstories. You can donate at: fty/donate.html Comments appreciated to: ail

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