The Year of the Cat Ch. 01

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Matt sighed as he hung up the phone.

“Man, what is the deal?” he said to himself.

The third applicant for his roommate ad had just contacted him; this one edited textbooks for fun.

“It’s one thing to pay the rent, but is it too much to ask for a roommate with just a bit of personality?” he asked the empty room.

The two bedroom apartment was the top floor of a large, renovated house. The bedrooms doors faced each other from opposite ends of the apartment with an open kitchen/dining room and living room in between.

It was a handsome, well kept place in a great part of town; close to the hospital and university. Matt was counting on being able to choose a roommate within the first week of putting the ad online, but here it was two weeks later and only three applicants had expressed interest.

“I guess beggars can’t be choosers.” he said, deciding on which applicant seemed the least boring.

Just then his phone chirped. An unknown number.

“Hello.” answered Matt.

A frantic female voice exclaimed

“Hello! Is the room is still available?”

“Uhm, it is.”

“Oh! Thank god! Ok…please tell me you accept pets.”

“Pets?” asked Matt.

“Well, one pet: a cat.” said the woman.

“Sure. A cat is ok. No problem.”

Matt was startled by a whoop of joy through the phone speaker.

“That’s something none of the other applicants ever did.” Matt thought to himself.

“Oh! I’m so relieved. Can I come over, like, right now to look at the place?”

“Yeah. That’s fine. I’ll be here.”

“Awesome! See you in a few minutes.”

Matt only realized after he hung up that he hadn’t even got the woman’s name.

“Hmm. A female roommate?” Matt pondered. “I’ve never lived with a girl I wasn’t in a relationship with.” Matt wasn’t sure what to pin his expectations on, but he knew that it probably wouldn’t be boring.

About fifteen minutes later a knock was heard.

Matt opened the door to a pretty young woman holding a cat carrier covered with a blanket.

“Hi! I’m Janice.” she said extending her available hand to greet. “I was the crazy one on the phone earlier.”

Matt took her hand and chuckled “Hi Janice. I’m Matt. Pleased to meet you.”

Janice stood about 5’5″ with beautiful blue eyes. She had a pleasantly round face with plump cheeks and a bright, genuine smile. Her shoulder length hair was dyed bright pink.

“Ok. Pink hair isn’t boring, so far so good.” Matt noted internally.

Janice stepped through the door wearing a bulky winter coat and a scarf to battle the November chill. It looked to Matt as if she might be carrying a few extra pounds underneath the thick jacket.

Janice looked around the apartment with a smile.

“Wow! It’s so charming!” she exclaimed.

“I’m glad you like it.” Matt answered leading her to the empty bedroom.

“The room has a huge walk-in closet, it’s own full bathroom and a nice little sun deck through those glass doors.”

Janice squealed with delight.

“This place is even nicer than the apartment I was supposed to move in to!”

“What happened there?”

Janice shuddered in frustration recalling the events of the day. She spoke of how she and her boyfriend, Bobby, were living together up north. He got accepted into law school on the other side of the country and the couple decided that they would live apart so he could focus on school. Meanwhile, Janice would accept her company’s offer to transfer to this city with a pay raise.

“My boyfriend insisted on setting up my living arrangements for me” she explained “but when I arrived today to move in I discovered that the landlord doesn’t accept pets of any kind! Well, I had no choice, I had to cancel the agreement. Giving up Bubsy is simply out of the question.”

Janice lifted the blanket of the cat carrier to show Matt a cute, black feline blinking calmly.

“Long story, short: I have all my belongings stuffed in my car outside, I start working in a brand new office on Monday and I’m homeless.” she sighed.

Matt felt genuine sympathy for her. His favorite pet growing up was his cat, Whiskers, who looked almost exactly like her Bubsy cat. She was obviously upset and desperate. He would have been too, if it were him.

“Well, let me ask you this, Janice” Matt said after a pause “Are you messy?”

“No, in fact I’m a neat freak. And you’ll never have to clean up after Bubsy either. He’s a very good kitty.”

Matt smiled. “Ok. Are you loud?”

“Hmmm. I’m ‘atmosphere appropriate’, but I usually like peace and quiet when I’m home.” she replied. A smile was growing on her face.

“I like that.” he smiled, “Are you a vegan?”


“Thank god.” They laughed together.

Matt paused again. “Ok, If you’ve got a deposit, I don’t have a problem with you moving in today. We can take care of the paperwork with the landlord later.”

Matt held out a hand for her to shake. Janice’s pretty blue eyes welled up with tears. She set down the cage and threw her arms around Matt. Alanya Escort He was immediately taken aback by the large, soft pressure against his chest.

She released her hug and began to undo her jacket, Matt knelt to introduce himself to the caged feline.

“Mr. Bubsy! Say hi to Matt, our new friend!” she exclaimed happily.

Matt looked up to smile at Janice, but his expression froze on his face as he watched her peel the lapels back from her jacket. In fact, from his perspective, time slowed down to a standstill.

“Those can’t be what I think they are!” Matt thought to himself as he watched her slip the jacket off her shoulders. Two of the largest breasts he had ever seen emerged from her coat, encased in a heavily wired bra, wrapped in a light blue sweater.

Matt was gobsmacked to see his new roommate’s breasts were so huge and round that they took up almost her entire torso. Her tits covered her upper arms, almost reached her belly button (he assumed under her sweater). She had a relatively small waist and medium build in every other aspect, which made her giant breasts look severely disproportionate.

Matt swallowed hard, finding his throat suddenly dry. He quickly looked back down at the cat lest he be busted by his stunned blatant gawking.

“Holy shit…She is stacked beyond belief!” he thought to himself. “Keep it together, Matt!”

Janice knelt down next to him to let Bubsy out of the carrier, allowing him to explore his new domicile. The feline cautiously emerged and sniffed the air. Matt reached out a palm for the cat to sniff. Bubsy immediately nuzzled lovingly on Matt’s hand.

“Oh my god! How adorable is that!?” Janice squealed. “I’m taking that as a very good sign. Bubsy is a great judge of character.”

She picked the cat and embraced it against her bosom. “We’re home, baby!”

Janice immediately began unpacking her car. Everything she owned fit comfortably in her SUV.

She reluctantly asked Matt for help moving her mattress and dresser upstairs. Matt was happy to assist. This allowed the two to talk and get to know each other.

She spoke of how boring and cold it was living up north and how excited she was to make a new start. Matt told her about all the fun she could have on “the Avenue”, which was within walking distance, featuring several shops, bars, restaurants, even a small movie theater. Janice was giddy at the thought.

Matt, all the while, attempted his best to keep his composure around his new extraordinarily busty roommate. Every time she caught his eye, whether it was her profile, straight on or even from behind, her prodigious tits literally took his breath away.

As it was, Matt had been obsessed with large breasts since he was a little boy. He spent his life captivated by busty women from afar, never lucky enough to be romantically involved with one. In his life-long observations, however, he noted a few common traits of large breasted girls: namely, most busty ladies slouch their posture, either to minimize their back pain or to avoid their breasts ‘rudely’ projecting out too far. Also, busty women usually walk rather dainty to avoid too much bouncing.

Matt noticed right away that Janice was unique in that her default posture was straight backed and as erect as if she sported an A cup.

“Bless her poor back” he marveled.

She showed absolutely no compunction to minimize her breasts’ presence. She wasn’t being flirty or manipulative, she simply seemed to be above the concern to hide her tits away. If that wasn’t enough, every step she took sent shivering titty-quakes up and down her bust, which had Matt quaking as well.

“She sure doesn’t seem to be the shy type.” he thought.

He noted with delight how her bra struggled to contain her huge tits beneath her tight, light blue sweater. Janice’s compressed breasts bulged over the tops of her cups creating a bouncy “mini” cleavage that could have filled a D cup brassiere by itself.

Matt had to shake himself lest he be hypnotized. He was sure he was about to be called out any second by his prolonged gazing, but to his surprise, Janice was either not paying attention or simply not concerned at all by it.

Matt’s main focus, therefore, was keeping his erection at bay. He forced himself to think of things that would inspire flaccidness, like naked elderly men or rotting food. He was doing pretty good at the task. Miraculously, nothing more than a chubby… that is, until it was time to move Janice’s dresser into the walk-in closet.

The two stood at the top of the stairway leaning against the dresser panting for air.

“Sonofabitch was heavy!” Janice exclaimed. They had wrestled the awkward item up three flights of stairs to her room. She quietly observed Matt’s rippling muscles under his sweaty T-shirt. “Glad I have such a strong moving partner!”

Matt smiled sheepishly. She looked around the empty space of her room.

“Oh god. You’re going to hate me.” she sighed. Matt gave her a quizzical look.

“I want Alanya Escort Bayan to try to get this big boy in the closet.” she said patting the wooden dresser. “I’ll have so much more room if we can manage.”

“Oh! That shouldn’t be a problem.” The two shuffled and shimmied the bulky dresser to the doorway and into the large closet. It was almost in place, but there was a small box blocking the intended space.

Matt had to hold the dresser in position while Janice attempted to kick the box out of the way. Matt’s arms held strong as Janice crammed her self into the tiny space between the wall and Matt’s back. While she scooted her way forward, Matt couldn’t do anything but watch her giant breasts approach and then mash against him. The massive softness spread across the entire length of his lower arm. She still couldn’t reach the box, so she made one final push. Matt felt her tits slide up and press even harder against the back of his wrist and hand.

His erection shot up so fast it nearly split his pants.

“Sorry” sighed Janice. “I know …my boobs are everywhere.”

Matt swallowed hard and tried to think of something clever yet benign to say. “Hehe. I’ve had worse first impressions!”

He winced immediately. “Too far!” he thought.

Mat was expecting a rebuke for his inappropriateness, but instead she loudly guffawed and began shaking with laughter. “Oh my god! Don’t make me laugh while I’m stuck like this!”

He could barely keep his composure when he felt her bra clad tits jiggling against his arm.

Janice was finally able to kick the box out of the way. The dresser was set down in place and slid into position. Even though she now had more room to maneuver, Janice still had to slide back out of the are, dragging her huge, squashed breasts up the entirety of Matt’s right arm.

She stood up straight and adjusted her top, smoothing the wrinkles of her sweater and inadvertently thrusting her tits out further than Matt had seen yet. Her nipples were erect, creating two pinpoints upon the apex of the immense curvature of her breasts. He almost gasped.

“It’s ok, you can say it.” she said.

“Say what?” asked Matt nervously.

“‘Your tits are ginormous!'”

Matt felt his cheeks begin to burn with embarrassment. “Busted! I knew I was being way too obvious!” he cursed himself.

“Oh,…uh…I wasn’t gonna say anything.” he blinked “I doubt you need anyone reminding you that they’re… big.”

“Like I don’t know, right?” she laughed. “Sorry, Matt. They usually get quite the reaction from everyone. I just assumed you would have something to say about them.”

Matt shook his head “I’m sure you’ve heard it all. No need to add my two cents. Your body is your business, no one else’s.”

Janice blinked in amazement for a moment “That’s rather refreshing to hear.”

Matt chuckled “Really?”

Janice gave him a serious look. “Really. It amazes me how rude some people are. Even my own boyfriend won’t give me a break! When we lived together he would constantly complain about my big boobs.”

She walked to the corner of the bedroom and picked up a black garbage sack. “See this bag? It’s full of all the tops I was forbidden to wear around the house because he was ‘sick of my tits hanging out’. Can you believe that?”

Matt pondered what kind of boyfriend wanted to see less of his girlfriend’s giant tits, but he opted to keep his mouth shut.

Janice continued “Now… granted, some of these shirts are old and stretched out and worn thin and show A LOT, but there’s some shirts in here that barely even show any cleavage…well, that is, when I was that size…I’ve grown since then… I honestly don’t know if any of them fit anymore” she fished out a garment from the bag and held up the long white nightshirt with a faded print on the front. The sunlight from the window shown brightly through the translucent cotton. “Some of my favorite comfy tops are in here.”

As she spoke Matt did anything and everything to obscure the view of his solid erection. Imagining what she looked like wearing her comfy shirts didn’t help his boner situation at all. Luckily, she was preoccupied with looking through the other items in the bag.

Suddenly, Matt felt the phone in his back pocket vibrate to an incoming call.

“Pamela Calling” the display read.

For a split second Matt had to remind himself who Pamela was.

“Oh shit! Yeah! Your girlfriend, Pamela.” he admonished himself.

“Excuse me, Janice. I’m going to talk to my girlfriend real quick.” said Matt exiting towards his bedroom.

“Hey baby” Matt spoke once he had entered his room.

“Hi Matt. How goes the search?”

“It’s finally over! I have someone moving in right now.”


Matt and Pamela had been seeing each other for almost a month now. She was a young, single mother who lived about an hour outside of the city. They met on an online dating page and the vast majority of their time spent together since had been on the phone. They Escort Alanya had only been to dinner twice and hadn’t slept together as of yet.

Pamela was a gorgeous woman with long, straight, brown hair, dark eyes and a fashion model’s figure. Her B cup breasts didn’t satisfy Matt’s boob obsession, but he told himself that it didn’t matter how busty she was.

“Pam is the hottest woman I’ve ever been with. I would be an idiot to reject her based purely on her small chest.” he thought when they had met.

Janice’s arrival into Matt’s life, however, sounded out like a gong, signaling the undeniable truth that he was a Boob Man through and through.

“Listen, I have some bad news about dinner tomorrow…” said Pamela. “I can’t get anyone to watch Stewart.”

Stewart was Pam’s eleven year old son. Matt sighed. It was an all too familiar scenario. Two dates had already been canceled by the same excuse. At this point he half expected it.

“It’s ok, baby. Maybe we can…”

“Thanks Matt! You’re the best.” she interrupted. Then the line went dead.

“…bye” Matt hung up the phone and stared at the blank screen he held in his lap. His cock was still at half mast from Janice smashing her enormous breasts all over him.

“Oh jesus, those tits…” he thought. Immediately his dick began to thicken with arousal again “I better rub one out before I go back out there.”

Matt undid his belt and fly and let his long, thick cock flop out of his jeans. Closing his eyes, all he could picture in his mind was Janice’s giant breasts. His palm flew up and down his rigid erection and in less than two minutes ropes of hot white cum were collecting on his bare abdomen.

Feeling refreshed and mentally clear, he cleaned himself up, washed his hands and rejoined Janice to help finish her move.

Once the large furniture was in place and the boxes unpacked Janice flopped backwards onto her bare mattress, exhausted. Matt stepped into the room carrying two cold plastic water bottles.

“You were such an amazing help, Matt. Thank you so much.”

“No worries.” he replied handing her a bottle with a smile. He raised his own water bottle. “To new roomies!”

“Cheers!” Janice happily exclaimed clinking the plastic bottles together.

The cancelled date with Pamela was Matt’s only plans for Sunday, so he decided to take Janice on a walking tour of the neighborhood instead.

Winding past the idyllic houses of the historic district Matt led her to “The Avenue”, the main strip of shops, bars and restaurants.

Matt noticed people’s heads turning their way everywhere they went. Janice’s huge, bouncing breasts were indeed attention magnets. In what Matt was coming to understand to be her typical behavior, she showed no hint of self consciousness or shame in the obvious display her boobs created.

Matt and Janice happily discovered that they had a naturally good rapport with each other. Conversation between the two flowed easily and naturally, as did the moments of silence in between. They were both delighted to discover that they shared several common interests and an almost identical sense of humor. The two strode side by side together down the sidewalk, laughing like long lost old friends.

As the sun set the two enjoyed a cocktail at Matt’s favorite cantina. They once again toasted, this time to a budding new friendship.


Monday morning Janice awoke to a quiet apartment and the delightful aroma of a fresh brewed pot of coffee. A note next to the coffee machine read:

“J- Good luck on your first day of work! See you this evening -M.”

Janice smiled. “Wow. He really is the best.”

She casually sipped her coffee as she got dressed for work, choosing a modest blouse with matching jacket and skirt for her first day. Despite the high cut neckline, the blouse couldn’t obscure the bulging overflow created by her tight bra. Kissing Bubsy on top of his furry head, Janice walked out the door.

She was pleased to find that her new office was just a few blocks away. Attempting to swallow her nervousness, she gulped as she entered the building.

It didn’t take long for her to become acquainted to the new office. Her responsibilities were just the same as her previous location. It was simply a matter of getting to know a new environment and new coworkers.

Just before lunch, Janice was finishing her third report, when a female voice spoke behind her.

“Yep. Pink hair. You’ve got to be the new girl…”

Janice turned to see a beautiful, statuesque, black woman leaning against the entrance to her cubicle. She wore a form fitting business dress that hugged her wildly curvy body. Janice was amazed to see the woman’s breasts were almost as big as her own.

“Daaaaaamn!” the woman exclaimed ogling Janice’s chest. “I didn’t believe it when I heard, but yeah, I actually think you got me beat!”

Janice looked confused “Beat? Beat what…?”

The women leaned close, lowering her tone “First thing: HR don’t know this, got me? Ok, I’ve been the reigning titty queen of the office for the last two years- since Ms. Sandra quit. Cheatin bitch was like, 500 pounds… Of course she’s gonna have big ass titties! -Anyway… now damn, here you are taking my crown again!”

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