The Yonger Woman

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There’s one thing you should be wary of if you’re a mid-thirties married mother of two, and that would be suggesting to your husband that you would like to spice things up a bit in the bedroom by bringing another woman into your relationship. Beware that the girl you choose is not a sparkling, bubbly, nineteen-year-old, with perky tits and a cute peach of a bum that is firm enough to bounce coins on.

I had made that mistake.

Melissa had looked cute when we hooked up with her in a well known swinger’s bar I’ll admit it, from the off I’d been hot for her and almost drooling at one point when it was clear that we would be getting together. It was only when she was naked in my bedroom that I realised just how hot she was. What competition I was up against. Now, against any woman of my own age and plenty a few years younger, I can hold my own in the looks and hot body department. But, Melissa, well, she was in another league altogether.

I could see my husband was happy when he joined us. His rampant cock was evidence of that.

Our marriage is strong. We’ve got two healthy, energetic kids, both of whom seem to be hitting all their development marks. We have an active and fulfilling sex life including role-plays and a bit of dressing up in the past. I’ve played the stripper; the whore; and the innocent. I’ve tied him up and dominated him. I’ve been the aggressive female boss who demands sex from her employee. There are no limits to what we do together. So, why did I suggest bringing another woman? And, I had meant a woman, not a bloody child just out of nappies, into things?

Over time I had become more and more curious about having sex with a woman. I’d almost done it with my best friend when we were teenagers until we had both become frightened and stopped before we had ‘gone too far’. That curiosity had risen again recently. I didn’t want to cheat on Oliver, even with a woman, everything had to be out in the open. So, I had suggested we try a three-way. At first, Oliver had baulked at the idea, until I explained to him that I wanted the third person to be another woman. Unsurprisingly, he readily agreed.

* * * * *

We had gone to a swinger’s bar not sure how things worked, nor how, or if anything would pan out. To be on the safe side we had arranged for the kids to stay over at my parents for the night.

Nervously, we sat at a table, ordered drinks and looked around. There were plenty of couples, and singles of both sexes, some, blatantly looking for a hookup. Several tables had people who had already made a connection, plus a couple of foursomes, who to me, looked as though they were going to be swapping that night.

There was an air of relaxed sexual tension in the place, but the vibe was chilled. It was really very enjoyable to just be there, even if we did strike out in hooking up with the right person. Oliver and I had agreed that it had to be somebody we both not only fancied, but connected with as well.

Melissa was sitting at the bar, not paying any overt attention to us, or anyone else for that matter. She was politely turning down any attempts to buy her a drink or approaches for her to join couples. She was, however, constantly scanning the room. Our eyes met and lingered on each other. The invitation in mine for her to come over and join us was blatant. Hers wary.

I waved my glass at her as if in invitation for a drink, she nodded her head in acceptance. I told Oliver what I was going to do as I stood up and walked over to the bar.

My heart was pounding. I was going over to a girl to try and pick her up.

“Hi,” I smiled when I was standing in front of her. “Drink?”

“Large Gin and Tonic, please. Bombay Sapphire.”

“Make that three,” I told the bartender.

“Want to join me and my husband, Oliver?”


“Why do you think? You know what sort of place this is, so please don’t be coy. This is my… our first time doing anything like this.”

“Like what?”

“Hooking up with someone.”

“I’m not just someone,” she teased, a little giggle in her voice now that she got me to admit what I wanted.

“We can see that. And that’s not what I meant, and you know it.”

“OK, let’s go and talk to Oliver then.” Melissa slid from the barstool and swayed her way over to the table where my husband was sitting and watching, open-mouthed and in shock at how blatantly upfront I had been. Either that, or it was the sight of Melissa.

She was about five-foot-five-inches tall, with a great figure, long shapely legs, and the face of an angel. Her black hair was cut in a mix between cropped and pixie, and it suited her perfectly. Black, almost obsidian eyes completed the look.

I’m about two inches taller with a toned athletic figure. My tits and bum are bigger, but my legs are equally as good as Melissa’s. My honey blonde hair cascades in light curls to my shoulder. I have icy blue eyes. There is more than a hint of Nordic blood in my heritage.

Melissa sat next to Oliver, pressing her knee against his. Her skirt was micro length, giving Mersin Escort Oliver a great view of her legs. I sat opposite the pair of them, my foot playing with Melissa’s under the table.

Conversation between us flowed free and easy, and soon we had made more of a connection than just hooking up. The vibe was perfect. I think if it hadn’t, I may have decided to back out, despite the fact I was hot for Melissa.

“Why are you doing this?” Oliver pointedly asked her at one point. I thought he had blown the whole thing when Melissa took her time before answering carefully.

“Safety and excitement. Safety, because we all know what is wanted and expected if you meet somebody in a bar like this. I could go to any club or bar and hook up, but nowadays that can be dangerous and at times bloody frightening. Here, it’s easy to say yes… or no. There’s no pressure, no false signals. You’re here for one thing only. So a yes is a yes, and no is no, simple. That, and the chance to meet couples. At the moment I’m into that more than anything else.”


“What about you two? You’re new here, and from what I’m thinking this is your first time.”

“Yes… yes, it is, but I told you that at the bar,” I replied, and then went on to tell why we were doing what we were.

“You sure you’re going to be into girls, that you won’t freak out on me?”

“I’m not sure, but there’s only one way to find out isn’t there?”

Melissa smiled and stood up, “Come on then!”

When we got to our car, Mel pulled me into the back seat with her. As we snuggled together, I turned to her, and she out and out kissed me on my lips. Melissa’s lips were soft and sweet. At first, I was too surprised to react, then my lips and legs parted simultaneously, as I melted into her.

Mel kept on kissing me, gentle little presses of her lips against mine. I responded hesitantly. Her hand was playing up and down my naked thigh, fingers tip toeing up it. Stopping just short of my panties, then wandering back down, her nails softly scraping my skin. It was heaven and torture at the same time. I wanted her to go higher to take that little step more, but at the same time, I was terrified at what my reaction may be.

That’s how the car journey continued, with Oliver getting looks in the mirror of his wife and a hot young girl making out quietly in the back seat. There was nothing more happening than kissing, and Mel tantalising me with her hands on my leg. She hadn’t touched my boobs in any way and I’d done nothing to touch her. I’m not sure if it was fear or wanting to wait until we were in the privacy of my home.

That was about an hour ago. Now, Melissa and I were naked in my bedroom after undressing together. Oliver, equally naked, had just joined us.

Melissa took control even more as she pulled me to her before kissing me. This time passionately from the start, no gentle brushing of lips. Her mouth covered mine and her tongue forced its way between my lips. Playing with my teeth and attacking my tongue when they met.

As I said earlier, I’d kissed one girl before, and that was only an experiment with my friend before we had lost our nerve and stopped. Nothing like this. This was a full out invitation to have sex with her.

Melissa pulled me tight to her as we kissed. I could feel the heat of her body as it crushed against mine. Our boob’s squashed against each other, our nipples hard. Her leg was desperately pressing between mine trying to force them open.

I was relaxing into the moment, resting my hands on her bum. Melissa’s hand pressed between us and pinched my nipples with just the right amount of force to give a pleasurable shot of pain to them. I bit her lower lip in response, I’m not sure which of us moaned the louder.

Oliver’s excited breathing was echoing around the room as he watched on.

I pushed Melissa backwards onto the bed as we continued to kiss. Her hand pressed between my thighs, moving inexorably to my pussy until I grabbed her wrist, stopping her. My mind was in a whirl. Was I doing the right thing? Kissing was one thing, even naked kissing. If I let Melissa place her hand on my pussy, there was only going to be one outcome, I would be having lesbian sex.

Did I want to? Could I? I knew I should have worked things out more before I had started this. I thought I had. Now I just wasn’t sure.

Melissa broke our kiss, looked deep into my eyes and registered the conflict and confusion there. I don’t know if she sighed, but she started to pull away and I knew I had blown it. Fuck! I was so sure a few seconds ago. Now, when push came to shove, I’d chickened out. I was the one wanting this. I was the one who said I wanted to try sex with a girl. Now I was acting like a little schoolgirl on her first date backing away when a boy placed his hand on her tits for that very first time.

My arm snaked around her neck, pulled her face back down to me, and kissed her, at the same time parting my thighs widely. Her touch when she slid a single finger into my slit was like Mersin Escort Bayan electricity.

I sensed Melissa signalling to Oliver, who by this time must have been getting frustrated that he was getting no action. The bed sagged as he joined us on it.

Mel stopped kissing me, turned her head and kissed Oliver. At the same time she was still fingering my slit. Oliver and Mel continued kissing as he reached out and took one of her perky round tits in his hand to squeeze it. This caused Mel to moan and work her hand harder on my pussy. Mel broke off the kiss with Oliver to suck on one of my nipples, making them hard. Oliver was alternating between squeezing and kissing Mel’s tits and occasionally squeezing mine as well.

Oliver pushed Melissa onto her back, crawled over me and got on top of her, rubbing his body up and down hers. Mel responded to him by spreading her legs, getting ready to welcome his cock inside her. I pushed him off her saying, “No! I want to taste her pussy before that. I want her fresh. Oh, God, I want to taste her.”

Oliver’s sigh was a mixture of frustration and lust, contrasted to Mel’s giggles.

Oliver and Mel resumed grinding their bodies against each other, he was almost penetrating her. I pushed him off her again and buried my face between Mel’s thighs, mashing my face into her cunt.

Oh, the smell and taste. Musky and sweet, yet tangy as well. I had overcome my initial hesitancy and was now licking Mel from the top to the bottom of her pussy. My tongue, darting in and out of her. Mel sighed and pressed her hips upwards, eagerly meeting my mouth as it worked on her. Her juices were flowing freely, the sticky secretion coating my face.

I sensed Oliver behind me as I got two fingers to work on Mel’s pussy, pushing them in and out as my lips and tongue concentrated on her clit. Oliver lifted my hips and fingered my pussy for a while, matching the pace I was using on Mel.

Mel had her hands entwined in my hair, using them to guide me. Oliver shifted position and pressed his rock hard cock into my accepting pussy. He fucked me slowly, but firmly. Each forward thrust of his hips powering home was forcing my face harder and harder onto Mel’s pussy.

Mel had by now wrapped her long legs over my shoulders, holding me firmer in place as she started to grind her hips furiously against me. Her breathing was coming in short gasps in time with the thrusts of her hips.

She let out a low guttural moan as she came. Body twitching and thrutching against me. Her female love juices flowing even more freely over my face.

Oliver pulled out of me, pushed me off Mel, rolled her over, so she was straddling him and buried his cock into her. A cock that was still wet and sticky with my own juices. Mel’s eyes shot wide, then she began to ride Oliver like he was a horse, bouncing up and down on him, eyes wild, hair flailing everywhere.

A surge of jealousy ripped through me as I watched my husband’s cock penetrate this young, fit, gorgeous teenager, who was nearly half my age. It was quickly followed by one of sheer lust as I watched them screwing. A look of primaeval, lust, on Oliver’s face. That was when I knew this was just about sex. Oliver loved me. He was fucking Mel, and there was nothing wrong with that as far as I was concerned. Maybe tomorrow in the cold light of day I would feel different, but tonight, watching my husband fucking another much younger woman was so hot.

I went and sat on Oliver’s face, making him eat me out. His tongue, probing deep into my hole. I reached out and pinched Mel’s nipples, twisting them in my fingers, pulling hard on them. It just made her bounce even harder on my husband’s cock. A cock that for the last twelve years had been exclusively mine. Now it was being ridden by a nineteen-year-old sex goddess.

When Mel rose high above him, I could see the sticky lubrication from both our cunts covering the shaft. Mel leaned forward and pulled me to her, resting her head on my shoulder. She nipped and kissed my ear, then whispered, “God, he’s fucking good.”

I came instantly. The action of my husband’s tongue on my pussy, and the simple words another woman whispered in my ear that she thought my husband was a good fuck turned me on like never before. As I started cumming, I bounced my cunt onto Oliver’s face fucking his tongue. Bright lights exploded behind my eyes as my pussy tingled and tried to clench on a cock. A cock that was missing. A cock that at that moment was unloading its cum into Mel’s pussy. For the second, but not last time that night, she screamed in orgasm.

The three of us were hot, sweaty, and very happy as we lay together in a tangled mess, recovering before we started again. Oh, the night wasn’t over yet, we had a lot of things to explore and enjoy.

I’d tasted Mel’s pussy, but she hadn’t tasted mine yet, so that’s where the next action started. All three of us were kissing, tender little brushes of the lips. Oliver was in heaven, of course; he was with two sexy, willing women, one of Escort Mersin whom he knew intimately the other a complete stranger. One, he knew how to excite, and she knew how to excite and tease him back. The other, completely new.

Mel was stroking Oliver’s cock, tenderly holding his shaft in the circle of her thumb and fingers. I was fascinated as I watched her vary her stroke, the length and speed. I do exactly the same thing to him, but this seemed different in many ways. His cock was throbbing and twitching in response.

Continuing to wank my husband, Mel started to kiss her way down my body, sucking and teasing my nipples as she travelled south. My pussy moistened as I readied myself for what she was about to do.

Mel’s first brush of her mouth and lips against my pussy was so soft and fleeting, I almost missed it. The second was fractionally harder, and more insistent, lingering longer before once again easing away.

This felt so wicked but so very pleasurable I thought, as she continued to tease me with soft brushes of her lips on my pussy. Her tongue slipped between her teeth, sliding up my, by now, sopping wet slit licking me from top to bottom of my pussy for the first time. Gradually her tongue eased forward through her parted lips and slid up and down my sopping wet slit. Oliver was watching enrapt at what was happening, as Mel somehow managed to keep stroking his cock at the same time as she was eating my pussy.

I pushed my hips into Mel’s face, letting her know I wanted more. Her hands went to my pussy, spreading the lips wide as she buried her tongue deep inside me, swirling around my love tube.

Oliver shifted, so he was kneeling in front of me and offered me his cock. I greedily took it in my eager mouth, rolling my tongue over the head. I tasted Mel’s pussy on him and that just drove me wilder. The taste of another woman’s pussy on my husband’s cock, especially as she was eating me out, was so depraved, yet incredibly sexy.

I slurped on Oliver, relishing the combined taste of him and Mel on my lips and tongue.

Mel’s eating of my pussy increased in passion and intensity as she licked and swirled her tongue in and over me. My clit was sucked between her lips as she sucked on it. The sensitive nerve endings in it firing electric jolts of sexual energy and pleasure throughout my body. I screamed and came, my body spasming and shaking, toes curling and digging into the bed. Hips thrust high, thighs trembling. Tits on fire as Oliver pinched both my nipples sending waves of pleasure from them directly to my clit. Making me orgasm over and over, again and again.

Mel and Oliver left me to recover, but didn’t stop the action. Mel and Oliver were in the sixty-nine position with Mel on top, Oliver loves it that way. They were taking things slowly. As I watched, I could see that Mel was no stranger to a man’s cock in her mouth, and deep in her mouth at that. Oliver was lifting his hips high as she sunk her head over his groin. Her lips were stretched wide as she sucked and slurped on his shaft.

Oliver was fucking Mel’s face, and she was using her mouth as a cunt to pleasure him. God, it looked so fucking hot to me as I lay there next to them.

Mel’s legs were straddling Oliver’s head as his tongue licked up and down her pussy. The lips were dark, whilst her core was a delicate shade of pink. I could see Oliver’s tongue working, and instead of making me jealous as I had been earlier, it just made me horny. I knew the sensations he would be causing in her cunt with his tongue. He’s done that to me many times in the past, and it turns me to jelly.

One thing I know Oliver loves is to cum in my mouth. I wanted him to have that pleasure with Mel but wasn’t sure how she would react. Positively I was sure, but I didn’t want to spoil things so I moved closer to her and whispered in her ear as I kissed and nibbled on the lobe blowing hot breath inside it.

Mel sighed around Oliver’s cock, half-turned to me and smiled as best she could. I shifted back so I could watch Oliver eating Mel’s cunt for a bit longer. Then just as I had done with Mel, I told Oliver. His tongue reacted by going into overdrive in Mel’s pussy. Driving her over the edge into another massive orgasm. I stared fascinated as she flooded and covered Oliver’s face with her cum. It was pouring out of her pussy as Oliver held the lips open as he rotated his tongue in her. Before taking her clit between his teeth and applying pressure to it. Mel slammed her pussy onto his face, grinding it round and round.

I shifted position again as I watched Mel finish Oliver off in her mouth. She didn’t take him deep, concentrating on using her lips and tongue around his glans and bulbous knob end. Mel was good, she was very good at playing with my husband in her hot, young mouth. I was amazed watching how she took her time slowly teasing, tormenting, and toying with his cock between her tender and soft lips. Time seemed to stand still as he came. I’m positive I saw his cock throbbing and the cum flow up the shaft as it pulsated before exploding between Mel’s lips and into her mouth. Once again, she didn’t go deep, instead, letting him cum in her mouth. Savouring the taste and texture, allowing all the taste-buds and nerves in her mouth to take in every nuance of the flavour of his thick, tangy cream.

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