The Zoo

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It was Monday and as a member I could get into the zoo an hour early. Most people being idiots, this was my favorite time to visit. The only other people there were the elderly and nannies with kids they didn’t seem to care all that much about.

I loved the bats. They had an entire building dedicated just to them. I’d go there first thing and watch their keeper interact with them. The keeper that was usually there, Lucas, would always come talk to me for a bit when he was done.

He was a sweetheart and really loved his job. He was so passionate about it. He’d become this animated, exuberant person when talking about his bats and his work. He’d talk with his hands and his smile and energy were just so contagious. I’d lived out here for about six months and the only time I would see him was for the ten minutes or so we’d talk before he needed to get back to work. He was what I’d call handsome in a rugged way. He’d wink at me when he went in with the bats and I’d watch him work. He was surprisingly tender for such a beefy guy.

It had to be the hottest day of the summer, and we were expecting a terrible storm. I was giddy knowing nearly no one would be at the zoo today. At least not as early as I would be. I loved crazy weather. The louder and more tumultuous the better. I threw on some black flats and my favorite sundress. It was a bright yellow with large buttons that went up the front. The hem landed a bit higher than I usually liked, but the pockets were amazing and more than made up for it. I grabbed an umbrella and nearly skipped to my car in excitement.

The wind was already whipping when I got there, and I cursed myself for wearing this dress. It was loose and swayed but left nothing to the imagination when it laid flat and clung to my ass and thighs. I’d worn a thong to avoid the panty lines and was beginning to regret it as the wind kept whipping up my dress and exposing my bare ass. I was even more grateful for the pockets as I stuffed my hands into them to hold the dress down and around me as tightly as I could. It reduced, marginally, how much the wind picked up the fabric.

I’d been right though. There was nearly no one here and I went straight to the bat house. At least in there I could keep my dress down. I took a hand out of one of the pockets to open the door and the wind took the opportunity to blow my dress clear up to my waist. I dropped the door handle and grabbed at the dress, trying to pull it down.

“Here, let me get that for you.” I turned, mortified, to see Lucas standing over me, his cheeks flush as he refused to make eye contact.

I muttered a “thanks,” and scurried inside the doors. “Well, that was embarrassing,” I awkwardly admitted as I tried to manage my wind-blown hair. “Sorry about that.” I wasn’t sure how good of a view he’d gotten.

“Nothing I haven’t thought about before.” He seemed to have surprised himself as much as me with his honesty. His eyes scanned my face to see how I’d react. I could feel myself blushing as my mouth hung open slightly, about to say something but unsure of what. He bit his bottom lip as he looked away. I snapped my mouth shut and looked down. After a moment he stepped away and went through the door that led to the enclosure as I let out a breath I hadn’t realized I’d been holding.

Sitting Burdur Escort down on one of the benches to watch Lucas and the bats, my mind began to wander. I’d had my fair share of thoughts about fucking Lucas. It felt different now that I knew he’d had similar thoughts. He was a big guy, tall and a bit beefy. Intimidating was an understatement. If he didn’t have as kind of a smile as he did, I don’t think I’d ever had been able to talk to him. I wasn’t exactly petite myself. I had curves that I’d grown up hating. But knowing what I did now, I loved them and embraced them. I kept thinking of Lucas embracing me now in all sorts of sordid positions.

He kept catching my gaze as he worked. Normally I’d smile at him and he’d go back to what he was doing, and I’d keep watching him. Today I found myself forced to look away every time our eyes met. His demeanor was different. It felt a bit dangerous. It sent a tingling down me and I could feel the small strip of fabric between my legs getting wet. I was mortified at the thought of making a wet spot on the thin dress and stood up quickly.

Lucas noticed the movement and looked at me squarely. He seemed worried I was going to leave. I bent over the railing that kept people a certain distance away from the mesh of the enclosure. That seemed to settle Lucas as his eyes traveled down to my chest and then sharply away. It was just mesh separating us, we could easily talk and hear one another, but we never did. And I wasn’t going to start now. Besides, what was I going to say? ‘Hey, thinking of you is making my panties wet and I don’t want it to make a spot on my cotton sundress.’?

He seemed to be hurrying through his tasks today. I guess the whole situation made him uncomfortable. He finished his work and went back through the way he’d gone in. There were protocols and he needed to scrub up before coming out, just as he’d had to scrub up before going in. I knew I had a couple of minutes and thought I’d quietly sneak out. Save us both from an embarrassing conversation.

I grabbed the handle and pulled open the door. I felt myself being firmly pulled back by the waist as I let go. I yipped in surprise as he turned me around and pushed me up against the heavy door as it slammed shut. His hungry eyes scanned my face and he kissed me. Deeply and passionately. My mind tried to catch up with what was happening. I slowly began to kiss him back and noticed a sweet mild smell. I couldn’t quite place it at first and then it came to me. Dates! He smelled of dates. And he tasted so sweet. I imagined him sneaking a date or two before feeding them to the bats. He had an arm around me, resting on the back of my waist, holding me tenderly and his other hand was in my hair. I was surprised how soft his beard was as I held a hand to his face and rested another on his chest.

I sighed as I leaned into him, stirring him on. He began to moan and then pulled me into him, pressing our bodies together. I felt his hard cock pressed up against my stomach through his khaki keeper pants. I was fairly confident he’d be big, but I wasn’t quite expecting this. He moved a hand to the back of my neck and held me firmly as he deepened our kiss. He brought his other hand up to my chest and deftly undid a few of the large buttons on my dress. He slipped Burdur Escort Bayan a hand in and under my bra, grasping. I inhaled sharply as he pinched my nipple. He took the opportunity to pull back slightly so our eyes could lock and he could see my face.

He took his hand out of my dress and moved it down over my stomach, down my thigh until he found the hem of the dress. “Lucas?” I asked, a bit hesitant. A playful glint crossed his eyes, but he said nothing as his hand moved to my inner thigh and slowly back up. He didn’t have far to go, and he rubbed my pussy as I cursed myself. I hadn’t been seeing anyone for months and while I kept trimmed, I felt bashful as he rubbed over my downy pussy.

A finger worked its way gently over my lips and I gasped as it slid in effortlessly. I’d been wet before but the way he kissed me, pulled me to him, held me…it was exhilarating, and my body needed him. My breathing was already ragged and now it caught in my throat as he shoved two of his oversized fingers up as far as he could. The jolt of pleasure forced me forward but his hold on my neck tightened as he forced me to keep his gaze.

He was so controlling. I wondered if I should trust him. He’d always seemed like a nice guy, but this, this felt dangerous in this concealed, darkened room. At the same time, I’d never been so turned on. I wanted more. I needed more. I moved a hand down and brushed him through his pants. He groaned as I ran my hand up and down a cock I wasn’t sure I’d be able to take. He kept staring at me as his face contorted from my touch.

His thumb found my clit and my legs began to shake. It was an extreme sensation, and I wasn’t sure how long I’d be able to stay on my feet. I unzipped his pants and struggled to pull out his cock. He chuckled quietly as I wrestled with his belt buckle as he kept his hands on me and in me. His cock fell forward as I finally pulled open his pants and ran a hand up and down his length. His eyes began to close as he moaned louder.

He popped his eyes open, gritted his teeth and gave me a diabolical look. I wasn’t sure if I could take him all, but I was elated knowing I was about to give it my best. He pulled his hand out of me and whipped me around. I put my hands on the door to steady myself and to hopefully stop anyone from opening it on us. He didn’t seem worried about any of that. He flipped my dress up and guided the tip of his cock into my dripping pussy, pulling the thin strip of fabric out of his way. He pushed his head in about an inch before roughly thrusting the rest of his cock into me entirely.

My legs almost gave out at the rush of pleasure and I nearly collapsed. He caught me around the waist and wrapped his arms around me, holding me to him as he began thrusting into me. I felt him hitting my cervix as jolts of electricity kept shooting through me from the brusque contact. He muffled my scream with a hand over my mouth as he whispered, “Gabriella, let’s not get caught.” It seemed nonsense to me, with the storm outside no one was going to hear us, but, at the very least, the bats certainly didn’t seem to like my screams.

The way he said my name though, it was slow and lyrical, and I couldn’t get enough. I grabbed his hand and pulled it away slightly. Between pants I begged him, “say Escort Burdur it again…my name…please…say it again.” He leaned forward against my back, pulling me to him, our bodies flush together as he started slowly thrusting again. He moved a hand from around me as he slid one back into my dress, clutching at my chest, digging into my bra, gripping my breast and rolling my nipple between his fingers. I could feel my moans getting louder as his thrusts came faster and harder. Deeper, too deep, I tried to be quiet. I couldn’t. “Help me,” I said as I put his hand back over my mouth.

He kept his hand firmly in place and lost his grip on my breast as I began to be less and less help holding myself up. His rough hand moved down from my front to hold me, supporting me as he fucked me. Fucked me hard and fast, my moans and screams blissfully muffled. He began saying my name, “Gabriella, Gabriella,” over and over again, starting out softly and becoming louder as he fucked me harder. It was like a song I wanted to play on repeat.

He was rough and using me like a ragdoll now, my feet barely staying on the ground as he thrust into me, his movements growing frantic and my name on his lips now coming only between his own ragged groans. I took a hand off of the door and found the top of his head, holding onto him in some way as I began to cum. My legs were shaking, and the pulsations moved to the rest of my body as I convulsed around his cock. He screamed my name one final time, “GABRIELLA!” as he thrust into me hard. His hand around my mouth shot to the door to stabilize himself as his own body quaked. His hot cum shooting into me as my body shuddered again. He pumped his cum into me a few more times before wrapping both his arms around me tightly in a passionate embrace.

We both stood there for a few moments, panting, ripples going through me after cumming so hard. I felt his cock twitching inside me still. He slowly moved his arms from around my body, pulling his hand out of my dress, his beard brushing over my skin as he kissed the side and back of my neck sweetly.

I let out one more deep sigh and he turned me around. His kissed my lips softly as I leaned back against the door, looking up at him. He gave me a bashful smile that I returned as I looked away. “Oh…” I said as I felt his cum trickling out of me. He tilted his head slightly, wondering what I was thinking.

“Oh! Give me a second. Don’t move.” He kissed me again before pulling himself away from me to disappear back into the room between here and the enclosure. He came back out with a box of tissues. I reached my hand out to take them from him and he ignored me. Kneeling in front of me he spread my legs as I held my dress up and he wiped from my thighs to my pussy, cleaning me up. I blushed looking down at him as he cleaned me. I put a hand on his head and stroked it gently. He looked up at me for a moment before diving his face into my pussy, licking me clean. I cried out and he pinched my ass as I slapped a hand over my mouth.

He stood and with a coy smile did up the buttons on my dress that he’d undone earlier. He put the tissues away and came back to me. Kissing me deeply as I wrapped my arms around his neck before we stepped away from one another. Rubbing the back of his head, he looked at me sweetly. “I, uh, need to get back to work.”

“See you next week?” I asked. He nodded as I smiled and bit my bottom lip. He looked back as he opened the door. Nodding goodbye to me, he sang my name again, “Gabriella.”

I couldn’t wait to hear that song again.

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