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As I read what I had written, I cried out to the heavens to help me make sense of it. An angel took pity on my plight and descended unto me. This Angel spoke these wise words:

“Fear not the ‘Volunteer Editor Program. They’re waiting to help!”

With her patience and guidance, we worked together to make it a better story. When it was finished, we read it, and it was GOOD.

Your votes and feedback will be greatly appreciated.


I knew that I had to have her the moment I spotted her across the open sun dappled meadow. The noise of the tires from my car crunching over the gravel had me praying silently that it would not send her fleeing. I pulled the car to the roadside, closed the door quietly and crouched behind the fender. Without drawing her attention, my mind assessed the possibilities of getting closer. The complete lack of cover left a stealthy approach out of the question. There was nothing left for me to do but rely on sheer speed to close the distance between us. When I arrived at the point where I had seen her sleek figure frolicking among the wildflowers, she had vanished. The only proof that she ever existed anywhere outside of my mind was a small wicker basket and a rumpled blanket.

Driven by something that could not be readily identified, only a trail of footprints were all that I had to guide me in my search for her. Could it be the biological imperative? That didn’t feel right to me as I considered it further and followed the meager evidence of her passing. Unable to shake the feeling that I somehow knew who she was; it was unclear to me as to whether we had ever even met.

Passing into the forest, I scanned for any sign of movement but found nothing amiss. My senses focused on the narrow path before me. Not wanting to frighten my quarry and drive her ever deeper into the wooded hills, I proceeded as quietly as possible. Coming to a small stream, the bits of earth and scraped moss marking each stone made me certain that this was where she had crossed. Peering further along the trail on the far bank, I noticed something out of place where the terrain began a gentle ascent.

Leaping across the churning water and landing short, my now soaked, freezing feet were of no concern to me. All that mattered was the chase! My steps were louder than I would have liked, thudding across the bare ground to what I had seen from the stream’s now distant edge. Hopelessly entangled in a thorn bush were the remnants of her tattered black dress.

I snatched it from the greedy limbs of the branches, the fabric slick and warm against my rough fingers. It was possible to inhale her perfume still clinging to it as I buried my nose into its folds. The complex fragrance of sweat and musk further fueled my desire to gain the upper hand and find my nimble wood nymph.

Turning to follow what had seemed like a flash of movement near the crest of the hill, I cast the now useless garment aside. Was that a shapely thigh in a shimmering black stocking or was my imagination playing a trick on me? Uncertain, I moved on carefully and watched for the slightest sign of her.

It was easy to see far into the distance where the trail split in two from the apex of the small hill. My frequent forays into this part of the woods on fall afternoons would now serve me well because I knew as to where each path led. To the right, the trail became a marshy quagmire where it passed too near the lakeshore. The left side curled lazily along the hillside before winding through rocky bluffs that enveloped the still waters from above. I moved stealthily, examining them both for any telltale signs of disturbance.

Advancing quietly, it was obvious to me where her foot had slipped. As she had Alanya Escort attempted to slow her descent, the leaves had been turned wet side up marking the event. A freshly broken twig not far down the track leading to the left showed its bright inner bark, a perfect sign of her choice. ‘Could this be too obvious?’ I asked myself. Attempting to restore order to the whirling doubts in my mind, all I could do was to stand panting at the juncture of the wooded tracks.

A wrong decision on my part here would, without a doubt, afford her the necessary time to escape. Checking further down the right trail for any signs of disturbance or possible deception had me certain as to what course she had taken. I recalled an intersecting game trail used only by the craftiest of beasts and turning on my heels, pelted the way I had come, back up the hill.

My body had become soft and I railed inwardly at myself. That didn’t deter me from surging through the impassable undergrowth to finally emerge onto the spindly trace. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath, not entirely confident that acting decisively a few moments ago would place me ahead of her. She had proven without question that she could outdistance me. My only hope was to use my intimate knowledge of this forest and a bit of guile to end this pursuit in my favor.

I arrived where the trails met and inspected the larger for any signs that my arrival was to late. Relieved to find that wasn’t the case, I quietly climbed to a perch on a jagged outcropping high enough to observe her approach and settled in to wait. It felt good to allow my body to recover from its exertions and have a few moments to finalize my plan.

The sweat from my brow was stinging the scratches from my headlong plunge through the thick brush. I feverishly wiped it away, surveying the location. It was pleasing to find that it was perfectly suited for the ambush which was forming in my mind. Anything entering the small clearing at the base of the bluffs would have already passed the only exit immediately beneath the craggy wall which concealed my presence. Once she was beyond me, I planned to place myself where the trail veered around the cliff. It would effectively seal her inside the stony embrace of the towering granite.

All external noises were replaced by the thunderous pounding of my heart the instant I saw her approaching. Watching intently, a smile curled at the corners of my mouth. Furtively glancing back the way she had come and continuing into the clearing, she did not yet realize that her peril no longer emanated from behind. Leaning against the rock face, she began a frantic search for a route out of the exposed clearing. Her outstretched hands which were gliding along the sun-warmed rock sought purchase to begin a harrowing climb.

I sprang from my hidden redoubt, landing in a crouch where the trails intersected, cutting off her only hope of escape. My sudden appearance at the mouth of the clearing made her spin away from the cliff to retreat deeper into the arms of the bluff. I closed the distance between us, not taking my eyes off her for a second. Just moments before, I had seen only vulnerability and fear, but now her pretty face had suddenly hardened into a scowl of pure defiance.

Smiling, I stood a few yards away with my arms outstretched, eagerly examining my prize. She was not young, but even a cursory glance at her lithe form revealed a subtle strength not to be denied. Her short blonde hair was tousled and damp with sweat. It clung to her face where the droplets gathered and trickled downward. My eyes wandered to her pert breasts which were heaving as she gasped for air. Continuing on down to her flat stomach, the gentle swell Alanya Escort Bayan of her hips added to the overall beauty and sensuous potential of this wood nymph. My gaze halted at the huge rents in her silky black stockings, torn from the flight through the underbrush.

Our eyes met and locked in an uncertain exchange. She wanted nothing more than to be let free, and I wanted nothing less than her. My hand reached out of its own accord and her reaction was instantaneous. She tried to grasp my thumb and gain leverage, hoping to force me from her path. I could see what she intended to do, so before her slender fingers could close around my exposed thumb I tucked it into my palm and swept her attack aside with the back of my hand. Taking a step back, I watched fascinated as the sleek muscles of her legs bunched before springing forward and slamming into me, sending both of us toppling backward.

Finding myself underneath, I pulled her over with me and with a quick roll, had her neatly pinned beneath my much heavier frame. She struggled fiercely for a moment or two, but soon realized there would be no relenting from me and became quiet, glaring into my eyes. Leaning my head forward to grace her lips, she strained away, her determination still smoldering. Unfazed, I continued to the only target that was presented and gently kissed the soft, delicate skin just below her sculpted jaw.

The salty taste of her skin on my lips surprised and excited me, but I found my intentions toward her curiously changing. No longer wanting to just ravage and cast her used body aside when my needs were fulfilled, I wanted her to enjoy being taken. Needing for some reason to have her revel in it as only an equal could. Unable to understand where these emotions had risen from, I only knew that where moments ago I was driven with urgency and desire, unwelcome doubt had now reared its head.

My lips glided in tender kisses along her exposed neck to the soft lobe of her ear. I captured it in my warm mouth, willing myself to be gentle as I lightly nibbled on the tender flesh. I felt some of the tension leave her arms where my meaty hands had them held securely to our sides, and withdrew from the recesses of her musky skin. The aroma she exuded had me fighting for restraint. She turned her face toward me and her eyes sought mine, the seething fire within them slowly fading, peering into my very soul.

I brushed her mouth with a fleeting kiss and feeling no resistance, gently caressed and probed her lips with the tip of my tongue. They parted slightly, allowing my entry and was gratified to feel her arms curling around the nape of my neck as I released my grip. Cradling her face to continue devouring her full lips, our tongues fenced and swirled in our intertwined mouths. I flinched slightly when her legs began curving around my hips and thighs, pulling my body forward.

Reluctantly pulling away, I pushed myself up to balance on my knees. Glancing down at her supine body, my struggle for self control was quickly losing ground to the desire between my loins. My fingers traced the fabric of what remained of her tattered bra and the soft flesh within was calling for me to free it. Without a moments thought, I hooked my hand around its center and with a single tug, tore it open to reveal her wondrous globes beneath.

The swell of each pale breast was blessed with radiantly pink nipples that immediately had my fingers drawn to one and my ravenous lips to the other. The lust I felt for her intensified as I greedily suckled on the taut, stiffening nipples. Unable to contain the desire boiling within me, my lips and tongue traversed every inch of her tender flesh. My hands roamed and caressed Escort Alanya what my mouth could not. A soft moan escaped her and I relented in my feverish exploration of her breasts to return eagerly to her mouth.

Her passion had risen to match my own. I could feel the urgency from the writhing and bucking beneath me, desperately seeking relief. Breaking our torrid embrace, I knelt before her to gaze at the last barrier to the essence of her femininity. My hands trembled slightly as they slid up her soft hips to the sides of the dark fabric which was hiding what I needed. She lifted her slender legs to aid me, and after tossing aside the shredded panties, I stopped to immerse myself in her beauty. Her sex was totally smooth and glistened with dew, much like an oyster. Letting out a sharp gasp at the sight before me, I was completely transfixed; the delicate outer lips were open and inviting as she rotated her hips to tantalize me.

I stood up at that moment and struggled with my clothes, frantically pulling my shirt and tie over my head before casting them violently away. When my pants dropped, a smile danced across her face as my steely member sprang into view. I lowered myself gently before her, feeling every nerve flutter as my nakedness touched hers. Savoring the sensation for a moment, I was surprised to feel her hand slide between us to grasp my cock.

It was almost throbbing with pain, I don’t ever remember being as hard as this. The whole length of my rigid member was pulsing in her grip as she guided it in. Her legs were hooked tightly behind me, pulling me in deeper until I had reached my full depth; the movement itself producing simultaneous gasps of pure ecstasy.

For a moment I couldn’t move, my senses were so overwhelmed by the warm tightness of her silken sheath. The exquisite ache in my balls soon compelled me to exploit my coveted position. I started with slow measured strokes, each one more thrilling and mind-numbing than the last. Groaning with sheer lust, the last vestige of my restraint was near as she raised her legs and placed them delicately upon my shoulders. She was granting me complete access to explore her hot, steamy depths.

I could feel the walls of her pussy gripping me tighter with each forceful thrust. My tortured balls were slapping against her round and firm smooth buttocks with audible smacks. She bucked and arched her hips against mine, matching every move until her legs lost their strength and went limp I gazed at her shuddering form beneath me, she was moaning and gasping as she plunged into an uncontrollable orgasm around my shaft. I was nearing my own climax now; my balls churning. Not caring for anything except total release, my muscles were rippling as I plunged deep into her.

Spurred on by the warm, slippery vacuum tight suction of her silken pussy, I bent my head and kissed her hard on the mouth. Feeling the familiar tightening within my bruised balls beginning to push warm cum up my cock, I bathed the walls of her gaping pussy to capacity. Exhausted and spent I collapsed against her sweat-drenched body, letting forth a yell of conquer in the joy I had found within her.

We walked from the woods arm in arm. She wearing only my white button down shirt and I clad only in a pair of brown dress pants. Sitting on a blanket at the edge of the meadow, my wife pulled two glasses from the wicker basket beside us while I opened a bottle of wine. Neither of us said a word for quite a while before I finally spoke up.

“You know hon, when that counselor suggested we try a few things like this, I thought that she was full of shit up to her eyeballs!”

She just arched one eyebrow in response and sipped quietly on her wine.

I knew immediately that I had dug myself a hole and had better fill it in fast, “But I kind of liked your idea of surprises. Maybe we should go back and hear what she has to say about this one!”

My wife smiled and set her glass aside before opening her arms and said, “That’s my man.”

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