They Can’t Help Themselves

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They sat together in the car, the conversation desultory, neither one really paying any attention to it, discussing inane things like the weather and if the other enjoyed their job. She was of medium height, about 5’2″, obviously of Italian descent, with chocolate-brown eyes and ash-brown hair, the description of a milf if ever there was one: dressed in a light white-and-yellow sundress, childbearing had filled out her already generous hips and behind, and nursing had engorged her breasts from their previous generous C-cup to a full DD. Hard work at her pole-dancing class had won back her trim waist and belly, something she was very proud of. He too was of middling height, around 5’7″, but broad across the chest and shoulder for his height. Dressed in black slacks and a blue button-down shirt, he was sufficiently fit to not be considered out of shape, though still with a hint of dad-belly at his waist, his copper-tinted short-cropped brown hair was paired with a red beard that complimented his blue and green eyes nicely.

Talking still, the conversation was slowing, with longer and longer pauses between each speaker responding. They both knew where the evening was going to end, but they both still harboured hopes of it going in a different direction. He could still get of the car and go home to his girlfriend; she could still leave and drive home to her family. But they knew, deep down, that the stage was set, the script, already written.

Billy Joel’s “Shameless” came on the radio, and to his refrains of helpless infatuation, their poor attempt at conversation slowly stopped. They looked at each other, just looked, gazing into each other’s eyes. Without realising, they began leaning in, closer and closer. His left forearm leaned on the console armrest between them, and, as if of its own volition, his right came up and gently caressed her face, pulling her ash-brown tresses back from her face, tucking the hair behind her ear as he used to do so many years ago. She closed her eyes at his touch, turning her face into his hand, reflexively reaching up with her own left hand to hold his hand against her face. She kissed his palm, gently, and his left hand grabbed her right arm, the passion beginning to rise in them both.

Suddenly she gasped, almost a sob, yanking his hand from her face and holding it down.

“We-” she said, just as he said “I-“.

Talking right on top of each other, they both stopped, looking down in embarrassment and shame. But it was too late. In her haste to take his hand from her face, she had placed it on her thigh, right at the top of her lap, and she suddenly became aware of where his hand was, practically on top of her womanhood. She closed her eyes, squeezing them shut, biting her lip, trying to keep herself from pressing his hand into her, giving a tiny, almost inaudible whimper from trying to not rise up into his hand on her.

He realized where his hand was at the same moment she did, suddenly aware of the incredible heat pouring from her, which his hand was resting directly beside. He breathed deeply, inhaling through his nose, and realised he could smell her, the car serving to contain the smell of her arousal, amplifying it. Reflexively, unconsciously, his hands flexed, his left squeezing her arm in its grip, his right squeezing her upper thigh through the light summer dress, digging his thumb into the crease between her leg and her nethers.

She moaned again, out loud this time. He looked up to her face, and saw her half-lidded eyes staring at him with a heat inside them that he knew he couldn’t resist, falling into them, leaning in, his right hand continuing to massage her as she used her left hand now to pull his arm towards her, pushing his thumb into the crease of her centre, and her right hand reached out to his neck, pulling him closer, mouth open, gasping for air like she’d run a marathon.

He felt her hand reach around behind his neck, pulling his mouth down to hers. He gasped himself, getting another lungfull of her scent permeating the air, pungent and erotic, the heady aroma overwhelming any remaining capacity for reason he might have had. Closing his eyes, he pulled her towards him with his left hand, and kissed her, hard, tongue darting between his lips to meet hers darting out from own mouth. His right hand clenched, drawing the light fabric of her summer dress up her leg, her left still pulling his hand into her.

Kissing still, eyes closed, their hands began to move almost as of their own volition. She brought her left hand up to his face to join her right, holding his mouth to hers as if her life depended on his breath. His right hand slipped under her sundress, while his left released her arm and began pulling the dress up her back, tugging it from under her. She began to unbutton his shirt, never looking at what she was doing, her eyes still closed in their breathless kiss. He continued to pull her dress from under her, while his right hand turned palm up and began to slip between her legs. Moaning eagerly into their kiss, she scooted her bottom up and spread her legs as much as could güvenilir bahis in the limited confines around the steering wheel. His left hand immediately finished pulling her dress from under her, and reaching under it, began caressing her bare back. His right hand, having been granted access by her spread legs, began to firmly but languorously massage her cleft through her moist panties. She continued unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it out of his pants and proceeding to try unbuckle his belt. Her hands brushed his member as she worked at the stiff leather, and he groaned into her mouth. Pausing her work for moment, she caressed the length of him through his pants, and broke their kiss long enough to gasp, “Get it out. Please, God, take out your cock,” leaning her forehead against his as she rubbed at him through the thin material if his slacks. Not saying anything, just kissing her again, he proceeded to quickly flip back the length of leather and unhook it, slipping it out of the metal buckle and unbuttoning his pants, before her own hands brushed his out of the way and yanked down his zipper, pulling him out of his underwear and wrapping both her small hands around his length, fingers barely meeting around his girth.

“God it’s even bigger than I remember.” she breathed against his mouth, faces leaned in and caressing each other’s cheeks.

“You just remember it smaller, I promise I haven’t grown. You though,” he said, hands reaching for her breasts underneath the front of the sundress, caressing them over her lacy bra, “definitely have. Pregnancy was good to you.”

She giggled, then gently moaned. “You always did like them big. Now I’ve got them; big breasts to match this nice. Big. Cock.” She punctuated her speaking with gentle but firm tugs on his hardness.

He moaned with her ministrations, kissing her again, hands slipping around behind her to undo her bra, and deftly slipping its wire over her full and heavy breasts, still firm and high despite nursing two children, caressing their roundness and holding their weight, gently rubbing her nipples. She continued jacking him, skin rubbing up and down over the flared head of his glans, the end gleaming with his own leakings.

Breaking their passionate kiss, she said, “I can’t wait any longer, I need to taste it. I need you in my mouth again. Move the seat back, make room for me.” As he did as he was ordered, she moved her own seat back to make room for her legs and clambered over the centre console onto his lap. Briefly she straddled him, soaking wet panties pressed tight against his hardness as she held his face and kissed him again. Groaning at the sensation of her soft wetness pressing against him, he thrust up to her, sliding himself over the front of her panties, rubbing his hardness against her pliant, cotton-covered opening. Moaning into his mouth, she broke the kiss and lifted herself off him, breathing, “No, not yet. Later. I have a surprise for you first,” as she slipped off his lap and nestled into the footwell in front of him. There was barely enough room for her, but she was so small she fit. Holding him in one hand, she sensually licked all the way up his length, starting with his balls and licking all the way to his tip, making him groan in anticipation and jerk up towards her mouth. “Ready for your surprise?” she asked archly

Laughing, he said, gently teasing, “What is it? No braces this time?”

She made a face and stuck out her tongue at him, a wonderfully erotic sight that caught his breath. “No, silly. Well, yes, I don’t have braces anymore, but that’s not your surprise. I’ve been practising, and now I get to do this to a cock big enough to make it interesting.” And with that she kneeled up a bit, arching her back around the dashboard, aimed him at her open lips, and proceeded to engulf him in her mouth. Down she went, talking him all the way to the back of her mouth, almost half his length, and then pulling off. Licking the tip while she jerked him with her hand, she looked up at him from between his legs, watching him watching her, loving the fiery lust burning in his eyes. She licked down his length, coating him with her saliva, and gently sucked his balls into her mouth, first one and then other, still jerking him with her hand, and never taking her eyes from his. He moaned at her ministrations, the vocalisation torn from him almost involuntarily by the incredibly erotic show she was putting on for him. Licking back up his length to the tip, she licked all around the flared crown of his burning cock, and then took just the head in her mouth, proceeding to swirl her tongue around it. He moaned again and jerked his hips, closing his eyes in pleasure, trying to get himself deeper in her mouth. Smiling to herself around his dick, she closed her eyes herself, and down she went. Slowly, but deliberately, she took his entire length into her mouth, and, upon his cock reaching the back of her tongue, began swallowing, lifting her soft palate out of the way of the intruding flesh in her mouth, and suppressing her gag reflex, taking him down her throat. He lifted his head to watch türkçe bahis this incredible spectacle, his eyes getting bigger and bigger as she proceeded to deepthroat her old partner. Finally bottoming out with her nose in his abdomen, she then reached out with her tongue and caressed his balls, which she was holding up high and close to his body.

Watching this display was almost too much for him to bear. Eyes wide, gasping and gulping for air, he tried desperately not to orgasm right away, nearly overcome from the sensation of being completely engulfed in her hot, wet mouth, his engorged member pulsing and throbbing in her throat. He could actually see where her throat distended around him. And then she pulled off his dick, slowly withdrawing it from her throat, and he watched her swollen throat return to normal as she came up off him. And when she had just the head in her mouth again, she swirled her tongue around his cockhead again, and then deepthroated him again, faster this time, her neck visibly expanding around his girth as she took him all the way into her mouth. And again she pulled off, and again repeated the unbelievable feat. And again, faster, and again, faster still. He was gasping and groaning, incredulous at the pace of her; she was, effectively, fucking him with her throat, and he had never felt anything so amazing, never seen anything so overwhelmingly erotic.

And then, on the next downstroke, she pushed his balls up against him, pushing them close to her mouth, and licked them while he was still deep in her throat, and he lost it. Throwing his head back and grabbing the door handle and armrest, he involuntarily thrust into the throat he was already all the way down. She rode the movement expertly, having hoped for exactly this reaction, and pulled back just enough to gently massage his balls with her left hand while she stroked him with her right, milking his orgasm for all that she could. She couldn’t taste anything, he was still too deep in her throat, but she swallowed rhythmically, stroking his cock from inside her mouth as well as with her hand. She wanted to milk him dry so that he would last long enough for round two. When he finally stopped jerking his hips, she pulled off him, licking his length as she slowly removed him from her mouth. Holding his cock in her hand, still caressing his balls, she grinned archly at him as she continued licking the length of him.

“Did you like your surprise?” she teased, still caressing him with both hands, licking his shaft again.

He groaned in response, barely able to lift his head to look at her. “My god, that was incredible…” he breathed, still winded from the prodigious orgasm he’d just experienced.

“You ready for round two?”

“Give me a chance to recover, woman! Climb over me, get in the back seat, it’s your turn,” he said, grinning at her.

She did so, squirming out from between his legs and snaking up his torso, kissing him as she came level with his mouth. He grabbed her face, holding her to him and kissing her fiercely, the kiss so fervid that she stopped and just lay prone along him, unable to move anymore. Finally he broke the kiss, though she moaned in need, and he gently slapped her ass to get her moving again. Clambering over him into the back bench, he twisted around and followed her. She lay along the bench, back in the corner behind the driver’s seat. He reached around the front and pushed both seats all the way to the front to give them more room, then kneeled behind the passenger seat and turned to her. Her dress had covered her again, and, his own eyes staring deeply into hers, he slowly caressed her legs under the dress. Sliding his hands along her full thighs to her hips, he lifted her bottom and slid the dress up from under her, pulling her panties down with his hands as they came back down across her hips. Negligently he tossed them to the floor of the car, and pushed her dress up to her waist, exposing her. Still staring deep into her eyes, he pulled her legs apart, spreading them wide and making room for himself between them. Massaging her upper thighs and hips, he finally broke his gaze and lowered his mouth to her pussy.

She was already wet, the scent of her juices filling his nostrils, driving him mad with desire, and he licked her languidly, from bottom to top, slowly, and firmly. She grabbed his head with both hands, twisting her fingers in his hair, moaning at the sensation of his tongue on the lips of her pussy. As he licked her, he removed his shirt behind him, folded it up and placed it under her bottom. Bringing his hands up along her abdomen, carressing in towards her centre, he spread his fingers along her lower abdomen and reached his thumbs down along either side of her vulva, massaging her firmly while he licked her slick pussy. As he massaged her vulva with his thumbs, he occasionally would bring his tongue up to her clit, pressing it firmly with his tongue. She made little sounds as did this, moans and sighs. Gradually, he went faster with his tongue, and harder, no longer simply licking her pussy, but pushing his tongue between güvenilir bahis siteleri her lips as he stroke the inner walls of her vulva with his tongue, and massaged the outer walls of her vulva with his thumbs. He began to stroke her clit with his tongue with every upstroke, and then began licking past it so that he could lick it again on the way back down again. Finally he settled on her clit, licking it slowly and firmly with his tongue, and, taking his right hand, slowly pressed two fingers into her pussy, his left hand reaching up her body and began massaging her breasts, slightly larger than the a handful for his large hands. Still pressing his tongue against her clit and stroking slowly, he began to move his fingers in and out, her pussy so wet that he met no resistance at all. She began arching her back in pleasure from the reaming of her clit and finger-fucking her pussy was getting.

Holding his head tightly, she tried to direct him, but he held firm, slowly thrusting his fingers in and out of her while licking her clit. Keeping her right hand twisted in his hair, she brought up her left to her breast, massaging it while he massaged her right. He was squeezing her breast so wonderfully, and gently pinching her nipple. Desperate for more sensation, she pulled her dress down and drew out her left breast from its decolletage, and brought it up to her mouth and sucked on her nipple. Her moaning as she did so caught his attention, and peering up from his station at her pussy, he saw her sucking her own breast, and groaned as he licked her, almost overcome by how hot she looked, eyes closed and suckling her own breast. He began licking her clit harder, faster, changing his pace in counterpoint to his fingers, which he kept steady and rhythmic. He pulled out far on one stroke and placed a third finger at her opening before slowly thrusting back in, returning to his steady finger-fucking of her pussy and his chaotic teasing of her clit, his right hand still squeezing and massaging her breast. He could tell she was being driving crazy, she was beginning to not merely moan but to cry out in her lust, her mouth still full of her own nipple. He started to go faster, and she bucked to meet his stroke, hips moving with his hand, her hand in his hair pressing his face hard into her pussy.

She began to cry out on each stroke in, and he increased the pressure and speed of his tongue, finally matching his tongue-strokes on her clit with the thrusting of his fingers, and she starting yelling out on each thrust, once, again, again, and then she began to wail as her whole body vibrated like a plucked string. Releasing her breast she grabbed his head with both hands, holding him to her clit, as he kept tonguing and stroking in tempo with each other. After a few moments she took a breath, gasping for air, and her body started to relax a bit. But instead of slowing with her, he sped up, thrusting harder, and licking faster, she gasped loudly, almost a scream, in surprise, and gasped again, and starting keening, her head thrown back, fingers almost tearing his hair out, her hips rose to meet him as she came again, even stronger than the first one. He kept thrusting and licking, keeping her going, each thrust of his fingers resulting in a little cry from her. She started trying to pull his head away, but he held firm, keeping her orgasm going, until finally she gave one loud scream and her entire body jerked, and she squirted, hard, spraying him along his hand and forearm, his lower face, his chest. Slowly, slowly, he relaxed and slowed his stroke, bringing her gently down from the incredible height he’d just brought her to.

She couldn’t catch her breath, gasping for air, her fingers still entwined in his hair. Removing his fingers from her literally dripping pussy, he gave one last slow, gentle lick from her top to bottom of her, and straightened up, her hands falling from his head to lay on her thighs. She was watching him as he looked at her.

“A thank-you,” he said, grinning like a cat in the cream.

Still out of breath, she said, “That… was incredible. I’ve never… where did you learn… that?”

“Oh, it’s something I picked up,” he responded, nonchalantly, pretending to examine his sticky fingers.

A roguish look on her face, she took his right hand in her left and pulled him close to her, until he was laying atop her, her breasts crushed into his chest. Slowly, she brought up his right hand, fingers sticky and shiny with her own juices, up to her mouth. “And,” she took his index finger deep in her mouth, sucking her own cum off it, “are you now,” she took the middle finger into her mouth, sucking it clean, “fully recovered?” and she sucked off his ring finger.

Balancing on his left hand, he pulled his right from her hand and cupped her neck, bringing her mouth to his for an ardent kiss, and her hands snaked around him, holding him close to her, crushing herself to him, her body rising in passion against him. Breathlessly they pulled away from each other, and she reached down to his cock, finding it rock hard and pulsing with his heartbeat. Pulling him to her, she placed the head at the sopping entrance to her pussy, dragging it up and down along her wet lips, coating him in her juices. Looking into his eyes, her own gaze smoldering, she said, “I want you in me. Now.”

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