Thirty Years In The Making

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Judit and I went to the same class in school, we’ve known each other since we were kids. We were both the quiet, live-and-let-live types. This is why, even though we both noticed the other, and even flirted with the idea of talking to the other in school, we missed each other. She was tall with a cute smile, and even back then I noticed her shapely butt.Time passed. She went to high school in our hometown, I moved abroad with my family. Without Facebook and other social media at the time, we lost touch. I got married, had a child, divorced, re-married, moved abroad again. She got married, had a child, went through a lot of personal things.With the advent of Facebook, we reconnected again, although we didn’t talk too much. You know, friends from the past, now online friends situation. And then one day, I sent her a PM, and she replied, we talked, and with her back in our hometown and me on the other side of the world, we started e-mailing. We talked about the past decades, our experiences, and life at our old school. Lengthy e-mails went back and forth every other week or so for a couple of years.I did not have a chance to visit my hometown, so we had to make do with just a couple of pictures. When she sent me her first current picture, I was stunned. Her smile was just as cute and she looked fantastic. I sent her a couple of compliments and a few flirty lines, and she picked up immediately. We both felt safe, I guess, with the thousands of miles between us.And then a situation presented itself where I had to travel back home. I knew I had to see her. Once my business affairs were in order, I gave her a call. I have not heard her voice in thirty-five years. It was obviously more mature, but still as silky quiet as back in school. She was pleasantly surprised, and our conversation just flowed so naturally. She was still at work but asked if I wanted to join her for dinner. Her son was spending the night at a friend’s place and her offer of a home-cooked meal sounded too inviting to pass up. And yes, I already had more intimate thoughts – her voice, her smile, the memory of her shapely ass. How could I not?I arrived at her place at 7 PM with a bottle of red wine she mentioned in one of her e-mails, and a small bouquet of Matthiola Incanas. These little pink flowers with their spicy cinnamon and clove scent symbolize beauty that doesn’t fade with time. It felt like the perfect flower.As the door opened, she stood there in a Pink Floyd t-shirt, jeans, barefoot, and the same cute smile that made me look her way back in school.”Hiiii!” came her excited greeting, followed by a hug and two kisses on the cheeks. With my hands full, I just enjoyed her hug and smile. As she let go and invited me in, she was shocked at the red wine. She didn’t think I would remember. The flowers required some explanation, and her blush was a welcome sight.She looked fantastic. Visiting the gym, on and off, as her single-parent schedule permitted, kept her in incredible shape. Medium-sized, firm breasts gave the “Dark Side of the Moon” prism an inviting curve, and her long legs accented her shapely butt even further. And even her eyes were smiling. She was such a sight.She gave me a quick tour of her place. Do people show their master bedroom and en-suite bathrooms during these tours? Were these signs? After the tour, I opened the wine, and we sat down on the couch in the living room. She put on a playlist, and we talked for over an hour – school days, marriages, kids, work, politics. Topic followed topic as we Ankara escort moved to the dinner table. She prepared a perfect lightweight dish, followed by an orange soufflé with a rather strong taste of orange liqueur. And we just talked and talked and talked, and it did not look like we would run out of topics.After we cleared the table, we moved back to the living room and continued sharing the last thirty-five years of our lives with some more wine. Soon, the wine was gone, and we switched to the leftover orange liqueur. I brought the bottle in from the kitchen, sat down on the couch facing her and poured a little into her glass. As I leaned closer, our knees touched. It was just a split second. Much less than the hug at the door. And yet it sent a shock through both of us. Our eyes locked simultaneously, but in a second, she was looking down at her glass. I could not look away.The playlist in the background switched to Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”, and just as Gilmour sang ‘Nod if you can hear me’, she looked back up at me. Our eyes locked again and there was just a tiny, barely noticeable nod from her. I placed my glass of liqueur on the coffee table and reached for her hand. There was a moment of hesitation, but she let me caress her hand. Her skin was soft, and I closed my eyes for a second as my fingers ran over the back of her hand. I carefully took her glass, put it next to mine, and took her hands in mine. Her skin was on fire. Was it the liqueur? Everything seemed to slow down. Or maybe, while we both saw where the road was leading, we were very careful taking the first step from the side of the road.She took the first step. Without removing her hands from mine, she leaned closer, put her head on my shoulder, and touched her lips to my neck. I closed my eyes and felt a slight tremble. I let go of one of her hands and ran my fingers through her soft hair. We sat like this for long minutes. I was caressing her head and her neck, while feeling her hot breath on my neck. Turning my head sideways, I looked at her, and as she raised her head, our lips met for the first time. After thirty-five years, we kissed. After thirty-five years, the truth was out. Two very shy kids who never found the courage to talk to each other were finally able to express what they truly felt.Her lips were soft and when our tongues met, our bodies tensed. We were slowly, carefully feeling each other up. Her hands ran up and down my head, my neck, my chest, and she was enjoying my hands all over her body. As our tongues danced, we pulled closer and closer to each other, until she was sitting in my lap. I pulled her close, our bodies pressed against each other. Her breasts squeezed against my chest, her legs wrapped around my waist, and our tongues went from a slow “Drive” by The Cars rhythm to an “Is This Love” by Whitesnake dance. Her kiss tasted as good as her skin smelled. She was everything I could ever imagine and more. She sat in my lap, and we kissed through “Can’t Fight This Feeling”, “You’re My Best Friend”, “More Than A Feeling”, and “Why Can’t This Be Love”. By the time Sammy finished his song, I was sure she could feel my raging hard-on through her jeans and mine, just as I could feel her nipples piercing holes into my chest. She broke our kiss, caressed my face, and as she got up from my lap, pulled me off the couch to follow her. I followed her through the small passage to her bedroom.A small bedside lamp lit the bedroom, providing mood lighting fitting Ankara escort bayan the unfolding action. Standing by her bed, she turned around and we continued our passionate kissing. I pulled her close and my hands were all over her body. And even as we kissed, we started undressing each other. Our t-shirts came over our heads, followed by a small bra she had on, and immediately we pulled each other close again, finally skin on skin. Her breasts were handfuls, perky, she clearly kept them in shape. For minutes, we just stood there in the dim light, holding each other, enjoying the natural warmth.I reached down, unbuttoned her jeans and, breaking our hug, crouched to push them to her ankles. As she stepped out of her jeans, I could clearly smell the sweet scent of her pussy through the tiny thong she had on. She was obviously prepared for what was happening. She ran her fingers through my hair, and with eyes closed, she pulled my face closer between her legs. The small, see-through fabric barely hid anything, but the clearly visible wet patch indicated her arousal. I pushed my nose against the wetness and immediately got lost in the heavenly scent.Although I could’ve stayed there for hours, I stood up and started to unbutton my jeans. She shoved my hands aside, almost tore the button off, pushed my jeans to the ground and knelt in front of me. With eyes closed, she leaned close to my hard-on, still held back in my briefs. She gently caressed the outline of my cock and playfully grabbed my ass with her other hand. At that point, I didn’t even realize the small wet spot on my briefs. She did and her soft kiss on it drove me crazy.She stood up, caressed my face and slowly started pushing my briefs down. In kind, I was already working on removing her panties. As the underwear fell to the floor, we stood there naked, pulling each other close again. For the first time, nothing stood between us. My cock pressed against her belly, her breasts squeezed between us, our hands explored every square inch of skin on the other’s body. She gently caressed my cock, her soft skin almost made me cum. My fingers slid over her cleanly shaved mound, between her thighs, over her drenched lips. A soft moan left her lips and her caress of my cock turned into a tighter grip. She slowly turned around, pushed her shapely ass against my cock, and slowly walked into the bathroom. I could’ve watched her walk, her ass shaking, for hours.I followed her into the bathroom where she already started the water in the spacious shower stall. Just as I got behind her, she opened the glass stall door and stepped in. The warm water running over her sexy body, getting her hair wet was mesmerizing. I just stood there, frozen with a hard-on. She ran her fingers through her long, wet hair and smiled at me.”Coming?” she asked. Almost.I stepped in after her and closed the door. Steam quickly started to fill up the shower stall. I wrapped my arms around her, my body pressed against hers.  The hot water rained down on us, and although it covered up the sweet taste of her skin, I could not stop kissing her shoulders, her neck. I cupped her breasts, they fit perfectly in the palms of my hands. She moaned softly as I carefully squeezed them and gently pinched her erect nipples. I could’ve stayed in that position forever, but she distracted me from that image by reaching back and gently stroking my cock. The softness of her fingers, the hot water, the steam, her body pressed against mine, it was Escort Ankara perfect. My hands slipped down from her breasts, over her stomach and her mound, back between her legs. She shuddered, as my finger touched her clit. But I did not stop there, I had to feel her hot wetness, and slowly, carefully slipped a finger inside her pussy. Tight, hot, incredibly wet. She dropped her head, leaned forward a little and supported herself with one hand against the shower stall wall.How could I resist such an offering? I crouched, then sat behind her, grabbed her sexy ass cheeks, and gently bit one, then the other. She giggled and turned around, placing her perfectly shaved pussy just an inch from my face. Her lips were puffy and I could bet that not all the wetness was from the shower. I reached around, grabbed her ass and pulled her even closer, until my nose touched her clit. She tried to grab something and ended up just leaning against the wall as her legs shook and almost fell. Good thing I was grabbing her ass cheeks. She smelled incredible, and as my tongue touched her lips, I immediately got lost in her taste. I inched even closer, burying my face in her sex. My tongue ran slow circles around her lips, ever so slightly deeper and deeper with every circle, all the while not letting go of her ass. Judit lowered herself a little, almost sitting on my face and just as she looked down at me, I looked back up at her. Seeing her smile between her breasts and the pleasure in her eyes turned me on more than anything. I wanted more of her. I wanted all of her. I let go of her ass, cupped her breasts, and she immediately grabbed my hands, squeezing my fingers as my tongue explored from her clit, between her lips, across her perineum, and stopping just before her anus. As my tongue slipped between her lips, she let go of one hand and grabbed my hair, pulling my head tight against her pussy.”God… please… more,” she moaned, her hips beginning to gyrate over my face. Her movements got faster and faster, and she pushed her clit over my mouth. As I licked and sucked on her clitoris, I slowly slipped two fingers into her dripping, hot, tight pussy. A quiet yelp filled the shower stall, followed by an “oh fuck”, barely audible over the running water. It got harder to breathe, but I kept licking and fingering her, until that moment when she almost tore a handful of my hair out, as her body shook, her muscles contracted and gripped my fingers, and her pulsating pussy squirted her sweet juices over my face and into my mouth. Her shaking subsided, I pulled my finger out of her hot wetness and stood up. Still on wobbly legs, I wrapped my arms around her and ran my hand through her wet hair. She looked up at me smiling, kissed me, and gave my rock-hard cock a gentle squeeze.For the next half hour, we bathed each other without a word. I ran the foamy loofah sponge all over her body, from her neck, across and all over her breasts, between her legs, all the way down to her toes. When she was all covered in bubbles, I ran the shower head on soft settings from top to bottom, washing her clean. I only turned up the water pressure when I passed between her thighs, which made her giggle. She then took the loofah and covered me in soap bubbles. I had to close my eyes and lean against the wall when she wrapped the loofah around my cock and gently, ever so slowly caressed it up and down. She had me turn around so she could wash my back, but her true intentions surfaced when she knelt “to wash my legs” but ended up leaning close and running her tongue down my spine, between my ass cheeks, over my anus. My shiver, momentary tensing, and loud sigh brought a smile to her face. But she did wash my legs. After rinsing me down, sharing a long, passionate kiss, and drying each other, we walked into her bedroom.

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