Three is Not a Crowd

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Three is Not a CrowdCheri and Dan had been married about two years. They had the best active sex life. They also lived with Dave, Dan’s father. Both men shared Cheri. Tonight she was naked watching a movie between both men and they were each sucking on her tits and had two fingers in her cunt fucking her. Both men were also naked and she was stroking both cocks. She knew where her husband got his big cock as her father in law was huge. He was always naked with a big hard on and loved fucking Cheri. Last Saturday the two men took turns licking, sucking and fucking her all day long. Tonight Dan shoved her on her back and began to eat her pussy and Dave shoved his cock in her mouth to suck. His huge cock filled her mouth and she loved sucking him. As she sucked his big shaft she shoved two fingers in his ass and finger fucked him sucking harder as her husband sucked on her clit then pushed his tongue into her cunt. Dave began moaning and shouting “Yes, suck my cock hard. Fuck my ass. Make me your bitch. Use me and abuse me. Make me cum.” Just then he husband got between her legs and pushed his big cock deep in hr cunt and was fucking her hard watching her suck on his dad’s thick cock. Then just before Dave was to cum Cheri pulled the cock out and sucked just the tip and ran her tongue over the slit and sucked it hard as the cum flowed from it and she swallowed the big load down her throat. Dan then filled her cunt with cum and shoved every inch of his cock in deep and moaned as he shot his wad deep in her sexy hole.Dave then pulled her cunt to his mouth and began sucking Dan’s cum from her and licking her pussy and cleaning her. Dan was kissing her mouth and running his tongue all inside tasting Dave’s cum on her türbanlı edirne escort tongue. He told his wife “You are the best fuck and so sexy. I love sharing you with dad and watching him suck and fuck you and I get so hard when you suck his monster cock. Now suck my cock baby and get my cock hard so I can fuck your ass and then dad will lick it clean. Then we can go to bed and take turns sucking on your pussy. I am so horny tonight and need a lot of cunt.” Cheri began sucking Dan’s thick cock and it took no time to get him hard and he then bent her over the back of the couch and spread her ass and shoved his big meat deep in her sexy asshole. Then the fucking began. He shoved his cock all the way in and then pulled it almost out the back in and did the many times till he could feel the tightness of her ass around his big cock. He loved ass fucking his wife with his cock and his tongue. She was so sexy and always needed a cock in her. He ass fucked her a long time till he filled her ass with another big load of cum. Dan pulled his cock out and Dave then pushed his tongue to her ass and licked all around her leaking asshole then he sucked the cum out of her and shoved his tongue in to get every drop of the warm juice. He took turns tonguing her cunt and ass not wasting one bit of the precious cum. The more he tongued her cunt the more she came and he was so busy licking cum out of the sexy hole. Then Dan said “Come on dad. Let’s take this sexy queen to bed and see how much cum we can fill her with. I think you will get a lot tonight to suck out of her ass and cunt. Between you and I we should be able to fuck her all night long. My cock is rock hard just türbanlı edirne escort bayan thinking about that wet cunt and tight ass. Cheri loves our big long thick cocks a lot too. So lets go fuck.”They moved to the bed and Cheri was between them as they played with and sucked on her tits as they finger fucked her cunt. She loved when they both had a finger in her cunt fucking her hard and making her cum as they sucked on her big nipples. She never tired of their strong sex desire. Dave was sixty and still fucked her three times a day. His cock was always hard and she loved sucking him. Dan was just like a fucking machine. He never got enough and she loved fucking him a lot. He loved her huge tits and loved playing with them. She loved when they fucked all night then most of the next day. She needed the sex. She knew if Dave was not here with she and Dan she would be out looking for more cock. She had a big need for fucking and now both men could fulfill it for her. They never wore clothes because they always ended up naked any way. She loved seeing the men with their huge cocks. Dan had a thick ten inches and Dave was a good eleven inches and both were very thick. They fucked real good with the big dicks and lots of cum. Dave was a cum lover and licked the cum out of her cunt and ass all the time whether it was his or his sons. He loved when Dan covered her tits with cum and he got to lick them clean. She had such big tits with huge nipples on such a small girl.In bed both men sucked on a tit as they fingered her pussy making her cum. Then Dan asked her “What hole do you want a cock in first? First me then dad. Then me then dad. This will go almost all türbanlı escort edirne night. We are all so horny for your sexy pussy. We are going to fuck till the sun comes up. Then today I am taking you to the patio and fucking you there.” Cheri told him “Fuck my ass. I really love your cock deep in my tight ass. So fuck me hard baby just like you can. Give me every inch of that thick meant. I want it extra hard and deep tonight. My pussy will be on fire as you fuck my ass hard.” Dan then put her on her hands and knees and rammed his cock deep in her ass and began pounding that tight hole. Dave then got below her and began licking and sucking on her clit before he then tongue fucked her cunt. Soon Cheri was screaming as both men worked her over hard. Dave had a deep suction on her clit and then he would shove his tongue in her cunt and fuck her then back to her clit. Dan was pounding her ass with his cock harder than he ever had and Cheri was cumming so fast and the screams were pouring out of her loving the hard fucking she was getting. Then she started yelling “More. I want it harder and harder. Fuck me hard. Make me cum more. Fuck my ass and cunt so hard. Fuck me. Fuck me. Do it now.”Dave then as he sucked on her clit shoved three fingers in her cunt. Then when he shoved his tongue in her cunt he used the fingers to twist on her clit and she was cumming fast and hard. Dan then began ramming her ass harder and faster and almost r****g her as she begged for more. She wanted it bad tonight and the men were working her hard. When Dan finally filled her ass with cum Dave then began sucking the cum out of her asshole and tonguing it. Dave then added three fingers to her cunt and began fucking it for her. They kept Cheri cumming for the best part of three hours. Then they laid side by side and the guys sucked on a nipple as they fingered her cunt just to get some rest before they double fucked her. It was going to be a long but fun night. Cheri was thinking about sucking the over sized cocks as they worked her tits and cunt till the cocks were ready for round two.

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