Thumbing for a Ride

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Thumbing for a RideI was driving home from a night out with my mates and I decided to take a longer way round than normal. As I drove on the dual carriageway I noticed a lad thumbing for a lift, I understood that as we’ve all done it at one time or another, so I thought I’d give him a ride. As I stopped he came over to the car, “Need a lift?” “Thanks” he said as he got in.He told we where he was going, only a few miles out of my way, as we drove he said he was Adam, 21, and at University. I asked him if he’d had a good night and he said “Well it could have been I was outside round the back of ****** having a kiss and a grope when his boyfriend came out, slapped him and dragged him off shouting and swearing”.“I was quite pissed off as I hadn’t had any action for about ten months” he said, that got me thinking, he was a reasonable looking lad, a little chubby but seemed nice enough. As we approached an area I knew he said “Anywhere round here will do thanks”, like I said I knew the area well and drove passed and came round another way.As I drove round I said “It’s easier if I go this way Ok” “Ok”. I drove to a secluded area and parked up, it was very quiet even though it was 2am. As we sat I turned to face him and we were talking, as I looked at him I noticed his chubbiness hung over his trousers, then again I also observed his innocent looking face and knowing he was probably gagging for it.The tuzla escort conversation came to an end and he looked a little embarrassed, I leaned forward and simultaneously put my left arm across his shoulders as my right hand touched the inside of his thigh, he looked at me and I kissed him. It didn’t take him long to read the situation and his tongue was soon in my mouth as we snogged furiously.His hand moved onto my thigh as we kissed hard. After a few minutes I said “Shall we get in the back?” he nodded and opened his door. As we sat down we were soon in a clinch snogging and touching each other’s thighs. A few more minutes passed and I ran my hand down his chest, lifting up his T Shirt I noticed his bulge, it was massive.Pulling his shirt off his chubbiness was evident, running my hand up and down his body he shuddered, then he lifted my shirt off. As we carried on kissing our hands were exploring each other’s torsos. I moved off his lips and onto his neck, his hand was running through my hair as his head was back, I moved my tongue down to his man boobs and then down further.My hand moved in front of me and I was soon rubbing his erection, it felt huge. Gently roaming my hand over him he groaned. Then I unclipped his pants, pulled down his zip and slid them down to his ankles, I wasn’t wrong his cock was some size, it was then that I decided he was probably too large for me to straddle tuzla escort bayan him. Licking him through his undies he grunted.Putting my fingers into the waistband of his undies I pulled them down, his cock was rock hard, I wrapped my fist around him he must have been 8” and 51/2” in girth, and he was unbelievably gigantic. Gripping him and slowly wanking him I licked his cut cock, up and down his shaft, and then over his balls and then back to his rocket.Moving my mouth over his helmet as I pulled him off he groaned loudly, then after only a few minutes of my actions his hand was on the back of my head as his thrusting was more frantic, then he suddenly stopped, groaned again and my mouth was flooded with his cum, he must have unleashed gallons of the stuff, I swallowed as much as I could but there were loads.As it dribbled out and onto his pubes I licked his shaft and mopped up his spunk. He pulled me up to him and kissed me hard as his hand moved down to my cock, touching and caressing and me already being hard I was extremely turned on. I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down his hand was on me in a flash.Pushing my undies down I revealed my 6” uncut cock, his finger was running up and down my stem. Reaching into my pocket I pulled out a condom, unwrapped it and rolled it over myself, he looked inquisitively as I faced him and said “Lay down” he laid on his back and I rubbed my escort tuzla cock over his anus, he groaned again.Grabbing the lube I keep in my pocket also, I squirted a drop on me then rubbed my cock on him again, this time it was easy. Inching my way in he gasped, then I was in, moving backwards and forwards I was soon in a steady rhythm as I fucked him. His eyes were closed as his chub moved in time with my thrusts.I leaned over and kissed him, he half sat up and we snogged as I fucked him, then only a few seconds later he groaned loud and as if I knew what was actually happening I looked down and a strong stream of spunk shot out of his cock as he orgasmed again. My insertions got quicker as I shagged him and before long I knew I was close to my climax.A few more seconds later and I knew I was very very close. Another hump and I pulled out, straddled his chest and with my cock in my hand ripped the condom off and said “Open your mouth” as I looked at him I realised that I really didn’t need to say anything, his mouth was open and his hand was on me, he dipped me into his mouth as he wanked me to orgasm.Pulling me off I shuddered as I shot my load down his throat, he swallowed the lot, and as I was going limp he was still sucking as much spunk out of me as he could. I sat down breathless as he sat up smiling. I leaned in and we kissed, then I said “Sorry Adam there was no way I’d have you fucking me with that rocket” he answered “That’s what they all say” looking despondent.We got dressed and I ran him closer to his house, as he got out he said “Thanks I really needed that” I smiled and said “So did I”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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