Tied to the Table

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When I got up this morning, it was a day like any other. I ended up writing until very late in the evening/morning about anticipation and how it was driving me crazy. I finally fell asleep around 4am, so I was working on sleeping in when I realized that I needed to go to the sales meeting at work. I’d already texted you to let you know you had an email waiting, and your response to the story was just Soon. No reason to talk about it anymore knowing that it always circles around to being patient, so I wish you a great day. I rush through my routine skipping steps as I go. After getting all of that anticipation out and down on paper, I feel like I can concentrate a little better. Unfortunately, I am running late and have a tough day ahead of me.

During the sales meeting, I get your text about needing a ride from the shop. I’m looking for any excuse to get out of here early so I’m not mobbed by people who haven’t seen me in months, and groped by some. I answer with sure and start to work my way out of the office. The meeting was very hard for me, and I can already feel my spirits lift with the thought of a little time with you. Once I arrive at the shop, I text you that I’m here and wait patiently. You let me know that it will just be a minute longer. Meanwhile, a series of texts start to come through.

Did you follow your usual routine this morning?

Shit, no, not really. I text back Not Exactly.



I might have to see for myself.

I text Not as smooth as yesterday. But I’m thinking that of course you would want to see for yourself on the one day in a month I choose to skip steps. I’m not dwelling on it, as I know how careful I was yesterday, so I’m still in pretty good shape. Unless you count the soaking wet panties I’m now sitting in. When I got dressed for work this morning, I dressed down as to not draw attention from an unwanted source, so I’m sort of wishing I had a little more lust inspiring outfit on. I doubt that it matters when the goal is to just take it off anyway. When you get in the car, it’s pleasant conversation as if the texts never even happened. I take you over to pick up your rental and then we head to your house. I’m waiting outside for you to come get your stuff out of my car, when I see you standing at the door. The stuff can fucking wait, I jump out of the car and run up to you.

When I come in, I set my stuff down and you appear to be cleaning up a little. I’m trying to figure out what you are doing as I take my jacket off. You start by telling me that you’ve been thinking about something for a while now, and I notice that you are clearing the dining table except for a large crystal vase filled with bright flowers. I’m pretty sure I know where this is going since we talked about it briefly when you were whispering in my ear one day, willing me to cum. You beckon me over to the table and stand close behind me while you begin to tell me what you have been thinking. Your big fucking cock, always making its presence known, is pressed up hard against my ass and I am already feeling a change in my own breathing.

I wrap my hand around your neck and bring you in closer while your hands are wrapped around me in front. You slowly bend me over the head of the table. I watch the flowers disappear from my sight as my head gently comes to rest on the cold hard wooden table. I feel your hands run down my body spreading my legs to each respective table leg as you tell me that you want to tie each of my legs to the table legs. Taking a moment to measure to make sure that with my boots off the table will be at the right height. You smack my ass hard and my whole body jumps while mecidiyeköy eskort I cry out a little and hit my head hard against the table. You ask me if this sounds good to me as you pull my pants down exposing my wet black lacy panties. I say a little thank you to the part of me that loves wearing sexy underwear even if the rest of me is more subdued and reply to you with yes, please.

I am pulled up and ordered to take my pants off while you go get your ties. I am still working on this, when you return with the ties and drop them on the table to come help me finish with my task. As I finally get my legs out of my jeans, you pull my panties off and ask me if I saw the wet spot on them. I lock eyes with you and reply that I don’t need to see it, I can feel it. You grip my shoulders, but I’m not reading your cue until you ask me to sit on the chair. You pull out your cock and I immediately put it in my mouth. You grab my head with both hands and start to thrust. I open wider to let you in deeper and hear you ask me to suck it like you taught me. I get to work worshiping your cock the best that I can, getting you nice and wet and taking you as deep as I possibly can with your gentle guidance. Your soft moans reveal your approval.

When you start to speak again, you ask me if I can feel you hardening in my mouth. I more hum than say yes. You ask me if I remember in the beginning when I was scared to suck your cock. I don’t answer, but I do take the moment to think back to that time. It’s weird to me now, but I was at one time very intimidated by the task. You were so very patient and easy with me as I got to know your cock better and more intimately. When I come back to the here and now, you want to know if my husband is home, and again I hum my yes. Going on to say that you want to send me back home with all of my holes well fucked and hope that I give him a big kiss. Then you pull out and release my head so we can move over to the table. I briefly wonder if I have left a wet spot on your leather chair, but don’t have a chance to look as I’m not so gently nudged in the correct direction.

I stand against the table, and assume the position. I’m not flat against the table since my legs are slightly longer, and I can see the lips of my pussy just over the edge of the dark table, against the light background color. I wish I had a picture. It’s such a perfect expression of what I’m finally going to get after weeks of waiting and just captures the event completely. The hard and soft of what is about to come. I continue to take this in while I feel you adjusting each of my legs and tying them tightly to the table legs. I hear you kick your shoes off and turn my head so that I can watch you disrobe while I am firmly tied to the table. Once naked, you move behind me and roughly push me down on the table.

You raise my shirt to reveal my ass, and I interrupt you long enough to be able to pull it off. It’s just going to annoy me. I lay back down against the table and wait for you to begin. I feel your hand move between my legs and feel for my readiness. My legs are spread, so even though I am wet, I am drying quickly with the exposure. You aren’t wasting anytime though and work your fucking hard cock into my aching pussy. I immediately let out a soft moan and you ask if I remember this feeling. I reply yes and am already panting with the relief that comes with waiting so long for something that is so sorely needed. Patience is a cold hard bitch, but possibly worth it in the end.

My whole body relaxes against the table and I close my eyes to better concentrate on this moment. There are really no words for the feeling escort bayan and I can feel pin pricks of tears sting my eyes. I can hear you tell me how wet I am and if this is what I’ve been waiting for. I release a very soft yes and rub my face against the cool table. You pick up the pace a little and I can hear the vase of flowers rattle. I wonder if we might spill the flowers. I reach up with my hands and press them flat against the table trying to steady myself and the table, pushing myself back so that I cannot escape your thrusts. You are in the perfect place and this position is so much better than I could have ever imagined. I moan letting you know as well that you are hitting the right place. Asking me if I can feel it, but I can only moan and whisper soft yeses over and over again, as you are pulling me farther into you with every thrust. I lift my body from the table and reach back to take hold of your balls, making sure I run my fingers down the crack of your ass I do. I hear your soft moans echoing mine now. It’s almost too perfect.

The pace is becoming agonizingly slow and full. I can still hear you soft approvals, when I call your name. It’s so soft and full of need.


Yes, baby?

I want explode just from the tenderness in your voice. It echoes the care in which you are expertly fucking my pussy, but I need more. I beg for you to please, fuck me harder.

Both of our moans get louder as you immediately fuck me harder. The table shakes again as if it’s trying to voice its own approval. I can’t stop whispering yes, and then suddenly I have no more words left. The pace and the added pressure pushes me to my tip toes and you push me back down on the table to take it. I hear you ask if this what I wanted, but I can’t even speak it feels so good. My mind screams fuck yes though, and I feel like you can hear it as well. You ask if I’m ready to have my ass fucked yet or do I need you to fuck my pussy some more. Again, I cannot speak and the question is bittersweet. For one to begin the other must end and they are both so good.

You pull out of me suddenly and command me to slide over to the corner of the table where you are now standing. Asking me to clean you up and taste my juicy pussy. I take you in and you somehow seem bigger now. Maybe because of the angle my head is at, it just feels different. I clean you up and place my hand on your shaft to work it a little. Just as you pull out of my mouth, I taste your saltiness dripping from your tip.

You order me to spread my ass so you can see how wet it is from all of our hard work. Working yourself in anticipation. You initially slip in easy enough because I am so very wet, but hit the usual roadblock. From here, I know it’s up to me to let you in. You push harder and my hand reaches back to your ass to help pull you closer. I know you like to work it in yourself though and decide to drop my hand again, being careful not to dig my nails into you. I am just eager to have you fully in. I hear the command to relax and I let go a little more, breathing through the invasion. Willing you to breakthrough. You pull out quickly and work yourself again while I hold my ass open for your viewing pleasure. You spit hard onto my ass and I jump in surprise hitting the table hard with my head. As I do, I contemplate taking my bra off so I can feel the cold hardness of the table against my breasts. This thought must relax me, because you push in and easily pass the last barrier. I never do take my bra off having been totally sidetracked from the intoxication of your breakthrough.

You are fucking me nice and slowly allowing us both to enjoy the moment escort beşiktaş and it feels so amazing. Calling my name, you ask me what you are doing.

Fucking my ass.

Who gets to do this?

You do.

And I am the only one.

It’s very true. I can’t imagine allowing anyone else to do this to me, even though I know I need it now, and some small vulnerable part of me whispers so only I can hear, a plea for you not to leave me. Thankfully, you are not done talking to me because I really can’t afford to let that thought linger. It’s just too sad for this moment. You bring me back around to here and now by remarking how surprised you are that my husband needs lube just fuck my little pussy and you are able to fuck my ass without it. I stopped being amazed by the power you have to make me wet and keep me wet a long time ago.

As you pick up the pace a little and I grip the table to keep myself from moving with your thrusts, you ask me how it feels. I reply that it feels amazing, but somehow it just doesn’t cover how you feel to me. You grab my arms and pull them back to use as your own leverage, leaving me at the mercy of the table. Dropping your hands down to my wrists, I open and close my hands digging my nails in my own hands adding to that sweet mixture of pleasure and pain radiating through my whole body. You let them go again and I grip the table edges hard as you thrust harder and harder. I feel like I might just cum myself and the last time I came during anal I couldn’t even hold my own weight up anymore. I can feel the bindings have fallen so they won’t be able to help me. I really, really want to let go and find my release, but I need to hold on for a little longer.

Your excitement is growing too, and you pull out for a second. This give me some relief, but I’m not sure if this means you won’t be able to cum in my ass. I was promised this weeks ago and I want it so badly. I also know this isn’t easy for you and I’m not going to push you. My need is sated, and at this point, I will gladly do as you please. Just then you push back in and order me to grab your balls so I can feel them stiffen when you cum. You don’t have to ask me twice, and I greedily take hold. We are so very close and with just a few more thrusts, I hear you loudly release fuck several times. I encourage you myself with a come on baby, you can do this. I am so excited that I squeeze your balls just a little more and hear you yell again.

Oh Fuck!! You are going to make me cum!

I don’t feel the warmth of your stream like I did when you came inside of me for my birthday. But I do feel every ripple of convulsions as they rip through your body. I squeeze my ass tight to relish in the quakes. I don’t feel this so acutely when you cum in my pussy and it is intoxicating. It feels like it rips from the tip of your cock to your legs in waves. You are still having aftershocks as I realize that I am holding on to your balls for dear life and gently release them.

You run your fingertips down the small of my back and sort of massage me as you are settling down. I left my hand just under your balls when I let them go, so when you slowly ease out, you leave a path of cum across my hand. I hear your exit to clean up and I stand up but take my time to move as I’m not sure what will happen if I do. I’ve never let someone cum in my ass before…actually I should say never begged someone. I stand there for a minute, just concentrating on that feeling. Knowing that I just created a monster that will need to be fed. Once I am steady and don’t need the support of the table, I go to the guest bath to wash my hands before getting dressed.

This was everything I imagined it would be when you first brought it up and cumming in my ass was a perfect way to top it off. I was left shaken and a little emotional, but I had a ton of stuff that I had been waiting to be worked out with some good fucking sex.

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