Timmy Stiles Ch. 07

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Timmy felt the sun flow over his body, waking him with a soothing warmth that masked the winter’s coldness lurking just outside his window. He stretched his large frame and pushed back into the mattress…not really wanting to get out of bed…not really wanting to face another day of this seemingly endless vacation…not really wanting to spend another night alone in bed. He glanced down at the tent that had formed over his morning hardness. He laughed softly, shaking his head gently, realizing how much had changed in the past few months. From virgin to sex addict in less than five months, he thought. He reached down and grasped his hard cock, squeezing it firmly, stroking it like he had done so many times before he had met Ronnie. But it just wasn’t the same. “Fuck it…I need to get laid.” He released his grip and pulled himself up, turning to sit on the edge of the bed. “Thank God. Only one more week.”

A hot shower and a bloodless shave left him refreshed and relaxed. He walked into the kitchen, startling his mother whose focus was centered on preparing breakfast. She quickly regained her composure and grinned at her handsome son, leaning towards him, giving him a peck on the cheek…not missing a single beat as she whisked a bowl full of eggs for scrambling. “How is my sleepy head?” she asked in her warmest motherly tone.

“Your boy is hungry as hell. Where is dad, he is usually the first one up?” Timmy reached over to pick up a piece of bacon and as expected, his mother playfully slapped his hand away from the crispy seductress. “Hey…don’t I get special treatment? I am a doctor you know.”

“Well you aren’t a doctor yet, and besides, no one eats my bacon until I say so.” They both laughed as she lovingly picked up a slice and aimed it toward his mouth. He opened wide as she laid the end over his tongue like some sort of country communion and took the other end from her hand. “Your daddy is out already…said he had some business to attend to but would be back before lunch. You know your daddy and his hot lunches.” She blushed softly and giggled at the obvious innuendo. Timmy looked away quickly with, a boyish smirk on his face and gave the bacon an exaggerated crunch with his teeth. Suddenly, his mother’s mood grew serious. “Hon, I have to ask…are you ever going to go see Chrissy?” Timmy nearly choked as she blurted out the words but he managed to keep every crispy morsel safely in his mouth.

“Whoa,” he gasped. “Where did that come from, mom?”

“I was just wondering. For God’s sake, Hon…you know, you have to sooner or later. At least, as your generation says, for some sort of closure.” Timmy knew his mother was right. It had been long enough. Whaleyville was a small town and sooner or later they were bound to run into each other. And it was probably better to get that meeting over in private.

“Tell you what, mom. You feed me one of your famous breakfast feasts and I will seriously give it some serious consideration. A deal?” She laughed softly and kissed him on the cheek again.

“Thanks, baby…”

Breakfast was ready in a few minutes and Timmy wolfed it down like a starving man. He wondered what he missed more, his mother’s cooking or Ronnie’s pussy. “Nawwwwwwwww,” he laughed to himself. As he chewed, he managed to speak occasionally. “Hey, Mom, how is Miss Thelma. I haven’t seen her since I have been home. Is she doing ok?”

“She is doing fine, Hon. As a matter of fact, I was supposed to drop a few things off at her house today. If you would like, you can do it for me and visit with her for a while. I’m sure she would love to see you. ” He thought for a moment and decided to make his mom happy. He knew his she bragged about him all the time to Miss Thelma. It wouldn’t hurt to be the “perfect son” for a while. He grinned up at his mom over a fork full of grits and shook his head yes. She flashed him one of her “I am happy as hell smiles” and turned to pick up the phone. She started to dial, but stopped and hung up the receiver. “Surprise her, Timmy. You know how she is with her dropping in without notice. This will help even the score.” She laughed….”I hope you catch her in curlers.” He looked up at his mother and smiled gently…shaking his head in mock dismay. “Women,” he muttered under his breath. His mother raised her eyebrow and burst into laughter.

Timmy took his time with the last few mouthfuls of his breakfast, savoring each forkful. But, as soon as he had finished, his mother handed him his coat, and pushed a box into his arms while guiding him towards the front door. “Geeze, Mom. You trying to get rid of me…have a hot date or something?” His mother blushed slightly then winked.

“I just have to get started on lunch.” She giggled softly. I don’t want your father to have to wait.” They both laughed at her openness and she gave him a gentle shove toward the door. “You get and have a good time, Hon…and Bostancı Fetiş Escort don’t forget our deal.” She looked at the scowl her remark brought forth and shot one back at him. “Promise?” She waited until he slowly nodded his head yes. She smiled and kissed his cheek.

As Timmy drove over to Miss Thelma’s house, he thought about the changes that had occurred in his life. He realized that he had moved on in somewhat of a short fashion after Chrissy, not in any small way, due to Ronnie. He really didn’t understand how he felt towards his Nubian fantasy, but there was a bond between them. It was more than the sex. Although, there was no denying that sex was a large part of their relationship. Perhaps if he had not been so stupid with Chrissy…had he taken her to his bed…none of this would have happened. He also realized that his mother was right. He should go see her. Perhaps they could at least be friends.

He pulled up in front of Miss Thelma’s and walked up the familiar stone path to the front door. He knocked twice but she didn’t answer. He thought about leaving, but he had noticed her car parked along the side of the house and finally let himself in. As he moved through the living room, he sensed that things were different. The place was in shambles, somewhat like the morning after a party at the frat house. A strong and familiar odor wafted through his nostrils. He almost laughed out loud as he recognized the pungent and unmistakable smell of cannabis. :”My, my,” he thought. He made his way into the kitchen, discovering a plethora of mostly empty whiskey bottles and dirty glasses. He made a space on the counter with one hand while balancing the box in the other then set it down.

“Can I help you?” The unfamiliar voice startled him and he turned quickly. If the voice had unnerved him, what filled his eyes left him breathless. There stood nearly six feet of ebony pulchritude barely covered with a loosely fitting shirt, open completely save for a single button at the bottom. Amazingly, the garment managed to cover all the strategic places while indicating she was completely naked beneath the silvery blue material. She stood there silently, her as behind her back, as she waited for him to reply. Finally he managed to regain his composure and his voice.

“I’m Timmy…Timmy Stiles, a friend of Miss Thelma’s.” His words seemed to instantly erase any concerns she might have had and she took a deep breath and let out a soft sigh of relief. It was hard not to notice that her deep breath pushed her huge breasts outward and strained the front of her shirt. His eyes were riveted to her thick nipples, clearly outlined for that brief moment, until her soft laugh drew his eyes upward.

“I guess I won’t be needing this,” she stated, her words mixed with a soft laughter that was almost musical. She brought her hands around in front of her, exposing the fireplace iron gripped tightly in her right hand. They both burst into laughter. “Hi, I’m Shauntay and I am delighted to finally meet the man in Thelma’s life.” She grinned at Timmy with a smile that melted his awkwardness away completely. “You do know she talks about you incessantly.” Once again that melodic laughter filled the room.

Timmy took the moment to take in the details of her face and figure. She didn’t seem the least bit concerned that she was nearly naked in front of a stranger. She was relaxed and confident, almost tauntingly poised as his eyes moved over her body. Her figure had that fullness of Ronnie’s lush body. She was a bit thicker at her hips and amazingly her breasts were even larger. Her great height only added to the visual impact her body made. Her face was flawlessly beautiful, full pouty lips, delicate features and sparkling eyes. Timmy realized he needed to divert his thoughts quickly as he felt that tingling in his loins as he cock began to swell. It had been too long, he thought. “Where is she,” he asked quickly.

“She should be getting up in a few minutes. Do you want me to wake her?”

“That’s OK…I can wait, or I could come back later.” It was obvious from the tone of his voice that he didn’t want to leave. He knew he should, but he couldn’t seem to make the decision. He waited for her response.

“Don’t be silly,” she stated matter of faculty. “Let me get you something to drink…I’m sure they didn’t drink everything.” She laughed as she scanned the kitchen counter. “That is if it isn’t too early for you, being only eleven?” Timmy thought for a second…Normally it would be too early, but he had a feeling he could use a stiff drink, if anything, only to calm his nerves.

“Sure, why not?” he proffered.

“Good. Why don’t you take a seat in the living room? I will fix us up something special to get us both started. I know I could use something creative,” she confessed with a curious grin. Timmy smiled back and moved towards Bostancı Gecelik Escort the living room taking a seat on Thelma’s huge overstuffed sofa, pleasantly sinking into the soft cushions. A few moments later, Shauntay appeared with two tall icy glasses full of a greenish-yellow liquid. She handed him one and sat next to him. She noticed Timmy studying the contents and quipped, “Cardasian Rum laced with Klingon brandy.” Her Star Trek reference impressed him enough to not further question her bartending skills so he raised his glass to hers and after clinking her glass lightly, took a large gulp of the mysterious beverage.

“Hey,” he blurted out in a rather surprised tone. “This stuff is delicious. Really, what is it?” He watched her eyes become a bit nervous then quickly return to their confident and piercing appearance.

“A sex potion…that ok with you?” She laughed and took another sip of her drink. He was beginning to like this intriguing creature. She was bold…brassy…and captivatingly beautiful. He shamelessly let his eyes lower themselves to her chest…The shirt had opened much further exposing her huge breasts dangerously close to her nipples. One little movement and those thick, pebbly fields of dark flesh would appear. When his eyes finally returned to her face, her smile told him instantly that she didn’t mind his boldness at all.

“Well, hell. A love potion, eh? I guess I should drink up.” Timmy tilted the glass back and drank nearly half of the drink without pausing. “Ahhhhhhhhh…I can feel it working it’s magic.” He grinned, though strangely he was beginning to feel different. He also noticed Shanty’s eyes seemed to have become glassy…and the distance between them had closed significantly. He thought about putting the drink down, but as if something had stripped his mind of its inhibitions, he instead brought the glass to his lips and finished it completely. “Fuck it,” he murmured, “It’s bound to be twelve o’clock somewhere.” He laughed at his own remark, not noticing his language was rather coarse. He just didn’t seem to care. Abruptly, she stood up and leaned over to take his hand.

“Come on,” she whispered, “Let’s go wake Thelma up.” He gazed into her eyes for a moment, and then looked down. He was right…. just one little movement…her huge breasts hung there. Her nipples covered nearly a third of her ebony mounds…the tips…thickened with her own desire…were as thick as his little finger. He reached out to cup the swaying mounds of flesh but she playfully slapped his hands away. “Come on, let’s go get find Thelma…” He pulled him up and led him upstairs. He moved on unsteady feet as did she, but they finally managed to wend their way to Thelma’s bedroom. She pushed the door open and pulled him in.

Timmy wasn’t prepared for what he saw. For some reason, he had expected to actually find her in curlers. He laughed to himself. He also realized that he hadn’t bolted out of the room in embarrassment. Instead, he gazed at the ripe woman sleeping soundly on the bed. Her naked body gleamed in the afternoon sun as the rays bounced across her skin. His cock began to harden as his eyes moved over her lush body. He felt Shauntay’s hands grip his shirt and pull it upward. There was no resistance from Timmy, he simply lifted his arms and let the wondrous Nubian strip him of his shirt. He leaned back against her bare breasts relishing in the sensual feel of her flesh against his her hands moved around him and unbuckled his belt. Her adept hands quickly unsnapped his jeans and drew his zipper down. He felt her kneel behind him then realized she was untying his shoes. He lifted one foot, then another obediently letting her take charge as she removed them from his feet. Wordlessly, she gripped the waistband of his jeans and stripped them down to his ankles, taking his briefs along with them.

Timmy Stiles was now naked, standing at the side of Miss Thelma’s bed. His cock throbbed achingly as he looked down at the thick black woman. His eyes feasted on her pendulous breasts…her swollen belly…her thick and meaty thighs. Something had transformed her from Miss Thelma…his adopted aunt…his second mother…his safe haven during his youth, to a woman he needed to fuck like a common whore. “Wake up Sugar.” Shauntay’s words broke the eerie silence. “I brought us a surprise.” Thelma opened her eyes slowly. She glanced up and smiled at Timmy, her eyes mimicking that glassy stare that had replaced the sparkle in Shauntay’s eyes…and surely his own.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. “Timmy…Timmy…Timmy, My sweet boy. Come to me boy.” She reached out and grasped his hips, drawing him towards her face, her mouth open wide, her tongue licking her lips. “Feed Mama that gorgeous cock…I am so hungry.” He arched his hips toward her hungry mouth and moaned as her thick, wet lips closed around his pulsing shaft. Bostancı Genç Escort The feel of her warm mouth was overwhelming to the boy. Her mouth was different…desperate with need…feeding on his flesh like a starved animal. She cupped his cheeks and pulled him tighter, forcing his huge cock deep into her throat. Instinctively his hips began to pump.

Suddenly he became aware of another set of hands, moving slowly down his back. They guided him up onto the bed, his knees straddling Thelma’s head. He felt his cheeks being spread and the wetness of a tongue moving down the crack of his ass. He gasped as the wet probe pushed up into his rectum, swirling around, wetting the tight hole with her saliva. His hips moved faster. His pleasure began to rise to that wondrous peak and his much needed release. Sensing motion to his side, he glanced towards the wall. He smiled as he watched his cock move in and out of Thelma’s mouth. Shauntay had stripped her magnificent body and was kneeling between her open thighs, her tongue buried deep in his ass. The pleasure was agonizing.

Shauntay moved her body upward, her huge breasts sliding over his back, the silky feel of her flesh adding to the erotic picture flooding his brain with wanton sensations piled on each other. Suddenly he froze…his eyes widened…there was no way. In utter disbelief he watched Shauntay grasp the immense shaft of throbbing meat between her thighs. His entire body stiffened as he felt her press the tip against his moistened anus. Oh my god, he screamed silently. “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” The pain was searing as he felt the thickness push into his ass. Those strong hands gripped his shoulders as “she” pushed her cock swiftly up into his bowels.

Where was the anger…where was the violent reaction to this violation…where was the strength he needed to fend off this humiliating assault. At that moment…he reacted. His earth shattering scream of pleasure filled the house as he pushed his ass back into the monstrous cock penetrating his virgin ass. He moaned in raw ecstatic pleasure as his own orgasm crashed into the myriad of lustful sensations flooding the tangled bodies rutting on the bed. His seed spewed from the tip of his cock into Thelma’s hungry mouth. Her lips clenched it…sucking the copious ropes of cum from his spurting cock. This act fueled the raging fires still unquenched. Thelma’s body arched up off the bed as her climax washed over her body. Shauntay’s deep grunting and growling muffled the wet sounds of her fingers pumping wildly in and out of her oozing cunt. A loud chime thundered across the quiet town reminding all of God’s watchful eye…a fitting though ironic punctuation mark to the pulsations of Shauntay’s huge shaft spewing forth the heady streams of hot sticky cum into Timmy’s cock sucking ass. And as the ebb of sperm ebbed to a trickle…as the flow of vaginal juices waned…as forbidden pleasures slipped into the darkness…their bodies collapsed into a pool of sweat, flesh and the liquids of sex…

…Toby Weston tried to ignore the disrupting peel of those sacred bells that hung so proudly in Saint Bart’s looming tower. His tongue pushed deeply into Chrissy’s sweet and slippery cunt. He couldn’t help but notice the strange taste that lingered on his tongue. It couldn’t be, he hoped…not the seed of another man. She had promised to wait for him this sunny day. His tongue pushed in further and Chrissy’s hips rose up to meet his mouth. She gripped his head frantically as she ground her dripping flesh against his mouth. Her passion diverted his attention from his egocentric concerns. In any case, did he really care? As long as she spread her lovely thighs for him, what did it matter? His tongue moved down between her lush cheeks…and as his oral probe pushed up into her tightly puckered ring, he forgot everything else that existed in his universe…

…Becky Stiles almost chuckled as her tongue swirled around the head of her husband’s massive cock. How many times had she tasted the sweet nectar of another woman, longingly clinging to his powerful manhood, fresh from his morning “business” errands. She smiled inside, aware of how crushed he would be, knowing how she cherished the pungent taste. But this one was special. She was not someone new. She had tasted her before. And somehow she knew she was young. Somehow she knew she was beautiful. Somehow she knew she was magical. A woman senses these things. She would bring this newest prey to her lair. It was all part of the game. This game was part of the deep secret she kept within her sophistic soul. And a game Becky had refined over many years. She discovered that each taste was unique, with subtle differences that could betray the identity of their mistress to a sensitive mouth. Some were still faceless and nameless while others were now memories of moments she had enjoyed in her own lusty forays from her marital bed. This one had drawn her husband to her adulterous bed again and again, a rare feat She would find this woman. She wanted this woman. She would have this woman…

…Finally, the twelfth tone of God’s clock marked high noon for yet another Saturday in Whaleyville. And all God’s children said…Amen.

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