To Begin Again Ch. 03

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Natasha stood up beside the piano as the children in the little orchestra and the Christmas play took their bows.

It had all gone surprisingly well all things considered.

Her mother, Jennifer Wagstaffe, stepped out onto the stage and raised her hands for quiet.

“I am sure you would all like me to thank everybody involved in this years production on your behalf.” Her mother had promised to keep it short.

She looked up at the windows at the side of the hall. It was getting dark outside and it was beginning to rain again. At least they were being spared the snow. It was a couple of years since the last heavy snow before Christmas. She remembered something about Cleo, her half-sister from America getting stuck or lost in it or something.

There were some people outside. It was hard to make out their faces. One was a very tall man with broad shoulders. That looked like her father with him. There was a woman, no two. Ashley. Then that would be her parents. She didn’t know they were coming over.

She heard her name being mentioned and turned to accept the applause from the audience for her part in staging the production.

That was it. The lights were going up and people were gathering up their children to leave.

She saw Ron, the vicar, approaching Jenny. They were smiling at one another.

“Hello Ron.” She said as she joined them. “Mum, I just saw Ashley and Uncle Howie and Aunty Carole outside.”

“You must be mistaken.” Jenny said, moving a little closer to the vicar. “They are not coming over this year.”

“Well I don’t know who it is if it isn’t them.” Nat said, pointing to the far end of the hall.

“I must go Ron.” Jenny smiled up at Ron. “Thanks for coming.”

“Part of my pastoral duties.” Ron smiled back. “I’ll see you again soon.”

“We thought we would surprise you this year,” Carole said after the hugs and kisses were over.

“That’s lovely,” Jenny looked at Paul.

“I didn’t know.” Paul answered before being asked.

“How long are you staying for?” Jenny continued.

“Only two nights,” Carole replied. “We are here to take my mother up north to see her sister. She’s not been well.”

“We haven’t seen Dorothy in years,” Jenny said. “I’m sorry she’s not well.”

“She’s not been herself ever since David died,” Carole said, adjusting the collar of Nat’s blouse.

“I wished we’d been able to go to the funeral,” Jenny said. “But Paul had business in Dallas and we couldn’t get away. We weren’t expecting you until next week Ashley.”

“We came across on the company’s jet. Too good a chance to miss,” Ashley said looking towards where Ron was chatting to some of the parents. “You still have the same, old vicar I see.”

“Less of the old,” Jenny laughed. “He’s only a little bit older than your father.”

“I didn’t realise he was that old,” Ashley laughed and ducked to avoid the clip around her ear aimed at her by her father.

“Where are you staying?” Jenny asked.

“At the Castle Hotel,” Carole replied. “Howie thinks we should buy it and add it to the chain.”

“It wouldn’t fit in with the corporate image and it would be a shame to change it,” Howie said.

Nat followed his glance towards the door as the bottom of one of the mothers left the room.

“You wouldn’t change it?” Jenny asked, shocked at the suggestion. “I love it there. Not that Paul takes me very often.”

“Out of keeping for the head teacher of a village school,” Paul said. “People would think you had been robbing the petty cash.”

“Anyway,” Howie said. “You’ll all come to dinner tonight.”

“Love to,” Paul replied. “We are going to a drinks party tomorrow night at the Lucktail’s. Shall I get you an invite to that?”

It was agreed it seemed to Nat as they walked out into the cold evening air. She didn’t really want to go to the Castle and she was loosing enthusiasm for drinks at the Lucktails. Now that Ashley had come a few days early perhaps they could get away to London for a few days and stay in their apartment. See some shows and do some shopping. She felt certain Ashley sarıyer eskort would prefer that. A pity she couldn’t get out of dinner that night at such short notice.

“We have David and Mari staying with us,” She said as they began to separate and make for their cars.

“Bring them along,” Howie said, waving a hand as he climbed into his hire car.

“Jenny,” Nat turned at the sound of Ron’s voice, “do you have five minutes before you go to go over the arrangements for the nativity play in the Church on Sunday?”

“I’m sorry,” he continued, “I did mean to ask earlier.”

“Of course.” Jenny smiled at him. “Nat will you go home with your father? I’ll be along shortly.”

Nat sank into the front seat of her father’s BMW convertible. It was the second he had owned like it, David having destroyed the first one two years before.

“How did it go?” Her father asked as they pulled into the main road through the village.

“It went very well.”

Now was her chance to ask about the flat in London.

“Dad?” She asked. “Can Ashley and I go and stay in the flat?”

“What for?” He replied. “She’s only just got here.”

“Well I’m sure she will want to do some shopping. Then there are the show’s and the lights.”

“Are you saying there isn’t enough around here for you to do?”

He turned from the main road into the lane that led to their house.

“What’s your mother say?” He continued.

“I haven’t spoken to her yet.”

“Well. You are both big girls. If it’s what you want. When are you thinking of going?”


Paul pulled into the driveway and the car crunched over the gravel to a halt between Howie’s hired Jaguar and David’s Porsche. Nat felt her own little Mini looked out of place there somehow.


“Thanks Dad.”

Inside the house the front lounge was becoming full. Nat drew Ashley to one side as her father supervised David in the pouring of the drinks.

“Fancy coming up to London on Sunday for a few days?” She asked.

“Oh yes,” Ashley replied, “We can have some fun there.”

Part 4.

Nat looked across the restaurant table at Ashley. The drive up had been good. They had made good time. Hudson, the old part-time caretaker and occupant of the ground floor flat had had some food and things delivered so all they had had to do was unpack, shower and change. Ashley was determined to go on to a nightclub and in the end she had agreed. But first they were to eat.

Surprisingly she had enjoyed the dinner in the hotel on the Friday the best. Howie had started talking about some of the adventures they had all shared in the seventies and eighties. Her father had tried to steer him away at first but as some of them were new to Mari and she wanted to hear them he gave up in the end. Howie could tell a good story. David had once told her it was because of the practice he had had lying to his wife about his many affairs. She hadn’t believed him until Cleo had confirmed it once during a trip to Dallas.

Howie had made her father drink too much. Her mother and Carole had reminisced about old friends over a bottle of wine. Mari had felt tired so she and David had left as soon as the meal was over. That left her and Ashley to plan their three days in London. Ashley hadn’t been interested in the shows and had been outlining her plans for the nightclubs. And men. They had figured high on her to do list.

Nat looked around the room. There were at least three pairs of eyes on them that she could see. And they were all accompanied. What was it with men?

“Hey, I liked that Jon.” Ashley suddenly remarked, “and you say he will one day become a Lord?”

“Yes.” Nat confirmed. “When his father dies.”

“That won’t be long the amount he drinks.”

She was probably right. Jon was still single. Lady Natasha. She tried it out in her mind.

“Lady Ashley.” Ashley spoke out loud.

“You don’t know him.” Natasha said.

“He knows most of me.” Ashley replied. “He had hands everywhere last night. He even tried to get me to stay over.”

Natasha escort hadn’t noticed the hands. Trevor had been there and he had spent most of the evening talking to her.

“Hey. Why were you late for dinner Friday anyway?” Ashley suddenly changed the subject.

“Oh, my mother decided she wanted a bath before we came out instead of a shower like everyone else.”

“Oh. You still have the same Vicar I saw.”

“He’s a Rector.” Nat wondered what Ashley was getting at. “Ron’s been in the Parish since before I was born.”

“He’d be a close family friend then?”

“Yes. I suppose so. He used to play cricket with my father and he works quite closely with my mother on things to do with the church and school.”

“He always seems very friendly.”

“He’s just a nice man.” Nat wondered again where Ashley was leading.

“That Trevor.” Ashley finished the wine in her glass. “Are you going with him?”

“Of course not.” Nat felt herself blushing. “What makes you say that? He went to school with David, that’s all.”

“Well you didn’t seem to want to leave his side all night at the drinks party.”

“We were just talking. That was all.” Nat felt suddenly defensive.

“It just looked like you knew each other very well.”

“Just friends. Nothing more. Why? Are you interested in him as well?”

“He’s a good looking man. And if everything is in proportion he should be carrying quite a tool.”

“Shush.” Nat urged looking around the room. “People will hear.”

“Nobody is interested in what we’re saying. Don’t tell me you hadn’t imagined what it would be like with him?”

Nat hadn’t up to then. Now it was all she could think of. He was a tall man. It could be big. She could feel herself producing moisture.

“Hold that thought.” Ashley said pushing her chair back from the table and standing up. “Let’s go get laid.”

Part 5.

“Stop it.” Nat hissed as she pulled Antonio’s hand out from between her thighs.

“Come on.” He slurred as he replaced his hand between her knees and started to move up. “What’s wrong with you?”

Nat pushed him away and stood up.

“Leave me alone.” She snapped.

Antonio smiled up at her from where he was sitting on one of the long sofas in the apartment and held up his hand.

“Come here,” he urged. “I won’t hurt you.”

Nat wavered. He was good looking. He could dance as well. He and his friend and descended upon them the minute they had walked into the nightclub. They had pushed drinks into their hands almost before they had had time to speak. Drinks that were quickly followed by a second then a third. Then the dancing. Fast dances. Then another drink.

They had sat at a table. Nat could feel herself hot beneath her clothing. She hadn’t minded his arm around her shoulder or his first kiss. Then they were back on the dance floor. A slow dance. Swaying together with their hips touching. His hand had traced a path down her spine. She’d caught his wrist as his fingers were closing on her buttock. He’d just smiled and pulled her closer. She could feel his erection, long and hard pressing into her. She could feel herself responding inside.

It had felt nice to be held like that. It had been so long for her. Once she had caught sight of Ashley in the crush. Her partner, Michael, had his hand firmly on one of her buttocks.

He dance had ended and Ashley had taken her off to the toilets.

“Well, I’ve got mine for the night.” She’d said. “Let’s take them back with us.”

Nat had thought about Antonio’s cock pressed hard against her and had agreed.

The kissing in the taxi had been nice. He was a good kisser. Perhaps sensing her reluctance he hadn’t tried to force the pace. Unlike Michael with Ashley or was it the other way around? She saw his hand disappear out of sight beneath her dress in the lift.

In the apartment they had all agreed to her making coffee. Antonio had stood and talked to her in the kitchen. Occasionally pulling her ass cheeks back against his still hard cock when she came within range. Then he had helped to carry the mugs into kağıthane eskort the living room.

Ashley and Michael were nowhere to be seen but the sounds they were making in Ashley’s bedroom could be heard.

She hadn’t resisted when Antonio had guided her to the sofa and sat beside her. His first kisses were nice. Even when his tongue had entered her mouth it had still felt good. He had felt her breasts and she had felt her nipples respond. Even heard herself moan. Then his hand reached between her thighs and it had been as if somebody had flicked a switch.

“No,” she said again, stepping away from the sofa. “No. Please leave.”

“I can’t leave now.” He said. “There will be no taxi.”

His accent was delicious.

He made to stand up and without thinking Nat ran to the door of her bedroom and closed and locked it behind her.

“Natisha.” Let me in.”

His voice came from the other side of the door.

“No. Go away.” Nat replied.

“What’s going on?” She heard Ashley’s voice, it sounded breathless.

“She’s frigid,” came Antonio’s reply.

There was a low murmur of voices.

“Nat.” Ashley called through the door. “Let us in.”

“Please leave me alone.” Nat replied.

She could hear low voices on the far side of the door again then silence. Nat sat on the edge of the bed and held her head in her hands. Was Antonio right? Was she frigid?

Part 6.

Nat opened her eyes and looked across at the small clock on the wall opposite her bed. Eleven o’clock. Her mouth felt dry. She needed a drink and the bathroom. She pulled on her robe over her nightie and tiptoed to the door. Not that anybody could hear her walking on the thick carpet.

She unlocked her door and peeped out expecting to see Antonio on the sofa. There was no sign of him.

Perhaps they had left already? She thought.

She stepped out into the living room and walked to the bathroom door. As her hand touched it she heard Ashley cry out in orgasm.

Nat hurriedly closed the bathroom door behind her and slid across the lock before sitting down on the toilet seat. She gasped out loud, then a second time.

So Ashley and Michael were still at it. It was seven hours since they had returned from the nightclub. They must have been asleep for part of it. Nat convinced herself. The only men she had been with seemed to fall asleep as soon as they had come.

She undressed and stood beneath the showerhead and switched it on. She caught some water in her mouth, swirled it around then spat it out. She was beginning to feel better. She soaped her body and head. Working the lather into her pubic hairs. She soaped herself again. Rubbing a finger between her buttocks and against her anus.

She leaned forward feeling the water running down her spine. Reaching behind herself she pulled wide her cheeks and gasped as the water ran between them.

She switched off the shower and pulled a towel off the bar above the radiator. She rubbed her hair then her body and legs. She dried between her legs and dropped the towel into the laundry bin. Taking a second towel she rubbed her hair again then wrapped it around her chest above her breasts. She picked up her nightie and robe and slowly opened the door.

After checking that the coast was clear she hurried back to her room.

As she started to sort out her clothes for the day she heard a mobile phone somewhere in the apartment ringing. It stopped abruptly and she could hear Ashley speaking to somebody. She undid the towel and rubbed at her hair before throwing it onto the bed.

Suddenly her door was flung open and a naked Ashley was thrusting an equally naked Michael and Antonio through the doorway.

“They have to stay here.” Ashley said, “Jon’s driven up from Somerset to see me. He can’t find them with me. Don’t make a sound.”

A pile of clothes was thrown in and the door closed.

Nat looked at the two men. Even soft their cocks were large and neither was making any attempt to hide them. In fact they were starting to grow.

Both men were looking at her.

“Stop it,” she cried and turned her back on them as she reached for the towel.

She heard the door open and automatically turned to face it.

“Natasha?” There was a hint of query in Jon’s voice as he surveyed the room from the doorway.

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