To ‘Dear’ Hunt or Not to Deer Hunt

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The second Saturday of November is the start of deer hunting in my state. For years, I have risen early and made my way to my land to sit in a tree stand and patiently wait for my prey to wander by.

I have lost count of how many deer I have taken in my life span, but the thrill of the deer hunt has waned as time passes. I recall my Uncle, who taught me how to hunt, fish, respect wildlife and most of all how to enjoy the outdoors, once told me after I asked if was going deer hunting with me said, “I have lost the fever Doug.”

When he told me that many years ago, I thought to myself that the “fever” would never leave me, but it is funny how we say things when we are young, then as we age, our outlook on things change as we change. Well, this was happening to me.

This year was going to be different though. To make a long story short, I had fallen for a beauty of a woman that enjoyed being outdoors as much I do. Her name is Marie. Our relationship developed over time and we shared many experiences about hunting, fishing and being outdoors in general.

A number of years back; I purchased 40 acres of prime land that was ripe with small game and deer hunting. I developed the land to attract wildlife and I had set up a park model camper on the land for overnight visits. It goes without saying that my beauty loved it as much as I did!

The opening weekend of deer season had arrived. I woke early to sit by the fire, sip coffee and, watch the sunrise. The temperature was perfect, not too cold or too warm. I sat facing the east and was enjoying the transition of the sky from night to dawn. The air was brisk and the sky was filled with color and graduated hues of yellow and purple. It was a gorgeous site to behold.

As I was immersed in my enjoyment of the sunrise, I felt the warm breath of Marie on my ear as she leaned in and kissed it. I snapped out being mesmerized by the sunrise and tilted my head back and was given a passionate kiss.

“You are certainly in deep thought this morning Doug. I am surprised you did not hear me come out of the camper.” She said. “I thought you would be in the stand by now.”

“Well darling, I was totally entranced by this beautiful sunrise and decided to take it all in.” I responded.

“It is a beautiful one Doug. I am so glad I am here to enjoy it with you” Marie said.

With her standing behind me, we both took in the sunrise. I am not sure how many minutes passed as we watched the scene before us come alive.

“Your fire needs some work Doug” Marie said as she walked to it, took the poker and pushed firewood causing flames to lick up into the dawn sky.

Now, not only did I have a glorious sunrise in my view, I had my beauty in view. There she stood, with an unzipped sleeping bag wrapped around her shoulders covering her tantalizing body. Her long blonde hair was shining in the dawn light and her pretty face, with no makeup, glowing from the flames. Her eyes Antalya Escort were swollen from a hard night sleep made me want to kiss them.

“You sure know how to stir a fire up baby doll.” I commented.

With her back to me, I heard her giggle and reply, “Why thank you handsome. You are pretty good at stirring a fire yourself.”

“Are you making reference to last night in the camper?” I asked.

With her back still to me and stirring in the fire she replied, “Indeed baby. I lost count of the orgasms you brought me to last night.”

Marie stuck the fire poker into the soft ground, turned and walked a few short steps to me. “It is getting late. Shouldn’t you be walking to your deer stand?” Marie asked with a smile on her lips.

Looking up at her I replied, “Oh darling, I think I have lost the fever for deer hunting this morning.”

“That is too bad baby. I know you look forward to opening day all year long. Perhaps you should stay in camp this morning and try hunting for a ‘dear’. Surely you have not lost that fever.” Marie said.

Oh the games she can play with me. Smiling at her, I said, “I don’t think I have lost that fever baby girl. What is on your mind?”

Standing in front of me, she unfurled the sleeping bag from her shoulders exposing her gorgeous white skin. She then opened the sleeping bag to fully expose herself to me. My eyes drank in the site before me. Marie was wearing the camo lingerie I had bought her on our last trip to the hunting store. Her perfection was exciting as she stood before me. The camo panties were hugging her hips and her long legs just begged to be caressed.

“Doug. Is this what you have the fever to hunt for this morning?” Marie asked.

“Perhaps darling” I responded.

Marie came closer to me, straddled my lap and sat down. She pulled the sleeping bag up over her shoulders covering us both and stated in a hushed and sexual voice, “I want you to hunt me this morning baby. I want you to use your skills to hunt and take me Doug. This body is yours to enjoy as much as you want to enjoy.”

“You know, Marie, I would like nothing more than to ‘tag’ you as my quarry today. Be warned, I have many weapons in my arsenal to use to take you down. Prepare yourself darling.” I said.

Marie giggled while wiggling her sweet ass on my lap and said, “Let the games begin!”

I did not waste time. I pulled the sleeping bag back up over her shoulders and under the cover of it, I reached up and took Marie’s firm breasts in each hand. Her skin was warm and soft through the camo lingerie.

“Oh that feels so good.” She said.

Marie arched her back pushing her ample breasts into my hands. Each hand now full with her firm breasts, she started gyrating her hips. I could hear her hiss and moan as she pushed down on my growing bulge. She rocked back and forth as her camo panties pushed down on my aching cock that was still trapped in Antalya Escort Bayan my camo pants.

I responded and squeezed her hot mounds of flesh the way she liked it. “Oh yeah baby, your big hands on my tits is making me so horny for you. Please baby please, suck my nipples and bite them. Punish them like only you can do baby.” Marie said with a growl in her voice.

I reached around her waist and pulled her closer to me. Reaching under her camo lingerie, I slide my hands upwards and filled them with her warm flesh. She responded to my rough touch and pushed them into my hands begging me to embrace her nipples and tease them.

“Arch your back baby and lean into me so I can suck your nipples.” I said.

Marie responded, wrapped her arms around my neck and presented her chest for me to enjoy. “Here baby, they are yours to enjoy. Do not disappoint me.” She said.

I slide her camo up exposing her round breasts. I gazed at her pink areoles with a perfect nipple perched in the center. “Oh yeah…oh yeah baby. There are the bullseyes I am looking for!” I said and leaned in and covered her left nipple with my mouth and sucked it hard sending chills over her body.

“Unnngghhhh…god…baby!!” she growled deeply. “Suck that bullseye in baby and make it harder for me.”

While sucking on her left nipple, my hand found her right nipple and I started rolling it with my fingers. Marie gasped as I squeezed it.

I pulled my hand off, lifted it to her mouth and said, “Suck my fingers baby and coat them with your saliva so I can lubricate your nipple.” Marie took two of my fingers in her mouth and sucked them hard. Moans of pleasure and gasps came from her.

Taking my fingers from her mouth now coated with her juicy spit, I slide them under the camo and started rolling and scraping her nipple. With each scrape, her body convulsed and she bucked against my raging hard cock that was aching to be free and against her camo panties feeling her heat and moisture.

Switching breasts, I started sucking on her right nipple that had just been punished with my fingers. Looking at it, the nipple was protruding stiffly outward and was red and swollen. I cupped her tit and guided it to my mouth where I scraped it with my teeth causing her whole body to jerk and causing her to moan loudly. To keep her close, I wrapped an arm around her waist to hold her tight.

Looking up at her, I said, “My doe is certainly in heat. I wonder if she can cum from me just sucking and biting her nipples.”

“Let’s find out!” Marie said excitedly.

I had learned that Marie’s breasts were very sensitive to touch and I always incorporated manipulating them during sex, but never attempted to bring her to an orgasm by only fondling them without interaction with her clit or penetration of my cock. That being the case, it did not take me but a split second to lean in and start punishing her nipple. She Escort Antalya watched as I bit the nipple and stretched it outward, then releasing it and letting it pop back.

“Oh ffffffffffuck baby!! Do it more, please do it more.” She said.

I wrapped both hands around her right breast and squeezed it. Her nipple perched outward as if it was going to pop off. I leaned in and started tongue lashing her protuberance. Licking up and down on it, and then sucking it into my mouth scraping it with my teeth sending shivers from her breasts to her wanting and fertile pussy.

I let her tit go, spit a glob of my salvia on the nipple and areola then rubbed it with the palm of my hand. I sensed Marie’s breathing starting to increase and something told me she was getting close.

I looked up at her. With her head laying back and her mouth open gasping air I said, “Cum for me baby! Show me how you cum hard from me punishing your gorgeous breasts and nipples.”

Her whimpers and gasps were coming louder and faster signaling to me she was about to explode. I then spit in the palm of my other hand and started assaulting her left nipple which was now begging to be punished.

“Oh…oh…baby, do me more! Set my pussy on fire!” she pleaded.

I wanted a BIG orgasm this morning from her, so I leaned in and started rubbing my stubble face all over her left tit. Scraping her china white flesh causing red marks from my punishment. I scraped my stubble over her reddened nipples making her start to jerk her legs and gyrate wildly on my lap and without a doubt her pussy juices soaking her camo panties and onto my camo pants.

With a firmness in my voice, I said, “Rub those soaked camo panties on my cock! Harder Marie, ride on my cock baby. HARDER!”

The urge to reach down and pull the camo panties aside and feel her wetness was hard to resist. I wanted so bad to slip my fingers into her juicy slit but held off doing so.

My hands found her nipples again as she bucked wildly on my lap. Her breasts were heaving in and out as she gasped air from the excitement.

Her body then stiffened as her orgasm came over her. “Ohhhhh nnnnggghhhh…baby I am cummmming!” she blurted out.

Her orgasm came hard and I grabbed her hips and held her down on my lap as she ground hard on my cock. Marie leaned in and started kissing my neck and face. Her breath was labored and fast. I wrapped my arms around her and returned deep passionate kisses as she struggled to breath. Finally she laid her head on my shoulder as her gyrations went from wild bucking to subdued movements and eventually they stopped.

I glanced over Marie’s shoulders to see the sun peek over the horizon flooding the campsite with light. Finally Marie lifted her head and sunlight streamed through her blonde hair creating a halo effect around her face. It was gorgeous.

Stroking her face as she sat there, I admired her smile and content look she had.

“Yes, this is the ‘dear’ hunting I wanted angel and will never lose the fever for. It cannot be any better than this for an opening day.” I said.

Finally catching her breath, Marie smiled back and said, “You are my buck, Doug and I am your doe. Now take me in the camper and breed me.”

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