Too Much of a Good Thing

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Too Much of a Good Thing

“Go on, Mia…we dare you!” her friends had laughed after the melee in a choice Orlando night club had been settled. A hunky, broad chested guy, with receding short black hair and staring uncompromising eyes, had asked her if she was okay.

Noisy young clubbers had been shown the door after coming onto them as they had danced and flirted, all of it a part of having fun. One guy had run out of luck, mixed it with that eye-catching member of the club’s staff most would take to be a ‘bouncer.’ Sure, he was strong but there was also a studied politeness about him that would be deployed on a troublemaker first, and before harsher measures were brought to bear.

“Yes, he’s kinda hot…” she’d answered and playing them all along.

The guy’s name badge said Dirk Stephens and she’d felt small beside him, but his surprisingly caring ways had settled things for her and she had seen a moment’s glance that took in what she had chosen to wear for a night out. A mulberry-coloured chiffon party dress, along with its spaghetti thin straps, shaped her; a revealing neckline showing off her tanned skin and a ruffled hemline finishing at mid-thigh. It had been an impulse buy. Masses of gold-coloured bracelets adorned one slender wrist and she had a matching choker, all of it drawing attention to her appearance and her ways with others.

They had brought it on themselves but easy banter and dancing with a few of the guys who’d come onto them had taken a turn when one guy in particular had hit on her and Dirk, a bulky guy who filled his midnight blue silk suit as if to bursting, had stepped in as her saviour. You had to be crazy to try and mix it with him.

A few words had been exchanged, Dirk Stephens ending that by saying that he might have to see her home. It really hadn’t been what she had intended to get close to happening, but her friends had seen what had played out between them and she’d gotten to wondering about it. The summer was still hot, her dress matched her lively mood, and she had gotten to promising her friends that she’d take care.

“Go and play them out,” she’d laughed as other guys hit on them, but she had styled up and felt comfortable in the guy’s presence until he’d been taken away to deal with other problems in the club. “As for him, he must get plenty of action to go bothering with me…”

“Just you wait and see!” her friends had chorused before they had all pursued their chosen fancies.

She had chosen to do just that, against her better instincts, as the night drew on and became morning. It was becoming a waiting game as the parking lot grew emptier and all she saw, that was different, was a silver MPV with what looked like blacked-out windows. It gleamed, yet there was no knowing if that was Dirk’s beast of a motor but she’d not be surprised if it was.

She suppressed a laugh. Big guy…big car…what else was ‘big’ about him? How was she ever to tell the others of what happened if she claimed him as they’d encouraged her to try and do? It was a dare and she wasn’t one to be intimidated by that if it won her some approval with the others, helped her bond some more with them; she a new girl in town and doing only too well. But, she’d like to break the circle of ‘all work and little or no play.’

She sat in the cool of the early morning and watched the late-night clubbers and fun-seekers make their ways to their cars and then home. Had she missed him? Nope, the MPV stayed resolutely still under the swaying trees that marked the edge of the parking lot and softened the views of the buildings beyond.

“Dirk?” she murmured as she finally caught sight of him, a lonely figure striding out of the night club and not giving it a second glance.

He couldn’t miss her as she closed the space between them, the breeze chilling her, or was she a little scared of what she was now intent on doing or hoping she might succeed in doing…she a young, predatory female on the hunt after a good night out with friends. She’d wondered about the dress, whether it showed off too much, but if Dirk had really noticed he’d kept shtum on it.

“Hey, you can’t be waiting on me…or are you?” Dirk had opened the driver’s side door and shifted to sit down. He saw her lean in and felt her breath on his face as she whispered needlessly, but flirting.

“I have been waiting…wanted to thank you in my own ways for the help you gave me back there…Dirk.” Even in the gloom she saw how his eyes drifted over her.

“Well, now…miss,” he chuckled, his voice deep yet even friendlier than when she’d last heard it, “what do you have in mind?”

“Join me in the back seat of your wagon and I’ll show you…Dirk. My name’s Mia, by the way…”

“I know…you told me and I remembered it.”

“Good…I hoped you would.”

He twisted some more on the seat and looked at her, took in the swell of Bursa Escort those wonderfully shaped breasts he’d seen in that dress when she had danced with the other young women he had stepped in to protect from young dudes on the make.

He couldn’t blame them but was critical of their graceless and only too readable ways. Was he to be any different, now, as a dish was being served up…or at least being offered? He’d only been doing what his company was called in to do for businesses in the city and beyond.

“There’s got to be a catch in this, somewhere?” he now suggested, reaching out to touch her face for an instant and flick away stray strands of hair from her lovely oval face. He wondered just where her perfume, or scent, had been sprayed. “You sure look good in that dress, Mia…”

She laughed softly and knowingly. “Out of it too…and…and being in that club, and meeting you, has made me horny…”

“And direct…way too honest.”

“Yeah, that too.” She spoke softly, in a sultry voice, stood by his side and looked in at him. “Well…Dirk…what’s it to be?”

“Jeez, you’re direct…you sure are!” he repeated.

Nothing more needed to be said.

‘Seeing you has made me feel that way…made me wait for you.” His bulk made her feel small but she wanted those strong arms around her, those big hands touching and bringing her on; she wanted to satisfy her curiosity on what a big guy like him would bring to the game she wanted to play, had been challenged by her friends to play.

“Get in the back, the side-door slides open…”

They pressed against each other as he climbed over the front seats and she slid shut the door to a claustrophobic space, heavily scented by some pine spray. It failed to overwhelm the smell of the leather.

Dirk brushed against her as the rear seats were pulled down and formed a narrow couch that was soon shielded from the front seats by a curtain that Dirk pulled closed in one jerking movement.

“Not the best place to meet you…like this,” he murmured, the dim light cast by the parking lot’s lamps enough to see her. “Slow…go slow!” he gasped as her hands gripped on the front of his trousers. “Yeah…you’ve gotten through to me…so just take it slow.”

She’d clamped and gotten the answer she wanted, pushed his jacket off Dirk’ broad shoulders and loosened buttons on his shirt. She soon straddled his lap as he tugged loose the knotted fastening at the front of her dress; shivered as she felt his breaths on her skin as he leant in to ease her dress loose, to have it hang off her body.

“You nervous…doing this? Seein’ you talking to your friends I reckon you’re on a dare…”

“I’ll tell you later!” she gasped on feeling his hot breaths on her throat then down onto her cleavage. “You sure are hard…”

“And big…but you’ll find that out soon enough…won’t you?” he chuckled, sliding his hands over her back and tugging loose the fastening of her bra. “You’re gonna spoil me, aren’t you…Mia, you doll.”

“Shut up, man!”

She breathed hotly in his ear, felt his hands on her back and responded; slid her hands down over his skin and unbuttoned his shirt before pushing it away, squirmed as she did so. Dirk finally chose to ease that showy dress off her body, is lips brushing over her skin and soon tugging on her breasts, rolled hard perky nipples in his lips.

“You still okay with this?” he asked, not interested in her reply.

“Watch me…best of all keep up with me.”

She scratched her square cut, expensively manicured, nails over his chest, bent to kiss his hard pecs and gloried in his toned body, what she could see and certainly feel as her lips kissed it. She grazed her lips and swirled her tongue over his hard nipples, as he had done to her, gently biting them.

“You’re in control…for now, Mia…for now,’ she heard him groan softly, even as his fingers traced a path over her belly and she lifted her hips so that they pressed against the wet heat that she felt soak her thong. “You sure are one hot girl…”

“And you’re so big and strong…just seein’ you made me want to do this and then you helped me out…” she kissed, perfunctorily, even as this giant of a man squirmed beneath her, tried to get his fingers to brush over her tender spot, those swollen parted lips to her aching place. They squirmed as caresses were shared, as his hands gripped her hips and pulled her down on what she knew would be a pole of deeply searching flesh.

“And I’m playin’ in your games…Mia…Mia!” He failed to tug open his suit trousers, to yank away his belt and release his straining prick. It felt so darn hard and her excitement; the wetness, that he could feel as his fingers finally found her pussy’s lips, was getting too much to hold back on.

“I’m not going anywhere…just yet, Dirk, so don’t rush this…enjoy the moment….because Bursa Escort Bayan I sure am!”

He owned her nipples as she worked on the swell in his pants, leant forward as those strong hands gripped her tits and his mouth claimed them. It was when she put a hand to the back of his head and pulled him down that he really began his devotion to them, switched between hard sucking and gentle nips of his lips that had her arching her back and prolong his glorying in them. They’d sure ache when they were quite through.

“Dirk…oh Jeez! That feels so good…you’ve got no idea!”

“I’ve done it before..” he managed to say before she kissed him, shared in deep open-mouthed kisses, each swirling their tongues in the others mouth and sucking whenever they could. “I want you…no more of these prelims…got that?”

“Yeah…yeah!” she gasped, feeling how wet she now was and wanting to get on with really sharing the heat…to have this guy fill and waste her.

Dirk turned on the floor lights, soft and warming and she met his look upon her naked body, her wet pussy’s lips outlined in the fabric of her thong. She squirmed as he tore it down her thighs, finally breaking the thin fastening.

“I guess I won’t need that…”

“But I sure need and want you….”

Her breasts were again in his hungering mouth as his hands pulled on her hips to keep her to him. She wondered just what to tell the others, what she had succumbed to or had she been the pursuer and Dirk the prey in her evening’s game of ‘chase and fuck’?

She moved and fell back on the leather seats, could not stop him as Dirk undressed before her in the dim light. She had only a moment to see that bulging swell of his penis and balls in his pouch briefs before a monstrous bloated length of flesh jerked free of its restraint.

She gasped and pushed on te seat to get away but he gripped her ankles.

“No. it’s goin’ to be fine Mia…”

He leant over her, his hands to either side of her head and was close enough for her to take it in her mouth, put her slicked lips around it and sucked and eased. She felt that she would choke on its length and girth as Dirk moved slowly, pushed in and eased out of her mouth, to then push until the swollen tip touched the back of her throat.

“Is this what you told your friends you’d do for me?” He felt her nod that went along with the gnawing ache in his balls and at the tip of his penis as she worked on him.

“Mia…Mia…I’m getting close…so…so stop if you want me to take you!”

She pulled away and did as he asked and lay back; parted her legs wide as he demanded of her. She stroked his strong body, gripped the swell of his biceps and met his slow wondering kisses that he soon trailed over her breasts and belly, his fingers working her slit and two fingers plumbing her, deep and slow.

“Go on! Go on!” she screeched, bucking her hips to meet these claims, twisted and tugged to have those fingers find other places in her wet heat. Dirk’s tongue finally found her wet and exposed pussy, parted her lips and he tasted her juices with his flickering tongue as it plunged deep, her legs soon draped over his shoulders and she raised her arms above her head and gripped feebly on the seat cushions. “How am I goin’ to hold back!”

“Don’t…just don’t! Let it wash over you!” he commanded, certain in his ways with her now.

His tongue worked furiously and her feet scrabbled on the leather seat, her head spun in wild ecstasy as a result of his ways. She heard his sighs of appreciation, the sharp intakes of his breaths even as she babbled and moaned in her encouragement, her hands now on his head to keep him to her. He sucked and tugged on her pussy lips, hungrily and expertly, then shoved two fingers into her once more.

“Come for me, baby…come for me Mia…you doll.”

She didn’t hear what he said. She climaxed, came hard, as he demanded; her gasps and yelps as she met his claims filling the space. She bit on one hand to stop from screaming in pleasure from all that he did with his unrelenting fingering of her. It brought on another orgasm, had her shaking in aberrant pleasure and submission to this hulk of a man, a lover of no equal.

“You’ve proved it…put me in my place!” she yelped as he stopped, leaving her pussy muscles clenching on those thick fingers of his and she wanting to feel that searching tongue of his once more in her love canal.

“There’s…there’s this now, Mia…darlin’….” he kissed.

She nodded furiously as Dirk settled between her thighs so that he could lift her hips and make her feel the tip of his prick at her opening. Her eyes pleaded for him to bring it to her.

“It’s so big…so long…so strong,” she moaned out of fear and expectation. The tip of his penis prodded at her entrance, slicked with her juices and his saliva. She gasped in wonder as he Escort Bursa entered and slid deep into her willing and accepting haven, her fingers spreading those swollen pussy lips and to fully open the way into her.

Dirk groaned in pleasure as she closed her muscles around his questing length and she moved under him, caressed his legs with her feet until she lifted them and gripped her ankles. Her cries coaxed him to plug her with all that he had, bucked and swirled her hips and tugged on that length with all the energy that she possessed.

“You’ll break me!” he groaned, silencing her yelps of effort with kisses, his weight bearing down on her as he thumped into her body, his balls slapping against her butt cheeks.

“Don’t stop! I’m on the pill…want it all from you!”

“Now you tell me!”

Her eyes watered, and she clawed at his heaving body. What was happening felt unreal, amazing for its wild intensity. He was fucking her deep and she was close. He was there too, fucking her fast and hard, his hips slapping her butt cheeks and his heavy balls still slapping against her ass but she had felt them tightening.

“I…I can’t take anymore!” she screeched, lifting her hips off the seat and tugging furiously on him as she felt the rushes of her orgasm, the cramps of the muscles in her belly and pussy as she climaxed. She had no time to come down from her high, felt Dirk slam against her and stay deep before she felt the twitching spasm of his orgasm, then the spurting rushes of his cum hit her sacred spot. “That was unreal…so crazy and wild…unreal!”

“A wild fuck with a stranger…good for all that, Mia.”

“Yeah…yeah, it was,” she groaned in reply, as white-hot ecstasy coursed through her body, tugged at every muscle as she came down from her high. She was dismayed by what she had pursued, seduced from him and had then shared. “I guess you think badly of me…the slut who wanted you to bang her?”

“No, I don’t think that and be quiet on that…” he answered in an uncompromising voice.

She felt Dirk move from her, shivered on feeling the last slippery caress of his penis as he eased out of her aching body and lay down. They were done and she felt exhausted from a wild fuck, the sharing of the heat of a one-night stand. It was behaviour that she was not known to pursue. Was this really what her friends had intended for her, and what was she to tell them?

She felt the stroke of his hand to her fleshy thigh, moved to lie against his slicked skin, the small ceiling vent above them offering only the softest of breezes and did not clear away the musky smell of their loving; nor did it cool their slicked skins. She saw how Dirk’s glistened even in the poor light.

What was left for them to say to each other now that the pursuit of their pleasure, and her dare, had been satisfied? Just to feel his continued touch against her skin, the slow caress of his fingers to her hip kept the aftershocks of what she had known of him alive. That pleasure would fade and she’d be left with just the memories.

“It’s all been too much of a good thing…” she murmured, her hands failing to restrain him from leaving her side.

“We’ve got to move…get away from here before the security people start taking an interest. I sure don’t need that…or to compromise you, Mia.”

“That you should care about that….”

“Well, I sure do…” Dirk was seen to move awkwardly around the confined space that was left by the folded down seats. “I could drive you home…see you’re okay getting there…even stay a while?”

She settled under a thin car blanket that he threw over her and told him the address. She closed her eyes and heard him move, then too draw away the curtain. She looked through fluttering eyelids and saw his bulk fill the space between the front seats as he leant forward and punched in the zip code for her place. The sat-nav was set in the dashboard.

“I can’t be seen in my dress this early in the morning…can I?”

“No, it’s not a good idea for a lady who’s gotten lost…”

“That’s so true, Dirk…” she loved the concern that he now showed her and watched as he dressed quickly, shoved his meat into those skimpy briefs, then pull up his trousers and shove his shirt into it. He tugged and refastened his belt. The guy sure was organised and in control again. “Wake me when we get there…”

“I will, and maybe we can get to spend some more time together. I’d like that with the girl who asked me to save her…”

Mia wondered what “home” would feel like with this man around the place and she no longer having to act the pursuer but the loved out one.

She’d make up a story for her friends. Much of it would be based on the truth, the reality of what had happened between her and a man who was only a brute to look at, from the outside. The soft fleshy skin to the insides of her thighs, were slicked with all that he had expelled into her.

She’d have to deal with that differently…the next time she pursued too much of a good thing with him. Dirk could do anything in his loving of her except to find her.

She didn’t need that, not at all.

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