Top Ten Pants-Spunks – Miss Danica

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Top Ten Pants-Spunks – Miss DanicaIt’s not as if some of Miss Danica’s fans didn’t meet Her. Those who were able to travel to wherever Her amateur photos-sessions were held – Aunty Jayne’s ‘photo seminars’ – would have seen Her pose, taken photos for their own ‘personal use’ – and, oh yes, she knew what that was alright – talked to Her etc. I’d gaze longingly at the photos of those sessions but I could only press my nose up against the window, so to speak. Attending for me wasn’t an option, much though it would have been a dream cum true. Imagine you’re at one of those sessions and I turn up in my mac – it’s a boiling hot day – looking every inch the perv. “Why’s that pervy-looking git got his mac on, it’s sweltering in here” some of the other photogs are saying. “Can you take it off please,” Aunty Jayne asks, and as I unzip my erection is clearly in view, and no-one’s even started posing yet. Later the posing starts and I’m instantly mesmerised, my erection bobbing up and down in my damp pants. That might have been one situation where I was desperately trying to hold it, but of course everyone would see as I start to shudder and pump a big wet patch into the front of my trousers. So it was never going to happen. I didn’t know at the time but Miss Danica – Miss Donna as She was then – did lots of private photo sessions, and did that for years. For me, it was seeing Her in Escort magazine that first time, being totally knocked out and doing the first of 100s of pants-spunks looking at Her, sitting in my van somewhere in London. That first pants-spunk could easily be a Top Ten too. In that time She made me cum in my pants looking at Her photos, and later Her VHS videos, more than any other girl (in the magazine era). I stopped buying mags in the 90s because they got just too explicit for me, and fortunately the Internet came along. I assumed She’d retired before then, as so many of the girls I worshipped from that time had. Then I found Her on the Beautiful Britons site, though I thought it couldn’t be Her, She looked too young. It was Her of course, as Miss Dee, and more beautiful than ever. I’d never stopped worshipping Her, and still regularly soiled Her photos at the end of a home worship session. All the time I was worshipping, I dreamed of letting girls know what I did in my pants and to their photos, but never once remotely thought that could ever happen. I downloaded 1000s of Her photos, and then found Her on Southern Charms when She had Her page there. The beauty of SC is that you can email the girls, and when I did that, quite a few replied, several of whom I worshipped remotely, like Miss Christina UK, who I corresponded with for years, sending Her pervy worship sheets and lots more. Eventually Miss Danica replied to one of my emails, and soon I was sending Her worship sheets pendik escort and telling Her about my worship. One of the things I often said as part of my online worship was “I’d love to see you pose Miss”, and by that I meant just watch, not take photos (which I’d never done, and didn’t even have a camera). Sometimes girls would say “fine”, but I never had the nerve to go through with it. Miss Danica replied “if you mean a private photo session, then yes.” But there would be clear rules, like you don’t touch yourself etc. I could not pass this up, despite my fear of the whole thing – the idea of seeing Her for real, after years of pants-spunking and staining Her photos, was far too tempting. I managed to find a studio – the 2nd Floor Studio in north London – and went along, scruffy, not pervy – to pay the deposit. The day got nearer and nearer and my nerves were more and more frayed. Would I even be able to go through with it? But Miss Danica’s emails were soothing, telling me not to worry etc, and obviously She was used to nervous fans and how to help them relax. On the day, I was loading my van and my front door slammed shut behind me, I had to go to the landlord to let me back in and I thought the day was going to go all wrong. I’d bought a cheap camera and had my laptop too, with some thought about showing it to Miss Danica. I had been sending Her lots of worship sheets so She knew exactly how I worshipped Her, and though She’d sort of made clear today was just a photo session, I wasn’t sure how it might develop. Sent to Her a couple of months before the photo-session – She wore this outfit at the Worship SessionIn the event, I was so nervous throughout that I could hardly speak to Her, let alone say “would you like to see what’s on my laptop Miss?”! She was very good at keeping everything going, light and chatty, doing lovely poses. She was obviously very used to nervous wankers seeing their wank-queen for the first time, or maybe many times, and being gob-smacked as they saw Her show Her lovely curves for real. Keeping the conversation chatty and non-sexy meant I never even thought about even saying “you’re so lovely Miss”, and though I was disappointed that I hadn’t been capable of worshipping, I did leave with a lovely set of photos.Wanker actually saw Her pose like this…..For the next 17 months I sent regular worship sheets, ‘mag covers’, Gif’s, stories and so on, all about my worship of Her, and She always replied, so nicely, making nice comments on my worship material – “my favourite is the gawping gardener”, and you can guess what he was doing watching Her pose in Her garden. A constant in them was seeing Her pose and spunking my pants in front of Her, so when She said I could see Her again, She must have had an idea of what sarıyer escort I dreamed of happening. This time, I was more determined to get it right, and set up a proper Worship Session. Miss Danica agreed I could bring my laptop and video camera (recently acquired), and a printed worship sheet. The Session was to take place in Her friend Miss Leigh’s studio. Now I knew Miss Leigh of course, having seen Her in magazines around a similar time as Miss Danica, and of course spunked my pants several times looking at Her photos, which were later stained in my wank-room. So I felt a lot happier going there – when I turned up at the 2nd Floor Studio in my mac and flat cap, and baggy wank-trousers, people had been a bit bemused. A girl about to go into another room had seen me and looked me up and down – “what’s a pervert doing here, in his rainmac of all things?!”But I felt really good when Miss Leigh opened the door and I’m stood there all done up in my mac on a warm day and She said “you must be Graham”. Miss Danica of course had told Miss Leigh all about me – how I love that – so She was not surprised in the least. I’d actually put a photo of Miss Leigh in the worship sheet – the page where Miss Danica is making ‘me’ spunk my pants – and Miss Danica took it to show Miss Leigh – how I LOVE that too. So it was a full Worship Session, where Miss Danica read and posed with my worship sheets, looked at Her folders on my laptop, making nice comments, and showing Miss Leigh too. She also left a lovely message on my video camera, sending me out the room to do so. But the all-time moment was when She walked through the door in skimpy lingerie – the ‘level’ I’d asked for both times was fully clothed, short skirts and skimpy tops. Now I’ve very rarely seen a girl as ‘bare’ as this apart from in all my magazines – bikinis a few times, skimpy-dressed barmaids and so on, but not like this, in the same room, and ready to pose in it. Miss Danica knew of course what effect this would have on me – Miss Leigh told me later how Miss Danica had laughed telling Her how She’d gob-smacked Her perv worshipper. So when She came through the day She was saying “are you ready for this Graham?! Lovely lingerie! OK?!”I was gob-smacked, unable to do anything but gawp. “You know me now, Graham,” She said. “You’ve got all those pictures of me from the web, so you should have some of your own (that you took)”. I could only nod and mumble, and She started to pose, Her cleavage mesmerising me. What happens next is a daze, though the photos show I was clicking away, and some were actually not too blurred. I’ve very rarely seen a girl as ‘bare’ as this apart from in all my magazines – not like this, in the same room, and ready to pose in it.But I was in my usual trance, and you şişli escort can hear on the video how She carries on chatting, but this time more sexy talk – “so you can see the full glory of Miss Danica!” – and at some point the leaking stream of pre-cum turns into a gush of spunk but very fortunately it was one of those gradual pants-spunks, so no jolt went through me which always means my head and shoulders jerk forward involuntarily. I don’t know if I was shuddering or what noises I made – I love to embellish this story normally and imagine what I might have been doing, but the truth is it’s a blur, and the intensity of my perv ecstasy blots everything out, and I’m on autopilot, learned over decades of pants-spunking, so as not to give the game away. But imagine – I’m a few feet from the Goddess who’s made me cum, in my pants and over Her photos, 100s and 100s of times, and I’m pumping spunk into my underpants and trousers right in front of Her, seeing Her pose for real. No wonder I was so dazed, and I think it must have happened after just a few poses because after another 15 or 20 minutes of posing, I’d subsided and was able to normalise when She stopped. She then sent me out the room to record Her message, and I stood a little nervous in my mac, which hid the massive soggy spunk-patch on the front of my trousers, and covered the smell of cum too. Then Miss Danica changed into Her normal clothes and came out to look at Her old photos on my laptop – which of course had all the spunk-stained ones there. She’d seen some of these as most months I sent Her scans of them.Sent to Her before the Worship SessionShe’d asked to see those earlier in the Session but the bloody laptop crashed, but now She and Miss Leigh were looking at all the photos, laughing a lot, and I did see the real Miss Danica, more natural than when She’s posing as She does Her arms-length approach to stop pervs getting over excited and mac-wanking or whatever. Then it was over. Driving home I was still in a daze – did it really happen? – but with my mac now open and the large wet patch and stench of cum wafting up, I knew it had, unbelievable as it was.Of course the first thing I did was to play Her message on the video, but She didn’t refer to the ‘moment’ – had She even noticed? Playing and re-playing the video of the Session was just unbelievably lovely, then loading the pics onto my PC and seeing how She’d posed in several outfits, as well as ‘the outfit’. You can’t tell from the video the moment of pants-spunking, though I could make out an odd sort of croaking at one point, like I’m clearing my throat – clearing out my balls probably. A few months later, I sent one of my regular ‘Explicit Messages’ to Her – these give me licence to say what I want, a lot easier than being explicit directly to Her in an email. I told Her She’d made me spunk my pants during the Session, and how I dreamed of doing it openly in front of Her. She replied that She’d thought so, and that “maybe next time you leave your mac open and I pose, and, if whatever happens happens, well maybe dreams do come true”. There never was a next time though.

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