Toronto Rolls Out The Wet Carpet, Part 2

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Ava Addams

Over the years I’ve heard enough about sex clubs to make me extremely curious, but pervy as I am, I never felt it was appropriate to check one out as a single guy. I guess until now.In Toronto for a concert, I had some time to kill the day before. Someone here on Lush had recommended ***** as a sex club that allowed single guys in part of the club, so instead of overthinking it, I decided to finally just see what these places were about. I hopped in an Uber and headed down there at 3 in the afternoon.It was empty when I got there. Friendly, professional staff showed me around and explained the rules, and then I went outside to sit by the pool to see what the vibe was like. I love being naked, so I was already feeling pretty free and easy.When people started arriving, I chatted everybody up – all ages and genders – to find out what kind of crowd this was. Had some fantastic sexy and non-sexy conversations and my first taste of what a friendly, body-positive, sex-positive crowd was like. Even jumped in on a naked yoga class. So refreshing to see the respect and kindness of a bunch of naked horny people.It was still pretty quiet, so I left to get dinner with a friend and then came back for the late-night escort bayan scene.Oh, it had changed.There were a lot more people but still mostly dudes, several of whom could be seen respectfully following around two hot couples who were mingling in separate areas, enjoying the attention but not allowing touch.The hot tub was sexy, the bar was sexy, the sauna and pool… sexy. A woman was lashed to a wall getting gangbanged while her husband stood by, and another was blowing two guys. The two hot couples, however, were still untouched and just chatting with their admirers. They didn’t cross paths with one another but I knew where they were most of the time because… hot.I decided to go chill in the sauna by myself, fantasize and take a break. The surrounding action had gotten me pretty hot, so I was just slowly stroking and relaxing with my eyes closed when I heard the door open and close.When I opened my eyes, the young Latino couple that had attracted so much attention had joined me. The young, slender girl had a perfect ass, small tits, and topped off the look with a pair of oversized glasses. She was staring at my crotch and licking her beautiful lips – a cliché scene right out of a porn kocaeli escort bayan flick that was smoking hot nonetheless.After a few moments of silent lust, her man quietly asked if I’d be interested in coming with them up to the third floor.Ah the third floor, out of bounds for single men unless accompanied by a woman or couple. Hell yes, I wanted to go up there with these hotties and see what goes down up there! I nodded and followed them out of the sauna just as their admirers were starting to close in.As we walked upstairs, the boyfriend explained his girl had a fantasy about fooling around with a stranger while he watched and told her what to do. Ahead of us a couple of steps, she looked back and smiled, and my naked cock jumped visibly.They chose a room with a big platform bed and a line on the floor that spectators had to stay behind unless invited to watch or participate. There was nobody there to watch, but that would soon change.”Get up there and suck his cock,” the boyfriend barked, and she climbed onto the bed and turned to face me as I stepped up to the bedside. The contrast of her innocent face and the dirty lust in those eyes as she smiled up at me kocaeli escort had me at full attention, and my cock was pointing straight at her face when she reached out with both hands and leaned in.I could only moan as she licked up the shaft and around the head. Her nipples were fiercely erect and her ass was sliding from side to side as she rubbed her thighs together. When she took me in her mouth, I noticed a couple of guys watching from behind and the husband was stroking too. Through her glasses, she was wide-eyed with arousal and kept looking up at me and purring.She sucked and stroked while I (and the audience) moaned at the sexy scene. I was getting harder than I thought I could but really wanted to taste her little pussy. Thankfully the boyfriend was reading my mind.”Let him eat your pussy and ass,” he ordered. She immediately let my cock pop out of her mouth, obediently turned around, pressed her face into the mat while looking back at me, and pushed her tight little ass in the air. Such a good girl. I leaned in for a taste.First, I lightly caught a drop of her wetness on my tongue – her pussy had the sweet nectar taste of an aroused woman, and I dove in for more, circling my tongue around the outside of her labia to lap up the juices. I kept teasing her like this, not touching the clit or penetrating past the lips. Her high-pitched moans were the sexiest sound I’d ever heard – I slid my tongue over her pucker and she wailed even louder. 

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