Touch Me Again

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I jumped as I accidentally stubbed my toe passing the refrigerator in the pitch dark, and fumbled for the small light above the stove. As I shuffled toward the kettle, Tom came in behind me, rubbing his sleepy eyes and blinking in the new light.

“Hey, what are you doing awake?” he whispered, brushing his hand against my arm as he reached past me for the tea tin.

“Just couldn’t sleep – thought some tea might help the situation.”

He chuckled. “Tea whore strikes in the night.”

“Hey, you went for the tin first, not me,” I laughed quietly.

I filled and started the kettle, and then leaned wearily against the kitchen counter. Tom came up beside me and we leaned into each other, his hand on my back; two people barely awake.

“It was a good day,” he said, gently rubbing my back. “It was good to see everyone again.”

“It was good to laugh together again,” I commented. “I missed being around everyone, sharing the same stories.”

He pulled my head against his shoulder and put his arm around my waist, holding my hand. “I missed being around you. Sharing your stories.”

I hummed a quiet consent, snuggling my head more comfortably below his chin. I could feel the pulse in his neck, his warm skin, the sleepy glow. He pulled his head back to look into my face, and his eyes weren’t sleepy anymore but very alert, searching.

“I miss you a lot,” he barely whispered. “I miss your face.” He put his other hand against my cheek, traced down my chin and rested it against my neck, thumb stroking my jaw.

I was very conscious of my breathing, trying to keep it steady. I breathed in sharply when his thumb started tracing my lips, slowly, and he turned me more to face him. His other hand was so gently stroking my side, and I could feel every touch as though my skin was alight. When his fingers moving up and down barely grazed the side of my breast, I trembled. He took his hand from my face and used both to hold my hips, still looking into my face.

“I miss you,” he said again, and his hands were slowly sliding up my sides, nothing but my thin jersey shirt separating him from my bare flesh.

“I miss you too,” I whispered, a slight tremor in my voice. I placed one palm against his bare chest, toying with the downy hair that curled up. “I miss you so much, sometimes I can’t handle it.”

His hands were right below my arms, and as I looked up into his face again, gathering my courage, he slid one thumb over and brushed it across my breast, my nipple hardening instantly. I breathed in sharply again, and at the same time he leaned in, using his other hand to pull my jaw down, and slid his tongue into my mouth.

I was on fire. His tongue was warm and wet, and I could feel every Antep Escort touch as it slid against mine, caressing the inside of my mouth as his hand continued to caress my breast. My hands were on his back, pulling him in further, running up and down his perfect flesh, feeling every muscle and every knot. I felt the feather-light touch of his fingertips across my stomach, playing with the bare skin there before one hand slipped up beneath my shirt; I jumped when I felt the skin of his palm cup my bare breast. As the kiss deepened his thumb and forefinger began to very gently roll my nipple and sensation seared through me.

I had held this in for so long, and now nothing I could do could stop it from breaking out of me. I ran my hands up his strong back and then slid them back down to his hips, pulling him toward me. His pelvis pressed against mine and I rocked my hips forward involuntarily. I could feel him pressing against me through our pyjamas, and had to stop myself from wrapping my legs around him in abandon. He dragged his mouth away from mine and trailed kisses along my jaw, sliding his tongue into the whorls of my ear briefly and sending blades of fire and ice through me. He kissed down my neck before pulling my shirt up over my breasts and finally taking a nipple in his hot, wet mouth.

My mind swam. I melted into his mouth, gasping, and pulled the nightshirt over my head before moving my hands to his waist again. I frantically grabbed at the waistband of his shorts, but he pulled my hands away and kissed me again, slower this time. As our tongues tangled, sliding in an out of each other’s mouths, he carefully hooked his fingers inside the waist of my panties and tugged, pulling both my pyjama bottoms and panties down together. His fingers left a trail of fire on my skin, and I swooned. He broke the kiss to lean down and slide the garments to my ankles, and I stepped out of them.

Time slowed. Tom looked up at me, breathing hard. I could feel his breath on my knee, and suddenly realized I was completely naked. Instead of being embarrassed, I was alight. My skin tingled in anticipation, and I was aroused. Tom straightened slowly, leaned in for another, deeper kiss, and then slid his hands under my bottom and lifted me effortlessly onto the edge of the countertop.

He fluttered kisses along my throat, collarbone and breasts, stopping to attend to my nipples briefly again, and when he continued downward my vision blurred. I could feel his hot breath and tongue on my stomach, on my navel, on my underbelly, on my pelvic bone, and then on my inner thigh. He licked and kissed his way along both thighs, and I could do nothing but gasp each time I felt his breath on my lips. Very carefully Antep Escort Bayan he parted them, and when his tongue finally slid across my clitoris I moaned loudly in pleasure. He slid his tongue down again, dipped it inside me, and then licked slowly and languidly upward, enveloping my clitoris and sending me gasping and crying out. I ran my fingers through his thick hair, and tried desperately not to pull his face into me. Tom slid two fingers slowly, teasingly, down my slit before sliding them deep inside of me, circling my clitoris with his tongue. He did not increase speed, but steadily continued his attentions, and his wet tongue combined with my juices had me moaning and begging for more.

I grabbed hold of my senses just in time, and pulled him up to face me again. I could have stared into his dusty blue eyes forever. I kissed him gently, slowly, taking pleasure in every touch and taste, and then hopped down off the counter top. I kissed his neck, kissed his chest and walked around him to kiss one shoulder blade. I rested my face against the back of his neck and breathed him in deeply, running my hands around his waist and over his chest as I pressed my naked body against the back of him. A small, low sound escaped his throat as he leaned back into me, and I could feel his trust. I tugged his pyjama bottoms and underwear down together and slipped them off his feet. I placed a feather-light kiss on one buttock as I straightened back up again, and felt him jump in surprise. I turned him to face me, and smiled.

“Do you know how long I have wanted you?” I whispered, flicking my tongue along his jaw and pressing into him closely. He breathed deeply and intentionally, but I could still feel his strong heartbeat jumping nearly out of his chest. When I wrapped one hand around him and began to slowly move it up and down, he groaned helplessly and leaned his head on my shoulder, holding my hips with his hands.

“Thomas, I love you. I have loved you for years. I think you knew.” I kissed his neck and his jaw again, and then slid my tongue back into his mouth where it played with his. He cradled my head in his hands and I could feel the heat of him all around me. He broke the kiss to lean forward and whisper in my ear.

“I have loved you since the day I met you,” he breathed. “In my dreams I kiss you deeply and slide inside you over and over again.”

With that his tongue was back in my mouth, his hands lifted me again onto the counter top. He parted my knees as we kissed and ran a finger once again along my wet slit before pushing forward. I felt the head of his cock against my lips, teasing, and cried out. He pushed forward and slowly entered me, and I could feel myself Escort Antep stretching around his thickness. He pushed steadily and deeply until our bodies pressed together and he was completely inside of me. And then he began to move. I groaned, a low hungry sound, and he slid nearly out of me before pushing swiftly back in again. I could hear the slick sound of my wetness as he continued to thrust in and out, finding a rhythm. His mouth was on my neck, on my ear, on my shoulder and mine cried out again and again.

My imagination had not done this moment justice. I had always known that we would touch each other with grace and with gentleness, but I could not have predicted the desperation and eager animal desire. As our bodies encouraged each other I could feel the round, slippery head of his cock thrust deeper and deeper inside of me, until I was sure it could go no further. The sensation was so powerful that I cried out every time our bodies slapped together. This only encouraged him to thrust harder and faster, and I could feel my body react and the tension begin to rise inside of me. My hands were on his buttocks, gripping him tightly and pulling him further in. Tom’s hands were on my breasts and my neck, gently exploring each surface. His face was nuzzled into behind my ear, and the involuntary sound of his moans was driving me on.

When it felt as though he grew larger inside of me I knew he was close; I was barely holding on. With every thrust he slid slightly against my clitoris and hit the deepest part of me. I was going to cum before long whether he finished or not. When he realized he was close he began to pull out.

“NO, please, oh no please cum inside of me,” I gasped, pulling him back inside with my legs wrapped around his hips.

“Oh Jacqui, I can’t stop it – I can’t – OHhh,” he gasped, moaning loudly, head on my shoulder.

Our shared orgasm exploded from within our cores. He slammed himself deep inside me once, twice, three times, jets of his hot sperm shooting deeply and drawing out my own orgasm. I was clenching around him involuntarily, crying out, rubbing my clit against him wildly. I felt sensation pour through my entire body, and drew him in close to share the moment. We gasped in each other’s arms as the sensation ebbed; I kissed his neck, running my hands up his back and pressing my chest against his. He wound one hand into my hair and slipped his tongue back into my mouth for the slowest, deepest kiss of all. His tongue slid against mine again and again as he caressed my breasts, my stomach, my back. It was as though we wanted to hold each other in that moment for ever, as though we could actually stop time and slip into our own oblivion.

Finally my head cleared, and I got down off of the counter. I wrapped my arms around him and nestled my face into his neck. I kissed his jaw.

“Touch me again,” I whispered.

Tom chucked. His strong hands came around me and held me close.

“I’m never letting you go,” he said.

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