Trailer Park Passion

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I own and operate a 65-space mobile home facility; read that as trailer park. It isn’t one of those high- falutin parks with all kinds of amenities but just an ordinary place catering to the average hubby and wife and their couple of kids. My own apartment is off site and a few miles away but I drive through the park almost every day to see that everything is OK and trying to make sure trash isn’t strewn about. There are at least a half dozen divorced females staying here with their trailers as part of their divorce settlements. Some of the residents have a hard time making the monthly payments even though I make every attempt to keep the lot rentals as low as possible. This is particularly true of the divorced females; they apparently weren’t trained for any well paying jobs while they were married and now they are struggling to make all of their payments with the low incomes they have from places like Wal-Mart etc.

All of the residents seem to think that because I own the place the money just rolls in. NOTHING could be further from the truth. There is a humongous mortgage on the lot, as well as one for the septic system and all of the improvements the place needed. In addition, there are big tax, water, landscaping, etc., etc., bills. I am in deep trouble if roughly 60 lots aren’t paying their rental on time.

One gal in particular, Nora, is either late every month with her payment or plays hard to find when I go looking for her on rent day. It finally reached the point it was necessary to have the Sheriff go to her place of employment and present her with a court order to appear in court to show why she shouldn’t be evicted. She is a pretty little thing…. Short, blonde hair, blue eyes and a great body and about my age. After her visit from the Sheriff she was on the phone that night, saying she didn’t want to leave my park and asking if there wasn’t something she could work out. I offered to come by her place around 7:30 PM to discuss the whole thing.

She was all smiles and happy face when she opened the door and invited me in. Somehow she heard my drink of choice was scotch whiskey and she had a bottle out with a couple of glasses and an ice bucket. Hmmmmmmm. was there a bribe on the way?

I started with, “Nora, there is little doubt you are having a difficult time with all of your bills and not just your lot rental but you aren’t the only one having a difficult time with bill payments. Delinquent renters cause me the same type of problem and you are one of them.”

“Bill, I know I haven’t been on time every month…”

I stopped her with, “Nora, you have never been on time. Not once in the two years you have been here.”

She came back with, “Bill, I have listed all of my bills and have attached my pay stub so you can get a better idea of my problem. Please take a look.”

A quick look at the stuff she put in front of me and it was quite obvious, she either had to increase her earnings or decrease her expenses. After a more detailed look at her expenses, it was apparent there wasn’t any place where she could cut much out of them at all.

“Nora, I’m not sure what to tell you. About the only obvious suggestion is for you to sell the trailer and rent one. You would have enough capitol from the sale of it that if it were invested halfway decently you could come close to paying the rental on the one you would rent and the land on which it sat.”

“Bill, I have been trying to do that for the last six months and no takers. The trailer resale market sucks.” she answered, asking, ” Would you consider hiring me to clean your place or do some of the landscaping around here?”

“Nora, I would love to help you out that way but the people doing those things now are people I am already helping out with that employment. I just couldn’t bring myself to fire either of them just to be able to hire you. I am not that kind of guy. You wouldn’t want me to do it to you just to help out someone else.”

“Oh shit.” she muttered. “Then what the hell am I going to do?”

“Well, how about pouring us a drink and we can think some more about it?” I asked.

“Oh hell yes.”

She was up in a flash and had a scotch and water in my hand almost before my sentence was finished.

“Nora, do have any chance of getting alimony from your ex husband?” I queried.

“I called the lawyer who handled the divorce and he said I was fortunate to get the trailer free and clear as part of the divorce. My ex is out of work and has been so for a year. Apparently he fell in his kitchen and hasn’t been able to work since.”

“Well, it was worth thinking about anyway. Nora, I don’t want you to take this wrong but I have an idea you might, just might, find acceptable.”

“Let me hear it, I’ll consider anything at this point.” she said.

“Look, ever since my wife passed I have been going down to the gin mill/dance hall a couple of times a week looking to make out with some of the gals there. My tab is around $20-30 a night and I only get lucky about half the Antep Escort time.”

Her eyes were big as golf balls and she was leaning forward in her chair listening with rapt attention.

“I would be more than happy to give you the $40 -60, say $50 a week if I came over here two nights a week instead.”

“You mean twice a week to have sex with me?” she asked indignantly.

“Well, it was only a suggestion. I couldn’t think of anything else.”

“Bill, I think you better leave. Just put your glass on the table on your way out. I’ll see the judge at the end of the week.”

A few nights later my phone rang with Nora at the other end.

“Bill, I hate myself for what I am going to do. I know the judge is going to favor you so I really have no choice. I will be nothing but a whore accepting money for sex.” she was saying through her tears.

“Nora, it isn’t as if I am a stranger. We have known each other for as long as you have been in the park. What’s that …a couple of years at least?”

“Yes, just over two years this month.” she agreed.

“Would you like for me to come over there or would you like to come to my place? Coming to my place might be better since none of the other lot renters would know what was happening. What do you think?”

“Bill, I’m still very uncomfortable with this whole situation. I honestly feel as if I am some sort of slut about to have sex just to have a place to stay.” She responded and it sounded as if I heard a stifled sob.

“Nora, don’t torture yourself this way. The fact you ended up with a dysfunctional marriage that left without a decent paying job wasn’t your fault. Dry your tears and C’mon over. I’ll have an ice cold scotch and water waiting for you.”

“I’ll be there in about an hour. I want to shower first.” she responded quietly but I could still hear the catch in her voice.

Sure enough, she was here almost to the minute. She had put her hair up a little different since I last saw her and she had on a pair of jeans with a blouse that tied in front at the waist. She looked pretty damn good.

My lights were down low and the room was only lit by the glow from the TV and a small table lamp.

“Would you like a scotch or would you prefer wine?” I asked

“Oh shit, give me the scotch. If I get a glow on maybe I won’t mind what I am about to do so much.”

“Damn, Nora, you are making me feel like shit and all I was trying to do was help you. I could go back to hustling gals at the gin mill and would be just as happy but you would be out on the street without a place to stay.”

“I’m sorry.” she whimpered. “I am having a terrible time coming to grips with what I am about to do.”

I put out my hand saying, “C’mere hon.”

I took her by the hand and led her to the sofa. We sat side by side with my arm around her, holding her close. She leaned her head back against my arm and looked up at me longingly. I leaned over and kissed her lightly. We stayed with our lips touching for what seemed like a very long time when her tongue began touching mine. I opened my mouth slightly and her tongue was soon probing deep inside me.

She must have been getting a little aroused because her nipples were pointing out thru the thin fabric of her blouse. I reached down and let my hand untie the loose knot holding the tails of her blouse and as they fell to the side I lifted it up and slipped my hand under her bra and lightly fondled her breast.

She pulled her mouth from mine and asked, “Bill, what are you expecting me to do sexually for the money?”

“Geez Nora, I don’t want it to be like a menu in a Chinese restaurant…One from column A and two from column B. Can’t we just let things go and see where it leads us?”

“I guess,” she answered.

With that, I stood and held my hand out to her. She took it and I pulled her upright and led her to my bedroom. When we were near the bed, I turned and looked down at her and put one hand behind her head and pulled her mouth to me. By then my cock was bursting for relief and she obviously felt it pressing against her. She wrapped both arms around the back of my head and pulled me to her.

I reached up and stripped off my shirt and unbuckled my belt, dropping my pants to the floor. At the same time her blouse was soon in a pile on the floor at the foot of the bed with her bra on top of it. My hand reached to her waist and unbuttoned her jeans and let them slip to the floor. She stepped out of them and in a very graceful movement, hooked one finger in her panties and stripped them from her lovely little body.

I leaned over and pulled the bedspread and blanket back and sat at the edge with her standing in front of me. Her tits were around my face as if they were bookends and my mouth was buried between them. She soon had a hand behind my head and was pulling me even closer. I let my face swish from side to side between her tits and then lifted my mouth to take a nipple between my lips. My arms were around her hips with Antep Escort Bayan each hand cupping a cheek of her ass. She was moaning ever so softly. I then leaned back on the bed pulling her with me.

We were soon lying side by side with her hand holing my rock hard shaft with her index finger reaching up to the head of my cock tracing around my cock ring. Damn, this woman was pure sex.

“Bill, I had my tubes tied some years ago so unless you are afraid of a disease you don’t have to worry about getting me pregnant. A disease is almost out of the question since my husband was the only man I ever had sex with and that ended several years ago.”

I decided to take the chance. It was a bigger chance for her but I had always worn a condom with any of the other chicks so it really wasn’t too big a risk.

I had bent over her chest and my mouth was keeping her nipples well lubricated while my hand had drifted down to let my fingers spread her bulging pussy lips, searching out her clit. It was soon uncovered and her moisture provided all the lubrication needed to let them slide up and down softly and tenderly as her hips were soon being driven to me.

She rolled on top of me and positioned herself so her pussy lips were directly in line with my pulsing purplish cock head. She slowly let herself down on it and she was soon lifting her ass and then dropping staying in sync with my up and down thrusts. When she was at the bottom of her movement she started to squish her pussy around on my pubic hair. It felt terrific but I knew what she was doing. Her clit was also getting massaged at the same time.

My cock was beginning to pulse and she obviously felt it.

“Bill, hold off a minute. I am almost there,” she purred.

It wasn’t a minute before she threw her head back and was tossing her hair from side to side and had her fingers braced against my chest and she was really driving hard. Her lips were pursed with her mouth just open a little ways and she was cooing. I hadn’t heard anything quite like it before but there was little doubt what was happening. She was in the midst of a bombshell of an orgasm.

My cock was driving far up into her and I felt the old familiar stirring deep in my ball sack, which I couldn’t hold off any more. My cock exploded and was soon shooting stream after stream of my warm love juice deep inside her. As I was throwing my hips up into her as hard as possible she was driving her pussy down hard on my shaft. Her cooing became a moan and then a cry as she fell forward onto my chest with her breath so fast it scared me. Her racing heartbeats could be felt in my shaft through the walls of her vagina. I reached around and just patted and stroked her back while we just lay there coming down from shattering orgasms.

She rolled off when she got her breath and looked at me and smilingly asked, “Do you affect all the women you pick up this way?”

I almost shit laughing and could only answer her, “Oh, some of them get real excited when they are cumming.”

She poked me in the ribs and started to chuckle.

“You’re not going to believe me but that was the first sex I have had in over two years and it was so good I should be paying you.” she said rather matter-of-factly. “You have to admit we really are pretty good together”

“Yes we are.” And then I joked with the old line of, “Was it as good for you as it was for me?”

She almost fell off the bed laughing and poked me again. This time it was in my cock.

“Careful honey, it might get up again.” I joked.

“What do you think I’m hoping for?” she answered.

Well now…

We did go at it another time a little bit later but this was in the classic missionary fashion—nothing fancy.

A bit later, we were sitting in the living room of my apartment sipping our scotch and I looked at her saying, “Nora, just to keep things a little more acceptable I don’t want money changing hands. How about if I just deduct $50 a week from the monthly lot rental?”

“That will be fine. If I am due any refunds, what do I do, take away one of your orgasms?” she cracked.

“Have you always been such a smart mouth?” I asked.

“Only when I am getting ready to suck you off,” she said as she lowered her mouth to my cock.

It wasn’t long before she had my soft cock buried almost to her tonsils. Damn, I wish I had thought of this rental substitution plan a year ago. I entwined my fingers through her hair and pulled her down on it even further. I was beginning to get hard again and she started to bob up and down while her fingers were holding my ball sack, ever so gently. Her tits were brushing against my knees and they were turning me on big time. She soon had me rock-hard again and was taking my seven inches in close to the hilt and then up to the point where she was just holding the head of my cock in her warm mouth. She would then flick her tongue around the head of it and sort of force my slit apart with the tip of her tongue. I never had Escort Antep felt anything like it before and I was soon getting that warm feeling deep inside. I reached down and put a hand on each side of her head and pulled her to me as I started to spurt my love juices deep in her throat. She swallowed every drop and was soon slurping up every other drop coming out of me.

“Bill, I noticed you have a hand held shower attachment in your bathroom. Would you mind if I showered now?” she asked

“Not at all. Can I join you?”

“Sure, the more the merrier.” she joked.

We weren’t in the tub a minute before she had the showerhead between her legs and pointing up at her pussy.

“Turn it on full force Bill.” she instructed as she pulled her pussy lips apart.

I did and could see what she was doing. It was serving as a make shift douche.

She looked at me coyly. “I didn’t want you to be sucking up your own cum with what I am going to ask you to do next,” she said demurely as she fluttered her eyes in a manner better suited for the stage.

We were barely dry when she was pulling me to the bed.

“Bill, I feel like such a wanton woman…a real slut. It is as if I can’t get enough sex.”

“Nora, give yourself a break. It’s been a couple of years since you had any. You are like a sailor who has been at sea for a long time and then hits port.” I said.

“Well, C’mere sailor boy and take care of this pulsing between my legs.” she laughingly ordered.

Knowing what she wanted made it easy. I pushed her back down on the bed and roughly spread her legs saying, “Hold on to your hat sailor girl. You are in for some smooth sailing.”

I then fell gently between her legs and started to kiss each side of her pussy. Then I dropped my head to the inside of her thighs and started to lick them, kissing each spot I had just licked. I kept working up to her pussy but then jumped over to the inside of her other leg. By the time I got back up to her pussy she was moaning about me teasing her. I then found her clit with my fingers and lightly, ever so lightly let my tongue flick the tip of it. That had her squirming and tossing her head from side to side.

“Bill, you’re driving me crazy.” She moaned.

“Good” as I let my tongue penetrate her pussy. My fingers on one hand were gently touching her asshole as I started to lick the inside of each pussy lip and then flicking her clit every now and then. I finally buried my face in her but not before getting the fingers I had near her ass wet with my saliva and her pussy juices. As soon as my face was buried deep within her I let my wet fingers go straight for her asshole and began rubbing around the ruby red puckered hole with them. She as squirming even harder then as I inserted the tip of one finger in that forbidden hole. I then had two fingers in and pushed a bit until they were buried as far I could.

She was whimpering, saying that I was hurting her.

“Easy babe. I’ll go slow.”

I kept my fingers in her ass while I started to concentrate on her warm and oh so wet pussy. By now she was burying her fingers in my hair and pulling me into her. I slipped a couple of the fingers of my hand that wasn’t doing her asshole into her pussy so they were competing for that space with my tongue. With the fingers in her ass and the ones in her pussy alongside of my tongue I was ready to put them all in motion at the same time. As soon as they were going full speed she forgot about any pain in her ass and was driving it hard against those fingers and she was pulling my face even deeper inside of her. A few minutes of that and she was howling – – not cooing or moaning but howling. Her body was convulsing again and her juices started to flow. I looked up from between her legs and could see her biting her lower lip to stop her noise making.

I just pulled out of her pussy for a minute saying, “Honey, let it go. Don’t worry about the noise” before burying my face in her again.

Did she ever. I thought for a moment I had a live coyote in my bed. It lasted for almost a full minute before she cut it back to a whimper. I’d say she had had a rather HUGE orgasm.

“Bill, I only had sex with my ex husband before this but you are unbelievable. I never guessed an orgasm could be so terrific.”

“Honey, ’twas nothing.” I smirked humorously.

She just laughed and pulled me up to plant a huge kiss on my mouth that was still covered with her pussy juice. No matter, the kiss was long and warm.

“What do you think babe, time for another shower?” I questioned.

“I think so but let’s just lay here for a bit.”

The shower was a lot calmer than the last one. She still used the showerhead as a douche faucet but we just washed each other before getting out to dry each other.

She went back into the bedroom and picked up her clothes and got dressed.

“Bill, I would love to stay the night if you asked me but I need to get into work earlier tomorrow and I am going to need the sleep. Perhaps another time, OK?”

“Sure babe, it’s almost time for the next shift to be knocking at my door anyway and I would hate to keep her waiting. She really is a great piece of ass but she is very impatient.” I said as I ducked to keep from getting hit with the book she threw.

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