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TrainThe last risk I took was a very enjoyable one. It started one the journey to work. The same time, same train and of course the same bored commuters. Come with me on the train and share my moment.The 8.05 train opened it?s doors and we all shuffled on, most people trying in their institutionalised manner to get the same seat they had occupied for the last 30 years of their working life. Man with briefcase with rip in it sitting on the second seat to the left of the toilet, woman who obviously only owned one colour of blouse?s sitting three seats up from him, olive skinned builders mate standing even when there was available seats. As the journey got closer to the city people started leaving at their respective stations and the ?tinned sardine? effect lessened.It was a warm sunny day and it even looked cheerful through the tinted windows. The air-cooling was a delight.I had woken with a spring in my step and a glint in my eye that only I knew the meaning of. I jumped in the shower, slipped into my bland, just above the knee skirt and sheer as I was allowed blouse, stroked the cat, gulped some juice bakırköy escort and shut the door. I knew, subconsciously, what mischief I was going to get up to before I?d even reached the station.I stood for a while in the carriage smiling to myself, a warm feeling growing in my stomach. I knew the time between stations and how long I had left of the journey. I slid my hand into my bag to check and with a little clink I knew what I wanted was there. I walked casually to the toilets. The thought of what I was doing and the oblivion of the other people on the train turned me on enough to make me catch my breath.Man with ripped briefcase looked up at me, then looked away in haste just in case I smiled, or god forbid, spoke to him! I shut the door behind me. My heart beating faster and breath quickening. I grabbed my [vibrator] eggs from my bag and pulled up my skirt. Leaning against the wall I slid my panties down slowly over my knees. There?s something about the feel of a bra strap or a pair of lacy panties being gently loosened or pulled off that sends me into beşiktaş escort a spin, one of those ?hold your breath? moments! I was already wet and so hot. I parted my lips and gently pushed the playthings deep inside me. It was nearly too much. With concentration I managed to hold back the rush of electrifying currents that headed for my pussy.I pulled my panties up and rearranged my skirt ready to re-enter the carriage. I smelt so hot and musky; I must have had SEX written right across my back!I walked back to my seat, every step making me moan silently in my throat, and sat down as gently as I could. Sitting opposite me were two men. One a city gent of middle age and a younger guy, maybe mid to late twenties. I swear he could smell me.I leant back in my seat as if contemplating the day and slowly opened my legs, just enough to give him a peep of my inner thigh. It worked in an instant, he couldn?t look away. I was having trouble controlling my breathing now and knew it wouldn?t be long before he would get the full show.The rhythm of the train increased my pleasure beylikdüzü escort and my nipples protruded through my blouse. I leant my chin on my hand so that I could smell myself and began to slowly and very discreetly gyrate. I knew the middle-aged city gent was now entranced too, he unlike the younger one was more discreet pretending to read his morning paper.I could see the bulge appearing in younger guy?s trousers and it was driving me crazy with want. I?d come too far now to even care who was watching, I opened my legs further and my pussy lips swelled with pleasure. I could feel the buzz growing and the juices beginning to flow.City gent could take no more and hurried to the toilets to seek his own relief but younger guy stayed and sat, his eyes glued to my hot pussy. I felt the first spasm run through my body and wiggled a little more. The balls vibrated as they rubbed together deep inside me. The second came hotter and even more intense. I whispered hoarsely ?watch baby?. Slipped a hand inside my blouse and pinched my hard nipples. I felt the juices exploded from inside me as I shuddered uncontrollably, I opened my eyes to see his hand reaching to touch the wetness on my thighs and the other hand wrapped tightly round his stiff dick.The train pulled into my destination.I winked as I got off and walked past his window with a wry smile wondering if he?d be on the same train home!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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