Trainwrecked Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

“Dude chill. I’m walking in now. Where are you sitting?” Shay yelled into the phone as she got closer to the door to the bar.

“I’m at the bar grabbing a drink with Henry. We’re kinda towards the back left corner.” Kellen’s words were already slurring.

Great. Now I gotta play ‘Babysit the Dumbass’. Shay thought as she walked in.

“Hey Shay, how’s it going?” Brandon asked. He was Shay’s favorite bouncer. He took no shit but was a big teddy bear at the same time.

“It’s good so far. Bout to go track down gay boy.”

Brandon laughed. “Well good luck. There’s plenty of them here.”

Shay smiled and rolled her eyes as she walked towards the bar area to look for Kellen. She spotted him towards the back with the blonde boy he likes hooking up with once a month.

Ew. Is he eating his face? Shay walked up and tapped Kellen on the back. He turned and gave her a very drunk smile. “Hey girl! Whatcha doin?”

Shay cocked one eyebrow at him. “How much have you had to drink?”

“Um. I’m not sure right now. Why?”

“Because when you drink to much you start sounding a little too gay for comfort.”

Henry peaked around Kellen. “He’s not driving, I promise. Neither of us are but I will make sure he’s safe. Promise.”

“Thank you Henry. I appreciate it.” Shay turned back to Kellen. “At least someone can be responsible tonight.” She gave Kellen a teasing smile.

“Hey! I’m responsible!”

Shay threw her head back and laughed. “Uh. I’m sorry. Did you just have a stroke? Can you repeat that?”

Kellen narrowed his eyes at her before joining in with her laughing.

“So what are you two doing tonight?”

Kellen raised his cocktail “This…” and then pointed at Henry. “And hopefully this”

Henry wiggled his eyebrows back at Kellen. “We’ll see.”

At this time Shay’s phone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled it out to check her texts.

What’s your favorite color? Katie’s text read.

Why???? Shay replied.

K: Going out and I need help finding an outfit.

Mmm. Happy to help. You’d look good in red or blue. Shay ended the text with a wink emoji.

K: Thanks, gorgeous.

S: Any time. Where are you going out to?

K: 7Colours. It’s girls night. Wanna meet me at my place later?

S: LOL. I’ll see you sooner than that. I’m at Sevens right now.

Oooo. Even better. I’ll come say hi when I get there. Katie ended the text with the red lip emoji.

S: Sounds good. Do me a favor though?

K: What’s that?

S: Don’t wear any panties.

K: What if it matches my bra?

S: I said what I said. No panties.

K: Yes ma’am.

Shay put her phone back in her pocket and waved the bartender over.

“Is everything okay?” Kellen asked

“Yeah, just some plans for later”

“What are you doing after here? Or rather I should ask, who are you doing?”

“Waitress from the diner across from my work.”

Henry’s eyes widened as he tilted is head down. “Girl you make friends fast!”

Kellen laughed. “Oh you have no idea. Ladies love this one. Sometimes a little to much.”

Shay chuckled. “Heard!”°

“What can I get ya Shay?” The bar tender asked.

“Bourbon. Neat please.”

“You got it.”

“Thanks Jason.”

Shay turned back to the two boys while she waited on her drink. She watched them be engulfed in a conversation about Spiderman.

Oh my fucking God, they’re perfect for each other. Shay thought. They really were cute together. If Kellen could stop being so blind to the possibility somebody might actually care about him, he might have a chance at being happy. Henry was sweet, funny, and had the patience of a Saint. And that was definitely going to be needed with Kellens skittish tendencies with a relationship.

“I’m gonna go to the little boys room” Kellen spun in his chair and stood up to walk to the bathroom.

Henry watched him stumble his way to the bathroom before turning back to Shay. “Can I ask you something?”

The bartender set a glass of Bourbon in front of Shay. She grabbed the glass and took a sip before responding.

Damn. That’s some good Bourbon. “Sure thing. What’s up?”

“Does Kellen…feel anything…for me? Like at all? Or am I just reading too much into things? We’ve been doing this on and off thing for seven months and like I’m fine if he’s just not ready but, I just wanted to know if I’m reading too much. And everything I’ve tried to bring it up, he changes the subject faster than a second place race car driver gunning for the finish line. But he does little things for me all the time. Like random gifts. Or plans these spontaneous dates. And I’m not wanting to push him but I’m highly confused at this point.”

Shay gave Henry a reassuring smile. “He’s just scared. His last relationship did a really bad number on him. We both kinda had to get through a rough time. Our relationships fell apart around the same time. His was quite a bit worse though. I don’t know if he’s told you about Damien.”

“We’ve had a few conversations. He gives bahis şirketleri a little more information each time but he doesn’t stay on topic much.”

“Well Damien was Kellen’s first love. They were together since sophomore year. And when they graduated Damien gave him a promise ring. Made this big show of telling him that one day he would pop the question. Kellen was head over heels. And for the entire eight years they were together he planned the wedding, that way when Damien did it, they were ready. He was in love with him. And when he came home from work early on Valentines day to surprise him, he found him in a bed of roses with another guy. He spent quite a few months going off the deep end. Damien kept showing up wanting to talk and Kellen tried to hear him out once but it only made things worse. So he stopped answering the door and eventually moved in with me for a while and changed his phone number. Damien kept trying for three months. It just messed with him more and more.and ever since he skittish. He gets scared when he starts getting feelings and he distances himself. But with you. He comes back. And that’s because you’ve been patient and you give him his space. I watch him get a little more comfortable every time he’s with you. But make no mistake. If you tell him how you feel right now. He will run and there is no guarantee he will come back.”

Henry listened to every word intently and smiled. “Thank you. I appreciate the input. I can be patient with him. Now. Speaking of our boy. I’m gonna go see what’s taking so long.”

Shay gave him a sweet smile and put her hand on his cheek. “He cares. Just keep doing whatever it is you are doing.”

Henry smiled and nodded before getting up and heading to the bathroom.

Shay was sipping her bourbon and listening to the music when her phone vibrated. She pulled it out of her pocket and checked the text.

K: I may run a tad late, there is this gorgeous blonde sitting at the bar drinking…Bourbon? Neat maybe?

Shay looked up to see Katie standing at the doorway wearing a knee length, bright ruby red dress covered by a floral lace shaw of the same color. Her long blonde hair fell in waves down her back and the look was complete with a pair of lace up stiletto heels. As she walked closer to the bar, Shay licked her lips which caused Katie to give a teasing smile back.

“Was the cute blonde comment necessary?”Shay asked while waving the bartender over.

“Probably not. But it made me laugh.”

Shay scoffed and gestured to the seat next to her. “So where are your friends?”

“On the way, they decided to carpool.”

“You opted out?”

“I have a….more intriguing idea in mind when we leave here.” Katie’s flirtatious smile was contagious.

Shay cocked one eyebrow as she took another sip of her drink. “Is that so?’

Katie leaned in close next to Shay’s ear. “Yes ma’am.”

Shay smiled into her glass. “You’ll pay for that later.”

“I look forward to it.”

At that point, four women walked in the bar. Katie looked over and smiled. “And that, would be my girls. I’ll see you later on?”

“Looking forward to it.”

Shay walked away to join her friends. The little extra sway in her hips made Shay smile. Damn, she’s got a nice ass.

Kellen and Henry popped up on either side of Shay.

“Hey pretty lady, care to dance?” Kellen’s teasing question made Shay laugh.

“Sorry love. I’m gay.”

Kellen made a dramatic show of looking over at Henry. “What a coincidence!

“So are we!” They said together.

Shay laughed and stood up. “Alright alright. Lead the way gentlemen.” The two boys each linked an arm with Shay as they walked out onto the dance floor.

They danced for several songs before the three of them were out of breath. Henry checked if they wanted anything to drink before leaving to go grab one himself. The next song that played was a slower one and Kellen held out his hand to Shay. “Care to dance?”

Shay grabbed his hand and they fell in step easily. As they danced Kellen looked over Shay’s shoulder at Henry at the bar. Shay peeked behind to see Henry’s smile beaming back at them. She turned back to Kellen. “You like him. Don’t you.” She didn’t phrase it as a question but Kellen’s expression looked scared to answer. “You don’t have to say anything. But I see it. And he is in no rush. So don’t freak out okay?” Kellen smiled and nodded. The song ended and Henry came back with a round of drinks for everyone and they took a seat to drink and watch everyone else dancing on the floor.

“Hey Shay? You got a cute blonde with cherry red lipstick staring at you across the way.”

“Hmmm. I’d say it’s more crimson.” Kellen responded

“Oh, it’s definitely crimson.” Shay replied. She didn’t need to turn around. She knew whose lipstick they were talking about.

“How would you know? You didn’t even turn around!” Henry said laughing.

“Because that lipstick is part of her plans for later.” Kellen responded before Shay could.

Henry’s eyebrows raised. “Hmm. good bahis firmaları taste Shay.”

Shay raised her glass to Henry and winked before getting up and walking over to Katie’s table. Katie smiled as she walked up to her. “Hey gorgeous. Miss me already?”

Shay smirked and winked at her before leaning in close to her ear. “So my friends over there are having a small debate on whether your lipstick is cherry red, or crimson. Would you care to help me prove who’s right?”

Katie licked her lips. “Not at all.” She grabbed the front of Shay’s shirt and pulled her in for a kiss. Katie’s friends let out a few “oos” and a “get it girl” before Katie released Shay’s shirt.

“Well thank you. See you soon?” she said as she wiped her lip with her thumb

“Oh, count on it.”

Shay walked back over to her table and held up her thumb at the two boys. Kellen looked amused and Henry was still trying to pick his jaw up off the table.

“So boys. Cherry? Or crimson?

The two looked at each other before saying “Crimson.” together.

Katie walked up behind Shay and wrapped her arms over her chest and leaned into Shay’s ear. “So they are heading to another bar for karaoke. I, however, am headed home. Wanna come?”

Shay downed the rest of her drink. “Yes please.” She looked over at her friends and nodded. “Boys.”

Both raised their glasses and smiled. “G’night”

Shay got up and followed Katie out the door. Once out Katie linked her arm with Shay’s. “Ready?”

Shay laughed. “Absolutely.”

Katie’s smile beamed. They walked to their cars and Shay opened Katie’s door for her.

“Oooo. Sexy and chivalrous. I like it.”

Shay rolled her eyes as Katie climbed into her front seat. Shay shut the door and Katie rolled her window down. “Follow me?”

“Yes ma’am.” Shay replied. Shay walked back to her car and waited as Katie pulled out of her parking spot. She followed her on the ten minute drive to her house. Once there, she pulled into the driveway behind Katie. Shay got out of her car and walked to Katie’s door and opened it for her.

“Do you remember that wedding I was planning in my head for Tuesday? Keep this up and I’m gonna end up dragging you there.”

Shay raised her eyebrows and Katie noticed her eyes darted to her car for a brief second. She Put her hand on Shay’s cheek. “Relax, I’m only joking. No need to panic.”

“You say that. But I’m getting a little too used to girls going crazy after a few nights.” Shay’s breathing slowly returned to normal as they walked up the sidewalk to Katie’s front door.

“I can assure you, I am not those girls.” Katie unlocked the door and beckoned Shay inside. Shay walked in and looked around. Her house was cute. She definitely had a thing for abstract art decor. As Shay walked into the living room she noticed a canvas broken into three parts above the fireplace. They looked like a magnified view of different types of golden leaves.

“What are these?” Shay asked, walking towards them.

“Oh that’s a piece I submitted for one of my college art classes. I found some leaves walking home one day and thought the designs were cool so I painted a close up of them when I got home.”

“Hold up. YOU painted that?” Shay asked, astonished.

“Yep it brings the room together don’t ya think?”

“Absolutely. That’s amazing. You’re really good.”

“Thank you, I’m finishing up a piece right now for a gallery downtown next week. You should come by. There are plenty of artists that will be there that will be showing a lot of cool work.

“I will see what I can do, no promises.”

“Deal. Now, I don’t know about you, but I want a drink. Want one?”

“Absolutely.” Shay followed Katie to

the kitchen. Her kitchen was spacious. She had white cabinets complete with a black, gray, and white marble counter. She had paintings in here as well. No doubt she did these herself. They matched the style of the ones in the living room. She watched as Katie walked to the other side and opened a door revealing a collection of different types of alcohol. Shay’s eyes widened at the many different bottles that lined each shelf. “So, uh. Got enough to drink?”

Katie laughed and pulled out a bottle

and set it on the counter. Shay walked over to the bottle and picked it up to read it.

“Henry McKenna huh? Now I definitely

know you’re after my heart.”

“Hahaha. You have good taste. This is probably one of the smoother bourbons I’ve tried.”

“Oh absolutely, and depending on what you mix it with, it’ll bring out the vanilla, caramel and oak flavors.”

“Well, aren’t you just a little connoisseur?” Katie laughed.

“Something like that, however, I do have a question. Why are we drinking it now if you drink it on your birthday?”

“Well, you see… tonight wasn’t actually just a girls night. The girls took me out for my birthday.”

“Well then why did you leave early? I wasn’t trying to take you away from your own party.”

“Well I recall coming and asking you if you wanted to leave.”


“Besides, kaçak bahis siteleri I’m not much of a birthday person. The girls just wanted to go for drinks but that’s about the extent of my birthday plans.”ithda

“Well, I’m happy to be a part of your plans. Can I ask why you don’t celebrate your birthday?”

“You can. At some other point when I’m not in the process of undressing you in my head.”

“Mmm, fair. Would you like something to help with those images?”


Shay raised her eyebrows. “Yes what?”

Katie’s grin was almost devilish as she closed the distance between her and Shay. “Yes ma’am.”

Shay rested her hand on the back of Katie’s neck and pulled her in to kiss her. She let Katies tongue enter her mouth as Katie’s hands slipped under her shirt. As Katie lifted her shirt up, Shay raised her arms. Once Shay’s shirt was removed, Katie’s lips began to explore the exposed skin. She kissed the side of Shay’s neck before leaving a trail of kisses along Shay’s collarbone. She reached around Shay’s back and undid the clasp and ran her fingers lightly over Shay’s skin and looped one finger under the strap and gave a small tug, causing the bra to fall to the floor.

“Should we take this to my bedroom?” Katie asked between kisses.

“I think we would both prefer that.”

Katie grabbed Shay’s hand and walked past her pulling her back towards the living room. Across the living room there was a doorway that led to a hall. She led Shay down the hall and turned at the last door at the end. Once inside the room Shay pushed Katie against the bedroom door. She trailed her lips from the top to the bottom of Katie’s neck starting just below her ear. Shay kissed back up to her chin and barely grazed her lips across Katie’s, keeping a hair’s width away from her lips. Katie responded by running her fingers up the back of Shay’s neck, and grabbing a handful of her hair, forcing Shay to close the distance between their lips.

“Let’s go to bed.” Katie whispered breathlessly

Shay smiled and picked Katie up and wrapped her legs around her waist. As Shay walked towards the bed, Katie sunk her teeth into Shay’s neck. Shay’s moan made Katie giggle before Shay set her on the bed. She pushed Katie down onto it and ran her hands under Katie’s shirt before pulling it over her head. Shay kissed Katie’s collar bone, and down to her bra line before sliding Katie’s sports bra over her head. t Shay kissed and nibbled fromKatie’s neck down to each breast paying attention to each nipple before moving down further as she unbuttoned Katie’s pants. She took her lips off of Katie long enough to only pull them off along with Katie’s underwear.

She teased Katie’s pantyline by running the tip of her tongue from one crease to another. She placed one kiss above Katie’s clit before bringing her tongue down, swirling it in tight circles around her clit. Katie’s body responded by arching her back which allowed Shay the perfect opportunity to bring her hands up under Katie’s legs pulling her closer as she continued to lick every last drop of Katie’s juices. Katies hand came down on top of Shay’s head pressing her mouth against her clit. But Shay wasn’t going to give her what she wanted that quickly. She teased each labium, coming closer to Katie’s clitoris before her tongue danced away at the last second. Katie’s moans increased every time Shay took her tongue away from her clitoris.

Shay knew she was frustrating Katie, but she was having far too much fun to give in quite so easily. Shay paused her tongue’s movements long enough to look up and give Katie a smirk. Shay brought her right hand up, extending her index and middle fingers and slowly inserting them into Katie’s now soaking wet pussy. Katie’s head fell back onto the pillow as her hands gripped the sheets. Shay curled her fingers up to reach Katie’s g-spot as she pumped her fingers regularly against the bundle of nerves. After several minutes, Shay decided she was ready to bring Katie to a climax. She engulfed Katie’s clitoris, holding it between her lips, she flicked it up and down, and then in tight circles.

The dual stimulation was enough to bring Katie over the edge. Katie’s boy jerked as her thighs squeezed against the sides of Shay’s head, as she let out one last final loud moan before collapsing back onto the bed. Shay took her time cleaning up every last bit of the mess Katie had left, going back to flick her clit every so often. Once satisfied with her clean-up, Shay moved her mouth back up Katie’s body as she made her way back to Katie’s mouth. Katie moaned again as their lips touched and Shay slid her tongue into her mouth, letting her taste her own arousal. They laid there together for a while, tasting each other and exploring each other’s body. Afterwards, Shay sat up and walked to the door and opened it.

“I’m going to go grab my shirt and bra. Would you like anything while I’m up?”

“Mhm, can you do a little spin for me? The view is fantastic from this angle.”

Shay rolled her eyes, yet still held out both hands and did a little slow spin before opening the door and heading to the kitchen. From the bedroom she heard Katie yell, “Also, a glass of water would be amazing. Glasses are in the cabinet to the left of the sink”

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