Traveler Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Taking Ashley

It always felt a bit strange to come back to the home office after being in San Diego for a week. Kyle couldn’t help but feel like he was a bit disconnected from his office and that he was that guy who goes there, not one of the day-to-day-ers.

Kyle’s boss, Linda, organized a bit of an office outing each month to make sure everyone was socially acquainted and aware of the big projects that were going on all over the organization, but he really wasn’t looking forward to it.

He hadn’t had much sleep during his latest trip to San Diego. In fact, his last two trips to San Diego were surprisingly tiring. Trying to socialize with a bunch of people he barely knew didn’t seem like fun. It seemed like more work… and he still had a whole day of work before that.

Thankfully, as he walked through the doors, Ashley was there at the receptionist desk, smiling, happy, cute, and pleasant in a sea of stress. She was one of the only people with whom Kyle could be comfortably friendly at his office. Ashley’s job was a bit of a catch-all. She helped run numbers, played gopher for Linda, organized travel arrangements, and did pretty much whatever she was told; the typical fresh-out-of-college job, even if she had been doing the job for three years.

Ashley was something Kyle liked to think of as nerd-hot. It wasn’t just the glasses. She never dressed up for work, preferred a pair of beat-up converse and a girly t-shirt to what women usually wore to work, and her red hair always seemed like it had been pulled up in a rush. She was into rock and action movies but managed to avoid the tattoos and piercings that so often seemed like the uniform of her generation. Her body was fleshy enough to accentuate her youthful curves, giving her a chubby, but not plump look. She never seemed to mind, to stress about dieting or exercise. Still, Kyle found something sexy in how she behaved, and how she mock-flirted with him.

“Heyyy, handsome,” she smiled. “Welcome back.”

“Thanks, Ashley. Everything fall apart while I was away?” Kyle winked.

“Only my dreams,” Ashley giggled before giving him an actual hug.

Kyle tried not to drop his suitcase, brief case, and coat as he struggled to keep his balance. “How are the wedding plans going?”

“Weeeell,” She half-smiled as she let him go, “they’re not going. You know?”

Kyle regained his balance. “I’m sorry to hear that, Ashley. You okay?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m fine. But if I ask you to fill out a few forms later, don’t think I’m hitting on you or anything.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” he smirked. “You can hit on me if it makes you feel better.”

Ashley laughed. “In that case, drop by the west conference room at five, and I’ll hit you with a stack of documents. How about that?”

“Five? Can it be earlier?” Kyle asked. “Doesn’t Linda’s big outing start at five over at McMillen’s?”

“Linda has me finishing a bunch of reports for her until then, so it has to be five o’clock,” Ashley replied. “Don’t worry. It’s just a few forms and questions. No one’s gonna care if we’re fifteen minutes late.”

Kyle adjusted the strap of his briefcase. “Okay, that’s cool then. See you,” he said as he began to almanbahis adres head for his desk.

“Welcome home,” said Ashley.

Kyle smiled, set his stuff down at a workstation he never bothered to decorate, plugged in and reviewed his notes.

– – –

That was a week ago.

Kyle leaned back in bed, lit only with the glow of suburban San Diego houses seen in the distance through a floor to ceiling window that looked out on a backyard pool. The satin sheets of the bed covered the lower half of his naked body.

“So,” he said. “I almost forgot to tell you what happened to me last week, back home.”

The muffled voice of someone trying to sleep managed to sound out “Mmm-hmm.”

Remember that girl Ashley from my office I told you about?”

The soft sheets against his skin made an erection a near certainty as he began to tell what had happened at the end of that first day back home.

– – –

Kyle had almost forgotten about his meeting with Ashley until he was packing up his computer. He set his jacket back down and headed down to the west conference room. Sure enough, Ashley was setting out some papers on the conference table.

It was mostly the usual stuff, expense reports and account documentation. He gladly filled them out as he and Ashley joked and she filled him in on all of the office gossip.

“I know I’m not here much,” said Kyle, “but all of those rumors are probably just people’s imaginations, especially the one about Fredrickson, over in billing.”

“Well, you never know. You know?” Ashley winked.

“Guess not. You headed to the party now?” he asked.

“For example,” Ashley seemed to ignore Kyle’s question, “I had a really interesting conversation the last time I reconciled billing with your client.”

“Okay,” said Kyle. “I’ve never heard the words ‘interesting conversation’ in the same sentence as ‘billing,’ but I’ll bite. What was it about?”

“Well, my contact was one of the accounting consultants,” Ashley continued. “Brenda Lewis.”

Kyle’s face suddenly became flush. “Yeah,” he coughed. “I, uh. I know Brenda.”

Ashley shook her head and smiled. “Come on, Kyle.”

“Come on, what?”

“Please, it’s me you’re talking to.”


“So, you fucked her.”

“Listen, Ashley,” Kyle began to stand up. “Please don’t tell Linda about it. It was just one night. It never happened again and I didn’t know at the time that she or Lucy worked with Jeff.”

Ashley bit her lower lip. “Who’s Lucy, Kyle?”

Kyle covered his face.

“You slut,” Ashley laughed. “So which one was first, Casanova?”


Ashley walked to the door, peeked out through the narrow opening to make sure no one was listening in, and then shut the door to make sure they had privacy. “So, Shannon too?”

“How in the world did you find out about Shannon?” Kyle yelled into a whisper.

Ashley giggled. “The same way I found out that you have — How did she put it? — ‘a nice, big cock.'”

“I’m glad she approved,” Kyle shook his head. “Remind me to give her a spanking if I ever see her again.”

Ashley bit her nail. “Look forward to hearing that story.”

“Well,” said Kyle, as he walked slowly almanbahis giriş toward her. “I’d be glad to give you a story of your own.”

Ashley couldn’t keep from running the tips of her fingers over the tops of her breasts. “I. I don’t know.”

Kyle’s hands slipped onto her waist. “You don’t know what, Ashley? Seems like you know an awful lot.”

“Not nearly enough,” she breathed as Kyle’s lips pressed to hers.

She was clearly worked up. Her hands tugged at his belt almost immediately. She removed her glasses and kissed him again, biting his lower lip and reaching down his pants to grab onto his mostly-erect dick.

The sexual tension of almost three years of play-flirting was going to release explosively, and neither Ashley nor Kyle was interested in taking their time. She pulled down his pants and boxers, grabbed tightly to his member, stroking it until it was fully erect.

Ashley got onto her knees, secretly taken to another level of arousal due to the submissive position. Her lips slid over the end of his cock, licking its underside and beginning to work it in and out while stroking the base.

Kyle had difficulty holding out, but Ashley’s eagerness told him he wouldn’t need to. The head of his dick throbbed, his balls tightened and he let out a moan that told Ashley what was about to happen.

It made her move faster, and certainly paid off, as Kyle released, shooting his cum into Ashley’s waiting mouth.

Kyle and Ashley got themselves put back together, laughed about what had just happened and decided to meet up with the rest of the office at McMillen’s.

The office party was the usual waste of time; tables covered in appetizers, and people trying to find anything at all to discuss other than work, and then giving in to conversations about email habits.

By three hours in, Ashley had been sure to get into the booth seat immediately next to Kyle. She reached under the table, finding Kyle’s cock and sliding her hand over it through his pants.

“So, Ashley,” Kyle said. “I heard you moved recently.”

“Huh,” she replied. “I don’t know who you heard that from. I still live on Chestnut Drive. You know, walking distance from here.”

Both knew what that meant. Ashley slipped out because she ‘left something in her car.’ Kyle made the quickest, obligatory small talk he could with his boss, Linda, and then apologized for yawning.

“I always forget how much you consultants are on your feet,” Linda commented. “It’s obvious you’re just desperate for bed.”

“Thanks for understanding,” Kyle said before slipping out to meet Ashley at the nearest corner.

The walk, though short, seemed to take too long, and by the time Ashley got the door open, the two became a frantic tangle of arms and clothes. Her wet lips never seemed to leave his, even as the clothes fell, one by one, to the floor. Kyle’s hands glided over the soft, youthful flesh of Ashley’s now naked hips. Her skin smelled like peaches.

They fell back onto the bed. The nipples of her ample tits responded to his tongue as he sucked on them. His mouth quickly found a new target as he grabbed Ashley by her spread legs, lifting her hips off of the bed and burying his face almanbahis in the musky, wet scent of her pussy.

“That feels so fucking good,” she moaned, “Oh, yes.”

Her hips began to buck wildly and Kyle had difficulty keeping them still. He could tell that Ashley was building to something big. Sure enough, an explosion of feminine arousal bathed his lips and tongue, dripping down his chin.

Kyle climbed up, kissing Ashley passionately. He worked his hard cock into her still-dripping hole and began to fuck her furiously. Ashley was overcome. She could barely concentrate in her ecstasy-induced stupor. She climaxed again, kissed Kyle and breathed “Cum on me.”

No convincing was necessary. Kyle pulled out of her pussy, and stroked himself over Ashley’s generous, fleshy breasts. His eruption was more substantial than he had bargained for. By the time he had finished shooting his load it was across her face, into her red hair and all across her chest.

– – –

“After that, we were both so fucking exhausted, we just collapsed,” Kyle explained. The bed sheets, his naked skin and the recollection of his time with Ashley had all done their jobs. His erection was unmistakable and he found himself unable to keep still.

A hand from the other side of the bed reached down the covers and began to stroke Kyle’s cock. “That’s a hot fucking story.”

“Jeff, you have no idea,” Kyle commented, looking over to lust-filled eyes. “Her smell alone was intoxicating.”

Jeff slid closer, putting his other hand on the back of Kyle’s neck and pulling him in to kiss him. Their lips parted but their skin still pressed together.

Kyle laughed. “This takes a lot of getting used to,” he said.

Jeff smiled back. “Your fault, asshole. If you didn’t get me so fucking horny we’d just watch TV.”

He kissed down Kyle’s chest and stomach, stroking his cock in front of his face before licking the tip gently. Kyle moaned and Jeff responded, sliding his lips over the engorged dick. The dimly lit room was quiet save for the slippery sounds of a blowjob and Kyle’s elevated breathing.

Jeff climbed back up Kyle and the two pressed close, kissing and running their hands all over their naked bodies. Their cocks rubbed together, renewing the intensity of their erections. Jeff turned. He knelt and offered his ass to Kyle.

Kyle got on his knees behind him and pressed the head of his dick to Jeff’s ass. It was a slow process, but Kyle managed to work his way in and fuck Jeff from behind. He leaned forward reaching around to Jeff’s cock and stroking it.

The fucking and stroking and moaning went on for a long time before Kyle quickened the pace, his sweat dripping down his body, the beads glistening in the dim light. Their fucking intensified, with Jeff pushing back against him until Kyle finally came.

Jeff slid off, grabbing his own hard cock and turning to Kyle. Kyle laid back, his head on the pillow, his mouth open. Jeff pressed the head of his cock to Kyle’s lips and shot a load of hot cum into his mouth.

Jeff fell backward and the two lied still, spent from their sex.

“See what happens when you tell me about your sexual conquests?” Jeff breathed. “I think you waited all week to tell me that story, so you could get me all horny.”

“All week?” Kyle snickered. “Not exactly.”

Jeff laughed. “You’re a danger to your coworkers, Kyle. I should report you to Linda.”

“Um,” Kyle held back his amusement. “Yeah. So, about Linda.”

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