Travels to the Great Valley Ch. 03

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After transferring my bags to Joellen’s and taking a shower, I was dressed and ready for a night on the town. I pulled from my suitcase a bottle of Cabernet from a winery called Liberty School, which coincidently was the name of the private school whose auction was to begin in less than 24 hours. It was a decent wine, and I figured the harmony would add a little charm to dinner.

I walked into the living room and waited a while before Joellen emerged from her hallway. She was stunning, wearing a beautiful rayon dress that both flowed and clung in the best possible ways. Her nipples were up and proud, and their thickness nearly cast a shadow over parts of the dress.

Joellen walked up to me and gave me a deep, soulful kiss. When we parted, her nipples were even harder and so was my cock. Taking a small step back she looked me in the eyes.

“I have two surprises for you tonight. I hope you like surprises.”

“Well, given what I’ve encountered so far, I can’t imagine being too surprised about anything that happens tonight. But I’m definitely willing to see.”

Joellen reached into her purse and pulled out a small black remote for what I assumed was her car door. “This is yours tonight — use it at your discretion.”

I looked puzzled but took it from her. As I looked at it I noticed it had a single switch. I pushed it on and noticed a small sound, and also noticed a small jump from Joellen. I stepped a bit closer and adjusted my head ever-so-slightly and noticed a small buzzing coming from her. More specifically, from her crotch!

I leaned over and pulled up her dress. I was treated to an incredible vision — Joellen in thigh-high stay-up stockings and an interesting little panty that seemed a little odd. Slowly I squatted down, gently pushed her legs apart and noticed a small vibrating unit between Jo’s legs.

“Surprise number one: welcome to my butterfly vibrator. I hope this keeps me horny all night long.” She smiled the smile of a teenaged prankster as I looked up at her eyes.

I looked back at the vibrator and played with it a bit, and noticed it was ingeniously shaped to sit just between her legs without rubbing or otherwise being uncomfortable. A small bullet vibrator sat at the center of the devise and the entire contraption was held in place with a set of elastic lace straps.

“Okay, I was very wrong. I am completely surprised. I thought I knew toys, but this is a new one for me.” I stood. “And surprise


“Well, I was going to wait to show you, but I can’t help it.” She smiled, then twirled around to face away from me. She slowly bent at the waist and flipped up her skirt in a little flourish, revealing a clear acrylic butt plug filling her ass.

“Oh, my . . .” I said.

“Just a placeholder until it can be replaced by something else more my style.” Her smile widened even more, if that was possible, looking over her shoulder at me. “I’m sorry I took so long getting ready, but I had some important preparations to do. But it’s all done and I’m absolutely ready for an enchanted evening.”

Standing up and smoothing out her dress, she took my hand and pulled me through the kitchen and to the garage door. I practiced turning off and on the little control, and watched Joellen jump each time.

“Oh, wait. I almost forgot.” I ran back to the living room and grabbed the bottle of wine. Back in the kitchen, I handed it to Joellen. “I hope you like reds.”

She looked at the label and stood there silently. When she looked at me, she had a dead-serious look. I was just getting a bit concerned when she blurted out, “I really don’t want to go out tonight but I kind of do, too. I think we should take this wine, go to La Belle’s Kastamonu Escort and drink it all down, and then hurry back here and fuck all night long.” She paused. “But I really don’t even want to go — I just want to fuck!”

“Oh, no — uh, uh.” I turned the remote on again. “You don’t get me until you are suitable revved up.”

She grabbed my hand, and pushed it under her dress. She slid the vibrator aside — still buzzing — and pushed my finger into her dripping pussy. “Is this what you call revved up?”

“Nearly . . .” I smiled at her and slowly withdrew my hand. She straightened her dress and we went into the garage.

She must have heard my breath escape because she looked at me quickly. My eyes returned the glance, but quickly returned to the large garage with three magnificent cars in it — a 1964 ½ red Mustang Pony, a baby blue 1964 Ford Thunderbird convertible, and a white 1966 Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible with red seats. These were three of my very favorite cars in the whole world, cars I have owned in my mind but never in my garage. And since I never had a garage in which to store such works of art, I never possessed them in fact, only in fantasy.

I walked between the cars wordlessly.

“I think Richard loves these cars more than me,” Joellen mused, without a hint of anger or despair. “If he could fuck them, I’d probably be a single women.”

“These are about the sexiest cars I’ve ever seen — but they still aren’t as sexy as you are right now,” I said. I punctuated the point by turning on the vibrator. Joellen squealed just a bit.

“Which one should we take? I think the Mustang’s got something wrong with it, so we have to choose between the two convertibles. Still, not a bad choice.”

It took me a minute and then I said, “I think we need to take the Caddy.”

“Okay with me — I like ’em both. But why the Caddy?”

“Well, I really love both of these cars, but the Cadillac has something that will be most important tonight.” She looked at both cars for a minute and pondered. Then that amazing smile emerged and she said to me, “Bench seats?”


She grabbed a set of keys off the wall by the kitchen door and tossed them to me. We found our respective side of the car and got it. I pushed the key into the ignition and turned it over gently, hearing the big engine roar to life. I was about to push the garage door opener on the visor when Joellen grabbed my arm.

“Wait, I think I need to try this first.” She bent over and pushed her head down toward my lap and pulled my dick out of my pants. Leaning over the remaining distance, she pushed her mouth over my cock and began sucking. It was a quick, teasing little suck, and as she pulled her mouth off my nob, she looked up and said, “You definitely picked the right car.”

She sat back up and stayed near the middle of the huge bench seat, but as we exited the garage, her hand was still fixed on my cock giving it a gentle squeeze and stroke as we drove away from her house and to the restaurant.

Dinner was a delightful distraction from our other activities. The remote control remained the center of attention. It was incredibly fun to non-verbally interrupt Joellen on a regular basis, watching her jump and squirm as the vibrator tingled her clit. At one point I was certain she was going to cum, but she was able to regain her composure and push back the wave.

The wine had its much-desired affect. We were both loose and happy as the bottle was emptied relatively early in the evening. The second bottle came out mid-meal and we dented that one pretty well also. The food was agreeably forgettable.

One highlight was when Joellen Kastamonu Escort Bayan got so worked up that she was about do duck below the table cloth and suck my dick. But I was able to keep her topside, and realized that it was time for us to get out of there

Check paid, we slightly wobbled our way outside. I wasn’t fully prepared to drive yet, and had an interesting distraction in mind. Before we moved toward the car, I pulled her by the hand toward the alley and we walked down it a short distance to find an interesting doorway just slightly recessed from the road. We stood in the doorway and made out like teenagers.

At one point I was kissing Joellen deeply, rubbing her nipples through her dress and the vibrator hummed away at her clit. Her panting told me she was about to cum so I spun her around, lifted her dress and unzipped my pants, preparing to fuck her standing right there. I was momentarily delayed as I negotiated the buzzing butterfly. I was pleased to learn that the design had been created to accommodate such multi-tasking.

As I pushed her over slightly I took my leg and gently parted her feet, opening my access to a hot and dripping cunt. She held her breath as I pushed my cock head right to the entrance, waited a moment, then plunged deep inside of her. I held still for only a minute before withdrawing and plunging back in. I was quite unsubtle — and incredibly horny — and pounded away at her cunt over and over again.

Joellen was clearly on the path to total ecstasy when I reached down and grabbed the small flange of the butt plug poised outside of her ass. I held the end of it next to my stomach, and then fucked her ass and cunt simultaneously with each of my strokes. This was all it took. Jo exploded intensely, cumming hard and wet all over me, The intensity of the orgasm was again quite surprising. I had to hold her up as she convulsed and thrashed as wave after wave overcame her. I kept pounding in her as this was happening, but it was clearly more to her benefit than to mine.

After a long couple of minutes, I slowed and pulled out of her cunt. She turned and looked at me. “That was the most intense thing I have ever felt in my life. I just kept cumming and cumming. I am still tingly all over!”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it. But we need to leave here now because I need to fuck you ass so bad I can hardly stand it. It took every ounce of my strength not to cum in your pussy just now.”

We quickly straightened up and zipped up and made our way back to the car. The wine took away all caution — Joellen dropped to the floor and sucked my cock the entire way home. I drove as carefully as I possibly could. There were way too many distractions at work at this moment. After a high-school fantasy drive through the town, we finally reached Joellen’s house.

Into the garage we went. When finally I had put the car into park, Joellen pulled her lips off of my cock with a loud smack.

“I don’t know how you did that. I tried everything I could to get you to cum — all my best moves.”

“Believe me, they were not lost on me. Every time I was about to cum, I would almost purposely crash, making the distraction my friend for the moment,” I said. “But now we are home, and you don’t have a chance.

She jumped from her side of the car and ran toward the door, giggling all the way. I more slowly got out, hung the keys in their spot and entered. She was not in the kitchen so I kept walking. I entered her hallway and rounded into the living room and was blessed by the sight that made my heart swell nearly as much as my cock.

I have always said that the most attractive thing in the world is desire. I believe Escort Kastamonu that enthusiasm is the single biggest facet of a sexy women’s look. Tits, ass, legs — I love them all. But show me the eyes of a women hungry to get fucked, and I have the most desirable quality ever known to the human race.

And that’s just what I saw. Joellen had entered the living room and swiftly leaned over the arm of her sofa. Her dress was up over her back, exposing her full, creamy ass cheeks for me to enjoy. The vibrator had been discarded quickly and was sitting on the carpet next to the couch. Her naked vulva was on full display between her legs. Her hands were pulling on her ass cheeks and her face was contorted, looking back over her shoulder.

“I am so ready for you to fuck me in the ass. The plug is yours to remove and my ass is yours to fuck. But if you don’t hurry I am absolutely going to tackle you.” That seemed like an intriguing idea, but one that took much more will power than I had at this point. I had felt the wetness of her cunt, the depth of her tight throat and now I was ready for the hat-trick: the slow, delectable push into her ass. I hoped this was going to be the pinnacle of the evening.

I walked up to Joellen and unzipped my pants. I kicked off my shoes and let my pants drop to the floor. My shorts were next and then my cock was standing proud, like a needle point directly at True North — her ass.

Her parted ass exposed her pussy lips — thick and long between her legs — and her asshole distorted and full. I had no idea how big this plug was going to be — it was too well hidden in the dark doorway earlier — but now was the time to find out. I pushed my cock into her cunt and reach down and played with the plug — twisting, gently pulling and tapping on the end. I held still mostly with my cock for fear that my willpower would erode. I really wanted to fuck this ass, but I still wanted to savor it.

Finally, I could wait no more and began to withdraw the plug from her ass. Joellen began to moan, a deep and mournful sound that told me that she could feel the plug coming out. I pulled slowly as I realized that this was a big plug, with very thick ridges holding it in her ass. I pulled it past the first nob, then pulled again and it came out all at once. And there in front of me was a gaping glimpse of heaven. The size the plug precluded any need to caution, and I exercised none as quickly pushed my cock deep into her ass.

Entering an ass for the first time is exquisite. I could feel the tightness of her ass all the way down, with the pressure along the entire length. This is the sensation that makes an ass fuck so delightfully different from a great cunt or talented mouth.

It was a short fuck, but it was a glorious one. I wasted little time taking myself to the top and pushing both of us over. Joellen was delirious with pleasure and continued to demand that I fuck her harder and harder. I was happy to oblige.

When it was time to cum, Joellen led the way. Her orgasm — another huge one (no surprise) — squeezed my cock and held it like a vise. I pulled out slowly and the orgasm began. I slowly pushed in as I groaned my total pleasure. I pushed slow but hard, and wanted to keep pushing until all of me was up that hot, deep cavern. Once completely buried, I held still and let both of us savor the intensity of the explosion.

My orgasm once again weakened my knee mechanism. I can rarely stand well after such a strong cum and I was completely spent. I staggered back three steps and sat in a large chair as I watched the slight trickle of cum dripping out of her gaping ass on down her legs. It was a most pleasurable moment and I nearly passed out from the exhaustion, pleasure and wine.

Joellen finally turned around and slid to the floor, her dress bunched around her. “I am so totally and completely fucked. I don’t think I will be able to do that again . . . until maybe tomorrow!” She smiled the contented smile of a satiated woman.

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