Trenoweth House Ch. 03

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3. A day at the beach

Amber followed Ben down the narrow, overgrown path, enjoying the cooler shade of the trees overhead and being careful to avoid the brambles and nettles brushing against her bare legs. In the midday heat, the hedgerows were alive with the rustle of birds and the hum of insects.

“Not far now,” Ben said, glancing back over his shoulder as the path dipped and Amber watched him nimbly skip across some stones in a muddy gulley. She guessed it would normally be a stream but had been reduced to a slow trickle of stagnant water in the continuing heat wave.

“Thanks for this,” she said, taking his hand to steady herself as she joined him on the other bank, and thinking how kind it was for Ben to show her the way down to the beach. She’d have hated to come all this way to Cornwall and never get to dip her toes in the sea. Besides, she didn’t have anything better to do on this sunny Sunday morning.

“No problem, besides I get to see you in a bikini,” he said, grinning cheekily as he set off down the well-trodden path.

Soon, the path cut upwards, following the gentle curve of the coastline and Ben led her off the main path towards the cliff edge and Amber found herself standing on a cliff overlooking small, secluded, crescent-shaped beach, the waves sparkling silvery blue in the sunlight as they broke against the golden sand.

“Nice, huh? There isn’t a car park nearby so not many people make it here,” Ben said as they looked across the mostly empty stretch of sand.

“Beautiful,” Amber agreed, shielding her eyes from the sun.

“Yeah, shame I’ve got to go on that hike else we could come back tomorrow. Listen, I could always postpone…”

“No, that’s sweet but you should go. You’ve got your campsites already booked right? I mean, thanks, it’s a nice gesture, but you shouldn’t let your friends down.”

“Well, I guess, it’s just a shame I’m going to miss three days with you. I guess you’ll have my brother to keep you company though.”

“Yeah, I’ll still be here when you get back. We’ll still have a few days together,” she said, standing on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek.

“So what do you think of my brother?” he asked.

Amber paused, taking a swig from her bottle of water while she thought about the most diplomatic way to answer. Callum, Ben’s older brother, had arrived yesterday evening and she’d briefly met him over dinner. He was physically quite different to Ben, slim and wiry with dark hair, his chin dotted with designer stubble rather than being clean-shaven like his younger brother. And different in his personality too: confident and perhaps a little arrogant, where Ben was more open and modest.

“Oh, you know, he seems nice enough. Hey, let’s take a selfie!” she said, sliding her mobile from the pocket of her denim cut-offs.

She leaned into Ben, enjoying the solid feel of his warm body, feeling his arm snake around her slim waist drawing her tight against him as she held her ‘phone at arm’s length and grinned.

“There, that’ll make my friend Fiona jealous!” she said.

“Yeah, lovely view,” he said as he skipped back down towards the main path.

“It’s not the view she’ll be jealous of,” Amber muttered, grinning to herself as she watched him go, his damp t-shirt clinging to his broad, rounded shoulders.

She’d already sent a picture of him to Fiona, along with the message: “How do you like my new toyboy ;-)”. Her friend had replied that he was far too young and cute for her and suggested setting her up on a date with him instead.

The path dipped steeply now, becoming rocky as they descended and soon Amber found her faded leather sandals sinking into the soft sand. The beach was sparsely populated: a man walked his over-excited dog along the shoreline, a couple of young women sun-bathed nearby and further down, a family had set up home, the two children splashing in the gently lapping waves.

They unpacked the large sunshine-yellow beach bag, and unrolled their towels onto the sand.

“Come on, let’s go for a swim to cool off,” Ben said, eagerly tugging off his t-shirt, and squirting suntan lotion on his bare torso.

Amber couldn’t help smiling at his boyish enthusiasm as she slipped off her denim shorts and bright pink t-shirt to reveal a retro-style, navy blue bikini with white polka dots clinging to her athletic figure.

“Nice bikini,” he said, getting to his feet as he ran his eyes over her slim curves as Amber rubbed some lotion into her lightly tanned skin.

The hot sand burned her bare feet as she hopped and skipped down to the shore, watching as Ben ran into the sea, throwing himself headlong into the waves.

“Come on, it’s lovely and warm!” he shouted as he surfaced and ran his hands through his limp, wet hair, briefly straightening the dark curls.

“Liar!” Amber shouted back as she waded in up to her knees, and standing on tiptoe as she found it colder than she’d anticipated. She hesitated, then shrieked as she threw herself in and paddled towards him.

“You’re casino şirketleri such a liar,” she shouted, slapping his pleasingly solid chest.

“Yeah, I can see you’re finding it a bit cold,” he said, glancing down at her bikini top to where her nipples poked through the clinging Lycra.

“Ben!” she exclaimed, slapping some water in his face then twisting away, her body slipping smoothly through the sea.

Glancing behind she saw Ben follow her, slipping into a smooth, efficient front crawl. He caught her within a few strokes, a strong hand clutching her ankle. She squealed happily as he pulled her towards him, feeling the welcome warmth of his body in the cool water.

She could taste the salty water on his lips as they kissed, feeling a thick arm slide around her waist drawing her close. She wrapped a leg around his hips, enjoying the friction of her pussy sliding along the hard muscle of his thigh as they bobbed up and down.

Amber couldn’t resist running a hand over his bare chest as they floated together, enjoying the firmness of his muscles, the sinewy leanness of his stomach then lower.

“Feels like my nipples aren’t the only things that are hard,” she teased as she ran a hand over his shorts. She watched him groan and close his eyes as she explored the hard ridge, fondling him through his wet shorts. Amber caressed the hard ridge, enjoying his soft groans of pleasure as her fingers closed around his eager, young cock, feeling it come alive.

“Christ Amber, you drive me crazy sometimes,” he said, his voice hot and raspy as the waves lapped around their necks and shoulders.

“I know, I’m such a tease sometimes,” she replied, kissing his neck and tasting salt, as she caressed a shaft as hard as the granite cliffs.

“You know we could do it right here,” he said, flashing her a mischievous grin as she felt his hand slide over her hip and playfully tug at the bikini bottoms.

“Ben! You’ll get us arrested. Come on, it’s a bit cold, I’m going in,” she said, giving him a final squeeze before slapping his chest then heading back towards the beach.

“Wait, I can’t,” Ben said as he started to follow, before realising his visible his erection was, rudely straining against his wet shorts as he surfaced near the two sun-bathing women, who looked on with some interest.

“I guess you’ll just have to swim it off,” Amber giggled, blowing him a kiss as she ran her hands through her limp blonde hair, sweeping it from her forehead.

“Good swim?” she said, looking at him and grinning wickedly as she rubbed more lotion into her legs.

“You’re such a tease,” he said, grabbing his towel and vigorously rubbing his hair.

“Who me? It’s not my fault you can’t control yourself around me,” she said innocently.

She was still laughing when he finished re-applying his suntan lotion.

“Come on, don’t pout. Can I do your back?” she asked.

Amber sat astride his hips as she squirted a generous amount of the white lotion onto her hands, then began rubbing it onto his skin in long sweeping strokes, following the contours of his broad muscular back. She took her time, moving her hands in slow circles, savouring the solid beefy feel of his flesh. He rested his head on his arms, groaning softly as her skilful fingers kneaded his shoulders, then slid down along the broad plane of his back.

After a while, they switched places, Amber lying face down as Ben slid his large hands over her skin. Amber relaxed, her body surrendering to the sensations as Ben’s hand slid up and down, describing smooth, oily circles.

“Mmm, that’s nice,” she said, relaxing as she felt the warmth of the sand radiating up through her towel and into her body. She felt him sweep her sun-bleached hair to one side, his strong hands kneading her neck and his lips brushing her shoulders as she basked in the warming glow of the sunshine. She sighed drowsily as his stubby fingers found just the right spot below her shoulder blade, thoroughly enjoying the impromptu massage.

“Hey!” she said sleepily as she felt his stubby fingers tugging at the fastening of her bikini top, and feeling it fall away.

“You don’t want tan lines, right?” he explained and Amber could only moan in reply as she felt his hands moving smoothly up and down the full length of her bare back.

She rested her head on her forearms and relaxed. Through half-open eyes she could see the two young women about twenty yards away. One of them, dark-haired and pretty with retro sunglasses and a large colourful butterfly tattoo on her stomach watched her and Ben over the top of her book. Well, she was probably just watching Ben, and Amber felt a surge of satisfaction that he was with her as she felt Ben’s strong, sure hands sliding over her buttocks, his slippery fingers kneading her fleshy thighs.

“Ben,” she groaned, as she felt him ease her legs apart a little and his hands slide between her hot thighs, his oily thumbs tracing circles on the sensitive skin. She couldn’t suppress a soft casino firmalari longing moan, feeling herself becoming wet as the circles gradually moved higher till his fingers brushed the thin gusset of her bikini bottoms. She was glad they were still wet from the sea, so he couldn’t see the effect he was having on her. She felt like an ice cream cone melting in the fierce heat, her sweet sticky juices spilling over his fingers.

She closed her eyes and suddenly had a vision of Ben lying back on his towel, his eyes closed and a contented look on his face as she applied lotion to his naked body. She’d take her time, running her hands over those beefy arms, the muscular thighs, his firm torso, teasing him, making him wait till she finally squirted a generous amount of lotion on her hands and slid them along the length of his fat shaft, feeling a deep sense of arousal as it thickened and hardened, her soft fingers quickly coaxing it to full erection. Soon, his cock would lovely and hard, pointing upwards towards the blue sky, casting a long shadow over his thighs like a lewd sundial.

The two women along the beach would be watching intently, unable to resist edging a little closer, keen to get a better look at Ben’s naked, oily body. She pictured them taking off their sunglasses as they drew really close, giggling and whispering to each other, hands over their mouths, as they knelt and watched with barely suppressed excitement. Amber would allow them to get within arm’s reach, giving them a look which said “I bet you wish he was your boyfriend” as she slowly stroked his straining cock, her slippery fingers spreading the lotion along the taut veiny shaft till it glistened in the bright sunlight. Then she’d shoot them a smug grin as she swung a leg over his thighs, seeing their eyes and mouths open wide in shock and amazement as she firmly grasped his lovely thick cock in one hand and hooked a finger under her skimpy polka-dot bikini bottoms, pulling them aside and…

The sudden sound of one of the children chasing a football nearby brought her crashing back to reality, and she quickly sat up clutching her top over her breasts as she twisted to one side, seeing the nearby family packing up their possessions.

“Come and lie down before you get us in trouble, you bad boy,” she said, swatting his hands away.

“So, I thought maybe I could come to your room later, and finish your massage,” he said, grinning boyishly as he lay down next to her.

“Maybe. We’ll see,” she replied, resting her head back on her arms and closing her eyes.

Ben smiled. He already knew her well enough to know that that meant ‘yes’.

The next day, Amber found herself baking in the sun once more. She’d spent a long morning, cataloguing her pictures and at around four had decided she’d earned a little late afternoon sunbathing break.

She reclined on a sun lounger on the patio at the back of the house, in front of the French doors leading out from the dining room. It was a broad flat area studded with large stone planters, and surrounded by a knee-high stone balustrade, its worn surface covered with splotches of saffron-yellow and mint green lichen. Beside her, a few granite steps led down to a neglected rose garden.

She sprayed more suntan lotion on her stomach, feeling the soft ache as she rubbed it into skin that had turned from pale pink to light golden brown within the last week. Her muscles were a little sore after the exertions of the previous night. Ben had made good on his promise to finish off her massage last night. He’d texted her around midnight, a single question mark, a kind of secret code they’d developed. He’d appeared at her door soon after she’d replied with a smiley face, a big eager grin plastered across his face when she answered wearing just her favourite black silk kimono, the hem barely covering her thighs.

“I brought these,” he said, offering her a slim box of condoms as he slipped quietly inside.

“Well, you’d better get those clothes off and put one on,” Amber had replied, trying to look stern, her hands on her hips.

She’d never thought of herself as a dominant, older woman but something about Ben’s quiet, modest personality made it feel natural, and his evident delight whenever she played that role made it as arousing for her as it did for him. She smiled, recalling how good it felt to pin him to the bed and sink down on his fat, sturdy cock, its girth making her catch her breath, forcing apart her tight but welcoming pussy lips. He was much thicker than her ex-boyfriend (although not quite as long) and she had to take it slowly at first, as her body adjusted, but before long they were both moaning happily as she pressed his arms against the bed and her lips against his, bouncing up and down on his shaft until their bodies sang with pleasure.

Although she’d only known him for a week, she’d become very fond of Ben. It wasn’t just the sex (although that was awesome!), she also liked his innocence, his modesty, his sense of humour. She just güvenilir casino enjoyed spending time with him, and had even started to wonder if the long distance boyfriend/girlfriend thing could work for them. Amber had insisted he go back to his room afterwards and they’d always tried to be discrete, but it was clear that Carmen understood how close they’d become. She hadn’t said anything in particular, but somehow Amber just knew that she knew.

Amber rubbed more lotion along the length of her slender arms, her tanned skin glistening in the bright sunlight. She wished he was here now to keep her company, but he’d left early this morning and was spending a couple of days hiking the coast path with some friends. He’d already sent her several beautiful pictures, although she was comfortable in her decision to stay rather than take some time off work and join him struggling up steep, rocky paths wearing a heavy rucksack.

Still, he’d soon be back. Back and in her bed, once more. All those thoughts of energetically riding Ben the night before had left her feeling a little horny. She’d love to be able to slide her oily fingers beneath her denim cut-offs, and ease the nagging itch between her legs but out of the corner of her eye she could see a couple of workmen loitering nearby, smoking at other end of the patio.

They stood leaning against the wall, in their tan work boots, grubby jeans and company polo shirts, staring over at her, occasionally leaning closer to talk quietly as they looked over. She wondered if they were talking about her as she reclined and surrendered to the heat and the intoxicating aroma of her cocoanut suntan lotion, slipping her sunglasses on and closing her eyes.

She must have drifted off, because a little later, she suddenly felt cooler and wondered if the sun had slipped behind the line of the roof. She slowly opened her eyes, and found herself in the shadow of a dark figure standing over her, silhouetted against the sun.

“Hi, Carmen asked me to bring you this. Enjoying the sun, huh?” he said, and she realised it was Ben’s older brother, Callum. She wondered how long he’d been standing there staring at her as he bent down and carefully placed a glass of water next to her.

“Thanks. Yes, it’s lovely isn’t it?” Amber said. It was funny that he referred to is mother as Carmen, whereas Ben always used ‘mother’.

“Yes, lovely,” he repeated, sitting down on the sun-lounger next to her and taking a drink from a bottle of water and sweeping a hand through his dark hair. Up close, she was able to study his face for the first time: unlike Ben’s softly rounded features, Callum’s face was like his body, lean and angular with prominent cheekbones and intensely dark eyes.

“So, I hear you’re down for a week or so,” Amber asked, for some reason feeling the need to make conversation.

“Yes, you know I work in London with my father? I’m just down for a couple of weeks to help with the final push, although I’m not that handy so I’m not sure how much help I’ll be.”

“Well, I’m sure Carmen’s grateful for any help.”

“Listen, I’m going to the pub with Tilly and some friends later, if you fancy a night out…” he said, pushing his expensive-looking designer sunglasses up over the bridge of his nose.

“Oh, that’s kind, but I’ve got some emails to catch up on,” Amber said.

“I mean, I know Ben’s away for a couple of days so if you need anyone to have a drink with, or anything…” he said, and although Amber couldn’t see his dark brown eyes behind his sunglasses, she knew he was slowly running them over her body, taking in her long, tanned legs, the way her faded denim shorts clung tightly to her slim hips. She was sure he was mentally undressing her, picturing what her pert boobs looked like without her yellow bikini top.

Amber twisted to face him, examining his face over the top of her sunglasses as he flashed her a hard-to-read smile. Was he just being friendly or now Ben was away, he was making a move on her?

“That’s kind, but…”

“Or maybe if you need someone to rub suntan lotion on your back,” he suggested, picking up the bottle and tossing it from hand to hand.

“Really, it’s a kind offer but I’m fine,” Amber said, firmly taking the bottle from him and placing it back beneath her lounger.

She reclined on the lounger and closed her eyes. A few seconds later, she heard him walk away.

At around midnight, Amber was awoken by the sound of a car door slamming outside. It was another warm night, and she coughed drily as she reached out in the darkness towards her bedside table for the glass of water that she habitually kept there. She cursed under her breath as her fingertips skated over the bare surface of the bedside table, remembering that she’d left it in the kitchen. Slipping on her kimono, she padded quietly down the stairs, feeling the soft springiness of new carpets beneath her bare feet.

She heard Callum and Tilly before she saw them and paused at the doorway that led to the study. Something about the hushed tone of their voices made her hesitate. They were talking too quietly for her to hear what they were saying but Tilly sounded flirty and giggly, perhaps a little drunk. Amber peeked around the edge of the doorway, not wanting to interrupt.

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