Trip to our friends part III

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Trip to our friends part III

As I sat and drank my coffee I couldn’t help but think about Lorie giving me a complete hand job, it felt so great to cum on her hand. But to think of her licking my cum and swallowing it almost was enough to make me blow another load into my pants.

Lorie fixed breakfast for all of us, then we just kicked back for the day. We had more drinks throughout that day. And started to watch more movies that evening when Lorie excused herself and went to her bedroom, saying I’ll be right back. I was sitting in the recliner, Rose,Lorie and Rick were all on the sofa. Rose was next to Rick between him and Lorie until she went to her bedroom.

When Lorie came back she had on her bathrobe , and walked over to me and opened it. Exposing what she had on underneath, it was a bodysuit. Lorie had pulled it up into her cunt inside her pussy lips, as I could plainly see her pussy lips around the thin piece of fabric she had worked into her snatch. Pussy lips and pubic hair sticking out of the fabric. Lorie walked closer to me as she continued to hold her robe open allowing me to get a very close look at her womanhood. When Lorie was close enough she placed her hands on both sides of my head and pulled me in close enough to her cunt to smell her pheromones. And proceeded to rub my face into her pussy. I liked it very much, but I still pulled away. I didn’t know what Rick and or Rose would think.

Then Rose got up and said she was going to the bathroom, but instead heading to the one by the guest bedroom. Rose went in the opposite direction to Rick and Lorie’s, that’s odd I thought. Then Rick got up and grabbed a camera and said he was going to go take a picture of Rose with her pants down. Normally I would think that was weird, but on an occasion before the four of us were sharing a hotel room and Lorie came into the bathroom while I was in the shower and took a picture of me in the nude. So I just thought payback from me letting Lorie get a picture of my penis.

So I let it pass for a while, and then it seemed to be taking too long as now it’s over twenty minutes. I said I’m going to check on Rose and Rick and see what’s going on.

No, Lorie said. What, I queried back. Why, what is going on I asked. Lorie said by now they are probably in bed making out, or even fucking. That’s what the plan is. They will be fucking tonight, and we will be fucking tonight.

What are you talking about I asked. Well, Lorie said, Rick knew what we did last night, and told Rose. So she decided we would take this farther and swap partners tonight. I didn’t agree to this I said. I’m going to your bedroom and see for myself, and started towards their bedroom.

As I got closer to the bedroom Lorie’s words rang true. I could hear Rose moaning and telling Rick that she was going to come. That and the slurping sounds of Rick eating Roses pussy confirmed what Lorie had just said. As I looked into the bedroom I saw Rose laying on the bed knees spread and in the air and Rick between her legs eating her cunt, like it was his last supper. I went back to where Lorie was on the sofa and trying to think of my next step. I laid down with my face in her crotch, and just kocaeli escort breathed in her smell. Feeling my cock growing with the anticipation of fucking someone else’s wife, while he would be fucking my wife.

I stood up grabbed Lorie and got her to her feet. Ok I said let’s do this, and I slipped off her robe right there in the living room. And then tried to get her bodysuit off, but was not going well. She then slipped off the shoulder straps and as she continued to lower her bodysuit, there Lorie stood in front of me totally nude and seemingly very comfortable doing so, as she wasn’t covering up anything. And standing in front of me in the living room, she reached down to her snatch and rubbing it asked me if I wanted to help her. I felt my groin tense as my cock started to get aroused at the thought of dipping into a strange pussy.

Then I heard Rose making the same vocals as the night before. Oh Rick fuck that pussy harder, damn you fuck me like you did yesterday at the hospital. Cum inside my pussy again you bastard, come on fuck my cunt harder.

I looked at Lorie, what the fuck did she just say, fuck me again like at the hospital yesterday?

Then Lorie said yeah,that’s why Rick let us get each other off last night. He pretended to be asleep while watching us playing with each other. He said he was expecting you to slide your cock into me, but settled for just masturbating each other. He said when I licked your cum off my hand and swallowed it he almost blew his own wad. He told me when we were in bed last night how he wanted to watch you fuck me, even though we were covered up he could tell I was giving you a hand job. He said he thought you’d lose control and stick your cock into my pussy. But then he saw that you came so you probably wouldn’t fuck me then. Then he told me how he forced Rose to succumb to him at the hospital, but he said she didn’t put up hardly any fight at all. And how he plowed her pussy and came inside her twice. And how Rose begged to get him to fuck her for the second time. Then he fucked my brains out too. And Rose said that you two fucked also. Yeah and when I ate out her cheating fucking cunt it tasted different, now I know why, it was Ricks cum I tasted.

When Rose found out that we had only got each other off by masturbation. She said that she was ok if you came inside my pussy, once twice or what ever.

So Rick and Rose were fucking at the hospital. That’s why they took so long to get back I asked, already knowing but wanting confirmation.

Yes and by the sound of it Rose resisted for a while, but ended up begging to get more. And Rick said that he also got Rose to masturbate while he watched her going out of her mind with orgasms. I even think that they took pictures and some videos. The videos were of Rose masturbating.

Ok I said let’s go back to the other bedroom. And I took her by the hand and escorted her naked body back. When we reached the bedroom I quickly removed all of my clothes and positioned her onto the bed so her pussy was at the edge. I grabbed her ankles and lifted them up and out exposing her female sex to me.

I ran my tongue up her pussy, fuck that’s good I said I love to eat pussy. darıca escort I sucked and licked her clitoris until she was going to cum. But before she had time to come I slipped two fingers inside her womb, and found her G spot. It felt like half a walnut raised and very rough hard to miss. When I flicked it with the tip of my finger Lorie released. She was so convulsive I thought she was going into a seizure as she screamed oh my god yes that’s what I like. Fluids ran from her pussy and down my hand. I licked as fast as I could but it was running so much that what I missed just ran down the crack of her ass.

Then as I worked my way up to her breasts licking one and pinching the other, she flinched at first but then said pinch it harder. I’ve never had that done before it feels amazing. So I pinched and twisted her nipples, making her moan with pleasure pain.

Then she rolled me to my back and crawled onto me and wrapped her hand around my cock for the second time in 24 hours. I felt her aim my cock at her entrance and guided it into position and slid down onto it until I bottomed out inside her womb. Oh god you’re bigger than Rick she gasped as I hit bottom. I want you to come inside me like Rose let Rick come inside her. I want to feel your hot sperm inside my pussy, get me pregnant come on do it. Lorie fucked for awhile then stopped and took my cock out of her pussy. I said I didn’t come yet. I know as she went down on me and started to lick her pussy juices off my cock. She kept going down licking my balls and getting them one at a time into her mouth. Then she started to lick my asshole, I never had that experience before oh god it felt so great as she was forcing her tongue into my ass. I didn’t want her to stop but I wanted to get a release.

I pulled Lorie back up to ride my bareback cock to release my seeds into her waiting womb. She bucked up and down and then just rubbed back and forth making my cock flop up and down but staying in the same depth. I think that’s what triggered her next orgasm rubbing her clitoris on me. Because she stopped moving for a second and her eyes rolled back and her body shook and twitching in convulsions. Then Lorie said oh my god I’m coming again, and her pussy squeezed down on my cock. I was so close now that I lifted Lorie off me just enough to fuck the shit out of her to finish.

When I felt my nuts explode I let Lorie go and back inside her all the way. I felt myself coming and jerking as I releasing all the contents of my balls into her unprotected pussy, finally the pulsating of me coming stopped. And we just stayed coupled together, I could feel the combination of our fluids running out of Lories pussy and over my balls.

After we finished Lorie was still in the bed. I looked out and down the hall to the living room, I saw Rose on the sofa fully dressed. I went out to the living room with out getting dressed and bent over to kiss Rose. I asked are you happy now, did you get enough. Rose said we didn’t do anything Rick and I. I said I heard you having an orgasm and before that I heard you giving Rick a blowjob. Oh you heard that huh. Yep, and I don’t know but when you told him to come inside you again like gölcük escort at the hospital, I knew that you two had already been fucking. You heard that too? Yes, that’s why I took Lorie back and gave her what she been wanting. Rose said yeah she’s been begging me to let you fuck her.

So do you want to try again, did you get enough. Alright Rose said we had sex, but he has a small penis, but just the same it was amazing to get fucked by Rick and knowing you probably had your cock inside Lorie at the same time. Oh, ok then I guess it’s ok then. Why are you out here instead of still with Rick. He said he’s got to work in the morning so he told me to go, because he needed to sleep.

Where’s Lorie Rose asked,her clothes are laying there on the floor. She’s still in the other bedroom, so since you’ve had another guy I’ve had another guys wife. And none of us has to work tomorrow. Now let’s go back and both of us get into bed with Lorie. I took Rose by the hand and as we were going towards the bedroom I was stripping her clothes off.

When we got back I crawled in first and Lorie said oh good you’re back let’s go again. I said okay, but Rose is here to, are you okay with a three way. Sure Lorie said as long as l get some more of your dick in me.

Come on Rose get into bed. When she was in both girls started to play with my cock it wasn’t too long before it was fully erect again. Lorie said oh my god you’re ready so she climbed onto my cock and started to fuck me again. I told Rose to reach around and massage my balls. Rose obeyed. And it was amazing to be fucking another guys wife while my wife was playing with my balls. Lorie and I came again and after I was done I said Lorie go down on me. And she did and sucked and licked me clean.

I was playing with both pussies at the same time. When it occurred to me Rose has another load of Ricks cum inside her. Lorie I said do you ever suck Rick until he comes in your mouth. Yes she said, I love the taste of Ricks cum, yours too. I said so Rose has Ricks cum inside her pussy, while I’m recovering would you go down on Rose and lick Ricks cum from inside her. Yeah sure I’ve licked pussy before and I like it. Rose said I’ve never done that before I’m not sure I’ll like it. Lorie said you’re going to love it.

Lorie went down on Rose, and Lorie was right Rose loved it. So those two went into 69 and slurped each other’s pussies for two or three orgasms each. While I was watching I got another hard on, with Rose on top I positioned myself behind her and started fucking her with Lorie still under her. And Rose was still going at Lories pussy while I commenced to fuck her pussy.

I think we all got so tired and spent that we all fell into a deep sleep when we woke up, Rick had gone to work. We were getting ready to leave so Lorie called Rick to tell him we were leaving so he came home to tell us goodbye. Well Rose anyway, I watched them out the window as they kissed goodbye. They were trading saliva and Rick was getting a last feel of Roses ass.

I also was telling Lorie goodbye but I was getting a last feel of her pussy. Reaching inside her pants and slid a finger into her pussy a couple strokes in and out, then I brought my hand out and Lorie watched as I tasted her again.

All in all I think it was a truly great weekend. I would have done it again but it just didn’t happen.

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