Trip to the Bed and Breakfast

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Our story begins with a bang…

Your climax was coming quickly. My tongue was relentless, flicking your clit and back and forth. We had tried a number of positions and you could barely hold out.

The wave hit you like you were at the beach. Much so you wanted to last longer, your body gave in and a massive orgasm ripped through you. You squirted. Not just a trickle, but more than ever before. I continued to flick our clit through the loudest scream I’d ever heard from you.

And with that, you awoke with a start.

You were a little sweaty and you feel like you might have just cum in your sleep.

Wow, fantastic. Your breathing was quick and shallow.

You took a moment to figure out where you were. We were in the car together, somewhere between MD and TN. I had rented us a room at a B and B I knew from my time in Tennessee. Truth be told, I could be taking you anywhere right now; we had time alone and you needed to fuck me hard.

You told me all about your dream and, as you did, you were getting more aroused again.

It was getting hot. Your story was making you hotter in the car. You took off your jacket. Still too hot.

You took off your sweater. Still too hot.

“Find somewhere to pull over. I need you now.” You didn’t ask. You needed me right away and weren’t going to take no for an answer.

A rest stop was coming up. It was late at night and no one was on the road. This is the advantage to driving in a holiday… No cars.

For the next mile, you stroked my cock through my jeans. Fantastic… I love your nails and you know what that does to me.

We finally got to the rest stop. No one there, either.

I pulled over into what would be a secluded area even if no one were around and you wasted no time.

I barely got the car turned canlı bahis şirketleri off before you unbuckled yourself and me in one smooth motion.

You crawled in the back. At the last stop, you had rearranged the bags and dropped the seats without me even noticing. The anticipation was probably what led to the sex dream.

You pulled your pants down. Your pussy was oozing from the dream. It was a powerful orgasm in the dream and you needed to feel me pounding into you.

I crawled into the back, shedding my pants as I shifted.

You grabbed my cock – already quite hard after the mile of masturbation I had just received – and stroked it hard.

I was getting even harder and nothing could have been better for either of us.

You place your hands on my hips and shifted me as I moved so my cock hovered right over your mouth. Much as you cherish blowing me, it was more than a gift to me this evening; it was what you needed with the core of your being.

Nothing about you felt slow and seductive; you wanted everything hard and fast… You made it abundantly clear with your movements.

Your tongue was bathing me from every direction; ecstasy prevented me from knowing which way you were licking and your hand was jacking me off as you licked.

After several minutes, you wanted me inside you.

You directed me to shift and told me you needed my cock inside you.

I needed no invitation beyond that. I love you and cherish every second I get to be lucky enough to be inside you.

You pulled your remaining shirt and bra off quickly. What incredible breasts. I could lick your nipples all night.

You pulled my shirt off. The sight of my chest set your senses tingling even more.

You grabbed my cock and stroked it, wanting to feel it just canlı kaçak iddaa one more time. You guided me into you. I went in slowly at first.

You moaned and didn’t stop. Every nerve ending in your fantastic pussy was getting attention. Your dream had worked you up and it wouldn’t take long for an orgasm now. Seeing you this excited got me there quickly, too.

Lights passed by us. The thrill of being in a public place heightened our experience.

I licked my thumb and placed it over your clit. your moan deepened. Grunts followed. I pumped in and out of you as you rubbed and pulled your nipples.

I moved my thumb in circles and that’s all it took. Between the dream, intense fucking and being out in public, you went over the edge.

Your pussy clamped down on my cock, holding it in place as you hit orgasm, the first and second wave leading you to scream at the top of your lungs.

You gasped in air and released another deep scream. You were the sight of pure ecstacy.

“Your turn. Fuck me and cum. Now.”

No seven words were ever more inviting. I couldn’t form a complete sentence if I had tried; I was raw sexual energy.

Still, though, I pulled out.

You gasped and sat up, confused.

Before you could say anything, I put my finger inside you and started playing with your g-spot. Oh, how I love your g-spot.

It was engorged and I smiled. Our friend was ready to play and wouldn’t take long, herself. This was the best group sex: You, me, your g-spot and your clit.

I dropped to my knees, never withdrawing my middle finger. It was bent at the knuckle and I was teasing and playing with my friend.

Your moans filled the air and I just smiled. There’s something truly satisfying about hearing you make those noises. I love your noises.

I canlı kaçak bahis leaned in and flicked my tongue across your clit.

You thrashed and bucked. Everything felt ten times better tonight to you, although you were unsure of what it was. Maybe the feeling of fucking in public. Who knew? All you knew was that you were with the man of your dreams. All I knew was that I was with the woman of mine.

You grabbed my head and pulled me in closer. I wasn’t going anywhere, but the extra fraction of an inch gave you control. You held my head in place and my tongue assaulted your clit in the best possible way as my finger worked its magic.

The orgasm rose quickly and you held my head right in place as I flicked back and forth across your most sensitive spot.

It built quickly and you couldn’t even warn me. You came with a scream again, this time gushing all over me. I love that you squirt and you always look so proud.

You squirt all over my face. You were covered in sweat. I was soaked. You were soaked. The seat cushion was really soaked. You would never get in the car again without thinking of one of your top five orgasms ever, you later noted.

You grabbed my cock firmly and pulled me toward you.

I slid right into you. Your senses were overly fine tuned right now and you felt every inch with great delight. Ecstacy. Passion.

You reclined more. You put your arms back, hands above your head. I cherish that pose.

I began to pump, to fuck you faster and faster.

With your arms up, I got to watch your tits bounce. So incredible. So sexy. I was giddy. Even after all these years, you turn me on like no other.

You wrapped your legs around me, pulling me in and you didn’t need to encourage me twice. I sped up. I went deeper.

Your tits bounced.

You played with one so I could still watch the other. You know me so well.

It’s all I needed.

I came with a great spasm and a scream. You love my noises, too.

You leaned forward and we put our arms around each other, panting.

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