Trip to the mall

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Trip to the mallSo here I was again on a trip the the local mall. My wife the finest shopper of them all was in need of some new makeup, so the good guy i am decided to open my wallet and take her. (NOW before we go any further, I am a closet shemale and now even crossdresser fan for years) So upon arriving at the mall weake our usual rounds and eventually stop at her favorite chain makeup store, yes I’ve been there before. Today though as my wife was doing her thing with a female sales person, I noticed a very interesting young lad working. Now there is always what considered the “gay guy” working in these stores, but this guy, he was different. He walked around very feminine as if it was very natural, his clothes well he wore them like a girl. This guy really grabbed my attention. For the first time I was looking at a guy, not a shemale and my interest was sparked. I pretended to look around the store, although really just scoping out this guy. I heard him talking to a lady shopping, he had no lisp which was exciting but a very soft spoken tone. His name tag said “Jayme”, Jayme it is. At that moment I just stared at his pants wondering what he was wearing, what cock looked like and if he ever sucked dick, ya I know weird. I actually started feeling my own cock getting aroused. From a distance we looked saw each other, and s smile fired off in each othrrs direction. Well of all times my wife made it a fairly quick stop and she was ready to go, honestly I wasn’t, but it didn’t matter. Off we went back to our domicile. I went up stairs to take a shower and i could see my cock still was leaking pre cum, i was that freaking excited. I decided shit im going to taste that cum. I took my hand grabbed my cock and squeezed pushing even more precum to the surfice. As the cum started dripping down my penis head i took my finger and scooped it up, my finger tip was covered with a string of cumt trailing behind as i lift my finger to my mouth, without hesitation i slid my finger o to my tounge, instinctly i tasted that salty juice, it was rus escort kızlar pleasant and made me even more excited now, so I went back for seconds. I’ve been a heterosexual my whole life, although as I noted early I’ve been interested in shemale and crossdressers. I found my new interest in the world of Web porn to be sissy boys and traps after seeing Jayme.After several weeks of jerking of to Jayme, I decided I was going to so something I haven’t done before. I was suck to suck my first cock and Jayme was my target. Sure I’ve thought about escorts and other ways but Jayme felt like a safer bet. I went and bought a prepaid cell phone and was going to use that for any future “secret” contacts. It was time I went to the mall a little nervous but headed right for the makeup store this time for Jayme not my wife’s makeup. Now I was hoping he was working and was I lucky he was. The store was quiet and before I could really gather my approach a voice called out to me, “hello sir, can i help you”, I remember thinking to myself oh shit, now what. I just went for it, I said actually you can, I believe it or not came here jyst to ask you a question Jayme, Jayme looked confused. I told him (looking very hot in tight Capri pants) that I was in the store a few weeks back and I noticed you, we actually smiled at each other across the store, well anyway let me get to the point I said, would you be willing to grab a drink sometime, it was like I didn’t even finish my question and Jayme was already answering yes as he smiled , wow I thought that was quick, just not as quick as the boner I had. We exchanged numbers and as I left I said let’s do this sooner than later, zjayme said “agreeed”. Wow! I was really pumped I went home with the house to my self and again had the urge to beat off, so I did. I was so horny the precum again was leaking so I tasted more of it, and now wanted even more. I was determined to drink my own cum, I started jerking and stroking to the brink of me cumming, I gave my cock one more rus escortlar easy stoke and my cock erupted into my waiting hand, I could feel the wetness and warm cum spread across my palm. I took a brief look and then I went for it……it was a different texture, taste was fine, almost felt like a silicone coating as it ran down my throat, I thought why do do many chick’s hate that, it was nice, and all I wanted was to feel a cock erupt in my mouth. I called Jayme, who appeared to be anxiously awaiting my call. We talked for about 45 minutes and decided to meet for a drink the upcoming Thursday at a local bar in the next town. It was go time, Thursday was here, I took off to the bar and walked in, looking around I could find Jayme, I thought shit I got stiffed, but he seemed so interested. I gave him a call and at this point was surprised to hear a voice on the other end, be gore I was able to get another word out, Jayme Saud are you nervous or afraid to come sit with me, I looked around again, only to see a beautiful chick in the game room sitting at a high top table, and yes she was on the phone, eye contact was made and over the phone I said Jayme, click…. The chick then smiled at me and nodded as if saying yes, I thought to myself this can’t be true, as again my cock was ragging hard. I walked to this “chick” and said Jayme who responded with that’s me, almost speechless now, she or he left me in a world of even more desire. We drank and talked for about 2 hours, we covered alot of ground, bottom line is Jayme is a crossdresser, gay otherwise. Jayme asked me if I’d like to stop by his apartment. Yes cliche it is but very always ends up being worth it, wink wink.I followed Jayme to his or her apartment it seemed like days getting there, yet it was only 20 minutes. Jayme led me to his apartment taking my hand as I followed slightly behind, he opened the door and invited me in, locking the door behind us. Almost instantly Jayme grabbed my shirt as he was walking backwards pulling me towards escort rus kızlar him as he was stopped by a hall wall, unable to move with his back to the wall now, I was inching closer to him, then his lips met mine, I remember thinking um kissing a dude, a hot one dressed like a girl my fantasy, I just rolled with it, I could taste the red wine he was drinking at the bar. This went on for a few minutes, until Jayme asked if I was ready, oh i was…not even sure though what he meant by ready. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed down on them, oh shit I thought there’s no turning back, I went to my knees, as Jayme ached his back pushing his hips forward, he heaped his pants and unbuttoned them, I finished by unzipping them. (My cock was hard, throbbing and I could feel all the precum wetness.) I seen lace around the waist line, it was a perfect set a panties, I slowly pulled Jaymes jeans down, leaving his panties in place. I could see his cock through his panties, it was getting stiff. I pulled the front of his panties down to let his cock fall out, by this time it was erect and it also was leaking precum. I couldn’t resist, my first cock. I took a lick at the precum, grabbed his cock and pulled from the base watching more precum leaking, again Iiced it up. I went for it, I took his cock into my mouth and worked it like a seasoned professional, just like all the videos I watched. Jame moaned and was obviously liking my rookie skills. I looked up and Jayme and asked him if he would cum in my mouth, Jayme said I wouldn’t have it any other way. About 5 minutes later Jayme asked if I was ready and boy was I ready. Jaymes legs started shaking, and then bam I felt a rush of warm cum entered into my mouth, I gathered all Jaymes cum, which was a healthy amount and swallowed it all. What a wonderful moment, I didn’t want to stop, I grabbed Jaymes cock and pumped as much cum out of it as I possibly could, Jayme says you like that huh, me too now it’s my turn. My cock was hard and wet, again now this was the first time I ever felt a dudes lips on cock, oh well I’m going for it. I was almost embarrassed as I knew that I wouldn’t last long as horny as I was. Jaymes lips touched my cock and about 30 seconds in I was cumming in Jaymes mouth, it was great although short lived. Jayme came up from my cock and kissed me sharing my cum with me.

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