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The following story is a work of erotic fiction. If you are under the age of 18 or if this type of fiction is prohibited in the location where you are reading this, do not read any further.


All characters and names are creations of the author. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Any social media profile names used in the piece were not in use at the time this was written.


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Please send comments to ail and I will reply as soon as I can. This is my first work of fiction and I welcome any and all comments. Please also let me know if you”d like to be notified when new chapters get published.


All rights reserved. ©2022 Jay Gilbert


Chapter 9:


The three of us stood there for what felt like an eternity staring at Tyler”s desecrated car. In reality, it was mere seconds. But when you face situations that make your blood run cold, time seems to crawl. The feeling of fear, mixed with a feeling of being violated, of no longer being safe in our little, liberal bubble of a town, had the three of us in a state of shock.


I snapped out of the state of stupor first, “We need to call the police and we need to move to somewhere safer. Now!”


He Brew, would be our first choice. It was closest, right across the street, but it closed at 4PM. A few doors down is Fast N EZ, a convenience store. We ran there. I raced into the store first. The store clerk looked up to see what the commotion was about. Tyler followed me in. When Eddie walked in, the mood of the store clerk, a middle-aged, white woman, changed immediately, “What do you kids want? No loitering. Buy something, then leave.”


Tyler shot a response back, his voice louder and about an octave higher than normal, “My car was trashed across the street. They smashed a window, hung a noose on my car and sprayed-painted death threats. We came here for our own safety and to call the cops. Now you have the nerve to treat us like thugs?”


The clerk”s mood changed noticeably. “Oh, God. I”m sorry. Do you want me to call?”


“No,” Tyler replied, coldly “I”ll do it.” He turned to us and said loudly, “Eddie, why don”t you buy something so that we”re not accused of loitering?”


Tyler turned back to his phone, dialed 911 and waited for emergency services to pick up. “My car was vandalized in the parking lot of my high school. They smashed a window, hung a noose and painted death threats on it. Also, we found nooses hung on our lockers at school.” He gave the emergency dispatcher his name and location and told her that we didn”t appear to be in any immediate physical danger.


After he finished the call, Tyler said, “The dispatcher said that since it”s not a life-or-death emergency, it could take them up to half an hour to get over here. I told her we”d wait here in the store. I need to call my folks. You guys should probably do the same.”


My mom had left that morning for a production trip along the US-Mexico border. Dad was working on a new business pitch in his office downtown and would undoubtedly get home really late, if at all, knowing how those things can go. Normally, I”d just send him a text letting him know I was home safe. I figured this deserved a call.


“Hey, Jaime. Everything OK?” Dad asked. I relayed the details of what had happened at school and to Tyler”s car.


“Oh my God. That”s awful. There are sick people in the world. You”re all OK? You moved to a safe place, right? Did someone call the police?” Dad asked.


“They”re on their way. No, Dad. You don”t need to come home. I know this pitch is really important. I don”t think I”m in any danger. What? Yeah, that”s a good idea. I”ll ask. They”re both on the phones with their parents. I”ll text you and let you know.”


Tyler was talking with his mom, who”d been working from home that day.


“We”re OK, mom. No one was there to threaten us. We”re all pretty freaked though. You know how much I love this car. Who would do such a fucked-up thing?” Tyler listened to his mom”s response. “Yeah, Mom, I know. They must be pretty messed up. I know it”s just a car. Yeah, insurance will cover most of the damage. He is? OK, let Dad know we”re waiting at the Fast N EZ.”


While Eddie spoke to his dad, Tyler let me know that his own dad Josh was on his way to give us a ride and to help us with the police report.


“Dad, this is so messed up,” Eddie said. “I”m petrified. I don”t feel safe in my own school. Sure, yeah. OK. We”ll be waiting in the convenience store across from school.”


Eddie turned to us, “My dad”s on his way, too.”


“Hey, guys,” I said. “My mom”s out of town and my dad”s going to be working late. Can one of you put me up for the night? My dad really doesn”t want me home alone.”


Tyler jumped in first, “Of course. I don”t much feel like sleeping alone. Eddie, are you OK with that?”


Eddie looked surprised, “God, Tyler, how can you think about something like that right now?” Then his mood softened a bit and he said, “I guess we could all use something to get our minds off of this shit. Yeah, I guess, it”s cool with me. Besides, you owe Jaime something, right?”


It took a second for the coin to drop in Tyler”s brain. Then a broad smile crept across his face. “Yeah, Megan kind of interrupted us last time.”


At that moment, before the cops had even arrived, two remote studio trucks from two of the local TV stations arrived on the scene and parked in front of He Brew. One was from the local right-wing news station. The other was from a more mainstream one.


Seconds later a squad car pulls up. The three of us walk outside and signal to the police.


Both officers get out of the cop car and walk over to us. The first officer was a white male, about 6″2″ (190cm) tall, maybe early forties, super fit. The second was a woman, African-American, tall, late twenties.


Another car pulls up and Principal Maryfran Pappas jumps out and walks over.


“Hello, officers. Please thank the department for calling me as soon as you got the call from Tyler,” said the principal. “Have you kids called your parents?”


We all nodded yes. “My dad and Tyler”s dad are on their way. Jaime”s dad is downtown, but Jaime”s going to come over to my place after we”re done here,” said Tyler.


“Who”s Tyler Jacobs?” asked the male officer.


“That”s me,” answered Tyler.


He motioned for us to walk with him and the other officer over to Tyler”s car. I got a look at the name on his name tag, “Kuczinski. The other officer”s name tag said, “Washburn.”


“Can you tell me what happened and when it happened?” asked Officer Kuczinski.


“We all had practice after school. Jaime and I are on the gymnastics team. Eddie is on the track team,” Tyler said. “When we got to my car at around 5, we saw that the window had been smashed in and the car had been spray-painted. Oh, and someone had put a pink noose on the car. We had also found pink nooses on each of our lockers right before we left the school building, but pulled them down.”


“And I”m guessing that you”re Eddie and you”re Jaime,” he smiled, having figured out that the tall guy with the long legs was probably on the track team and the little guy was the gymnast. “Can I get your complete names for the record?”


“I”m Eddie, uh Edward, Hondo.” He paused for a second to work up his courage, “I”m Tyler”s boyfriend.”


“I”m Jaime Fine-Cruz. Officer, do you know Rich Kuczinski-Smith?” I asked.


“That would be my son. So, you know Richie?” he asked, obviously proud.


“Yeah, I”m not just Erzurum Escort saying this because you”re his dad, but he”s a really good guy. He stuck up for me last week when I was being bullied. He obviously loves you and your husband a lot,” I said.


“Oh, you”re the kid he talked to me about. He said some little shit named Brandon had made fun of you for being multi-racial and gay, right?” Officer Kuczinski asked.


“Who is this Brandon kid?” Officer Washburn asked.


Tyler spoke first, “Brandon Grimes. His dad”s some evangelist preacher in town. Brandon hates anyone who”s not white and straight.


“Why wasn”t I made aware of this?” asked Principal Pappas.


“Brandon”s all hot air,” I said. “He”s never actually hurt anyone, that I”m aware of. Only says awful things, trying to make people feel bad about themselves. I”ve never seen the kid smile once. I actually kind of feel sorry for him. He has no friends. And we just found the nooses on the lockers about an hour ago. Everyone was gone from the school except for the cleaning crew. We were going to let you know tomorrow morning, Ms. Pappas. We took pictures and then took the nooses down. It was bad enough that we had to see them. We really didn”t want anyone else to have to see that stuff. Then we came out to the car and found it trashed, so we called the cops…uh, the police.”


“So, you think that Brandon would be a logical suspect?” asked Officer Washburn.


The three of us looked at each other and nodded. Eddie added, “I can”t think of anyone else who would do this. Honestly, the three of us have come out of the closet in the past week and Brandon was the only one to be openly hostile. Maybe there”s someone we don”t know about, but he”d be the obvious choice.”


Almost as if on cue, Tyler”s dad, Eddie”s dad, and the Reverend Bradley Grimes show up. Josh Jacobs and Robert Hondo headed straight for us while the Reverend Grimes headed straight for one of the media trucks.


Josh gave Tyler a big hug, as did Robert with Eddie.


The time was coming up on 6PM, just in time for the local TV news to come on live. Both had set up with Tyler”s car in the background. We watched the reporting unfold live:


(18:00:17) Reporter for the mainstream station: “Racism and homophobia lead to vandalism and death threats at a local high school. Details coming up.”


(18:00:33) Reporter for the “conservative” station: “A loss of family values and the disappearance of traditional families. One community has had enough. Stay tuned.”


The first reporter walked over to us and asked if we”d be willing to appear on camera on a live shot at 6:11PM. Since Tyler, Eddie and I are all minors the reporter asked Tyler and Eddie”s dad if it would be OK if their kids were interviewed. Both fathers said no, but agreed to speak on camera themselves.


Within earshot, the second reporter walked over to Reverend Grimes and asked him who he was and how he was related to the event.


“I am the Right Reverend Bradley Grimes of the First Church of the Holy Spirit. My son goes to this school and knows these boys.”


“Would you be willing to be interviewed live at 6:10?” asked the reporter.


“I would be delighted,” said Reverend Grimes.


At 6:10 on the dot, the reporter for the right-leaning station goes live, “This is Ruth Richardson reporting live from Evanston West High School. As you can see in the background, a student”s car was targeted today with spray painted death threats and a window was broken in. No suspects are yet in custody. I”m here with a parent of a student at the school who was not involved in the incident. This is Reverend Bradley Grimes. Reverend Grimes, what happened here and why?”


Reverend Grimes smiled broadly, showing off the expensive dental work he”d had done. The rest of his face didn”t move, belying the cosmetic injections he”d undergone for years. “We have moved away from the Lord. That is what happened here. In this town we have seen traditional families move out and been replaced by immigrants and homosexuals. This car is owned by a student who is a sexual deviate. His family and the families of his friends allow their children to be influenced by the Devil. Someone in town is just standing up for traditional values.”


“So, are you condoning the destruction of someone”s property?” asked the reporter.


“No, I didn”t say that. I”m just explaining what has led us here.”


At that exact second, the other station goes live with Tyler”s and Eddie”s dads on camera, “I”m Jean Veritas here at Evanston West high school where a student”s car was spray-painted with racist and homophobic graffiti and a window was smashed in. We”re live with the parents of two of the three students targeted. Can I have your names please?”


The camera from the first station, still live, swings over to capture this interview, too.


“Robert Hondo, my son is a senior here.”


“Josh Jacobs, my son is also a senior here. It was his car that was damaged.”


“Do you have any idea why your sons were targeted?” the reporter asks.


Josh spoke first, “Robert”s son and my son came out as bisexual and as a couple last week at school. Robert”s son is also bi-racial. Another friend of theirs who is also of multiple ethnicities and gay was targeted. The graffiti speaks for itself.


Robert added, “They”re fine young men, star athletes, excellent students, kind and considerate. Whoever did this is truly a sick individual. We”re hoping the police catch the perpetrator soon.”


“Should they be charged with a hate crime?” the reporter asked.


Josh chimed in, “I”m not a lawyer, but I know hate when I see it. Our kids deserve love and respect. Not…


“They are sinners who will burn in Hell! This kind of filth has no place in our schools,” Reverend Grimes interrupts and screams off-camera,


The cameras swings around to capture the last part of Reverend Grime”s sentence.


He continues on-camera, “These fathers have raised the Devil”s spawn. Tell me, sirs, have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior? Come to the First Church of the Holy Spirit on Sunday and feel his presence!!


The cameras swing back to Josh and Robert. Josh speaks first, “I”m Jewish. My wife is Catholic. Our son was raised to respect people of all religions, as well as those who have none.”


Then it”s Robert”s turn, “What has this got to do with the fact that a hate crime was committed here against three innocent children? If you ever met these kids, you could sure learn something from them. I can think of no better examples of what is right with today”s kids than these three.”


It”s time for the reporters to wrap up their live feeds. The Reverend Grimes is still ranting away off-camera.


“Well, we”ll see whether family values win out over the wages of sin. This is Ruth Richardson reporting live.”


“Three families broken and living in fear of their lives right here in the northern suburbs of Chicago. This is Jean Veritas. Now back to you in the studio.”


As the camera crew packs up, Reverend Grimes loses his bravado and walks away, seemingly completely disinterested. What he didn”t realize was that Tyler, Eddie and I had been live streaming the whole scene to my social media feed, as well as to the @tydie_biboys feed. Since most high school kids are not exactly the target audience for the evening news, it was the best way to get out our message. We”d add commentary when we got home, clearly showing ourselves as the victims of a hate crime and motivating the other students to support us.


Now that the media circus was over, the police and the principal, who”d been waiting patiently, came back over.


Office Kuczinski says, “The Erzurum Escort Bayan crime must have taken place between 3:30 and 5:00PM. No one could have placed the nooses on your lockers or vandalized Tyler”s car without being seen at any other time because the school would have been full of students and staff. Tyler, do you ever post pictures of yourself and the gymnastics team online or photos of you posing in front of your car with the license plate visible?”


Tyler responded, “All the time. Why?”


“I”m not convinced that it was a student who did this, although it may be. Anyone who sees your social media feeds would have known about your sexual orientation, that you”re on the gymnastics team and would have seen your car and license plate. Sports teams usually practice after school, giving the perp an opportunity to wreck your car. Kids don”t realize that social media can make you a victim just as easily as it can make you popular.


“By the way, sticking a noose on your lockers, unfortunately, is not a crime. Both Illinois and the federal government have introduced legislation to make the use of hate symbols for intimidation purposes a crime, but neither has made it into law. Destroying property, on the other hand is a crime and destroying property with messages of hate does rise to the standard of a hate crime, meaning that if the perpetrator is caught and found guilty, they should receive a harsher sentence.


“By the way,” Officer Kuczinski added, “Here”s my card with my phone number and email. If you feel threatened or if you find out anything that can help us catch whoever did this, reach out to me ASAP.”


Principal Pappas added, “I”ll be working closely with the police. In the meantime, I think we can do more to ensure that hate messages have no place in this school.”


Robert Hondo turned to Principal Pappas and said, “I appreciate what you”re saying here. I hope it”s not just idle talk. The fact that a kid like Brandon Grimes has been allowed to intimidate these kids at all, whether he committed a crime or not, tells me that not enough is being done here to prevent bullying in the first place, let alone preventing it from escalating into a hate crime.”


Turning to Eddie, “Come on, Eddie. You”ve been through enough for the day. Let”s get out of here.”


Josh Jacobs puts his arm around Tyler and says, “You handled this really well. You called the right people and you kept your wits about you. I”m proud of you. Ready to go home? We”ll have to leave the car here until tomorrow. The police are still processing the scene.”


“Hey, Dad,” Tyler says, “Jaime”s mom”s out of town and his dad won”t be home until really late tonight. Is it OK if he stays at our place tonight?”


“No problem. Jaime”s always welcome. We”ll pick up a pizza on the way home. Jaime, what kind of pizza do you like?” Tyler”s dad asked.


“I”m pretty open,” I say, praying that they wouldn”t sink so low as to put pineapple on their pizza, but given that Tyler thinks a toaster pastry constitutes an acceptable breakfast, I wasn”t holding my breath.


As we get into Josh Jacob”s car, I notice he”s got the pizza place on speed dial. “I”d like to order a family style Quattro Stagioni to be picked up.”


“Yes! There”s hope yet for this family,” I think to myself.


“Tyler, I kind of had you pegged for a ham and pineapple guy,” I smile.


Tyler and his dad bust out laughing. “When I was about six years old my mom”s mom was visiting,” Tyler said. “Remember, she”s Italian and also a great cook. We decided to order pizza. I screamed that I wanted the ham and pineapple. Well, Grandma just about fell down dead. You”d have thought she”d caught me screwing the dog. `Don”t you dare think that we will order that blasphemous combination on a pizza. No self-respecting human being with a drop of Italian blood would even think about it.” And to this day, any pizza headed for our house can never have pineapple on it.”


I laughed. “I”ve seen you eating pineapple on pizza!”


“Never where my mom can see me!” Tyler chuckled.


When we arrived at Tyler”s place, I greeted his mom and asked if I could take a quick selfie with them to send to my dad to show them that I was OK and at their home. She first gave Tyler a big hug and told him how sorry she was about the car and his horrible day. Then we all posed for a selfie.


Tyler”s mom relayed that she”d been watching the news and saw the whole thing play out. “I think Josh and Robert really held their own against that fake preacher.”


“Yeah, Dad, you were really awesome. Eddie”s dad, too. Thanks for coming to our rescue.”


“Jaime, I know how much you and your family love to cook. Unfortunately, those skills seem to have skipped a generation in this family. Neither Josh”s mom nor mine would ever let us into the kitchen, so we eat out a lot or order in. Sorry,” Tyler”s mom said.


“You have nothing to be sorry about, Ms. Spiewak. I really appreciate the invite and for you putting me up tonight. My dad really didn”t want me home by myself after seeing what was painted on the car,” I said.


“Please, `Carol” and `Josh” is just fine,” she said, “And you”re welcome. We”re grateful for how you, Tyler and Eddie have been there for each other this past week.


We wolfed down the pizza, exchanging our opinions on what was wrong with the world today. Then Tyler and I excused ourselves to go up to his room to get some homework done, add some commentary about the incident to the video posted on our social media sites, and play some video games.


At around 9:30, there was a knock on the door. Tyler”s folks came in to say goodnight, give us each a hug, and wish us sweet dreams.


Once the door was closed, Tyler smirked, “More like wet dreams.” We headed to the bathroom to pee and brush our teeth. “I”m going to need an extra couple of minutes in the bathroom,” he winked.


A few minutes later, he reappeared in his bedroom wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of underwear. “Time to give Eddie a call. We”re going to give him a show he”ll never forget,” Tyler laughed.


Eddie answered the video chat straight away, “Fuck, I thought your folks were never going to go to bed. My mom was practically in hysterics when I got home. We all had a good cry, then they turned in super early. They”re totally spent. I”ve been sitting here beating my meat for like an hour.”


“Well, my folks are all tucked in now,” Tyler laughed. “I”m gonna set the phone on my desk and you should get a pretty nice view. You do the same. Right between your legs. We wanna see that big cock of yours, and your face when shoot a load onto it.”


Tyler leaned over and kissed me, gently at first, then gradually with more pressure, his tongue sliding over my lips and into my mouth. We stopped for a second so he could slide my t-shirt and jeans off.


Eddie was loving it, “God that”s hot. Keep going.” His cock was at full mast and he was playing with his balls with one hand, as he slid his foreskin back and forth over his cock head.


Tyler laid me down on the bed, then lied down next to me, as we resumed our passionate kissing. Slowly, he started to move down to my neck, digging sensuously with his lips and tongue into that spot that seems to be mysteriously connected directly to my cock. My monster had slithered out of my boxer briefs and was pointing at a nipple. It certainly didn”t go unnoticed by Tyler, who lightly pinched one nipple with one hand as he assaulted my other nipple with his tongue. Just a quick trip down from there to my cock. His tongue tickled the tip of my dick, making me gasp.


“Oh, fuck! That feels amazing,” I whispered. Tyler needed no more encouragement. He slipped off my underwear with one hand as he pointed my shaft at his open mouth with the other, making Escort Erzurum sure that Eddie had a good view. He opened wide as he took my throbbing dick into his mouth and swirled his tongue along the underside. He grabbed my member with both hands as he started to stroke it. He went at it like a starving man at a Thanksgiving feast.


“Jaime, you are so fucking hot,” he moaned. He took one hand off of my dick long enough to rip off his own underwear. I helped free his rock-hard cock from its confines at the same time and started stroking him as he bobbed up and down on me. He was doing an amazing job, getting a good 8″ down his throat as he reached for my heavy ball sack.


“Best show ever,” Eddie said. “You guys were made to do porn. Now I wanna see you swallow Jaime”s cock down to the balls, Ty”


That was all the encouragement that Tyler needed to flip around so I could slide his fat hose into my mouth at the same time he tried to get more of me down his throat. He pulled back for a second and let my manhood slip out of his mouth just long enough to slick up a couple of his fingers with spit. Taking a cue from him, I did the same. Almost in sync, we each slowly slipped a finger into the other”s tight puckers, gasping simultaneously. We were both moaning quietly. Just loud enough for Eddie to enjoy, but not loud enough to wake up Tyler”s folks. But Tyler seemed a little frustrated. I could feel him tensing up around my finger. He just couldn”t get the last three inches or so of my mammoth hose down his throat.


Sensing his frustration, I pulled out of his mouth and said, “Sit up for a second.” My back was to the phone, so Eddie couldn”t hear or see what I was saying. I pulled Tyler into a kiss, stroked his face and whispered, “What you”re doing, what you”re making me feel is amazing. You have no gag reflexes and I don”t want you to feel like I”m not loving every second of this.” He smiled and kissed me back, but I knew he was disappointed that he couldn”t rise to Eddie”s challenge.


My dick has a bit of a downward curve to it, probably from years of having to stuff it into the downward position in my underwear. 69ing probably wasn”t the best angle. Then I remembered a scene from one of those Chicago medical dramas.


“Lie on the bed and let your head hang off the edge,” I whispered to Tyler. He got into position. “Take a deep breath and open wide.” I slid my cock past his tongue, tonsils and all the way down until my pubes were on his chin and my balls on his face. His dick danced with joy. I pulled out far enough for him to catch a breath. Then slid my cock back in. I made sure to spread my legs wide so that Eddie could see my balls slapping against Tyler”s face with each stroke.


“Oh, yeah! Face fuck him, Jaime!” Eddie was in heaven, stroking hard. I kept up the rhythm for a few minutes, each stroke sending waves of pleasure up my pole, but I was starting to get too close to cumming and I wasn”t going to miss a chance to fuck Tyler”s spectacular butt. I slowly withdrew from Tyler”s mouth and turned towards the phone. “Don”t blow your load yet, Eddie. You”ve only seen act one. I”ve fantasized about tapping Tyler”s amazing ass for years.” (Gymnasts really do have the most spectacular butts!)


Tyler stood up with a huge smile on his face. Proud of what he”d done. “I just got intubated by an 11″ tube steak!”


I had Tyler stand sideways to the phone so that Eddie would be able to see every one of my eleven inches slide into Tyler”s backside. Then I knelt down and slipped my tongue between his amazingly perfect globes. Tyler was moaning in a low, throaty voice as I reached under his legs to grab his beer-can cock. But this was literally just the opening act. I stood up, grabbed the lube that he”d pulled out earlier and put lots of it on my cock. Then a bunch more on my fingers and slid two of them slowly into Tyler. He was loving it.


“Hey, Jaime,” Tyler said, “I really want to do this, but I”m kind of nervous. Eddie”s bottomed a lot more than me and well, you”re fucking huge. Let”s take this nice and slow, OK?”


I leaned in and kissed his neck and whispered, “We”ll take as long as you need. Let me tell you, the view from back here is spectacular! I”m happy just to sit back and enjoy the scenery.”


Tyler laughed, which also made his cute, little hole open wider.


Eddie also had words of encouragement, “It”s gonna feel amazing, Ty. Just relax and remember how I”m loving watching you two together.”


With that, I gently pushed my cock head between Tyler”s cute little melon butt cheeks and up against his pucker. So far, so good. A little more pressure and his hole started to welcome me inside.


“How ya doin”, Ty?” I asked. “Let me know if it hurts or you need me to stop, OK?”


“One inch down, only ten to go,” he laughed, “But so far, so good.”


The view truly was spectacular. Tyler”s delts are like softballs set at the edges of his shoulders. I follow the view down his ripped back and fixate on the tiny waist that flairs out to that amazing ass. Seeing my dick begin to disappear into that butt is the stuff dreams are made of. I slowly begin to push, little by little, giving Tyler a chance to adjust. At about six inches in, he lets out a small gasp.


“Did I hurt you? I”m so sorry. We can stop,” I say, really fearing that I”d done something I”d regret.


“Fuck no!” He whispers. “You just hit my `G” spot. Keep going.”


I pull back just a bit, then push another couple of inches in. Tyler starts to moan. Then I hit a bit of resistance. He takes a deep breath and I feel him relax.


“I wanna hear those big balls slap against my ass,” he says. I give a little push and I”m all the way in.


“How ya doin”, baby? Eddie asks, still stroking his rock-hard black cock.


“I think I can feel his dick hitting the back of my tongue,” he laughs, “Can”t wait to pick up the action.”


That was my cue to pull my cock most of the way out and start thrusting. Man, this boy has a fine hole. I start to pick up speed and Tyler is in extasy. As my pole moves in and out of his ass, I gently grab a nipple with one hand, then reach around and stroke his cock with my other. I”m thrusting like a jack-rabbit, pulling most of the way out, then slamming my dick deep until the sound of my balls slapping against his ass rings out.


Eddie is starting to moan as he strokes his 8 ½” cock faster and faster. He”s getting off watching my huge cock disappear into his boyfriend”s asshole over and over again. I can tell that Tyler”s getting close, too. A couple more, deep thrusts and I”m pumping my load into his ass. By the time I”d shot three times, Tyler is stifling a loud moan as his jizz shoots three feet in front of him, hitting his pillow and the wall. Now, I turn to the screen of the telephone and see Eddie”s cum flying onto his belly, chest and into his open mouth, the white sperm making a very hot contrast against his dark skin. I pumped twelve shots in all into Tyler”s ass. This was unbelievably hot. Not only did I completely get into fucking Tyler, but having Eddie watch put a kinky tone on it that made it even better. We each let out a contented sigh.


“You Ok, Tyler?” I ask.


“Now I understand what Eddie was going on about. If a guy can take that monster of yours, he”s in for the fuck of his life. That was awesome.” Tyler leans back and kisses me sweetly. I gently slide my shrinking dick out of his butt. He grabs a towel and we clean up the mess.


Tyler turns to Eddie on the telephone screen. “Looks like you enjoyed the show. I want you to know I”m really lucky to have a boyfriend like you.
Thanks for letting me play with Jaime. I love you, Eddie.”


“I love you, too, Ty” Eddie says.


“Can we all meet up tomorrow morning at He Brew at 7:30?” I ask. “Going back to school is going to be kinda creepy and I think we need to lean on each other for support, OK?”


Everyone agrees.


“G”night, guys,” Eddie says. “See ya tomorrow.”


Tyler and I climb into bed, give each other a kiss, and drift off to sleep.


End Chapter – 9

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