Truth or Dare

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Jim and Sarah had known each other for practically their entire lives. Their parents were friends and they lived across the street from each other, so there wasn’t barely a day where one wasn’t hanging out at the other one’s house. Even though they were very close, there was still a lot that they didn’t share.

Jim was very shy and kept mostly to himself when possible. He was a few inches away from being six feet tall and wasn’t skinny or fat, just an average guy. Sarah was slightly more outgoing, but she was still perfectly content with it only being her and Jim when they hung out. Sarah was a few inches shorter than Jim, but her build was hard to read since she preferred to wear loose clothing.

Jim was hanging out with Sarah at her house one evening. They had just finished off a pizza and were about to watch a movie. It was raining and since Sarah’s parents were out of town, Jim was keeping Sarah company during the storm. After a few minutes of discussion about what to watch, the power went out in the neighborhood.

“I guess that means we don’t have to decide on a movie anymore.” Sarah said sarcastically.

“I guess not. Looks like we are in for a boring evening until the power is back on.” replied Jim.

Sarah lit a few candles and set them on the coffee table in front of them. They were able to see each other, but only barely since their eyes were still adjusting to the dark.

“We could talk. We don’t do much of that and I know you have plenty to say if you wanted to.” quipped Sarah.

“Talking just sounds dull. I’m more of a listener than a talker. You know that.”

“Well, we could play something that would open you up and not be dull.”

“It’s too dark to play any games. I can barely see you with these candles.”

“We could play truth or dare. It’ll make the dares easier to do if you know you can’t be seen that well.”

“Fine, but whatever is said or done here stays between us. I’m only playing because it would be awkward sitting silent in the dark.”


Neither Jim nor Sarah had played truth or dare before, so there was a lot of curiosity between the two of them. They weren’t really sure of the rules, but neither one felt like admitting their innocence.

Sarah started, “Truth or dare?”

“I’ll start with truth before I trust you with a dare.”

“Hmmm…Who was your first kiss?”

“It was you when we were maybe three or four. I think we were pretending to get married or something. That’s about all I remember. Truth or dare?”


Jim thought for a minute. “What do you normally sleep in?”

“Weird question, but normally just a long t-shirt and panties. Truth or dare?”


“What do you sleep in?”

“Just a pair of boxers. It’s easy to just slip out of everything else and fall asleep on the bed that way. Your pick.”

Sarah now had the thought of Jim taking off his shirt and pants before he went to bed. Her thoughts weren’t sexual in any way, but it was still on her mind now. “Truth.”

“Would you rather spend a day at a nude beach or 30 seconds stripping on a stage.”

“I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it. Which ever one has the least amount of people around, I guess. Maybe the beach so I can hide in the ocean all day.”

“Scared of being seen?”

“Maybe. I just like to be clothed around people. Truth or dare?”


Sarah’s first thought was to make Jim take something off, but she figured if she started with that then he wouldn’t pick any more dares. She decided to start small. “Go into the next room and remove your underwear. You’ll have to spend the rest of the evening going commando.”

Jim got up and went into the next room. It was dark without any lights, but he was able to find his way around enough for the dare. He slipped off his shorts and boxers. It was cool in the house, so he immediately felt chilled without any bottoms on. He hurried to put his shorts on and make his way back into the living room. As he entered, he tossed his boxers at Sarah.

“Done.” Jim said as he sat down on the couch. “I feel a breeze, though. Your turn.”

“Since you picked dare, it’s only fair that I do, too.”

“Let’s almanbahis see. Here, use my phone to take a closeup picture of one of your nipples. I won’t look at it and at the end of the evening you can delete it. I just want you to spend a while knowing I have a picture of part of you.”

Jim and Sarah turned their backs to one another. Sarah lifted her shirt to expose her right breast that was still cradled in her bra. She pulled down the cup to reveal her nipple. As fast as she could, she snapped a picture on Jim’s phone in the candle light. It was a little blurry, but she figured he wouldn’t ever see it anyway. She tucked her breast back in the cup and pulled her shirt down.

“Here you go. No peeking.” she said as she handed the phone back to Jim. “Your turn.”


“When was the last time you masturbated?

Jim started to turn red with embarrassment. “Who said I did that?”

“Don’t lie to me. Everyone does it.”

“What if I’m one of those guys who doesn’t?”

“If you don’t masterbate, why did you have those websites in your computer’s history last week? I saw them when I checked my email on your computer.”

Jim was now really embarrassed, but figured might as well come clean since she already seems to know. “Last night before I went to bed. Happy?”

“Very and I choose truth.”

“When did you last masturbate?”

“This morning before I took a shower. Truth or Dare?”

“I might as well pick dare with questions like that.”

“Wimp. I dare you to take off your shirt.”

“Easy enough.” Jim pulled his shirt over his head. Even though he only remained in his shorts, he still felt comfortable since the candles didn’t produce much light. “Your turn. What’s it gonna be?”

“Truth. I don’t want you making me do the same dare you just did.”

“Now who’s the wimp? Since we’re obviously going with these types of questions, what’s your bra size?”

Now Sarah was the one who felt embarrassed. She liked to keep her body a mystery, but she knew Jim could be trusted if she was going to tell anyone. “36C.”

“Hard to tell with the clothes you wear, but that’s a nice size.”

“Thanks. I’m not a fan of them, so they’ll stay in hiding. Truth or dare?”

“I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with them. You’re just shy. I’ll pick truth.”

“How big is your…well, you know?” Sarah asked as she glanced down at Jim’s lap.

“Well, you know how you don’t like your parts? I’m about the same with mine, so I refuse to find out specifics.”

“Come on. Are you telling me you’ve never measured?

“Nope. I’d just assume to leave it alone. If I’m small, I’ll be devastated.”

“But if you’re large you’ll have more confidence.”

“I’d rather just not take that chance.”

“Ok, fine. Since you can’t answer me, I’ll ask something else. How often do you masterbate?”

“Since you asked, at least once a day.”

“Not bad. I’ll go with a dare now.”

“Since you made me take off my shirt, take off yours.”

“But I’m wearing a sheer bra under here. You’ll see too much.”

” A dare is a dare. Besides, I can’t see much in here anyway.”

“Fine.” Sara grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it over her head. Jim was right, he couldn’t see through the material of her bra, but could still see enough to cause a twitch in his shorts.

“I don’t understand why you would hide that. Flat abs and great cleavage are very attractive.”

“Thanks. It’s just how I like to dress and I like it that way. Promise me you can’t see through my bra?”

Jim squinted as he stared right at Sarah’s breasts. “Nope, you’re good.”

“Your turn.”


“Unzip your shorts.”

“What?” exclaimed Jim.

“Don’t get your panties in a bunch, even though you aren’t wearing any. I didn’t say take off your shorts, just pull down the zipper.”

“Fine, but I’m not sure what your motives are. You won’t see anything the way I’m sitting.” Jim reached down and unzipped his shorts. He was actually a little worried that if they continue, he might get an erection and pop out. Maybe that’s what Sarah had in mind, though. “Done. Truth or dare?”

“Let’s go with truth.”

“Ok, almanbahis adres what’s the farthest you’ve gone with a guy?

“Well, you’ve got me in my bra right now so let’s go with this game.”

“Really, I would have thought you’ve done more.”

“No, never been in the situation for it.”

“I guess that technically makes two of us. I’ll take truth, too.”

“Would you rather strip for a girl or let her strip you?”

“I’d rather she strip me.” Jim continued to get aroused at the thought of having his clothes taken off of him. His shorts began to bulge a little, but he didn’t notice the space between his zipper getting a tiny gap.

“Dare me.” Sarah said, even though she dreaded the next dare.

“Your choice, take off your pants or bra.”

Sarah didn’t have to think, she wasn’t about to let Jim see her bare breasts. She stood up and slid her pants down to her ankles. She stepped out of her pants and sat down. Jim could clearly see that Sarah was wearing matching panties and this too affected him. Sarah began to notice the gap in Jim’s shorts. “I’m a little flattered you’re reacting that way to me.”

“What reaction?”

“The tent being pitched in your shorts. I can see a little of your little guy.”

Jim reached down with embarrassment to cover himself up but the gap wouldn’t close without zipping the shorts back up.

Sarah stopped him, “No zipping back up. You can see a lot of me, but I can barely see any of you. Move your hands and pick truth or dare.”

“Truth, and keep your eyes up here.”

“What would you do if I stripped off my bra and panties right now?”

“I’d definitely get harder and more than likely pop out of this gap.”

“Hmmm…I’ll keep that in mind. I pick truth.”

“What would you do if you could see my penis?”

“It depends. If you were soft, I’d want to touch it and play with it. If you were hard, I’d probably want to have a little more fun. How about you pick dare this time?”

“Ok, why not?”

“Good, let me take off your shorts.”

Jim didn’t move as Sarah reached forward. She lightly pushed Jim’s chest back so she could undo the button. When he shifted, she could see the head of his penis through the gap. The shaft wasn’t visible until she spread his shorts to pull them off. Her face lit up with delight as she tugged Jim’s shorts down to his ankles and came face to face with his exposed member. She wanted to touch it, but wanted to keep playing the game.

Jim felt exposed and unsure of what he felt being naked in front of Sarah. “Now that I’m naked, it’s only fair that you perform a dare and let me strip you.” He didn’t wait for a reply and reached behind Sarah’s back to unclasp her bra. He pulled the straps around to the front and exposed her bare breasts. Her nipples were perked with excitement and she lay back for Jim to remove her panties. Jim grabbed her waist and as he slid her panties off, he made sure not to lose contact with her thighs and then calves. This caused Sarah to get goosebumps.

A little flustered, Sarah managed to finally reply. “I guess there’s no point in either of us being bashful now. What do you think?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Jim said as he came to a full erection. “Feel free to dare me again, too.”

“I want to measure you.”

“Why? Isn’t seeing me naked enough?”

“No, I want you to know exactly how big you are. Besides, you know my breast size so I think it’s only right I know your size.”

“Fine, but I’m a little scared about the whole situation, so I don’t know how accurate it will be.”

Sarah opened the sowing kit her mother kept next to the couch and pulled out a tape measure. She reached for Jim, but he jumped a little as her fingers almost came into contact with his penis. “Lay on your back so I can get all of you.” She said as she finally got her hand onto Jim. As Jim lay back on the couch, Sarah could clearly see the defined veins that gave Jim’s shaft texture. She placed the end of the tape measure along the top at the base and slowly moved her fingers to the tip. “I didn’t expect it to be so hard.”

“Well, that’s all you causing this.”

“I’m sure if I had a penis, I’d be hard, almanbahis giriş too.” Sarah replied as she got her measurement. “Let’s see, I read online that the average penis size is about five inches. So do you want the good new or bad news first?”

“That doesn’t sound promising. Give me the bad news.”

“The bad news is I wish we had done this before. The good news is you’re more than average.”

“Really? How much?”

“Six inches total. An inch over average. That’s good. Any bigger and you might be too big for me.”

“What do you mean?”

“See, I can place my hand around you and get a good grip, but there is the perfect amount left for my mouth.” Sarah wrapped her hand around the base of Jim’s shaft and moved her head down close. Jim could feel her breath before she let go and sat up. “Dare me.”

“You’re such a tease. I have no choice but to get even. Your dare is to lie back and let me tease you.”

Sarah laid on her back with her head resting on the couch’s armrest. She closed her eyes and let Jim do whatever he wanted. Jim crawled over Sarah so that his body was perfectly on top of hers. The head of his penis rested on Sarah’s mound as he placed a kiss directly on her lips. Sarah responded by kissing back. They were now fully embracing each as their lips satisfied the other’s. There legs, pelvis, and chest were firmly pressed. Sarah wanted Jim inside her and reached to guide him in. As soon as his head was moved from her mound to lips, he broke their kiss and sat back up. “Tease over with. Now hurry with my dare.”

“You’re such an ass for that, but I’ll get mine sooner or later. Lay on your back and let me do whatever I want to you.”

Jim did as he was instructed. His penis was pointed straight up and he craved for Sarah to touch it. Sarah grasped him as she did before. This time, she didn’t stop with just her breath on him. Sarah lightly kissed the tip of Jim’s head as a drop of precum popped out. Sarah was curious and licked the drop off. As she did, she felt Jim’s penis twitch in her hand. She wanted more, so she moved her lips over his head completely as her tongue ran over the base of the mushroom cap. She kept pressure on her lips as she moved them back up to the tip, this time allowing her hand to move with it. Jim let out a small moan as she moved back down. She continued this rhythm for about a minute and then sat back up. “Enough with this game, I need you in me.”

Jim and Sarah once again embraced each other. Their lips never broke apart as Sarah moved onto her back with Jim laying on top. Sarah moved her hand down to guide in Jim’s penis. The head parted her lips and he slowly started to slide himself in. There was slight resistance from how tight Sarah was. She was extremely wet, so there was little effort on Jim’s part. The head of Jim’s penis was in and Sarah let out a small squeal of pleasure. They continued to kiss as Jim proceeded further in to Sarah.

Jim was halfway in and could feel Sarah’s tightness holding onto his penis. He slid out to where his head remained in and then began to slowly move in again. He proceeded to repeat this process, but each time he slid in a little deeper until he could slide in no further. At this point, they broke their kiss and looked into each other’s eyes. Jim and Sarah both moved their hips in rhythm with each other. Jim barely slid out with each movement, but their synchronous movement caused enough pleasure for them both. With each inward movement came a moan from both. There was no need for either of them to move since they were both in the position for ecstasy.

Jim felt he was getting close to climax and began to tell Sarah. She just nodded her head and he knew she wanted to keep going. Suddenly, Jim felt an orgasm he never felt before. His entire body tensed up and, in what felt like slow motion, he felt the energy from his body travel down to his pelvis. As soon as Sarah felt the first twitch of Jim’s penis release it’s nectar, she was sent over the edge herself. Her body tightened and she seemed to move in motion with Jim as they both felt the amazing release of energy together.

After it was over, neither one could move. They turned slightly so the weight of Jim’s body would mostly be supported by the couch cushion. Sarah could feel Jim’s penis inside her as it became flaccid again and finally couldn’t stay in any more. Jim and Sarah then fell asleep in each other’s arms, closing an end to an adventurous day.

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