Two Dozen Strawberries

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Alice:  There is a devilish sparkle in your eyes as you bend down once more. I close my eyes as you grasp the underside of my thighs and lift my legs up and apart. You kiss my knee. You kiss my inner thighs, moving ever closer and closer to my wet and wanting sex. You pause for a second, then I feel the tip of your tongue on the small piece of flesh just below my entrance. Wriggling from side to side, teasing me and sending sparks of electricity to my clitoris and to my brain. I close my eyes harder and claw at the sheets with both hands, hoping to stop myself from grabbing your hair and pulling you closer. Slowly you move lower, licking and kissing my outer lips. First one side then the other, then back to below my pussy. Then suddenly, without warning, you press your tongue deep inside me; you bury your face in my pussy, thrusting and turning your tongue inside me. It feels like a fireball shooting up from between my legs, numbing my brain and rendering me momentarily insane. I raise my head from the pillow, crying out, güvenilir bahis begging you to stop and then begging you to continue. I grasp your head and let my fingers run through your hair, being ever so careful not to force you, but wanting to hold on to you all the same. In a long sweeping lick, your tongue slips out of my pussy and up to my clitoris. Hitting my most sensitive spot like lightning, once again allowing me to surrender to the storms of pleasure running through my body. You toy with my clitoris, caressing it softly with the tip of your tongue, then engulf and suck it with your mouth. I hold on to my thighs, forcing my legs as far apart and as high up as possible. I want to give you full access to my pussy; I want you to melt into it and to be one with it. I sense the waves of an impending orgasm as you continue licking me. You must understand this; you shift your focus from my clitoris to my vagina, once again sliding your tongue deep inside me. I cry and I pant and I moan; my body shivers as you güvenilir bahis siteleri fuck me with your long strong tongue. You give me one last passionate lick, ending on my throbbing clitoris. You move upwards, kissing me everywhere. Your body, silky soft and smooth, is sliding over mine. Your thighs are on each side of my legs, and I suddenly realize that you had somehow managed to take your own panties off in the heat of it all. You are soft and warm and wet against my leg. You kiss my breasts and suck my nipples, then take my head in both your hands and kiss my lips. I can taste myself on you and it makes me even more excited. Now you move up and begin rubbing your pussy against my breasts. I can’t take it any longer; I have to taste you, to be on you and be in you. I take hold of you and push you sideways onto the mattress while rolling over and ending on top of you. I was halfway expecting a cat fight, but you make no attempt at resistance. You just stay still, flat on your back with your arms across iddaa siteleri your breasts. You say nothing, but your wicked smile and the flame in your eyes clearly express your thoughts: What are you going to do to me now, my sweet?  I press my body firmly against you and kiss you hard. While holding you down, I reach out to the side of the bed. I can just barely reach the nightstand drawer, but I manage to reach and retrieve the plush lined hand cuffs. I stare into your eyes and whisper, “Now you will be my captive!” Shannon: Oh Alice…you are so easy…so gullible…so naive…so lovable in your very charming, yet clueless, way. We have been with and at one another here twice a week for the last six months, and you still think that YOU understand when I am finished. When I am ready to let YOU take the lead. It’s never really when you think it is, and I am both amazed and delighted that you still have not realized that. Tonight, I am going to do so much more with you and so much more to you.  I begin by grasping your hips and throwing you to the other side of the bed. I roll you over on to your belly, pin you down with my wet, hot pussy pressed against your ass, and tear the cuffs from your hand. I immediately secure both of your wrists and pull the cuffs tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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