Two Tickets to Paradise

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This is just a quick, fun one, borne out of a little recent travel. What if…?

All characters are consenting adults, over the age of eighteen, and just in it for fun, so keep that in mind.

Thanks for reading. I’d still like to hear from you when you’re done.


Air travel used to be fun. It used to be glamorous, and exciting, and luxurious… exotic, an event in and of itself.

Oh, how times have changed.

Now, in the age of heightened security (which I totally understand and agree with, incidentally), flying is just one colossal pain in the ass. What with arriving four days early for your flight, having to strip naked in security, get x-rayed up the butt, and being charged for everything from peanuts to air on the plane…well, let’s just say, it’s losing some of its appeal. Glorified, long distance bus service…that’s what it is.

That being said, sometimes lemonade appears as if by magic when presented with sour fruit. That’s what happened to me.

I’m walking through the airport, having just landed on my flight from home, looking for something to do to kill some time. What is it with airline scheduling, anyway? They either cut it so close that if they swerve to avoid a bird you risk being late for your connection, or you grow a beard waiting in your layover. I was dealing with the latter, having five hours to waste. There was literally nothing I could do to be productive, as I had done it all already, so I was just wandering around hoping I could avoid the urge to splurge on some neat but totally useless gadget at Brookstone.

That’s when the cute brunette passed me in the other direction, and I turned my head to watch, just as I reached the corner.

Wham! I got t-boned, in the left arm and shoulder, by something, soft, tall blonde and gorgeous. The impact spun us both, but I had a distinct weight advantage, so she took the brunt.

“Oooooof!” she gasped, rebounding away from me. Her rolling carry-on bag, flipped over, becoming a drag bag, and she tottered precariously on her heels. “I’m terribly sorry,” she exclaimed.

“No, I should have been paying attention,” I replied, focusing on her at last. “Are you alright?”

“Oh, I’m fine!” she giggled, righting her bag. “I didn’t get you anywhere important, did I?” Her blue eyes danced, and a bright smile broke out. She was absolutely striking, with prominent cheekbones, that cute upturned tip on her nose, and plump, ‘Cupid’s bow’, lips, around a wide mouth. .

“No major injuries. You’re sure I didn’t hurt you?” I asked taking in her navy blue skirt, and jacket, which hugged her curves. They were some curves.

“Nope. Hit me where I’m well padded,” she laughed, glancing down at her ample chest. My eyes followed, finding a name tag perched conspicuously on her deliciously full, round, left breast. “Sheila” it read. Ah, a stewardess, or air hostess, or whatever the currently acceptable, politically correct term is.

“Which way are you going?” I asked, and she pointed. “Good, I feel safer already,” I added. “I’m going this way.” Sheila laughed.

“Touché,” she smiled. “Better keep your eyes open anyway. I’ve been known to wander.” With that she turned, and I watched her long, sensuous legs and perfectly formed ass wiggle into the distance, while I stood immobile, with the crowd flowing around me.

Idiot! I thought. Why didn’t you ask her for a drink or something!

Still, I was going this way, for no particular reason, and she was going that way…suddenly, that way held more interest. I followed, weaving through the crowd, and reacquiring my target quickly. It wasn’t hard to find her ; we were both taller than most of the gaggle, so she stood out, and I had a clear view.

She stopped at the coffee place, and I lingered outside, trying not to look like I was stalking her. She came out, coffee in hand, and walked briskly away, while I followed, able to watch her closer now. She had great legs, so long and smooth looking, with sinuous and muscular curves to them, especially where they flowed up into her firm butt. My mouth was watering.

A sudden left turn into the magazine store, and I went in as well, milling about looking at books and the like. Something caught my eye, and while I was having a closer look, I lost her. Shit! Then I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“Are you following me?” she asked, as I turned to face her. She had a serious look, like she was pissed.

“Oh, um, I, uh… yes. I’m sorry,” I replied looking down sheepishly. When I looked up, she was still staring at me.

“Were you looking at my legs?” she moved closer, glancing down at her extended leg, and rotating it to display the smooth curves. I retreated, but took the offered opportunity to inspect her thigh closer, before backing into the display wall.

“Um, yes Ma’am,” I confessed.

“Were you…” she whispered, closing in further, “… checking out my ass?” She turned slightly, and cocked her hips, inviting me to look again. I did.

Gulp. almanbahis “Yes, Ma’am.”

“Do you like my legs, and my butt?” Her expression was still pretty serious.

“Very much, yes Ma’am,” I answered, befuddled and broken. She eyed me up and down.

“You’re a pretty big guy. Are you big…everywhere?”

What? I… Oh, I get it. “Yes Ma’am!”

“Good. Could you help me please?” she smiled, stepping over to where the racier magazines rested on the top shelf, behind the privacy screen. “The Letters magazine, please.”

She was almost as tall as me in her heels, so she could have reached it by herself, but I pulled one down anyway.

“Go pay for it, and meet me outside,” she grinned, walking out without another word. I watched her go, wondering what the game was.

When I joined her a few minutes later, she was waiting patiently.

“Follow me,” she giggled, leading away, then taking my arm. “I had you buy that so you’d have the address. I want to read all about what we’re going to do together, in here.”

She wants to read about…but this magazine is…oh my god!

We had arrived at the First Class lounge, and Sheila opened the door. The receptionist was a little brunette.

“Hi Sheila,” the brunette chirped.

“Hi Bunny,” Sheila smiled. “He’s with me.”

“Have fun,” Bunny replied, as we stepped in, and opened an unmarked side door.

It was another lounge, with comfortable couches and chairs. A few of the couches were full of napping flight crew.

“This is our Crew rest area,” she said softly, so as not to wake anyone. “Sometimes, it gets used for something, shall we say, a little less restful.” She parked her bag, and took mine, putting it beside hers, gesturing for me to follow through another door.

It was a large restroom, but there was something different about it. The stalls along one wall were quite wide, and there were urinals along the back side.

“It’s a unisex restroom,” she giggled, talking normally, “but we just call it the u-need-sex room. Guess what we’re going to do? If you want to, that is. I assume, since you followed me, that you like what you saw. Want to see the rest?”

She removed her jacket, and hung it on a hook, then turned to face me.

‘Well padded’, she had said. Quite the understatement. She was sporting a huge rack, that her jacket had hidden from view. She was so lean and lithe, I would not have expected boobs like that on such a thin structure.

“Let’s go in here, shall we?” she asked, stepping into a stall. I followed, and closed the door.

“A few ground rules, before we start,” she smiled, putting her hand on the back of my neck. “First, condoms are mandatory. Second, don’t get involved. This is just fucking, understand?” I nodded. “Third, I’m married, so you will never see me again. Fourth, enjoy yourself, but no marks. No hickeys, bites or scratches. Are these rules acceptable?”

Well, let me discuss this with my lawyer, and I’ll get back to you. Of course, they’re acceptable. Anything to get at that body! I nodded vehemently, leaving no room for misinterpretation.

“Good. I have ninety minutes, so we don’t need to rush,” she moaned, pulling me in for a kiss.

Her husband was a lucky guy. Sheila was a really good kisser, and I enjoyed the feel of her soft lips gently squashed against mine. Her tongue wasn’t far behind, dipping playfully into my mouth and tangling with my own.

I was still taken slightly aback, and other than the kiss, hadn’t made any moves yet. As I relaxed, my hands found her lower back, then roamed further south, and grabbed that firm ass. She moaned again, and sucked my tongue harder.

I brought my hands up to her chest, planning to get a peek at those puppies, but she stopped me.

“Let me do that,” she smiled. “It’s not a matter of trust, just that I need to work in these clothes today, so let me take it off, okay?”

She stepped back and reached behind her, unzipping her skirt. She caught it as it slid down her legs, and hung it on the back of the door. Next in line was her crisp, white blouse, short sleeved for comfort. It fit snugly across her bust, tugging at the buttons, and when she finished unfastening them, it hung loosely, hiding the majority of her full globes, but revealing a glorious crease of cleavage. When it joined the skirt on the hook, she stood before me in bra, panties and heels.

Speaking of her bra, it was lacey, white, very sexy…and apparently made of titanium, carbon fibre, and some other space age materials. That was the only logical explanation for such a delicate garment supporting such large breasts

Then again, once the bra was off, it didn’t seem like they needed that much support, because they hardly sagged at all, and only spread a little bit. Her nipples stood out proudly, like pink Hershey’s kisses, waiting to be sucked.

“Your turn,” she smiled, looking down at my crotch. “Take ’em off. Lemme see that dick.”

I suddenly felt self conscious, hoping almanbahis adres I was as pleasing to her as she was to me. I undid my belt, then unzipped, dropping my pants. She hung them up next to her clothes when I stepped out of them, and did the same with my shirt once it was off. My underwear tented obscenely in the front, but it was just getting started. I hooked my thumbs in the waistband and peeled them down.

A sharp intake of breath, and her hand over her mouth told me she was pleasantly surprised.

“Holy fuck! Did you steal a horse’s dick? It’s huge…and it’s not even hard yet!” she gasped. “I hope it will fit in my pussy, because I’m sure as hell gonna try it!”

She was exaggerating, but still, it’s nice to hear a woman say your cock might be too much for her to handle. It sure beats derisive laughter.

She was on her knees now, with my rapidly growing dick in her hand. She rubbed it against her cheek.

“May I?” she asked, licking her lips. Again, what kind of an imbecile would say ‘no’? I nodded, and her lips parted, sliding exquisitely down over the head. The sensation wss heavenly, and she continued taking me deeper into her mouth. A few minutes of oral attention later, she pulled back.

“It’s yummy, and I’d really love a taste of your thick, creamy filling, but we have a schedule, and my pussy is lonely.” She directed me into a seat on the toilet, and retrieved a rubber from her bag, tearing it open with a flourish. “I hope it fits,” she giggled, and rolled it over me cock. It was tight, but I would live. She tugged her panties aside, straddling my lap, and slowly lowered herself, until the head of my cock split her juicy pussy wide open. “Gnahhhhhn! Fuck! It’s like riding a telephone pole!”

She paused, about halfway down, panting like a Lamaze instructor.

“Breathe Sheila, and relax! You can do it!” she coached herself. She began to ease up and down slowly, getting accustomed to the intruder between her legs, and claiming new fractions of an inch each time she dropped herself lower. “Oh god, I have never…never…been stuffed this full, and I fuck a lot of guys! Your cock touches everywhere inside me at once. It’s amaz…oh fuck! FUCK! FUUUUUCK!” she gasped, trying to contain her screams as the orgasm hit like a freight train. Her pussy oozed in my lap, and the extra lubrication let her slip down fully, now completely impaled, to the hilt.

Her body shook, and her blue eyes shut tight, as a look of ecstatic agony twisted her pretty features. Her thighs were quivering, and her luscious boobs hung before me, begging for inclusion in the party. Those nipples weren’t Hershey’s kisses anymore. They were standing straight out, and hard as diamonds. But they still tasted good.

“Oh my fucking god!” she hissed. “Suck my tits! Fuck my cunt, and suck my tits! It’s so good!” She rode me smoothly, moaning her pleasure, and picking up the pace as her pussy grew accustomed to being stretched open to accommodate my girth.

This whole ‘spontaneous sex’ thing was fun, but getting it on in a restroom had certain drawbacks. Positioning, for one. Unless you wanted to lay on what could only be described as a filthy floor, you were stuck with sitting, or standing. Fortunately, Sheila was nearly my height in her high heels, so a standing fuck was possible.

She was fully engaged now, dropping herself on my cock hard each time, fucking her pussy furiously. Her head was thrown back and she was grunting unintelligible ‘words’, while I was having a hard time maintaining my lip grip on her erect nipples.

With a final crushing stroke, she froze, her body quaking and jerking in my arms. This was a big one, yet somehow, she kept her vocalizations down to a few squeaks, gasps, and shuddering, whispered ‘oh my god’s. When her sexy blue eyes finally opened, they seemed to be having trouble pointing in the same direction. She rested her head on my shoulder, and I held her for a minute.

“Ooooo boy, that was…fuck! Just sooooo goooood,” she smiled, breaking the silence.

“Want some more?” I chuckled. She rolled her eyes.

“I should probably say ‘no’, in the interest of being functional on my flight, but…fuckin’ right I do!” she giggled, planting a kiss on my lips. “Wanna try standup?”

I replied by grabbing her ass with both hands, and standing up. She was light as a feather, and wrapped her legs around my waist. I turned us into the corner of the stall, wedging her in, and pinning her to the walls, then gave her a few experimental thrusts. It was awkward, but doable. Sheila stabilized herself by grabbing the top rail of the stall divider, and grinned.

“Go for it. Fuck me like a cheap hooker,” she purred.

Well, I don’t know if I’d go as far as ‘cheap hooker’, but ‘horny, promiscuous slut’ might work. Regardless of the job title, I was happy to give her a pounding to remember.

I repositioned my arms, hooking them under her knees, and started giving it to her in long, deep, aggressive almanbahis yeni giriş thrusts. With her arms above her head tugging her beautiful breasts higher, those thrusts caused an intoxicating wobble and bounce in her chest. I’ve always had a thing for that motion, whether they were big bouncy tits, or smaller, perky ones. I looked forward to icing those boobs with a coating of hot cum.

I hadn’t done it in this position for quite a while. It is, to put it mildly, pretty athletic, and not for your average couch potato. Instead of the usual angles, fucking like this requires the fucker… in this case, me…to make upward strokes, so it uses a lot of leg power. I wasn’t sure how long I could keep it going. My calves and feet were near cramping. Thankfully, Sheila was nearer to cumming. I kept drilling her as hard as I could, watching her luscious breasts bounce, and watching her face reflect the pleasure she was feeling. She was staring at me, her eyes ablaze, when her cute nose and upper lip wrinkled into a snarl.

“Oh yeah, don’t stop! Right there!” she gasped. Her eyes narrowed into slits. “Fuck my cunt, harder…oh, yes… YES!” She arched her back, pushing away from the wall, and shuddered through another nice orgasm, breathing hard. My eyes went to those big, heaving tits again, and I leaned in to nibble on her pointed buds gently. “Oooooooooo, that’s nice.”

I let her down gently, first one leg, then the other, supporting her while she got the blood flowing again.

“Whew! That was different. I should have stretched first,” she smiled.

“You and me, both,” I laughed.

“I see you’re still ‘up’ for more,” she giggled, grasping my slippery dick. She turned away, and bent at the waist, guiding me back into her swampy pussy. “Okay, this is a little less strenuous, but no less arousing. Fuck me!”

She sure knew what she wanted, and wasn’t shy about asking for it. My presence here was proof enough of that.

I gripped her hips, and started fucking her furiously, while she braced herself against the wall. This was a lot easier, and got even better when I moved my feet outboard of hers, and she closed her legs. It made her cunt feel even tighter, and plumped her butt, which rippled and shook with every stroke.

The shiny stainless steel of the toilet paper dispenser gave me a view of her big tits swinging wildly as they hung from her chest. I reached forward to grab those dangling orbs, squeezing them firmly, and using them as handles to pull her back into my energetic thrusts. She was panting and grunting in time to my forceful intrusions. Her pussy was awash with her natural lubricants, and felt incredibly warm, and tight around my shaft.

I had heard of airports that had indoor driving ranges, so travellers could kill some time hitting balls. I think this activity had more upside. Sheila could have them lined up around the block, for five minutes poking her juicy gash.

“Mnahhhn! Mnaaahn! FuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUCK!” she groaned, and came again, rising up. I still had my hands filled with her round breasts, and she put her hands over mine, interlacing her fingers, while she bucked against me. “Oh fuck… Oh fuck… Oh…fuck… Yeah!”

Sheila pushed back away from the wall, and guided me back to a sitting position, without even dismounting. She faced away from me, doing a little reverse cowgirl action, while I fondled her breasts from behind, and teased her nipples. Leaning back she offered up the side of her neck, and I gave it a gentle nibbling, careful not to mar her pristine skin. She moaned quietly, enjoying the sensation. I heard the door open.

“Sheila? Are you in here?” a voice asked.

“Yes,” Sheila replied, her voice raspy from restrained screaming through her latest orgasm. She took a deep breath. “Is that you, Allie?”

“Uh huh. The Captain wants to see you, honey,” the voice explained.

“Shit!” Sheila moaned. “My husband,” she giggled. “Okay, I’ll be right out.”

You’re married to the pilot? I thought. And you’re fucking me right now? Well, maybe he does the same with some random woman. Maybe he’s just finished banging that cute brunette I saw earlier.

“You’re not alone, are you, Sheila?”

“No, I am sure not,” Sheila groaned, lifting off my cock. “Hey Allie, you busy?”

“Not as busy as you, honey,” the voice giggled.

“Would you like to be? You’ve got to see what this guy’s packing,” Sheila added, putting her bra back on.

“I might at that. How’s he feel about a lover of another colour?”

“You ever been with a black girl?” Sheila asked.

“No, but I’d really like to,” I smiled.

“Well,” she grinned, “if you like these,” she cupped her tits suggestively, “you’re gonna love what Althea’s carrying.” She changed her tone, and called out, “He’s cool, Allie.”

I watched as Sheila slipped back into her skirt and blouse.

“Well, it was nice meeting you…all of you,” she giggled. “Thanks for the orgasms. Be good to Allie. I know she’ll be real good to you.” A final, parting kiss, with plenty of tongue, and she stood up. She opened the stall door, and stepped out. I heard an exchange of whispered messages, then a few girlish giggles, then a door opened and closed. Three steps on the tile floor, and the stall door opened.

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