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Subject: Uncle Carl, Gay, Incest, 8 of 10 Preamble Author: Spike Meyers Date: 07/10/2020 E-Mail: ail Donate: Please consider donating to this website. Without your donations, Nifty may not be able to keep this site up and running for your reading pleasure. Whatever you can afford will be appreciated. Notice: This story is a work of fiction and contains explicit sexual material. It may also include, incest, sex between a minor(s) and an adult males(s), and sexual fetish. If you are offended by such material, do not read this work of fiction. The character(s) in this work are not based on any known person(s). Uncle Carl — Part 8 of 10 Colt placed them in the bag, threw the bag straps over his shoulders, and stepped out into the creek, standing next to the boys. Carl stepped out into the center of the creek. He lifted his arms in the air, spread his legs, and enjoyed the cool breeze on his naked body. Jake stepped up to his uncle and duplicated his uncle’s stance in the water. Josh looked up at his dad, grabbed him by the hand and said, “Come on dad” and pulled him to the center of the creek. “OK guys” Carl said. “Ready to continue on?” The boys dropped their arms to their side, turned, and started walking. The guys followed silently behind them, hand-in-hand. They came to an area where the creek became wider and shallower, with what looked similar to a sort of beachy area. The water was only about 6 inches deep, but about 12 to 15 feet wide. The water was a little warmer because it was so shallow. As they approached the wider spot in the creek, the boys started running around, splashing water about. “Let’s stop and spend some time here” Carl said. “Let the boys play in the water.” Colt and Carl made their way to the center of the wide area of the creek and sat down in the water, their dicks floating on top of the water. “Man, that feels so good” Colt said. “It’s perfect, the water is nice and cool” added Carl. They sat there in silence watching the boys play and splash each other. Andrew had planned on taking a long walk that day. His mind was preoccupied with Carl. He went back to his tent after their encounter, and jerked off fantasizing about having sex with Carl. Carl mentioned having a brother, he wondered if he too, was a hot and sexy as Carl. He put his pack together and headed out of camp. The boys started running circles around the guys still seated in the center of the creek. Carl tried to catch them as they ran past in opposite directions: Jake clockwise, and Josh, counter clockwise. The boys were out of arms reach, so the guys would splash them as they hurried by. Andrew could hear laughter up ahead, up until now, he had not encountered anyone other than Carl that morning, in the four days that he has been camping; it was surprised him. As he got closer to the laughter, he could see that there were people in the water up ahead. It sounded as if they were having a really good time. Carl lunged at the boys as they made their next pass. He chased after them as they screamed in laughter trying to get away. Carl picked Josh up and threw him over his broad shoulder, the boy hanging upside down, as his uncle turned his head, and started to bite his smooth, little butt. Josh howled with laughter and started to spank his uncle’s wet butt. As Andrew got closer, he thought he recognized Carl, but he wasn’t sure because they were still a bit too far up. He decided to step to the side of the creek and continue forward to perhaps get a better view ahead. As he started to approach the area of the creek where it starts to widen, he definitely recognized Carl. “Oh yes”, he cheered to himself; “he’s naked”. Colt stood up and ran after Jake. He chased the boy around in circles in the water until he caught him. He picked Jake up and begun to swing him around in circles, Jake’s legs spread wide, and flying thru the air like an amusement park ride. Colt started to feel a little dizzy and stop turning in circles. He plopped down in the water with Jake in his arms, and fell back panting heavily, the water level half up his slender body. Jake collapsed on top of him, their arms completely extended out to the side. As Andrew got closer and closer, he was sure it was Carl. He remembered Carl telling him that he was here with his family;’ specifically his brother and two nephews. “That’s Carl’s family,” he said to himself. Andrew decided to not impose on their family fun in the water, instead, he stepped up onto the bank of the creek and squatted down in the bush to watch the festivities. Carl walked up to Colt and Jake, Josh still hanging upside down over his shoulder. He sat Josh down in the water and yelled “Pile Up”! and jumped on Jake’s back as if were mounting him from behind. Josh yelled, “Pile Up” and jumped on his uncle’s back. Carl could feel the boys dick on his butt. He supported both his weight and Josh’s so not to squish his lover on the bottom of the pile. Andrew couldn’t believe what he was seeing. They were all naked and playing together in the water. His dick started to swell at the sight. He saw Carl start to buck like a horse, the boy on top of him, begin to laugh harder. He slowly continued to buck as the boy slid off his back into the water. He then saw Carl, extract himself from the top of the pile, and roll over onto his back in the water. Josh picked himself up and piled on top of his uncle. Carl wrapped his arms around Josh, squeezed him tight, and started to growl in the boys neck, occasionally, nibbling on his skin. Josh pressed his crotch hard against his uncle’s belly, grabbed his face, and started kissing Carl. When Carl felt Josh’s tongue in his mouth, he grabbed the boys ass in both hands, and pushed his dick hard against Josh, and kissed him back. Andrew was mesmerized, he could not take his eyes off of Carl and his family. He moved closer but kept himself concealed from view. Colt leaned forward with Jake in his arms. Colt placed his arms behind him to support himself, as Jake stood before him and started to pee. Colt stuck his face in Jake’s stream, letting the fluid splash off his face before opening his mouth and began to swallow Jake’s piss. Colt took Jake’s cock in his mouth and started to suck as the boy’s stream began to subside. Jake grabbed his dad’s head and thrusted his hips forward against his father’s face. Colt swallowed the last of Jake’s piss, released his son’s cock, and stood up. His raging cock pointing at Jake. Jake took his dad’s cock in his mouth and started to suck. “That’s a boy Jake. Suck Daddy’s cock” Colt moaned. Carl, hearing what Colt just said, released Josh’s mouth, and stood up next to his brother. “Suck my cock Josh.” Carl said. “Make me cum sexy boy.” Josh stepped forward and took his uncle’s throbbing cock in his mouth. Carl reached behind Josh’s head and guided it back and forth on his manhood. “Yeah Joshy” Carl moaned, “That’s a boy, just like that.” Colt felt the churn in his balls and started to moan as he shot his load in Jake’s mouth. Jake swallowed immediately but the juice flooded his mouth so quickly, he couldn’t keep up, and it spilled out of his mouth down into the water. “Are you ready Josh?” Carl asked, I’m going to cum.” Josh expelled a muffled moan signaling he was ready, and grabbed his uncle’s thighs and held on. Carl grabbed the boys head in both hands and held it still; as his cock exploded in the boys mouth. Josh started to cough a little and Carl’s cum flooded out of his mouth. Like his brother, he swallowed what he could. Carl looked down at Josh. “You made me cum fast sexy boy.” Carl reached down and wiped the cum from Josh’s chin, and licked it from his finger. He looked over at Jake, his dad’s cock still in his mouth. Colt pulled his dick out of Jake’s mouth and sat down in the water, his back to the bank. Jake sat down in his dad’s lap. Josh sat in the water at Jake’s feet. Jake pushed his hair back out of his face, and noticed a body standing in the bush up on the bank of the creek. It startled him and he jumped. The guy stepped out of the bush, his pants around his ankles, stroking his cock and Carl knew immediately it was Andrew. Carl placed his hands behind his head, elbows up and out, and spread his legs as Andrew stroked his cock to completion. He shook off his cock, bent down and pulled up his shorts, waved to Carl, turned, and walked away, disappearing into the bush. Carl sat down in the water in front of Colt and kissed him hard and wrapped his hand around Colt’s spent cock. “If you do that much longer, you’re going to get tuzla eve gelen escort me all fired up again.” Colt said. Andrew stopped and looked back; he saw Carl kissing Colt and said to himself, “They have a whole family affair thing going on; that’s so fucking hot.” They sat in the water for several minutes before anyone said anything. Jake broke the silence, “Josh, dad came in my mouth” Josh looked over at his brother and said, “Uncle Carl came in my mouth.” Colt added, “Jake peed in my mouth.” Carl raised his arms and said, “Hey, wait just a minute, no one came or peed in my mouth. How did I get left out of this?” Josh put his hand on his uncle’s shoulder, “Don’t worry Uncle Jake, when I have to pee, I’ll pee in your mouth.” Carl looked at Josh, “You promise?” Josh nodded his head. “Well, OK then. That makes me feel much better.” “What do you guys say we start heading back to camp? I don’t know about you guys, but I’m kind of tired.” Carl announced. They stood up and started walking back to camp. About half way back, Carl whispered to Colt, “By the way, our little performance back there with the boys, didn’t go unnoticed.” Carl’s words startled Colt, “What do you mean Carl? Did someone see us? How do you know?” Carl ran his hand down Colt’s back and rested it on his bubble butt. “We had an observer baby” Colt started to panic, “Who? Who was it? Tell me Carl!” Colt pleaded. “Don’t worry babe. It was Andrew. I don’t know how long he was there, or how much he saw, but I can tell you this, he stepped out from the bush to let me know he was there. I watched him jerk off; after he came, he waved at me, and disappeared back in the bush. He was obviously turned on by watching us. He’s not going to say anything to anyone. He’ll be jerking off thinking about us for at least a year.” As they got close to their campsite, they stepped to the side of the creek and got dressed. “I really thought that we were completely and totally alone. What are the odds that someone was going to see us; unbelievable. I think you should walk down there and invite him up for dinner tonight.” Carl grabbed the bag and threw it over his shoulder. “OK, I’ll invite him over. But I telling you, I think you are fussing over nothing.” When they got back to camp, Carl walked down to site 154. He saw Andrew, sitting back in a canvas chair, with a drink in his hand. “Howdy neighbor” Carl said as he stepped into the campsite. “Carl! Andrew said, happily surprised. It’s good to see you; what’s up sexy?” He uncrossed his legs, and spread them wide for Carl’s pleasure. Carl looked at him and smiled. “Are you trying to seduce me Andrew?” Carl said. “You can’t blame a guy for trying” Andrew responded, and shrugged his shoulders. “You are making this very difficult for me Andrew” Carl said. Andrew looked up at Carl and wagged his legs pushing the bulge up in his skinny briefs. Carl cleared his throat and said, “Um, the reason I stopped by was to invite you to dinner tonight. Were at 151, just up the road.” “Yes, I remember” Andrew smiled. “Look Carl, if you are worried about today, don’t be. It’s cool.” Carl scratched his head and sighed. “Well, I am not so worried myself personally, but my brother is a little freaked out. This whole thing is pretty new for us, and we are still trying to find our way with all of this. We have to be careful and cautious. We can’t do anything that will put the boys in jeopardy.” “So, the other guy, he really is your biological brother, and the boys, they really are your nephews? Carl looked at Andrew and nodded his head yes. “That is so fuckin hot Carl, you kinky fuck. Your brother is really hot; he’s got a great ass, and a nice cock.” Carl looked at Andrew and felt relieved, “Tell me about it; all I have to do is think about him and I get hard. I’m kind of obsessed with him.” “Tell your brother I’d love to join you for dinner. After watching you guys today, I just have to meet everyone up close and personal.” Andrew stepped right up to Carl; they were almost nose to nose. Andrew leaned in and whispered in Carl’s ear. “What time should I be there?” Carl cleared his throat and said “Um, 7. 7 is good.” Andrew rested his forehead against Carl’s forehead. Carl thought to himself, that’s interesting, Josh and Jake do that all the time. He wondered if Andrew saw the boys doing that and he’s just fucking with him. Carl reached up and grabbed Andrew by the waist and pulled him hard against his body. He kissed Andrew hard forcing his tongue in Andrew’s mouth. Carl slipped his hands down the back of Andrew’s briefs and cupped his, perfect, round ass in his hands, and pulled his briefs down to his thighs. He turned Andrew around and bent him down over the picnic table, his sweet, smooth, muscular ass sticking up in the air. Carl dropped to his knees and buried his face in Andrews flawless ass and started to eat his hole. He reached up and took Andrew’s balls in his hands and squeezed ever so gently. Andrew sounded like an animal in heat. Carl ate his ass hard and stuck his tongue up his ass as far as it would go. He spat in Andrew’s hole, stood up, dropped his shorts, and shoved his dick in Andrew’s ass. Andrew hollered out but Carl kept on going. He grabbed Andrew by the hips and started fucking him hard. “Your ass is so tight Andrew. I’m gonna shoot my load right up your sweet, little ass gorgeous. You like this big, hard dick in your ass, don’t you?” Carl could feel his orgasm approaching quickly, Andrew got him so fired up his lust overtook him. He was fucking for his own pleasure, and his own pleasure alone. Carl yelled and thrusted his dick so far up Andrew’s ass he felt his firm buns in his pubes. He felt his dick spewing shot after shot deep in Andrew’s ass. Carl collapsed forward on Andrews back and slid his hands under Andrew’s shoulders and pulled him into him. Andrew flexed his butthole around Carl’s cock sending quivers thru his body. Carl stood up, pulled his dick out of Andrews ass, and pulled Andrew up to his feet. He turned Andrew around to face him, dropped to his knees, and took Andrew’s throbbing member into his mouth. Andrew gasped when he felt Carl’s hot mouth on his cock. He started thrusting back and forth. Carl could taste his precum and he started to suck harder. Andrew placed his hands on Carl’s shoulders and started fucking Carl’s mouth. He fucked Carl’s mouth in short, quick jabs. Carl grabbed his firm, round ass and squeezed as Andrew fucked his face. Andrew started to growl as his jabs became shorter and quicker, Carl knew that he was getting ready to cum. Andrew suddenly stopped thrusting and yelled out as Carl felt his cock squirting in his mouth. He let Andrew’s cum fill his mouth to savor his taste before swallowing the precious fluid down. Andrew let himself fall back against the picnic table, his cock resting in Carl’s mouth. Carl started to suck very slowly as Andrew’s cock started to soften. Carl took Andrew’s cock all the way down his throat and let it rest there for several seconds before coming up for air. He let his cock gently fall from his mouth, stood up, and kissed Andrew gingerly on the lips. Andrew threw his arms around Carl and nestled into his neck. “Damn Carl, no one has ever fucked me like that before. You’re a fucking animal.” Carl squeezed him and said, “see you at 7 gorgeous.” When Carl got back to camp, Colt was already getting dinner underway. “How did it go baby?” Colt asked. “Good, he’ll be here at 7. We have nothing to worry about Colt; trust me. When you get a window, I’ll give you all of the details.” Andrew walked into campsite 151 right on time. Carl walked up to greet him and escorted him into camp. Colt was at the firepit tending to dinner as they approached. Andrew was dressed in a sleeveless, button-down, green, silk shirt, completely unbuttoned down to the waist, and white shorts that fit his flawless body to a “T”. Colt took one look at him and wanted to suck him off right there. He is as strikingly beautiful as Carl said. “Baby, this is Andrew. Andrew, this is Colt, my partner and brother.” Colt extended his hand and said, “Hi Andrew, so nice to meet you. Thank you for joining us tonight, I really appreciate it. If you just give me two minutes, I’ll be right with you guys.” Carl placed his arm on Andrew’s shoulder and said, “Come on, I’ll introduce you to the boys.” Carl escorted Andrew over to the picnic table where the boys were seated. “Hey guys, this is Andrew. Andrew is camping three sites down the road, and he’s going to join us for tuzla otele gelen escort dinner tonight.” The boys stood up, and extended their hands. “Hi Andrew, I’m Josh.” Andrew shook his hand, and turned his attention to Jake. “Hi, I’m Jake. Nice to meet you.” Andrew shook Jake’s hand and said, “I very pleased to meet both of you boys.” Colt walked over to the picnic table, “Now that all of the introductions have been made, may I offer you something to drink Andrew? Colt asked. “What are the options?” Andrew asked. “We have iced tea, which is Josh’s favorite, we have pineapple juice, apple juice, orange juice, bottled water, and beer.” “I think I’ll have a beer, thanks.” Carl motioned for Andrew to have a seat at the table. Colt returned with two beers; one for Andrew, and one for Carl. He returned with two additional glasses; iced tea for Josh, and half pineapple-half orange for Jake. Carl looked up at Colt and said, “Have a seat brother; join us.” “I’m sorry, I can’t just yet. I have to keep a close eye on dinner so it doesn’t get overcooked. Andrew, I hope you’re hungry.” Andrew looked up at Colt and said, “I sure am. I’m afraid that I forgot to tell Carl that I’m a pseudo-vegetarian. I don’t eat meat, but I eat fish, and sometimes, eggs. ” “Oh, thank God. We are safe then. I made kabobs tonight for dinner, something nice and light. So, we are having halibut, tomatoes, onion, green peppers, pineapple, mushroom, yellow zucchini, and green zucchini.” Andrew placed his hands on the top of his head, “Oh my God, will you guys adopt me please.” Colt started to laugh, “As long as I can turn you over my knee and spank your bare butt when you’re a bad boy.” “You promise. I’ll have to do something bad every day then.” Andrew joked. Carl was pleased that Colt was flirting with Andrew. Dinner conversation went well, Andrew shared all kinds of information with them about his private life. Shortly after dinner, the boys disappeared. Colt just assumed they were most-likely in the tent sucking each other’s dicks, so he excused himself and went to check on them. He unzipped the tent, stuck his head in, and sure enough, Jake had his brother’s dick in his mouth. Colt smiled, and zipped up the tent. When Colt returned to the table, Carl asked, “They boys OK?” Colt gave him the look and said, “Yeah, their fine. They are entertaining themselves in the tent.” Carl knew exactly what that meant. “Can I get you guys another beer? Colt offered. Andrew raised his eyebrow and said, “I’d love another, thanks.” Carl stood up and said, “I’ll get them brother.” As the night started winding down, Colt said to Andrew. “When Carl told me that you saw us in the creek earlier today, I must admit, it freaked me out. I thought that we were all alone out there and we could be ourselves.” “Look Colt, I get it. But you don’t have to worry about me. Carl told me this morning that he was here with his brother and nephews. When I recognized Carl, I knew it was you guys. To be honest with you, I was so turned on, I almost walked out and joined you. But I decided not to intrude and just enjoyed watching you guys. I wanted Carl to know that I saw you guys so that’s why I stepped out from the bush, and jerked off while Carl watched me. It made me so horny watching you, especially when you and Carl were standing side by side and the boys were sucking you off. I really fought myself not to walk out there with you. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me.” Carl grabbed three beers from the cooler and walked back to the table. As Carl approached the table, Andrew’s eyes widened and his jaw dropped. Colt saw the surprise in Andrew’s face so he turned to look and see what Andrew was staring at. Carl was standing just a few feet from the table, three beers in his hands, and buck naked with a semi. Colt took a deep breath, and his heart started beating rapidly. He looked up at Carl, stood up from the table, and removed his shirt. He looked over at Andrew, there eyes locking for a few seconds. Andrew stood up slowly, and slipped his shirt off, tossing it on the table. Colt walked over to Carl, unbuttoning his pants as he made the short journey, and gently bit Carl on his bottom lip. He turned towards Andrew, and dropped his shorts; his beautiful cock, rising to the occasion. Together, they walked to the end of the picnic table. Carl set the beers on the table, and walked over to Andrew. He unzipped Andrew’s shorts, letting them fall from his narrow waist. He leaned into Andrew and kissed him gently, and inserted his tongue in Andrew’s mouth. Andrew moaned, and kissed him back. Colt walked over, stood next to Carl and Andrew, and ran his hands down each of their backs. Carl released his kiss, and Colt took his place. He placed his hand behind Andrew’s head, and kissed him hard, exploring Andrew’s mouth with his tongue. Andrew moaned in Colt’s mouth as he kissed him. Colt released his kiss, and took Andrew’s nipple in his mouth and started to gently nibble on it; first one, then the other. He ran his tongue down Andrew’s torso and stuck his tongue in Andrew’s belly button, and gently nibbled on his 6-pack abs. Colt dropped to his knees and started to slowly lower Andrew’s underwear. He exposed Andrew’s beautiful package little by little. Andrew stepped out of his underwear, and Colt tossed them on the bench. He grabbed Andrew’s ass in both hands, and buried his face in Andrew’s light blonde pubes and inhaled deeply. Carl kissed Andrew passionately as he lightly pinched and played with Andrew’s nipples. Carl released his kiss, raised Andrew’s arm, and buried his face in Andrew’s pit, inhaling deeply. He began to lick Andrew’s pit as he played with his nipples. First left, and then right, and back to left again. Colt sucked Andrew’s smooth balls in his mouth and started running his tongue over them side to side, and up and down. Colt released his balls after getting them good and wet, and took Andrew’s hard cock in his mouth. He started to slowly deep throat Andrew, tasting his precum as he came back up to the head of his cock. He stuck his tongue in Andrew’s piss slit and Andrew moaned loudly. After a few minutes, Colt released his cock, and stood up. He kissed Andrew passionately as Carl licked his pits. Andrew’s pits were so wet, his pit hairs were stuck to his skin. Colt placed his hand on Carl’s stomach and gently pushed back. Carl took the cue and stepped back from Andrew. Colt told Andrew to get on his hands and knees on the bench. Andrew complied and Colt guided Andrew’s mouth to Carl’s throbbing cock. Andrew took Carl’s knob in his mouth and started working his tongue around Carl’s glands. Colt sat on the bench behind Andrew and buried his face in Andrew’s bubble butt. He licked Andrew’s hole as Andrew rocked back and forth on Carl’s cock. Colt ate his hole energetically sticking his tongue in as far as it would go. He’d pull his tongue out of Andrew’s ass, licked up the crack of his ass like an ice cream cone, and went back to tongue fucking his hole. Carl sat down on the bench as Andrew sucked his cock. Colt withdrew his tongue from Andrews ass. He told Andrew to straddle the bench and plant his feet firmly on the ground. Colt started to slide his hard cock up and down between Andrew’s butt cheeks. He came close to shooting his load as he watched his cock slide between Andrew’s cheeks. He placed his knob against Andrew’s pucker and pushed through. Andrew let out a muffled groan, his mouth full of Carl’s cock, as Colt entered him. He gave Andrew a few seconds to adjust, and pushed further in. Andrew reached back, grabbed Colt’s ass, and tried to pull him further into his ass. Colt got the hint, and thrusted forward, shoving his dick to the hilt in Andrew’s ass. Colt started to slowly fuck Andrew, but the slowness didn’t last long. Colt started pulling completely out of Andrews ass and shoving his dick back in to the hilt. Each time he buried his dick in Andrew’s ass, he made Andrew grunt. He continued plowing into Andrew’s ass over and over. Carl grabbed a handful of Andrew’s hair, holding his head in place, and started to jerk his cock off in his mouth. Carl looked at his lover fucking this gorgeous guy’s ass, the sweat trickling down his chest, and this gorgeous guys lips wrapped around his cock, and he reached the point of no return. He started spewing his load in Andrew’s mouth. Andrew, tasting Carl’s cum on his tongue, started to moan loudly, and swallowed Carl’s cream eagerly. Colt felt his orgasm quickly approaching, he plowed tuzla sınırsız escort into Andrew’s ass to the max, and shot his load deep in Andrew’s bowels. He growled thru clenched teeth as he felt the cum shooting out of his cock. He pulled out of Andrew’s ass, quickly laid on his back on the bench, and slid under Andrew’s body, taking his cock in his mouth. Andrew started to face fuck Colt and shortly felt his balls begin to tighten. He thrusted his cock down Colt’s throat and started to unload his balls. Colt felt Andrew’s cock shooting on the back of his throat. He lifted Andrews body, bench press like, so the remaining shots of his ball juice land on his tongue; he had to taste the gorgeous man’s juice. Andrew’s cock stopped spasming, and Colt savored his taste before swallowing. Andrew let Carl’s cock drop out of his mouth and he rested his head on the bench. Colt kept Andrew’s beautiful cock in his mouth feeling the member soften. He ran his tongue over his piss slit for any remaining drops of his precious seed. Carl stood up, and stepped behind Andrew, his ass still in the air, straddling Colt’s body on the bench, and ran his tongue between Andrew’s butt cheeks. He was hoping to taste Colt’s load leaking out of his ass. Colt came so far up his ass, it had not begun to leak out yet, but he still enjoyed licking Andrew’s gorgeous ass. He let go of Andrew’s ass, bent down, and took Colt’s soft, leaky dick in his mouth. He finally got what he wanted. Colt’s cock was leaking juice and he finally got a taste of his lovers nectar. How he loved his brother’s cum. Andrew started to come around, and lifted himself to a standing position over Colt’s body on the bench. Colt’s cock started to twitch looking up at the Adonis standing over him. Andrew looked down at Colt’s smiling face, appreciating the obvious fact that Colt is admiring him. He thought back to what he saw in the creek earlier that day. He smiled at Colt, and started to piss. Colt felt the warm fluid on his chest and opened his mouth. Andrew adjusted his stance and his stream hit the bullseye. Colt’s mouth started to fill quickly and he started to swallow. Carl recognized the sound immediately, stood up quickly, and stepped in front of Andrew. He saw Andrew pissing in Colt’s mouth. He bent down, took Andrew’s pissing cock in his mouth, and felt the warm fluid splash over his tongue. He swallowed eagerly wanting more. He did not want to be stingy so he released Andrew’s cock and let Colt have the rest. He stood up and kissed Andrew hard on the mouth letting him taste his own piss on his tongue. Andrew kissed him hard, sucking Carl’s tongue in his mouth, tasting his own piss for the first time. To his surprise, he rather liked it. His stream came to a finish, much to the chagrin of Colt, and released Carl’s tongue. He bent down and kissed Colt, and got another taste. He released his lock on Colt’s tongue, stood up, and stepped to the outside of the picnic bench. Colt sat up on the bench and took a deep breath. Andrew sat down next to Colt on the bench, and Carl next to Andrew. “You know guys, I was hoping that we would have sex tonight, however, I did not expect for it to be this good. I had an absolute blast; you guys are a lot of fun. And, this is the very first time that I pissed in a guy’s mouth. I never realized how hot, exciting, and erotic it really is. Had I not seen you guys in the creek today, the thought probably would have never crossed my mind. Are you absolutely sure you can’t adopt me?” Andrew giggled. Colt reached over and rested his hand on Daniel’s thigh. “Speaking for myself, I had an awesome time too. I also want to thank you Andrew, for not judging the type of relationship that Carl and I have, and with the boys too. It’s such a taboo topic in the country; most people wouldn’t understand, or even try to understand.” Andrew looked over at Colt, “It’s like I said earlier; no judgements from me. There are all kinds of love in this world. I can see that you guys are really good dads; your boys are lucky to have you.” Carl looked at Andrew, “I’m not their dad, but I love them as much as Colt does.” Andrew nodded his head, “To me, that’s pretty obvious Carl. I watched you guys for almost two hours today, and I spent a few hours with you guys tonight. It’s really obvious how much you love them.” Andrew stood up, “I’d better be going; you guys wore me out. I’m ready for bed. You guys have a safe trip home in the morning. This has turned into the best camping trip I have ever had, thanks to you. It was really great meeting you.” Carl stood up and gave Andrew a bear hug, then he got one from Colt. “Bye Andrew” Colt said. Carl wrapped his arm around Andrew’s shoulder, “Come on, I’ll walk you out.” Carl crawled up next to Colt in the tent, and snuggled up. “See, I told you sexy. You were worrying about nothing.” Colt laid his hand on Carl’s face. “This time it all worked out. We need to be more careful from now on though.” Carl sighed, “We can’t live our lives in paranoia Colt. Yes, we need to be cautious, and careful, but we can’t live in fear of being caught every time we turn around. There has to be a balance baby.” Carl started to get up. “Where are you going?” Colt whispered. “I have to pee; it’s the beer” Carl whispered back. Colt grabbed Carl’s hand. “You’re not going anywhere stud.” “We’re home guys,” Carl announced as he pulled into the driveway. He put the truck in park and shut the engine off. “I’ll start putting the gear away” Carl said. Colt and the boys went in the house. The boys ran upstairs to their room. Colt knew they’d be naked in about 2 minutes time. He walked into the kitchen, picked up the phone, and rang Douglas next door. “Hi Douglas, it’s Colton. I just wanted to let you know we are back.” Carl raised the garage door and started to stow the camping gear. He thought of Andrew, back at the campsite, and his dick tingled, as a smile came across his face. Colt came down and started to bring the coolers in. He would empty the contents, rinse them out, and return them to their storage location in the garage. Carl had finished stowing the camping gear when Colt returned with two of the empty containers stacked in his hands. Carl walked over, took the top one, and slid it up onto the shelf, and then the other. Colt returned with the third, and Carl placed it on the shelf with the others. “Done; that didn’t take long” Carl said. He reached thru the truck window, pressed a button on the remote clipped to the sun visor, and the garage door closed. “I could really use a shower; care to join me? You wash my back and I’ll wash yours” Carl said, smiling at Colt, and giving him the eye. They lathered each other in the shower and took liberties with each other’s bodies, but that was as far as it went, Colt was preoccupied. Colt nestled into Carl’s neck and said, “I’m going to go down and call Martin. Douglas told me that he knows of a divorce attorney.” Carl squeezed his firm butt and said, “How about I suck you off first, and then you can call Martin?” Colt kissed him and said, “You can suck me off later” bit him gently on the chin, and stepped out of the shower. “Hey Martin, it’s Colt. Sorry to bother you at the office. Douglas told me that you may know of a divorce attorney; is that true? Do you know someone you could recommend?” Colt heard Martin talking to someone else in his office, “Um, excuse me one second Colt. I’ll be with you in a sec.” Martin said. Colt waited for Martin to finish whatever he was doing. “Sorry Colt, what can I do for you?” “Douglas told me that he thinks you can recommend a divorce attorney; do you know someone?” Colt asked again.” Colt heard Martin tapping on the keyboard. “I do know someone yes, however, I only know her because of a co-worker. Her name is Genevieve Fry; she goes my Jenny. She has an office on the north end of town. “Can you text me her number please Martin? I’d appreciate it.” Carl walked into the kitchen, went to the fridge, and helped himself to a beer. “Thanks Martin, I appreciate your help” Colt said, and hung up the phone. “It sounds as if Douglas was right; Martin knows someone?” Carl asked questionably. “He’s going to text me her number. Her name is Jenny Fry. Martin said she has an office on the north end of town; Jamison Street, to be exact.” Colt said. “I’ll leave you to it then” Carl said. “I’ll see if the boys want to go next door and play with Winston.” Colt gave him the thumbs up and said “Perfect.” Carl headed for the stairs to get the boys. Douglas answered the door buck naked. “Carlson!” Douglas said cheerfully. “Come in guys, make yourselves at home.” Winston came running in and jumped all over the boys, as Douglas closed the door. “Do you always answer the door naked Doug?” Carl asked chuckling. “Only when I know there’s a gorgeous, sexy man on the other side” he quipped.

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