Uncle Sugar Daddy: Luna

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I have decided to start a new series of stories centered around a wealthy uncle and his kinky adventures as a Sugar Daddy. Reader feedback will determine if the series continues beyond this first one.

Based upon the relationship of the characters in this story, it will be my first submission to the Incest and Taboo category.

All sexually active characters are over the age of 18.

Uncle Sugar Daddy: Luna

As I finished the last stretch of my morning run, I saw a familiar figure walking away from my townhouse’s front door. She saw me approaching, stopped, and turned her smiling face towards me. I couldn’t help but return her smile.

“Eloise,” I said, “What a pleasant surprise. What brings you to this neck of the woods?”

My sister-in-law, Eloise Lacayo-Burgess had married my older brother seven years ago and lived with him and her two daughters in a blighted city south of Atlanta, called Hapeville. While I had always made it clear that all of them were welcome to visit me at my townhouse in Athens, it was a rarity for them to do so.

I was convinced that concern over whether their unreliable vehicles would get them here and back had contributed to their decisions not to visit more often. That had been the major consideration in my decision to give Eloise my seven-year-old Volvo when I upgraded three months ago. Recognizing my former car parked along the curb in front of my townhouse told me that I had made the right decision.

Despite only being two years apart, my older brother, Jasper, and I were never what anyone would consider “close”. He was always the privileged oldest son who grew up to be a flighty intellectual who felt that he was too good for corporate life. He did hold a doctorate from Walden University in social work and focused his attention on trying to improve the lives of Native Americans living on the reservations around the southeast United States.

Eloise stretched up, placed her arms around my neck, and planted a smoldering kiss on my lips, with ample tongue. The heated passion expressed in her kiss made me recall the time seven and a half years ago when…


“Hello?” I said as I answered my ringing cell phone.

“Hi Drey, this is Eloise Lacayo. Do you remember me?”

What male of the human species could forget someone as sexy and sensuous as Eloise Lacayo? Her enticing Latino beauty was packaged into a smoldering hot little body that combined youthful innocence with mature sexual promise. Barely five feet tall, she could easily be mistaken for a teenager, and she frequently wore her hair and dressed in fashions that emphasized that fact. No one who had the opportunity to glance at her tight body and firm stomach would suspect that at 28 years old, Eloise was the mother of two girls, aged eleven and ten. They were “Irish twins”, born eleven and a half months apart.

“Sure, Eloise. Jasper introduced us on my last birthday. I enjoyed spending time with you, even if we ignored everyone else at the party in the process. How have you been?”

“I’m okay, I guess.”

I could sense the hesitancy in her voice, and waited for her to continue. I was confused by her contacting me since she and Jasper had seemed to be moving towards exploring a serious relationship of some sort. She had been a homeless single mother with two adolescent daughters when Jasper had found them on the streets of Atlanta and taken them in. Not that life in his house would have been much better than one of the city shelters.

Finally, she continued, “I am trying to get home from Charlotte but I only had enough of the fare amount to get me to Athens on the bus. I was wondering if I could impose on you to pick me up and help me get the rest of the way home?”

It was already after eight on a Friday night and I wasn’t keen on driving to and from Atlanta. I asked, “Are you at the Greyhound station?”

“Yes,” Eloise replied.

“How much is the fare from there to Atlanta?” I asked. It couldn’t be too much and I could probably use a credit card to buy her a ticket online.

Eloise sighed and said, “It’s $23.75, but the last bus for the day has already left the station and there isn’t another one until tomorrow morning. I really would prefer not to have to spend the night here if possible. Do you think you could help me?”

That made the decision easy for me. “I’ll be there in twenty minutes,” I assured her. “Watch for a silver Volvo convertible in the pick-up area in front of the station.”

She was waiting with her one bag at the curb. I pulled up and put the car into the park so that I could release the trunk before getting out and opening the passenger door for her. She hit me with her ten-thousand mega-watt smile and handed me her bag before sliding onto the seat. I deposited her bag in the trunk on my way back to the driver’s side. We were pulling onto the street within fifteen seconds of my arrival.

She turned towards me and said, “I appreciate Diyarbakır Escort this, Drey. I tried to get Jasper to drive over to pick me up but his car is low on gas and he wouldn’t trust it to make the trip anyway.”

I shook my head in dismay over my older brother’s continued lack of responsibility towards Eloise and her daughters. While he had stated a desire to make a family with them, was he ever going to man up and get the type of career that would allow him to properly support himself, let alone three women? He was essentially doing volunteer work while gathering data for yet another scholarly publication on the poverty being faced by Native Americans, yet he was living in worse poverty himself and dragging Eloise and her daughters into the same situation.

“It’s not a problem,” I assured her. “I’ll get you home and then see what I can do to help Jasper with his car. How are your girls? Luna and Terra, if I remember right.”

Eloise beamed at my remembering the details about her daughters. She replied, “They’re fine. Luna is eleven going on thirty and Terra is ten and right behind her sister. Jasper isn’t expecting me back until tomorrow, so if you would rather wait until the morning to make arrangements, I could just crash at your place and save you the trip tonight. As long as I wouldn’t be interrupting anything…”

“That sounds like a much better plan to me,” I said. “I have plenty of space and it will give us a chance to get to know each other better. I mean, I don’t know your feelings on the matter, but Jasper has hinted that you might become my sister-in-law someday soon.”

“Drey, you must know that I have always found you extremely attractive.”

Her response almost made me swerve from my lane as my head snapped around to face her. She continued, “Jasper and I aren’t married yet, and I’m not convinced at this time whether we ever will be. He’s a wonderful, caring, and compassionate man, and my girls adore him, but the spark we felt for each other after he rescued us hasn’t ignited in me the way that it has with him. Please don’t say anything to him, because I am trying very hard to fall in love with him the way that he deserves. One of the things inhibiting that is my attraction to his brother. I need to get you out of my system if that is possible.”

“What exactly do you mean by that?” I asked.

Her actions spoke much louder than her words over the next two nights. In between dozens of mind-blowing orgasms for both of us, she had described her life to me.

Eloise had rebelled against her strict parents and her Catholic upbringing by becoming a world-class drug and alcohol-abusing slut. Both of her daughters had different sperm donor fathers, and were it not for the six abortions that she had received before she had turned twenty-five, she would have far more children to try to care for. She had eventually pulled herself out of the gutter, and with the help of Jasper, began to make a safe and secure home for herself and her daughters.

When Eloise wasn’t baring her soul and revealing her life history to me, she was an insatiable whore who recognized no boundaries where sexual activities were concerned. While some holes, such as her tight, wet pussy were preferred, none were barred, and all milked the cum from my balls several times over the two days. If this woman did decide to spend the rest of her life with my brother, he would be fortunate to survive.

Did I feel any recriminations over repeatedly fucking the woman that my brother claimed to love? Maybe a little, but I justified it in my mind with the fact that they hadn’t yet even pledged exclusivity to each other, and the knowledge that for me at least, it would only be animalistic sex with Eloise. My ex-wife, Leah, had damaged me too much with her betrayal to allow the trust that any meaningful relationship with Eloise or any other woman would require.


Breaking the kiss, Eloise smiled up at me and asked, “Can we go inside and talk? I need to ask a favor of you.”

Although her kiss wouldn’t pass the “husband test” by anyone’s definition, it was typical of Eloise and I inferred nothing more from it. She had never offered or even hinted at a repeat of our carnal adventures and we had both completely respected her marriage over the years. The memories were vivid, but they remained just memories.

I unlocked the front door and allowed her to lead the way into the familiar space. While I might not act on my desires, I did have them. Her blue jean-clad ass was just as tight, round, and enticing as it had ever been. Anyone watching Eloise walk from behind would see the nubile body of a teenage girl and never suspect that they were seeing that of a thirty-five-year-old woman. Even an examination of her face would leave most people convinced that she was too young to drink adult beverages.

“Would you like some lemonade?” I asked her when she had stopped at my dining room Diyarbakır Escort Bayan table and prepared to take a seat.

“As long as it’s just regular lemonade, that would be nice,” she said.

I almost felt insulted that Eloise saw a need to remind me that she no longer touched anything with the slightest hint of alcohol in it. I had hoped that she would know by now that I would always protect her and her sobriety, but I ignored her comment and poured her a glass of cold lemonade from my refrigerator and delivered it to her at the table. I took a seat across from her and waited.

The life that my brother had provided to Eloise and her daughters was anything but glamorous, but it had presented them with a level of safety and security that they had never known before. As impoverished as their life remained, Jasper showed his love and commitment to all of them as best he could. This had allowed Eloise and her daughters to gain self-confidence and strength, which I saw in the expression of the woman across from me.

The hesitancy in Eloise asking for the favor that she had mentioned outside was not due to nervousness. I sensed that she was revisiting her planned speech to me to ensure that she had selected the right words. Locking her eyes on mine, she finally spoke, “Luna will be coming by to see you this afternoon.”

“Luna?” I asked. “Why is she coming to see me and how is she getting here?”

I should probably pause here and provide a little backstory on myself. My name is Dresden Burgess, but my friends and family call me Drey. I am a forty-year-old, semi-retired Dermatologist, divorced for ten years from my cheating ex-wife Leah. I was fortunate that her betrayal occurred when it did, however, because I had come into our marriage with nothing, and at the time of our divorce, I was in my first year of residency so I still had most of the “nothing” that I had started with.

She left me with less than half of nothing in the divorce, but included in that “nothing” left behind was my ideas for a tissue fragmenting process using technologies similar to those in traditional inkjet printers. My idea involved the combination of bioprinting techniques with biological self-assembly. This approach exploited the intrinsic capacity of closely spaced skin tissue cell fragments to fuse, otherwise known as tissue fluidity.

I used commercially available components to build, and human cadavers donated to the University of Georgia School of Medicine to test, a printer that could print skin cells directly onto a burn wound. A scanner would first determine the size and depth of the wound, and this information was passed to the printer. After the relevant cells had been cultivated, the bioprinter applied the correct cell types at the correct depth to cover the wound. I demonstrated that, unlike traditional skin grafts, a doctor would only require a patch of skin one-tenth the size of the burn to be able to grow enough skin cells for skin printing.

I retain all patent rights for the technology, but there are currently fifteen companies around the globe paying me obscene amounts of money to license my process and paying me exorbitant consulting fees to help them cultivate the required cells. Suffice it to say, I am wealthier than any man has a right to be, but I try not to flaunt it. Eloise and her girls know of my financial situation, but they have never asked me for anything material.

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t lavished gifts on them over the years. Small pieces of jewelry, such as diamond stud earrings when each girl got her ears pierced, or buying each of them a smartphone and paying for their plans that would enable them to keep Eloise and Jasper informed of their whereabouts, those sorts of things. They had never asked for anything but showed their gratitude when I offered things to them. I was their “Uncle Drey”, and they knew that I loved each of them.

“Luna is coming to see you because she is following my advice,” Eloise said. “I need you to listen to what she has to say with an open mind.”

I had never seen a more serious expression on Eloise’s face. I asked, “Is she in some kind of trouble?”

Shaking her head, Eloise replied, “Not yet, and hopefully you’ll be able to help keep her out of trouble.”

“Can you elaborate?” I asked.

Eloise sighed and said, “Drey, you have seen my daughters and you can’t deny that physically, they take after me…”

I nodded and said, “You three could pass as triplet sisters.”

“Exactly, but the similarities run deeper,” she explained. “It appears that Luna, at least, has also inherited my early and hyperactive libido. She’s young, gorgeous, and bright, and she knows it. She’s also admitted that she’s hornier than hell almost constantly. Fortunately, she has been able to remain more discrete in her sexual activities than I ever was.”

From what Eloise had shared with me about her past, I guess that I shouldn’t be surprised that her Escort Diyarbakır daughter held the same nymphomaniac tendencies, but I didn’t understand my role in the situation. I told Eloise as much.

She replied, “As you know, Luna will be starting at UGA soon. Her tuition and books will be covered almost entirely by the scholarships that she was been granted, but she is concerned about covering other expenses. Here, look at this…”

She turned her cell phone around so that I could see the screen. The reason for Eloise’s concern became immediately clear.

“She’s considering becoming an escort?” I asked in astonishment.

I mean, Luna was drop-dead gorgeous, just like her mother, and I’m sure that she could earn plenty as a paid escort, depending upon the services she was willing to provide her clients. After Eloise’s explanation about Luna’s sexual awakening, I concluded that she would be willing to become a “full-service” escort.

Nodding in the affirmative, Eloise said, “This particular service is based here in Athens and employs mostly college girls. Luna made an appointment for an interview with them this afternoon, but I convinced her to come and talk to you first. She loves and respects you and I’m hoping that you can point her towards other options.”

“Of course, I will,” I assured Eloise. “Hell, I offered to pay for her entire college education but she refused. Maybe she’ll be more receptive to allowing me to help her out with the other expenses so she is free to focus on her education.”

Eloise shook her head and said, “She won’t do that either. I already suggested it.”

I sat silently pondering her comment, trying to think of a way to convince Luna to accept my financial assistance over selling her body.

Eloise interrupted my musings, “Drey, you know that I love you. If you had been marriage material seven years ago my girls would have you as a stepfather. I’m not convinced that I wouldn’t leave Jasper for you today if you would have me, but I know that you’re still too damaged to even consider that and too moral to ever fool around with a married woman, especially after what Leah did to you.”

She lifted her glass to her lips and drained the remainder of her lemonade before rising from her chair. Eloise said, “I planted the seed of an idea in Luna’s head. I’m hoping that by the time she gets here to see you, it will have sprouted roots and taken a firm hold in her consciousness as the best option for her. I simply ask that you listen to her and consider what is best for her future. Will you do that for me?”

I rose to join her and asked, “What time should I expect her?”

The sound of my doorbell brought a playful grin to Eloise’s face. She said, “Right about now.”

Well, that answered my earlier question about how Luna was going to get here. Mother and daughter had driven here together. Luna must have been making herself scarce for a predetermined period while her mom set the stage for her, whatever that might be.

Following Eloise to the front door, I asked, “Are you going to be waiting for her?”

Opening the door, Eloise smiled at her oldest daughter and said to me, “I don’t think that will be necessary. Call me after you two have talked, and if I have to, I’ll come back to get her.”

Eloise stepped out onto the porch and hugged Luna before quickly striding to her car. I glanced down at my niece and saw her sweet smiling face looking back at me. She had a small purse on one shoulder and a small rolling suitcase beside her. Interesting.

I took the handle of the suitcase and said, “Hi, Sweety. Come on in.”

Luna was dressed as if she had just finished tennis practice but as far as I knew, she didn’t play tennis. The short white pleated skirt hugged her waist and came to her mid-thigh. It worked wonderfully to showcase her beautifully toned legs. Legs virtually identical to the ones that her mother had once willingly spread for me before wrapping them around my torso as I pumped into her. Stop it! Those aren’t appropriate thoughts for me to have about my niece.

Leaving her luggage in the foyer, I led Luna into the dining room where her mother and I had recently been conversing about her. Pulling out a chair for her, I asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

“Do you have any beer?” she asked coquettishly.

Luna was eighteen, and as far as I was concerned, an adult. My reluctance to serve her a beer had nothing to do with her age and everything to do with the potential that she might have inherited more than her supposed high libido from her mother. I didn’t want to start her down the road toward the same addiction issues that Eloise had struggled to overcome. I would have to introduce libations to her slowly and carefully.

“Lemonade it is,” I replied and headed into the kitchen to get her a glass, ignoring the adorable pout that appeared on her face and the quite visible evidence that Luna wasn’t wearing anything under the pink polo shirt that she had on.

When I returned, Luna had her cell phone in her hands, and it appeared that she was texting someone.

“Your mom?” I asked, indicating her phone.

Luna looked up at me and said, “No, someone that I have an appointment with later today. They were texting me to confirm that I was still coming.”

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