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Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 64 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 64 Andy cycled directly to Michel’s house from school on Tuesday afternoon. He entered the garden and immediately sought out Tommy. He found him directing some workmen who were working on a new water feature but kept his distance. He was happy just watching the tall, strong blond. When Tommy noticed Andy, he walked over and said hello. “How long have you been standing there?” “Not long.” Andy smiled. “I like today’s unshaven look.” Tommy rubbed his chin. “I haven’t shaved for a couple of days but I will clean up tonight. I don’t fancy a beard.” “I was just thinking you could almost be a Viking with that look. A big, sexy Viking,” Andy said. “I could be descended from a Viking. I don’t suppose you learned about the Danelaw at school in Scotland but a large part of England was ruled by Scandinavian invaders from the late 9th century,” stated Tommy. “They didn’t just come over to rape and pillage. Many settled in England.” “If you wanted to `rape and pillage’ me, I wouldn’t resist,” responded Andy. Tommy laughed. “You’re daft! It’s warm this afternoon. Have you come here to swim?” “Yes. Do you want to watch me?” Andy smiled. “I am going to say hello to Michel and Simon now but I will be stripping off soon.” Tommy shook his head. “I have work to do but maybe I’ll see you again before I go.” “I will be very disappointed if you leave with coming to see me,” said Andy. “Well, I’d better not disappoint you then,” smiled Tommy. “See you later.” When Andy rang the house doorbell, it was answered by Madame Collet, the housekeeper. “Bonjour, Andy. Tu es en avance.” (Hello, Andy. You are early.) She ushered Andy inside and said, “Monsieur Delon et Simon sont au bureau.” (Mr Delon and Simon are in the office.) Andy thanked Madame Collet and said that he would visit them there. On reaching the office, he knocked the door and walked in without waiting for a response. He found Michel behind his desk and Simon standing naked in front of a filing cabinet with some papers in his hands. Michel looked up in surprise and then smiled at Andy. Simon looked a bit embarrassed. “My teacher became ill so the class was dismissed early. That is why I’m here early. I hope I haven’t disturbed something important,” Andy said. “Well, we haven’t finished working but we can take a short break to chat to you,” said Michel. “I don’t want to interrupt but I have to say it’s nice seeing Simon in his working outfit.” Andy smiled at Michel and winked at Simon. Michel turned to look at Simon whose cock began to stiffen at being stared at. “I think Andy must visit us more often, Simon,” said Michel. “I seldom see you aroused like that these days.” “Sorry, Michel. It’s unprofessional,” responded Simon. Michel shook. “Please don’t apologise. It’s a beautiful sight.” Andy tried unsuccessfully not to smile. “I will leave you to finish working. I will go for a swim and we can chat later. Is that okay?” “That might be better,” smiled Michel. “You know where the towels are. We’ll come and find you when we’re finished.” Andy smiled at Simon and left the room. Andy had been in the pool for about twenty minutes when Tommy returned. “Looking good there, Andy. I didn’t know that you were such a strong swimmer,” he said. Andy smiled and swam over to the edge of the pool. “It would be great if you could join me.” Tommy laughed as he bent down to be nearer Andy. “I’m afraid that’s not possible. I’m here to work for Monsieur Delon and I have an appointment with another customer shortly.” “Maybe we can go the beach one day and swim in the sea,” suggested Andy. “How about this weekend?” “I don’t know about swimming but perhaps we can get together this weekend,” said Tommy. “I’m free whenever you are,” responded Andy. “There is one thing, I think I should meet your uncle,” Tommy told Andy. “If we’re going to istanbul travesti be seeing each other regularly, we shouldn’t keep it a secret from him.” “Hmm, okay,” said Andy. “Uncle Will and I go out for dinner most Fridays. Would you like to join us this Friday?” Tommy took a deep breath and then agreed. “Fantastic! I will let you know where and when after I have spoken to him.” Andy smiled and added, “And then perhaps you and I could spend some time alone on Saturday or Sunday?” Tommy laughed. “We’ll see.” The sound of footsteps alerted him to the arrival of Michel and Simon. He stood up, saying, “See you on Friday.” Turning towards Michel, he went on. “The waterfall and fountain are now operational, Monsieur Delon. Would you like to come and see them?” As Michel and Tommy went off to the other end of the garden, Simon knelt down close to Andy. “Showing your naked body to strangers again?” he asked with a smile. “Tommy isn’t a stranger,” retorted Andy. “We’ve chatted a few times. We even had dinner together last Saturday.” “I didn’t know that,” said Simon. “Are you and him�” Andy smiled. “We are getting to know each other. I’m going to introduce him to Uncle Will on Friday.” “Oh? It could be serious between you two,” suggested Simon. Andy shrugged. “I’m not sure but I would like it to be. I really like him.” He decided to change the subject. “Why did you get dressed? I liked seeing you naked and I hoped you would come swimming with me.” “I’m only naked when I’m working alone with Michel,” Simon replied in a quieter voice than normal. “I’m still on duty until five o’clock so I can’t swim with you now.” “Can I come to your room after five?” Andy asked. “I’d like some fun with you.” Simon smiled. “I think that would be okay.” He stood. “I’m going back to the office to tidy up. I’ll see you later.” Andy smiled and started to do a backstroke. “See you. Simon.” He was still swimming backstroke when Michel returned. “That is what I call garden decoration,” Michel said as he approached the pool and followed Andy’s movements. Andy laughed. “I can’t be here all the time but I’m willing to pose for a sculptor.” “Sadly I don’t think I can quite afford to pay for a nude statue of you,” smiled Michel. “In that case, I will try to visit you more often.” Andy pulled himself out of the water and then started drying himself. “I really appreciate you allowing me to use your pool, Michel. I can’t swim naked at home.” “It’s my pleasure,” said Michel. “How are things going between you and Tommy?” “Pretty good,” replied Andy. “We had a long talk and then a nice dinner together on Saturday. He wants to meet my uncle.” Michel smiled. “In the olden days when a suitor asked to speak to a parent or guardian, it was usually to seek permission to marry.” Andy laughed. “We still hardly know each other! I’m not sure that I ever want to get married. I do like him though.” “He’s a nice man,” said Michel. “And a very sexy one,” smiled Andy. “I get horny thinking about him and his big cock.” “I won’t ask how you know Tommy has a big one but Simon’s is pretty big,” responded Michel. “Some days I find it difficult to keep my hands off Simon. He really has a beautiful body.” “You can touch mine any time,” smiled Andy. “You often tell me that.” Michel gently caressed the teenager’s shapely butt and then pulled away. “It doesn’t feel quite right though when you’re so young. I’m very happy just looking at you.” Andy pulled on his briefs and jeans before picking up the rest of his clothes and walking with Michel into the house. They met Simon coming out of the office. “Take Andy up to your room and entertain him, Simon,” said Michel. “I think he needs the company of someone closer to his own age.” “We can entertain each other, Simon,” said Andy. “You need to unwind after a day in the office.” “Working with Michel is never stressful,” said Simon. “You still deserve some�relief.” Michel winked at Simon. “Go!” Andy took Simon’s hand, said goodbye to Michel, and the pair headed upstairs. “Don’t feel guilty,” Andy told Simon. “Uncle Will approves of us having sex.” “I know but it still feels a bit�weird,” replied Simon. “He is my kadıköy travesti boyfriend.” “And I’m the one who brought you together,” said Andy. “You need to thank me.” “I have. Many times,” smiled Simon. “It’s only sex. Something to enjoy.” Andy gave Simon a quick kiss on the cheek and pushed him into his bedroom. Once inside with the door closed, Andy unzipped his jeans and said, “Come on, Simon. I need to go home soon so we don’t have much time.” A few minutes later the couple were on the bed kissing and caressing each other’s naked bodies. Andy soon had Simon’s cock in his mouth, encouraging him to a full erection, while Simon was rimming Andy’s arse. Andy moaned around the cock in his mouth when a long greased finger pushed into his hole and touched his prostate. The finger jabbed Andy’s `love button’ a few times before the teen pulled off Simon’s cock and said, “I can’t wait any longer. Stick your cock in me now!” Simon was very turned on by this stage so he was more than happy to do as Andy wished. He applied lube to his cock while Andy got on his hands and knees, and then smiled over his shoulder at him. Simon rubbed some gel over Andy’s hole and then knelt behind him with one hand guiding his cock towards its target. Andy sighed with pleasure as the 20 cm (8 inch) cock slid into him. When his cock was fully inside the teenage arse, Simon bent forward and kissed the back of Andy’s neck and nibbled an earlobe. Moving slowly at first, Simon then began to fuck Andy. “Hmmm, yes,” said Andy. He pushed back against the thrusts as Simon speeded up. Simon reached under Andy and while one hand toyed with a nipple, the other gently wanked Andy’s cock. Andy closed his eyes and savoured the feeling of being fucked. “Harder,” he said after some minutes and Simon obliged by thrusting faster and harder. Andy began to whimper as he approached his climax. Simon understood and let go of both Andy’s cock and nipples. With his hands on Andy’s hips, he really pounded into the teenager. “I’m going to cum!” Andy cried. Then he let out a loud whimper and began spunking off. This took Simon over the edge. “I’m coming too!” he gasped before sending blast after blast of cum deep into Andy’s arse. He finished by collapsing on top of Andy and hugging him tight. A few minutes later, he rolled to the side and said, “I hope that satisfied you.” “It was great!” Andy grinned and moved to kiss Simon. Then he checked the time and jumped out of bed. “I need to get home,” he said as he started getting dressed. “I said I’d prepare dinner this evening.” Simon smiled as he lay back watching Andy. “Tell Will that I should be with him before six tomorrow evening. And before you ask, I’m not interested in a threesome this time. You will have to find someone else to fuck you.” “Sadly Tommy isn’t free to meet me until Friday. I might have to make do with a dildo.” Andy winked, blew Simon a kiss and left the room. *** Andy received an email from his parents the following day. They now knew that they would be flown home to Glasgow on the first of July and that they would have four weeks leave before returning to their old posts. Andy was looking forward to seeing them again but he wasn’t in a hurry to return to Glasgow. “You should come here for two or three weeks,” he told them. “You can relax and enjoy some warm sunshine after all those months in the Antarctic. Uncle Will would love to see you and we could probably find you a rental apartment close by. Please say you will come.” Andy closed his laptop. “Even if they do come here, I have less than three months of sexual freedom left,” he said to himself. “I need to make the most of it.” He thought of his uncle and Simon who were in the master bedroom making love and knew he’d miss them a great deal. “I will need to persuade them to visit me in Glasgow. Then there is Tommy. He’s special.” Andy played with his cock as he recalled the sex session with Tommy the previous Saturday. “I still haven’t told Uncle Will about him. I’d better do it soon if we’re all to get together for dinner on Friday.” He heard the bedroom door opening and the two men talking quietly as they walked to the entrance bakırköy travesti door. He tucked his cock back into his shorts and waited for his uncle to come back into the living room. “You’re still awake then?” Will smiled as he entered the room dressed only in a bathrobe. “I couldn’t sleep for the noise you two were making,” Andy retorted. “Huh! We didn’t make much noise,” Will said as he sat down opposite Andy. Then he smiled and added, “We did have fun though. We took turns being the top.” “You did? I bet Simon loved topping you for the first time.” Andy smiled. “You enjoyed being bottom, I assume.” “I did. First time in many years,” grinned Will. “Great! You can satisfy each other when I’m not here,” Andy said. “Mum and Dad have received details of the flights back home so I need to think about moving back to Glasgow. I’m going to miss this place.” “You can come back to visit any time,” said Will. “You know that you will also be welcome.” Andy smiled. “I will be back as often as I can. I’m hoping that you will visit Glasgow more often. You can bring Simon with you.” “Yes, I’ll definitely visit you and your parents more often,” said Will. “I’m sure Simon would love to come too. He’s never been to Scotland.” “I’ll miss quite a few people from here. Freddy, Jean, Michel, the guys at school�and then there is Tommy,” Andy said. “You haven’t met Tommy yet but I think you’ll like him.” “You’ve never mentioned anyone called Tommy before,” said Will. “Tell me about him.” “He’s an English guy with a garden design and landscaping business based in Nice,” Andy began. “I first met him a couple of months ago when he was at Michel’s house discussing plans for the new garden. I chatted to him there a few times and we got on really well. He’s a nice man.” “How old is he?” Will asked. “He’s thirty-eight, younger than you,” replied Andy. Will frowned but said, “If you want me to meet him, I assume it’s more than a casual thing with um, Tommy.” Andy nodded. “Yeah, he’s quite special. We’ve only had sex once and that was out of this world but I really like being with him. We can talk for hours and never run out of things to say. I think�maybe�maybe I’m ready for some sort of relationship. Of course, with him being in Nice, we can’t be together often.” “Okay,” said Will. He was about to say more when Andy went on. “It was Tommy’s idea that he should meet you,” said Andy. “He thinks it’s wrong for us to meet without your knowledge.” “He sounds quite sensible. He must know the age difference could cause problems,” Will said. “Does he know that you will be moving back to Scotland in a few months?” “He does but we haven’t discussed what will happen then,” replied Andy. “I hope we can stay friends and carry on seeing each other.” “Long distance relationships are never easy,” said Will. Andy nodded. “I know but we can chat regularly through the internet. Anyway I thought the three of us could get together for dinner on Friday. You and Tommy can get to know each other.” “I suppose that’s a good idea,” said Will. He smiled and added, “We’re not likely to start a noisy argument in a public place.” “You won’t be arguing,” smiled Tommy. “You’re both sensible men and you both love me.” Will smiled. “So he loves you, does he?” Andy thought for a moment. “I don’t think he has actually used the L word but I’m pretty sure he does. Why else would he hang around with me for so long when we weren’t having sex?” Will shook his head but he was still smiling. “Okay. Let’s decide on a restaurant.” *** During dinner on Thursday evening, Andy told his uncle that Tommy was happy with the choice of restaurant. He went on to say, “Tommy has booked a hotel here in Antibes for tomorrow night. That will allow him to get changed after work without the long drive to Nice and back. Plus it will allow him to have wine with the meal.” “Good,” said Will. “But don’t think you will be spending the night in the hotel with him. I might not approve of him.” Andy pouted. “That’s not fair.” “If he is serious about wanting more than sex with you, Tommy won’t object,” responded Will. “I suppose,” Andy grudgingly agreed. Then he smiled and said, “He’s not working on Saturday so he’s going to take me to a beach along the coast. I’m hoping he will agree to go to the nude beach that we visited with Freddy.” Will rolled his eyes. “I hope he knows what he is letting himself in for. You’re sex mad!” To be continued

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