Unfinished Business With Sweetie – Part 1

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Asa Akira

Most people are skeptical of the existence and manifestation of ghosts, and I felt the same way until my experience with the ghost of my beloved grandfather, who passed away when I was almost eighteen years old. I’m twenty-two years old now and living in Newcastle, UK, where I grew up. My name is Becca, and this story begins when I was a teenage girl living with my mother, who was a single mom. I’ve always been so proud of my mother, Marion, who I call Mam, since she raised me alone from the time I was six years old, when my father, Mick, left us. And although that was a sad event at the time, at least for me, I was fortunate to have my grandfather as a male role model and for support. His name is Charlie, and he was my mother’s father, but I always knew him as Grandpa, and he called me Sweetie.My grandmother had died when I was ten, and Grandpa lived a few blocks from us. He was around our home probably as much as my father would have been, and he spoiled me with his little gifts and all the attention he gave me. We had an amazingly close relationship, almost like he was my best friend instead of my grandfather.Most people thought that I was a pretty girl, with brown hair and brown eyes, and by the time I was sixteen years old I had round and full 38DD tits, and still growing. I started getting a lot of attention from the boys, and even some girls, at that point, and I noticed that Grandpa was always looking at my chest too, when he thought I didn’t notice. I had a cute boyfriend, named Kyle, who was my age, and he was a popular player on the football (soccer) team.The obvious attention I was getting from the boys and girls, who openly stared at and made comments about my breasts, was building my sexual desires. And although Kyle and I kissed, and he felt my tits when we could find time alone together, I still made him wait a while before I would let him fuck me. I spent some time over at his home, and I also became good friends with his eighteen-year-old sister, named Lisa.Mam had what I thought was a lonely life without my father around anymore, and she also had to work two jobs, at least part of the year, to support us. She had very little time for friends, but Kyle’s mother, Laura, became a close friend when they met after I started dating Kyle. Kyle’s father traveled a lot for his company, and it seemed that Laura needed a friend too. They sometimes went out in the evenings when Mam had time and also visited with each other in their homes.It was because Mam was working after I turned sixteen, that Kyle and I were at my home alone after school the first time he fucked me.Chapter One – First Fuck with Kyle  Neither Kyle nor I had any experience with boy/girl sex, at least I didn’t, and it was almost comical the way we fumbled around trying to undress one another in my bedroom. He was amazed at my big tits, and he began to suck them and push his hand down between my legs. I hadn’t even been masturbating myself, and I was anxious to feel his fingers inside of me as he moved closer to my pussy.I had a thick bush of pubic hair when I was sixteen and started shaving myself smooth soon after Kyle and I started dating. It was an amazing feeling when his fingers finally penetrated my thick, slick, wet labia, and that’s when I reached down to feel his dick. He shifted his position slightly to make it easier for me to rub him, and I soon felt and saw my first cock. His five-inch stiffy seemed big to me at the time, and I loved the spongy firmness of his dick, and what I would learn was precum oozing down his shaft.Kyle’s fingers were penetrating my labia and pressing up against my hymen, as I began stroking and jacking his dick. He stopped sucking my tits and moved up to kiss me before saying, “Oh please, Becca, suck my cock for me, and I’ll suck your pussy too. My older friend, James, told me how he did that with Melanie before they fucked, and he said that it felt amazing for both of them.”I had obviously never done anything like that before, but I loved the feeling of his cock in my hand, and the smell of his sweaty, musky crotch. So, I just laid there as he turned around and pushed his dick to my mouth, as he began sucking my pussy. I loved the taste and texture of his cock and began sucking it as he tongued, Ankara escort licked and sucked my virgin pussy. We continued sucking one another that way, and although I thought I heard a noise in the living room, I ignored it since I knew that Mam wouldn’t be home for another three hoursAfter about ten minutes of us sucking one another, Kyle began to breathe really hard and that’s when he said, “I’m not going to last much longer, Becca, can we please try fucking now?”We were just two teenage kids in a frenzy of lust and wanted to fuck. I didn’t think about the fact that I wasn’t on birth control, and Kyle wasn’t pulling out a condom. We changed positions and he lay on top of me, with us kissing as he stabbed several times with his dick before I felt him slide into my soaking wet labia. He pressed hard and kept pounding against my hymen, until it finally tore through.I’m not sure what he knew about the female anatomy or what he thought was happening, but he knew that his dick was suddenly buried to the balls in my tight, wet pussy, and I had cried out briefly in pain. He stopped thrusting for a minute until I let him know to proceed, and he began thrusting hard and fast into my no-longer-virgin vagina.It hurt a lot less than I expected when he took my cherry, and what little pain I felt quickly turned to pleasure. I was having my first vaginal orgasm, and when I reflexively wrapped my legs around his ass and began to moan and thrust against him, he ejaculated into my pussy with a loud groan. I felt his dick flexing and throbbing as he sprayed his cum inside of my unprotected womb. I kissed him hard and held him tightly against me with my legs. He took a few final thrusts as his cock softened.When Kyle broke our kiss and started rolling off of me to the side, I was horrified when I looked out the partially open door of my bedroom and saw Grandpa standing there in the hall and rubbing his crotch. I started to panic, and he held his finger to his lips and quietly said ‘shhhhh’, letting me know not to make Kyle aware that he was there.I was so embarrassed to be caught that way and was worried about what Grandpa would think of me. And since Kyle seemed to have lost interest after his ejaculation, I made an excuse that Mam might be coming home earlier than expected, and we got dressed as I encouraged him to leave right away. Grandpa must have hidden in another room when Kyle was leaving.Chapter Two – Mutual Oral with Grandpa I went back to my bedroom and was lying face down on my bed sobbing when Grandpa came in and sat beside me on the bed. He rubbed my back for a few seconds and then said, “Please don’t be so upset and embarrassed, Sweetie. I’m not upset with you, and it’s perfectly normal for girls and boys your age to have sex when those hormones start raging. I’m very proud of the woman you’ve grown into, and only wish that I had been able to see more of you. Watching you blossom this way has made this old man very happy, more than you could know.”He stopped talking for a few moments as I turned over to face him, and then he continued saying, “I saw and heard that your young friend gave you a lot of pleasure, and I’m just wondering if you realize how much better it would feel for you to be fucked by a bigger cock? I’d be more than happy to undress and show you my manhood, if you will undress and let me get a good look at you. Come on, Sweetie, you deserve to know what the possibilities are, although you are too young for me to fuck you now. I would damn sure love to see you nude, though.”Grandpa was fifty-eight years old at that time, and at six feet and two inches tall and weighing about one hundred and eighty-five pounds, he was in great shape and very handsome. I was so relieved that he wasn’t angry with me, and it sure didn’t sound like he intended to tell Mam. I thought it was a little kinky, but also kind of cute, that my own grandfather would talk to me about what he saw in such a matter-of-fact and unconcerned way.I felt the love that he had for me and also sensed a sexual hunger in him that I had never seen before. So, I finally got up the courage to say, “Thank you for not being angry with me, Grandpa. I just couldn’t help myself with Kyle. We both wanted it so badly.”He Ankara escort bayan gently stroked my face and said, “Marion won’t be home for another few hours, and I’d sure like for us to talk more about this. Why don’t you go into the bathroom and clean yourself up, while I put these sheets in the wash, so we can get them dried before she comes home. We sure don’t want her seeing these blood stains and pecker tracks from that boy taking your virginity.”I was surprised at how calm Grandpa was, after having just witnessed his sixteen-year-old granddaughter lose her virginity, and even more amazed that he wanted to talk with me about it. I washed my vulva and whole crotch area, and then douched to clean Kyle’s cum out of me. That’s when I started thinking about the risk I had taken by letting him cum inside of me, and I just hoped and prayed that he hadn’t impregnated me. By the time I got back to my room, Grandpa was sitting on the fresh sheets he had put on my bed and I heard the washer running to clean my stained sheets.He patted the bed on his right side with his hand and said, “Come and sit next to Grandpa, Sweetie, and let’s talk more about this. I saw that today was your first time having intercourse, but I’d like to know what other experiences you’ve had with boys.”I know that this will seem strange, but I was very close to Grandpa, and although I felt comfortable telling him anything, I let him know that there was really nothing to tell. He put his right arm around my shoulders and hugged me, before kissing my forehead and saying, “I’m not surprised by that, Sweetie, especially since Marion has tried so hard to keep you on the straight and narrow.”He continued hugging me, and I reached my left arm around him to hug him back. I felt so safe and protected in his loving embrace, and after a couple of minutes he began rubbing my back with his big, warm hand.Then, as he began lifting the back of my t-shirt, he said in a hoarse whisper, “Old Grandpa would sure love to see these nice breasts of yours up close, Sweetie. Why don’t you let me help you off with this t-shirt?”I was still a little bit aroused and feeling horny after having had my first-ever fuck, only twenty minutes earlier, and I would have done anything to make Grandpa happy. So, we stopped hugging for a moment as I pulled my t-shirt off over my head. Since I wasn’t wearing a bra, he stared lustfully as my big DDs swung into place and jiggled in front of his face.He stared at my breasts for a few seconds before saying, “I think that Marion’s tits were just as big as yours at the same age.”His comments were turning me on, and I wondered what he would do next. I thought he only planned to look at my breasts, but he moved his left hand over and tenderly cupped and weighed each breast in his hand. It was a somehow special and electric feeling being touched by Grandpa that way, as his experienced hand lovingly caressed my breasts and his thumb tweaked my nipples, when compared to the way that Kyle had fondled me.He gently laid me back on my bed and pulled a pillow under my head, as he said, “Oh my, Sweetie, your breasts are so firm and massive, and so perfectly shaped. I just have to give them a taste. Just relax and enjoy it, and then I’ll bare myself for you.”Grandpa was breathing heavily as he lay beside me. He held and squeezed my breasts and sucked first one and then the other of my areolas and nipples. He was suckling my breasts much harder and more hungrily than Kyle had done, and it made my pussy tingle. I caressed his head and held him against me as he sucked and fondled me that way for at least fifteen minutes. Then he pulled off my tits and moved up to kiss me, and I was surprised when he pushed his long tongue into my mouth as he gave me the most amazing kiss ever.We had a long, passionate kiss, and then he lay beside me and said, “Let’s get the rest of our clothes off, Sweetie. I just have to see and taste all of you. You help me with my pants, and I’ll help you with yours.”I was nervous with the anticipation of us seeing one another totally nude for the first time, and I fumbled with his belt, pants button and zipper, as he quickly unfastened my shorts and was pulling them down. He helped Escort Ankara me get his pants down below his hips, and I was staring at the hard cock lump in his tight, white underwear as he pulled my shorts and panties all the way off.He gasped as he said, “Oh, Sweetie, I just love your totally smooth and thick pussy lips. I had no idea that you would be shaving at your age.”My hands were shaking as I started pushing down his briefs, and I loved it when his long, hard, thick cock slapped against his belly before settling down on his thigh. It looked to be at least eight inches long and was so thick, that when I instinctively gripped it with my hand, my fingers couldn’t touch around it. I began stroking his big cock as his fingered my very wet labia.Then Grandpa began to turn around next to me in the bed as he said, “I’ve just got to get a taste of your sweet pussy, and I’m glad that you cleaned it after fucking that boy. I want you to get a taste of Grandpa’s cock too. I saw you sucking that boy, so this shouldn’t be a totally new experience for you.”We were side-by-side as I felt his mouth cover my labia and his long tongue push into me. I also took the oozing head of his big cock into my mouth, and I loved how much longer and thicker and meatier it is than Kyle’s dick. If anyone had seen us, it would have been hard to explain how a sixteen-year-old teenage girl could be in a sixty-nine with her fifty-eight-year-old grandfather.I love Grandpa so much and I knew that he loves me, and it felt so natural to be having oral sex with him. He was hungrily sucking my pussy just as he had sucked my breasts, and he began fucking his cock into my mouth as I struggled to take as much of his cock head and thick shaft into my mouth as I could.I didn’t know if Grandpa intended to fuck me before he ejaculated, like Kyle had done. Up to that point I had only experienced Kyle’s and Grandpa’s precum, and although I loved the taste of it, I didn’t know what to expect if he planned on cumming into my mouth. He was sucking my rather large clitoris and giving me an amazing orgasm, as he began thrusting and breathing harder.He might have thought that I had previously sucked Kyle to completion, since he saw me sucking him before we fucked. He gave me no warning as his cock stiffened further, expanded a little, and he moaned as it began pulsing and shooting spurt after spurt of his thick cum into my mouth. I loved the taste and texture of his cum, and after gagging a little as I got used to the amount of it, I swallowed it all as he continued sucking on my teen pussy.We lay there in the afterglow of our orgasms, still connected mouth to genitals, as I sucked and drained every drop of cum from his deflating cock. We finally broke apart, and I turned around to kiss him saying, “Grandpa, I love you so much, and what we did together was so wonderful.”I lay on top of him and kissed him as if we had kissed me the first time. I tasted my pussy on his lips, and I’m sure that he was also getting a taste of his cum. We kissed that was for what seemed like ten minutes, and I stopped when I felt his cock hardening and pressing against my thigh.I tried to wiggle down to push my pussy against his cock, and that’s when he rolled me off to the side and said, “What we did together was wonderful, Sweetie, but as much as I’d like to fuck you right now, I just can’t do it. You’re too young, and we need to wait until you’re eighteen. We have to promise one another that we won’t fuck until you reach that age. Until then, though, I’d sure like to continue this with you, whenever we have the chance.”Later that evening, Mam talked with me about starting on birth control, after Grandpa told her that Kyle and I had been home alone when he came over to check on me. He apparently wanted to head off any problems by telling her in case she saw any signs that he had been there, but of course he didn’t tell her about me fucking Kyle or sucking his cock.She sat me down and said, “Becca, honey, I think your boyfriend, Kyle, is a handsome lad, and I couldn’t blame you for being attracted to him sexually.”She paused for a moment to see how I handled her observation, and then continued, “I know what it’s like to be a pretty, sixteen-year-old girl, with big tits and having all of the boys after you, because I was the same way at your age. Now, I’m not condoning you having sex at your age, but I think it’s best that we get you protected in case any accidents happen. You need to be very careful around those horny teen boys, especially charmers like Kyle.”

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